It’s a shame how people are these days …its crazy people think it will kill them to help you🤦🏿‍♀️ please dont become one of these cold hearted MFs….

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159 thoughts on “Why Wont People Help You These Days”
  1. I used to have a coworker like that I was with the company for 5 years and I left because of her lol she wasn’t my boss but thought she was. I couldn’t take it. So happy I left!

  2. The lord says to treat your neighbor as yourself whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers that you do unto me words from Christ everything we do is documented in haven and we will be judged. Peace to all🙏

  3. I work in a window and door warehouse and cannot believe the amount of perfectly good doors and glass they toss. I recommended donating it to habitat for humanity and they might as well had laughed in my face. Karma coming to selfish bitches. These the type of folks that would roll over their own mother just to fuck their sister.

  4. Pops duck, That’s what it is bro after the chicken say for certain amount of hours in as well to sell it can’t give it away she gets sick they can sue the pants off that company

  5. When I Use To Be A Mang At A Restaurant, Mann Listen…That Food Is Counted Up and Throw It In Trash or Giving To A Certain Church!! It Was Waist Product Anyway, So When I Could, Hell Yeah I Was Helping The Next Person Out Who Much Needed!! Papaduck I Was Telling My Ole Lady How They Do That Food and How They Rather Make A Profit Off Of It Versus Helping Someone Who Can’t Afford It!!

  6. Papaduck:EMERGENCY THE EIDL PORTAL is open again for all gig workers and independent workers that did not apply before. As long as you tried to start your own gig a year before the pandemic. Something like that. And everyone that helped you gets paid. If you tried to bake, and 3 people helped you, you apply for 4 people. Baking barber beautician painting helping someone organize their home, just almost anything. Have you name and all your info and your bank account and routing number for the advance grant. You self certify. No paper work needed. Please hurry and fill it out. Here is the link:

  7. Heyyy PD. I hopeee u reddd my orijinalll texxxt b4 YT dellleteddd ittt. Iin kase u didddnt’, ittt wuz awl abowt howww awesum u r.

  8. I appreciate you sharing this video because I do have one on my job just like that and I stay the hell out of his wayI don’t indulge and no conversation with him he come ask me about something I don’t even knowbecause I know he’ll snake in the grass and that’s the reason why I keep my lawn cut real low so I can see when the serpentines are crawling you feel me peace and blessings to you man keep up the great work that you do and may God continue to bless

  9. I worked with the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION for 17 yrs., and they throw food out every day milk, everything. They scare their employees in kitchen to do bc they don’t want any liability issues. That food could go to homeless families in shelters in this country, but they use that excuse just not to give it to them. The whole system is beyond evil.

  10. I agree with ya ive bin at kfc right at closing and offered to buy all the left over chicken for a discount and nope like ive bin saying its rich against poor and the poor means nothing to the rich man thats how they get rich stepping on and over the poor

  11. I quit at king soopers in the deli because they had us throwing away hundreds of pounds of food a night. If we got caught taking any of it we’d be fired on the spot.

  12. Hey Papa Duck 💜💜💜If That Person Was Hungry They Would Want All That CHICKEN 🤣🤣🤣It Is SAD HOW People Are

  13. I had the same thing happen to me I saw a whole family getting food out the trash at Popeyes chicken in Shreveport la. We r about to close i hooked them up we r about to close a. 86 all the food an they would not let me give it to them I can u c kids r anyone eating food out the trash an not help very sad

  14. That’s because alot of ppl were treated like shit, prolly didnt have the backbone to stand up for themselves so when they get a chance they treat ppl the way they were treated.

  15. Corporations Do Not exist to Help Individuals (People)…that would be a CHARITY. Publix is not a Charity!!! That being said though…Corprations do contribute to Charitable Causes from time to time. And, I believe that Publix should give the food that is going to the Garbage…to the Homeless. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  16. I used to want help really bad but nobody understood it. One day I started talking out loud and the incentives suck but it was different useful information.

