We participate year after year with no prior change and no promises kept….we are involved in our own demise and we know it……please let’s change this ….like comment subscribe and share this video….I love yall….

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147 thoughts on “Why We Keep Doing This To Ourselves….”
  1. We’re not black we are natives, they don’t want us to believe in that shit cause they programmed our people minds for centuries of not knowing who we truly are. We are not african americans and we are not even from africa & we don’t even have a african genes in us. We from here the whole time but they don’t want us to know dat cause they wanna keep us from not knowing who we are but mixing our minds up with confusion & lies. So yea papa duck, im just sharing dis truth and knowledge to you just like you sharing it to us. “Keep spreading da word man” 😉

  2. Ppl don’t realize that obama is related to the Bush family. They are cousins by his mother. We dont Elect they are all Selected way b4 they talk about voting.

  3. Ppl need to also remember Biden still has Obama in his ears and everything that he didnt get a chance to do it’s going to be like he still there through him. Obama wasn’t never for our ppl. And he showed that especially in his second term.

  4. I truly don’t understand how so called Black people fell for Jim Crow Joe and that hard face heffer Kamala, I salute your passion for your people bro, but it’s too late, so called Black people better brace themselves for the BS about to take place this next 4 years, we truly gonna be considered insignificant.

  5. Its crazy because, if we would all share the money on this planet. No one would be homeless, we would all either be middle class or rich. I wish everyday that the people of the world would change for the better. We are so divided man it breaks my heart.

  6. PD Imma need YOU to look up CHEM-TRAILS. You’ve had the time to see it written since you first pronounced it incorrectly.
    We listen and we discern but learn your craft. That’s all, buddy. See you in Tampa at the 40/40 SB weekend. B🐝 Good

  7. What PAPA DUCK is talking about when he says it’s the people who we can’t see referring to the “SHADOW GOVERNMENT” or “THE POWERS-THAT-BE” they do exist people wake up asap.🧐

  8. I agree with you so much. Our people don’t understand that we are systematic slaves and it’s time to wake the ****UP. Astrology and our Birth chart is very informative information. They not READY PAPA DUCK and Thanks so much for your wise words of encouragement! Peace Love and Light🥰😘❤️😍👑

  9. Please read my comment…could you share some astrology with us that we can benefit from? Some of us need guidance! Help us Papa Duck.

  10. These people dont have a conscious- they dont make decsions for us..lets work with the people that want it.

  11. They just don’t know. Hard for people to see the big picture when they in the Matrix. Got to think outside the Matrix.

  12. Well when you gonna get together and do something and buy land and get black community going grow our own food and stop talking about it and be about it cause bill gates is buy up all the farm land to make more GMO foods and lawrd knows wat else he going to do….

  13. Duck, u be spittin dat real but I have 1 issue bout whatchu said. You said we as a people need to RECLAIM the power. I dont beileve we (as a people) EVER had it.. This game started thousands of years ago if u ask me.

  14. After they got the election they didn’t care
    Now we’re being pushed behind the immigrants.
    In a couple years our vote won’t be needed

  15. Malcolm x spoke about this same stuff,he said we will be in the same place 30yrs later…..and look how many yrs later we still in the same place….

  16. I agree with papa duck but…. We have to live here and if we jus sat on our hands and not voted or kept pushing for progress in this COUNTRY we would be further behind…. The people we can’t see we cant control… We can only try and put pressure on the system that’s in front of us EVERYDAY…. IF WE DONT ENGAGE WITH THE SYSTEM WE LIVE IN WE’D PROBABLY BE IN A DICTATORSHIP BY 2024 UNDER TRUMP….. SELFHATE IN THE URBAN COMMUNITY IS WHY WE CAN’T UNITE… THE WILLIE LYNCH SYNDROME IS JUS AS POWERFUL AS THE POWERFUL PEOPLE WE CAN’T SEE…

  17. All skin folk ain’t kin folk. We are always used to benefit others. We always get duped. I don’t vote anymore. This insanity is not our dance. Time to walk away. Time to turn our backs on them with full awareness who they are and what they’re capable of. We used to KNOW, not BeLIEve. It is time.

