We’ve seen it happen before but nothing like this….its a domino effect city to city looting and rioting✊🏾✊🏾I guess people are tired of it…
White people and black ….but we all know the devil gonna make his move soon….until then yall be safe and please dont burn down the black owned businesses 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

dame this is crazy as hell…..I’ve heard a few doctors and physicians say this same thang😱 well if it’s TRUE then this is miseducation at its finest 🤷🏿‍♂️👏🏽

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This lie seems to not be sticking anymore ….we all know what’s the real reason and I’m glad that theirs some brave people in the medical field who’s exposing this hoax

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520 thoughts on “When I Look At What’s Going On..All I Can Say Is KARMA’S A BITCH😷”
  1. It sounds like George Soros is behind most of the riots. He’s paying people to protest. They are disrupting peace protest to stir up violence and chaos to destroy these towns. I feel the police Dept and CNN deserved to be destroyed but they also can afford to rebuild. Like you said, go after those who are creating this. Everything they do is to destroy humanity and keep people ALL people oppressed. They create all the division. People think they justify division not knowing they were conditioned that way. Remember Operation Mockingbird! We all need to support ourselves and each other. Empower ourselves. They can’t help us. That’s against their principle!

  2. Chase “private client” financial advisor wanted to tell me how to invest my funds, I said nah I’m good. Bought 69k shares of clvs last year early Nov, sold everything 3 weeks later. Made 101k gains. Open a position with 69k closed with 170k total.

  3. And they write the debt off so they lost nothing… then sell the debt like you said… to get some bags from a third party debt collectors …then the third party debt collectors can get payed off your ignorance.

  4. there NEVER was a Apple.. and yes bro if u have eye to see u can read it… but u correct about the rothschild

  5. I’m sorry but two wrongs dont make a right….crime wont bring that poor man back. Also i work for a big business so stop trying to mess with my check.

  6. Papduck you can NOT understand the word of God until you get baptized and receive the holy spirit. So please don’t say stuff like that until you have done what I stated above. Ok? Ok! I will not watch this channel anymore

  7. I’ve been with you 90% until you talk about the Bible! You or other people can’t interpret it because you haven’t studied it! I understand it in its intiritley! Most Pastor’s can not because they weren’t called! Their in it for the money!

  8. Simple we are being tested mentally physically and spiritually this is a journey and people fail to realize it and they try to look for answers and destroying things you are the answer you are the ultimate power you just need the adventurous journey to find your way


  10. People, your money is fake, the school is controlled to make you stupid, college is a scam, insurance is a scam, interest rates are SCAMS and are forbidden in all the abrahamic faiths, the food is poisoned, the media is fake as hell, the debt is fake, credit scores are scams, politics are both owned by the same evil owners.

  11. The vast majority of the protesters that are nonblack are kids between 19-22 !! Especially the white participants

  12. This guy says that 1% of the population runs the world but still there are Middle upper and upper middle class and rich whites that have advantages people of color don’t have!

  13. We had protestor here in downtown Nashville yesterday, everything looked peaceful people were sitting down and just protesting, all of a sudden buildings on fire and cops rolling in with flash bangs buildings being looted….. This is all a setup people please wake up and don’t partake in this nonsense

  14. This existence ( what we call life), was based on ETERNAL LAW, which is the MAJOR, and the MINOR 🥁🥁🥁🥁

  15. Papa Duck. The Bible is it’s written for GOD’S Children and Only his Children Understand it. News Flash, GOD Created Everyone, but Everyone is NOT his Child. That’s why it’s written in “Parables” I’m his Child, and I do Understand Everything that he says. Question, do You Share Your Secrets with Strangers? Neither does God. You Have to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven within in order to understand his Parables. Bottom line, You must BE Born Again.

  16. The rich consolidate, … so if we as a TRIBE with business would do the same we would be UNSTOPPABLE 🥁🥁🥁

  17. Remember, anyone who has been filled with the CREATOR’s SPIRIT’s HE will talk with you, to enlighten you to who HE is and what HE is expecting from your spiritual walk with HIM. Just Food For Thought🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

  18. You have all this knowledge about the nwo and evil government.. have the nerve to speak about religion (has nothing to do with a spiritual relationship two different things hun) and haven’t connected the fact that’s it’s in the Bible. Everything you exposing Jesus already says it will come in the Bible… it’s like you have a backpack with no books,.. go back and study again you don’t have it figured out yet

  19. The people need to rise up against there debt slave government. They don’t even know they are slaves

  20. That’s why the Black Panthers we’re such a Target, anything UNITED, ” A Force”, will NOT be divided.🥁🥁

  21. Karma means action in my language. The karma or “action” that’s happening right now is all due to the echo chamber that thus people have set upon themselves. We are in a literal loop of echoes. Some are quick to resonate back to us, others are not.

  22. Say about that gem you dropped about credit. I fought two companies like that that had taken me to court about the debt they bought. I basically stood up in front of the judge and said your honor that’s not my me and they don’t not have the original contract I supposedly sign and he said do you have that to the attorney the collection agency sent and they said no and the judge said well you can’t prove that it’s him so it’s dismissed. So you hit the nail on the head with that gem fam.