  17. Bruh this shit is 100% True I worked with a restoration/demolition company long story short we did a warehouse for Old navy tell Me why they threw away over 1 mill dollars and clothes and threw it in the trash to ge tthe money for insurance since there was a fire remind you some of the stuff had no fire or sutt damage and closed still I asked our Manager if we could keep some of the clothes since they’re throwing away they said No because it has to go to the trash that’s fuckin greedy So why dont you say it was trashed and give it away they woulda never knew they were just being greedy af ever since ai saw that I lost all respect for these big corporations like that And remind you this 1 person stole a 15$ jacket that was gunna be thrown away they chased this dude all the way thru the streets and arrested him over shit that was already going the trash tell Me that ain’t some foul shit this Was in Fishkill NJ 🤔💯💯

  18. I think about not waisting every day. I see the same. I speak up. Instead of trashing good stuff. Give it.

  19. I have been there before I work at a restaurant where we throw so much food away it breaks my heart because there is so much people in this world starving one time I made a mistake on something I was cooking I end up giving it to a waiter at my job one of my co-workers saw that and decide to take the food away from the waiter and throw it in the trash I was so upset

  20. 1 multimillionaire such as oprah dr dre floyd mayweather Tyler Perry Michael Jordan tiger woods etc can easily give every black person in America 1 million dollars hell they can give black Americans 2 million dollars and it will still be under 100 million dollars. Jay z bragged and said 30 million dollars cant hurt him there approximately 45 million black people in America.

  21. Told you… People really need to quit dreaming. Live your life…. Just quit it…
    The masses are done. America is done, also, the way we Known it as.. Things will never be the same. Nor will the Racism Stop!!! So good luck…

  22. Yes this has always saddened me. All u can eat restaurants weight the food and throw it away to make sure everything is accounted for. Very sad evil and selfish world we’re in🙏🏽

  23. Laws over Love, money over Love, me, me, me, Narcissism has deadened the hearts of people. Thanks, Duck, good topic!


  25. One of the main reasons why leftover food isn’t Given out is If someone were to get sick from the food or even dies (of food allergies), these establishments are liable to be sued. Rather than take the risk, food ends up in dumpsters, and people take and eat at their own risk. I get it, no one should go hungry. There are, however, in-depth rules one can research on this issue. The rules and laws helps to prevent wasted food, by offering suggestions on how it can be distributed properly.

  26. I don’t care what they give away long as when payday come I got a check in account or in my hand I’m straight

  27. Sup duk its illegal to throw food or produce away in nz now these assholes are too greedy they rather binthe food then give it to homeless

  28. Publix =33 , Masonry =33 . Probably a Government owned business . Freemasons are full of shit .

  29. Sounds like some narcissistic behavior to me. In fact I want to say from info I learned the listed behavioral and/or personality disorders that regular citizens are diagnosed with are the very disorders that are what our controllers are configured with . I read of some ones study that psychopaths make the best business people. So these very troubling disorders are the core personalities of our controllers. My brother always call it the name of this psychotic movie “The People Under the Stairs. A movie about mental patients who killed the Doctor and acted like they were the Doctor in his place.

  30. I always asked myself the same shit cause I would give my shirt off my back if I saw someone who really needed it. Later I realized that life is a game and when you came to this world you automatically became player 1. Don’t ever get it twisted you are not playing together this is an individual game unfortunately.

  31. This video has 2 dislikes. Im guessing one of them are from the bih that said dont give out the chicken

  32. I’m definitely working on being my own boss…I hate when somebody be looking over my shoulder…ah co worker at my job that act like she ah manager and to make it worse she black like me sht crazy Duck

  33. When Blockbuster closed they made the staff cut the dvds in half before putting them in the trash. When a Target closes all the televisions on the wall are broken and trashed. Why not donate?