  18. They not caring anymore..we as blacks are the attended targets, but if you’re any other color and your a minority then you are a target as well, which means we’re in the way

  19. T.I said in his rap years ago! School is a white man tool& it’s run good! Even 2pac said pay attention to the lyrics fuck the beat ! Even with these t.v shows & movies! I was watching the Oval T.v show& it was something they said that caught my attention about the people who run this world! Not the president he don’t run this!You never see the people who run this world ! You just hear about them!! Pay attention please to movies & these raps & song lyrics! It’s a message in everything we watch & listen to!

  20. You so right but religion divides more than anything!!! People we use your flaws to try to show why your not worthy to listen to. Luv you duck best message of the year for me!!!

  21. It’s not being “Brainwashed”… in the end, we will one day be able to tell our grandchildren about how we saw the FIRST President (Obama) of African descent, and the first Vice President (Harris) who happens to be a woman of African descent… The situation will only change if we have more people who look like us in decision-making positions… But what we do is read a couple of articles, learn a few “big words”, and throw them around like we are the experts. And cast doubt in people’s minds about something that we should see as a milestone. Just like when Obama won we sat up there and did NOT vote when it was time for the state and local elections, and then we complained about him not doing anything for us not understanding that he COULDN’T because the Republicans were in power in the House of Representatives. We don’t offer support when one of us break through. No disrespect bruh but I have heard ya music and I hear what you say and it’s not necessarily encouraging to black people. So I think we should be careful. It’s cool to have a desire to inspire but we as blacks can do more by inspiring each other and supporting each other’s dream. How about we talk about what happens in our own neighborhood. We can make the crime rates go down on our own. But we don’t want to have THAT conversation. Kamala Harris hasn’t even had a chance to mess up in the white house yet and here we are not clapping for our SISTER already… it’s really a damn shame how we hold each other down. You have a following bruh so a lot of people after watching your videos will never listen to anything she says no matter if it’s good or bad just because YOU said we shouldn’t support her. And that’s not progressive

  22. Politics more “STAGED” than the NFL… Brady the ultimate Patriot, he won without Belichic 😂😂😂 Thanks for keeping the Knowledge available! on your channel OG 💯📚⚰️

  23. Duck is telling the truth I made police reports 4 times about my baby momma making 911 prank calls to police saying I’m abusing my child she is evil and bitter … I kicked her out my house in 2013 cause she was holding me back and she still harassed me .. , and yet and still the police come to my house hostile threatening me and my son and get this I have not talk to her since 2017 .. she been harassing me every year since then and most recent January 20,2021 she made another prank call to cops about my son and cops showed up 8 deep smh , the police is not protecting me cause I’m black and even when I had Ppo police made excuse saying they can’t go to her jurisdiction blah blah blah I’m being harassed.. prank 911 calls is illegal, me and my son is terrified , I need help ah lawyer or any advice helpppppp( due to Covid-19 I can’t get any help nobody is returning my calls it’s just been real earRe lately weird ( that’s why I’m hear asking for help … I reached out to NACCP etc . No response..yes taylor police is racist as they can be .. when I tell them I’m being harassed they don’t help or even show they concern… I kinda hate white ppl you can look in they eyes and see the hate … now if I was ah white lady they would of been been help me … it’s no justice here for blacks period..


  25. Our people were trying to fit in and fit into a system that was not designed for us the system that they design Our people were trying to fit in a system that was not designed for us the system that they designed They did not expect us to excel our resilience comes from the most high we are his bloodline and they know that so keep your faith stay prayed up and read Psalms 91 put your armor on read Ephesians 16 peace be unto the people

  26. You made great points. But how can we as a people come together when we can’t stand to be around one-another. And you say Don’t vote, But your life will be effected even if you don’t vote because I didn’t vote for Biden but he still won.

  27. Slow down duck you killin em’. A lot of our people have been so indoctrinated til the point they don’t want to listen. Everything the White man say they believe. Sad man very sad. I tried to explain the straw man to a individual and that same person said I was crazy.

  28. Pop Eye innerstand u totally, But that Symbol on your Head represents everything u just said. They did it with Clothes,Religion, ect. This Artificial Race took Over the World, not just the United States.