  34. I worked at Burger King when i was 17, me and 5 more employers would give the homeless people burger and frys, that would be throwed away, the boss caught us giving the food away and he went ham on me, he then told me to turn in my hat and shirt right on the spot, leaving me topless, when i pulled my shirt and hat off, all of us did, and we all Quit that day, leaving him to work the rest of that day shift😉and we threw rocks at the building. 😉

  35. Shit is sad the way people think and treat people. I got a good heart but I ain’t nothing to play with either Virgo shit lol but always looking out for people that don’t have that’s the way i was raised 💯 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  36. OMG she is out of there there are people like that for real they will not give u shit like they own the shit

  37. Yep like Snoop said, it’s so crazy mixed-up world it’s so cold cold world it’s a doggy dog world.

  38. It’s depends how your raised my parents always stopped me from being helpful always talking about don’t help out people because ain’t no one gonna help you when you need it

  39. I don’t fucking get it, no one should ever go hungry in the “richest nation” in the world.

  40. They do that in all hospitals . At the end of shift they throw food in garbage. I asked why they dont give it to homeless? They said “Food would spoil in ( 15 min ) transport!” That make no sense food is delivered all the time. Homeless can come to hospital at Cafeteria closing time, but they dont want them arround. Homeless will eat that food anyway, from garbage cans isnt that worse!?

  41. People rather help complete strangers b 4 they help people they know, insecure haters that’s my answer and on the flip sid the reason the co worker makes a big deal is to try and be in power

  42. They try to say they don’t help because they can get sued. I don’t give a DAMN, that literally happen like twice, so now they pretend they can never give food (Mind you they were just selling it before they closed to paying customers😐) I’ve quit jobs, cursed out bosses, and lost my orders (AF vet) for not going for BS that didn’t make sense. We have to stop with these damn no good institutions, staying or saying nothing makes you guilty too👌🏾

  43. Alot of companies do this they would rather you throw out food thats perfectly fine instead of give it to people who could use it. Very sad😥

  44. All Walmart stores do the same thing all that food in the deli goes in the trash. IDK why they can’t give it to the soup kitchens to feed the homeless or anyone that asked for it. CRAZY IS RIGHT.

  45. My dude used to put it in a garage bag n take it by the dumpster and his friend ( who was homeless) would meet to get it at burger king it’s a shame but we always feed people if we can

  46. That’s real talk Papa duck I worked in management for over 22 years I worked as a manager for KFC all of the chicken that they throw away is crazy and if they don’t throw it away the way used to meet for the chicken pot pies they will debone the chicken and save it for those Popeyes used to throw away hundreds of dollars three $400 a night

  47. city hall would have fruit trees instead of palm trees. Damn thats some crazy stuff right there.

  48. Those DAMN restaurant businesses owners are selfish but it’s okay to throw away food that’s going in the trash could be in somebody’s belly.

  49. 20/20 vision age of Aquarius with the new Earth coming in, if we get our mine’s right will be great

  50. son! Shit happened to me at KFC. In 1990 When I worked there. I tell homeless people go to the dumpster at any restaurant you’ll find food.

  51. just came from workk and a lady that ain even workk at my job tried to tell me i couldn’t give MY left over food to the homeless man … bit- she almost made me tell ha bout haself . && the homesless man ate before him && i left i made sure of that .

  52. It’s a cycle, negativity. These people have suffered and never come to peace with it, so they put it on others cause that’s all they know. Gaining a position of power in their minds gives them more authority in being a hater. The whole system is sustained by people acquiescing to haters out of fear or lack of information.

  53. Like Dick Gregory said, “Be a turtle. Soft on the inside, hard on the outside, willing to stick your neck out.”

  54. It’s really fucked up out here but they do that because they want to be able to label that extra food as “waste” and when they do that i think the company gets reimbursed money for the food that gets thrown away……it’s really sad cuz it’s always about money.

  55. Working for other people is not good for a little while to come up not long get your own shit it’s the ONLY way!!!!

  56. $bluewarrior7 I need help paying the bill to upload edit videos to the internet anything helps.

  57. Publix do donate there bakery food… The church come pick it up every night.. And most store do waste . . Publix is actually a great company to work for tho.

  58. I worked in food and beverage we throw away a nice amount of food. We were told we can’t give it to the homeless due to legalities about they can be sued or some shit like that. We were told to throw all the left overs away.