  29. The Bible teaches us to come out of the world. The world hated the most high therefore The world hate us. I only trust The God of the heavens and earth. We must endure to the end. Vengeance is God . Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap. I’m not worried about this wicked system we’re in. God above will pay every man accordingly. Amen

  30. @ Papa Duck . I thank you for this video ! I always was suspicious about that smoke from the airplanes . For awhile now astrology has been on my mind . And then you mentioned about we need to learn more about it . This is confirmation for me . Pure Blessings ,Thank you !😘💞

    I can’t wait for the second half .

  31. I have certain rules I live by. My first rule, I don’t believe anything the government tells me. -George Carlin

  32. I tried to tell my family and friends about voting for Biden/Harris. I told them not to vote off emotions but policies.Some of us are just damn stupid!! Check out G Craige Lewis YouTube video on Biden/Harris.

  33. real spill we are weakened by too many weak people while the woke ones are trying to unite and create change and our own

  34. Hey my Brother they need to ask themselves after they vote for these Liars NOTHING. Brainwashed an Condition The Enemy is full of tricks You got erase you MIND an we really need Quarantine I didn’t finish the 8 grade an never WORK A JOB that’s because at a early age I firgure out doing for self is the way fuck a vote vote for yourself too do for self Keep Swinging an trying to wake the robots up like your content Behold the Pale Horse tell it all like your content they say give me liberty or get me Death not a Vote not education Peace

  35. Papa Duck – why you always say I don’t mean to be racist. Answer – It’s because you’re trained to do that, but say what the truth is and that’s it

  36. We voted, just to get Trump out and to not see the Proud Boys on tv. We didn’t even vote for the dismantle of the organizations, just to get off tv. Ammo is dry tho..

  37. Yep just like there is no global warming. It’s the cutting down of all the trees. Had they not they would cool the Earth and through shade.

  38. We have never had a black person in the White House. Not a natural unmixed black. These individuals don’t represent the majority of us. They don’t care or understand our struggles. If you don’t understand that both parties work together you don’t get it.

  39. Papa Duck… I love it. For me is when he said,”Ain’t no body trying to hear that shit” straight like that👍🏿💕✊🏿❤️❤️❤️

  40. It’s so sad people don’t believe the truth unless it’s on MSM. A lot of people lack logical thinking. I can’t have a descent conversation with people that watch msm. Smh !

  41. Truth be told, once so called black people realize that there is no such thing as a black race and that’s why there has never bn or never will be any laws passed for the so called blacks race, it will blow their minds. They keep changing your identity so that you will never know who you are!!!

  42. Dude speaking nothing but facts in this video.. Especially about the killings of our brothers and sisters. They already know what we happen: March, scream and on to the next.. Its in our mental to do so.. we have to change that..

  43. Totalitarian control can be stopped by not complying! No to vaccines, no to tracking, no to digital money, no to self driving autos. The elected officials must work for the USA and not Britain

  44. 😂😭 factz but ur talking to deaf ears. I’m of tired of fighting with the sheeple over this. They are proud and committed to their choice even tho it’s just foremost just spell results of hating trump

  45. U are explaining the 3/5 rule incorrectly, 2 there’s no such thing as black ppl and most of us aren’t descendents of Africans but u are correct about voting and this current administration Joe Biden has a 50 yrs history of racism and Kamala Harris has a history of putting so called black ppl in prison

  46. That’s all I talk about papa..We Need to learn about the basics of Life Which is The Sun, Moon,Stars, Wind, and Water. Not Money cars clothes and politics.

  47. “3/5ths of a Human” meant that an actual Human was seen the same as cattle or sheep… less than Human my Brother. You’re speaking the Truth💯✊

  48. OG too real 🔥 n he’s right, only The Most High can judge and aside from tht we are always creating our own demise. They set the traps and we embrace each one blindly and gladly.

  49. Yes we all need to know our history tariq is coming out with a new movie called buck breaking i think we all need to see

  50. Alot of things you are right about….but one more lie you need to wake up to is about the earth itself….The moon has nothing to do with the tides…..The moon and sun are just lights placed above us by our creator…the earth is not a spinning ball…this is the biggest lie we must wake up too…all the proof is right outside that each one of us witness everyday. Space is fake it doesnt exist…its all lies all they doing is making money. Wake up my people!!!