  59. They do this because, they can get sued, if someone gets sicks, so they do this to prevent law suits.

  60. PapaDuck, I totally agree with you.
    It wasn’t until I became “awake” that I came to see things clearer. Things started making more sense. It wasn’t until I realized long absent brother is a NARCISSIST, AND THE RECENT MURDER OF MY DAD BY A SOCIOPATH.
    I began studying these evil people. In doing so, ….it explained A LOT!!!
    My best to you, and your family PapaDuck.
    And to all your subscribers too.♥️👍

  61. When u have a good heart and take care of the neighborhood like all the kids when in ny yard I always have food clothes etc away from myself and kids I got the name mama kat or auntie around here but in return mfs act like they forgot some showed love and some will ride by won’t even check on u so I take things to churches and other places and they put price tags on things give this stuff away so nasty

  62. It’s a sad thing that people have cut down the fruit trees. Nobody would have to be hungry even if they’re homeless. This is a sad world full of selfish people.

  63. Two black folks working together, or the only two–guess what? One is just skin folk. I worked with more that a few of these MF’s! (Not even going to mention the white folks-NO TIME for that long comment)

  64. They don’t want me to live homie. They trying to run my clock up. I ran theirs up. 💥 arang mane

  65. These people are guilty of crimes against humanity. They also passed fake laws where you can’t even save rainwater.

  66. Yes I see this everyday it is so stupid but I bet that man go down for that. He might even lose his job

  67. I use to work at universal studios in the kitchen at Harry Potter, we use to throw away so much food like pounds of good food, chicken tenders, Sheppard pie, potatoes etc smh.

  68. Like PAC said, when it rains it pours they got money for wars but can’t feed the poor.

  69. BUSINESS IS WARFARE!! My son use to works in the restaurant industry and that what they do. It’s such a waste and it’s really sickening bc they can help the less fortunate and they will not . 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😥

  70. It’s so sad, they’ll answer to God why trash it instead of giving it. I’ve heard of homeless people getting arrested or cited for trespassing for going in the dumpsters.

  71. There are laws that don’t allow restaurants and stores to feed the homeless. There have been arrests made for simply feeding the homeless. Ask yourself who creates and passes these laws?

  72. I was a manager of a Popeyes years ago and gave the homeless the chicken at the end of the day and i had to deal with the same i know god got me

  73. they have city ordinance where you can’t grow no fruit trees in your front yard!! Why because they do not want you feeding the homeless and the needy.

  74. Restaurants consistently throw out perfectly good food daily. Popeyes throws ALL their chicken Out daily. It can go to poor communities and homeless shelters but they don’t care. It’s all about money and profit. People don’t care about others in need. They care more about it posting a black square on Instagram than actually giving someone who needs food.

  75. They want to say that another person is so lower than them that the garbage is worth more than them smh

  76. This the realist shit I ever heard man this how I think and really dont get why people are like this it drives me bezerk

  77. I was wondering the same damn thing, a cousin of mine called me and asked me if I needed some furniture for my apartment. But when me and my two boys was homeless and I needed a place to stay, so I could get up my deposit money for a apartment with nobody even return my phone call. SMH

  78. Back in the day, there was a certain Louisiana themed chicken restaurant that I would purposely go to right before they closed. I would order a two piece and always get a few extra pieces of chicken. Like you said, they were throwing away the unsold chicken anyway, so why not give a paying customer a little extra.

  79. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 2 Timothy 3:2 to answer your question.

  80. Some people take their jobs to serious there’s nothing wrong giving good food away instead of giving some extra my god she’s paying for most of it ! Love your videos. Was wondering if I could buy that green tea clean out by the half to try it out first? Let me know please

  81. Because we live in a self centered selfish inconsiderate world with greedy people as long as they got they don’t care on a power trip. Don’t understand bless and you will be blessed to busy being hell bent and filled. Where no one thinks about the needs of others just there’s no heart or feeling but of course if the shoe was on the other foot she would want help if she was in need it’s ashame sad

  82. Publix always throw away food good food too..but wanna give that stale ass bread to the church

  83. In cases like that Papa, a lot of times the reason the restaurants don’t “give away” food is because they can be sued if the food just happens to have something wrong with it and a person eats it and then gets sick off of it.

  84. These white people have these black people so divided its pathetic!! What I really don’t understand is why you never see white people hanging from trees?? But you always HEAR ABOUT black people being hung!! Why is that???

  85. I used to work. At Publix. The dumpsters are inside the store. Therefore homeless can’t get it. I quit.

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