  51. Papa Duck, you know the part I’m looking at that’s really killing me inside.. our parents told us things, our parents educated us on things, our parents opened our eyes to the game of the enemy, but yet and still as young people we questioned everything they said and what we witness 👀👀 and we watched our own parents to see if you were going to do what you was telling us was right!!! The young people today it’s just something over their minds… They just believe anything, anybody ,tell them, they don’t question it ,they don’t look it up for themselves, it’s like they ain’t got no fight in them and they be like., let’s just go with the flow!!! I tried to tell many white people here where I live y’all delusional if y’all think y’all part of Trump’s people they don’t understand that’s bloodline, they don’t understanding people down for themselves and Their families, they go to Hollywood they get to be a professional basketball player AND THINK THEY MADE !!!. I look at a lot of black men think having a white woman is achievement! I’m just astonished at some s*** going down right in front OUR FACE AND NOBODY QUESTIONS IT!!

  52. They had this country thinking they were going to raise minimum wage to $15 nationwide just to get in office and tell them..Sorry folks, it’s only for Federal employees. Lol first of all I knew they were full of crap that’s why i didn’t support them and also why weren’t Federal employees making that to begin with?? Crazy!

  53. Understand Duck that most of their poison is Genectically Engineered so what hurts us don’t necessarily hurt others.

  54. we need more NfAC groups see how they arrested there leader grandmaster jay we aint even wanna stand for him

  55. Oh yeah…they want us gone too. It’s evil vs. good. I didn’t vote. The lesser of 2 evils…is still evil. It’s the beast system. We need to unite. By design….yes! Love ya Papa!

  56. I said don’t all the time as well the first black president the first vice president the first place the first battle in America that you folks some color do your job that’s what you need to do stop mentioning the first black person over first white person nobody cares do your job…

  57. Now they saying that nobody can get a check unless you are willing to take a vaccine that has killed people around the world and here but they are lieing about what’s happening

  58. It’s scary how ignorant my people are, even my family. They were so happy that Biden and Karmela won the election. I tried to teach my aunt some knowledge about how evil they really are but she wasn’t trying to hear it

  59. Peace! The God Papa Duck on point! Do the knowledge! Each one teach one so that the knowledge will spread. Do ya research and find an enlightener of the 5% who speaks and live for truth and righteousness. Get a hold of 120° and study ya lessons black people/original man. Peace!

  60. RUN Joe is sick Harris 2 Biden is James EASTland ALL over as potus now we in revaluation and tribulations and trouble

  61. The brainwash is deep. Look at your skin and look and mines. We call each other black but my skin is brown. The brain fuck is deep. It’s time for us to make our own rules and build together.

  62. Very powerful message! Everytime we’ve all especially black people depended on the government we regretted it! And history proves it!!! SMDH!!👇😕

  63. So true Papa Duck.. A lot of our people are not awake and when you try to talk to people about it they think you’re crazy or just don’t want to listen.Those who voted just dont know what they are doing to us. as a people.

  64. You are exactly right that’s why I don’t vote I can self govern to those that do vote may your chains set lightly upon you

  65. Im! Glad! For! You! Papa! Duck! Because! You! On! It. I Iook toward in the future on meeting with you on some real Shit!

  66. Yes, we know this country has it’s issues, but at least if we vote we can at least try to see improvement rather than sitting back and not having a voice at all. It’s not perfect, but improvements have been made due to exercising our voice.

  67. DMV WE IN THE BUILDING SOLDIER 91 % of black women voted for Biden speaks volumes about the mentally of us SAD

  68. This brother is so knowledgeable and it’s sad that we the people are too busy being in our feelings instead of listening to facts!

  69. True,sheep led astray.. The Most High’s sheep know his voice and a stranger they won’t follow. We are in a strange land.

  70. I’ve learned that Democrats don’t care as much as we think. They twist Gods word in order to make a compromise. More than half of democrats are not Christian or religiously affiliated. Think about who you vote for before voting.

  71. For everbody who is listen 🗣🗣 dont giv up we in this together🤜🏾🤛🏾 i pray if yall wanna be Youtubers like or Great dont give up 💛

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