  23. I got nothing but love and respect for you, man you open my eyes to a lot of things and things I already believed you’ve made clearer thanks I always try to put people on to your channel 🙏🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  24. Finally see somebody on the same page I’m on… U said it.. Gotta go too the people in power who control.. I been sayin this fo 12yrs people look at me crazy I said do ya research and u will get an understanding of who run what and control💯💯💯 keep tellin them❤❤

  25. I use to use it on the regular and now nobody calls. All I would say was “Do I have a signed contract with you?” Cause I knew who I originally went into an agreement with! 💪🏽🎓👑💯❤️✊🏽🙏🏽

  26. You are so knowledgeable, educated, and intelligent. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. And yes this world is f×××ed up!!!

  27. Bruh I’m just gone suggest you watch pastor Stephen Darby’s video “who are we” . This a pastor that used say he don’t care if you give or not, God got him!! On Everything else, you speaking facts!! 💯

  28. Papa duck i rocks with you. But you don’t under the powers of Jesus Christ. He can do anything…. Annnnything. So if it was something that wasn’t understood by someone concerning the bible, he can & would surely make it plain to them.

  29. This world crazy imagine playing Madden career mode no picture these rich owners really playing Madden with human beings

  30. You all something isn’t right about these protest,I’m thinking that these police are sighting these riots, they are planting people in the crowd to cause havoc so they can use force I’m seeing a lot of it

  31. A man named George Soros is known for funding BLM protest and paying people to do these type of things….look it up. This is another push from the people on top. To move miltary in in the guise of safety. They want more CONTROL

  32. Just tell them the truth that Jesus was FABRICATED apologies yall hes not real do your RESEARCH EXTENSIVE STUDIES you’ll find THE TRUTH REAL TALK

  33. Lol watching the comments and MOST missed the key points you made. Mane keep on coming with these jewels. We getting it!

  34. Insurance is a big rip off. The love of money is the root of all evil. We must never forget the word of God. Evil is all around and you can trace it back to someone’s love for it.

  35. Please check out.. UK and global lawful rebellion against treason and sedition.
    You have kept us well informed Papa D. I thank you .
    You are a highly intelligent man! Please share this information on your platform.
    Time is running out.
    Peace ✊


  37. The masses are being lied to and tricked. All of these riots that’s going on is to pivot people away from the covid 19 talks

  38. Yes! Preach!! The atom (Adam) and EVolution (Eve). The tree of life is the biological body. If you eat the murdered body of living beings, you eat the karma of murder and take upon yourself the pain of death and oppression. Any large franchise business open is owned by the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Military Industrial Complex.

  39. They are hiring crisis actors to loot their own businesses. Insurance fraud is the currency of the rich.

  40. who the hell going to buy a plane ticket to go over there to burn shit up.the ppl of england already protesting over there

  41. That’s why we in the situation we in now!!! Let’s really get back in tone. They have us to much in love with capitalism . We need to really come together and run SH*t ourselves.

  42. It’s time to understand it. His name is not Jesus. Christianity is something else that the white man have used against us. We’re Gods chosen people. Please do your research. Israelites of the Bible we are!!!. ✊🏾

  43. @3:05 papa speaks on not understanding the Bible,,,u have 2read it “in the spirit” to get proper DISCERNMENT sir. 🙏🏽

  44. People also have to stop chanting, that, “I cant breathe” bullshit. As cute or cool as the shit may sound, the world is casting a spell on themselves that would bring an event that may actually strip their breathe away. I wonder if dumb shit like this helped to bring about the Coroona Virus. People actually chanting that nonsense in droves.

  45. Zoe we are not religious people. We was and still Is Spiritual people. Let’s get back in tune into nature! . The nature is our bible! You are a God . Just like the sun , the ocean, the earth it self. We are connected to nature. We need to call on Our Ancestors.

  46. I’m in my feelings right now y’all. Soooo, yeah ✊✊✊

    Hey Duck, love your vibe and passion for the hunt towards truth!!!!! Black Jesus got ya back!!! If you don’t understand the WORD, you will receive if you seek, and why would you not when GOD’S hand has been rotating you towards full frontal expose of wisdom. Now, I ain’t listened to rap since Tupac really because he was the truth AND he’s my cousin, some Chuck D, of course, Khalid Muhammad and H. Rap Brown, ALWAYS, but because of your positioning, you have a responsibility, and nothing that leads to long term satisfaction is going down musically until you accept it really. So,PLEASE DON’T COME RAPPING ABOUT SOME EMPTY, UNINSPIRING,BS. WE GOT ENOUGH FOOLS RAPPING AND AIN’T SAYING NOTHING. You ain’t that dude!! I leave you with this…

    To the contrary, the utilization of silence —
    muteness is more than a subterfuge,
    or trade up towards discernment.
    Rather, it is an unforgettable sound
    to the marginalized as sensitive to the ear
    as rubbing alcohol on an open whelp.

    Be careful how you use it

    My brother, stay safe and pray for the moms in the struggle, and like cuz said, “Keep ya head Up!”

    From another insane Lesane.

    All y’all stay safe and remember beautiful is Black.

    HOTEP? HOTEP. ✌️🌷🌼👣

  47. Banks gamble with your money in the stock market. I haven’t had an account for about 5yrs now. The banks are the biggest crooks. It’s all a scheme car insurance,medical insurance etc. I’m not going to get into credit cards.

  48. Papa Duck, you still sleep apparently bro. What people are doing right now is exactly what they WANT them to do. A lot of the people setting fires are AGENTS. They are doing it to inflate the severity of the situation so when they come with Martial Law… or a TRUE lockdown, they can say its out fault. That’s how they work. They want to do things to you and make you feel like you brought it on yourself. That George Floyd situation was a setup. Those two dudes knew each other and worked security at the same night club. Usually cats who are in security are in some form of law enforcement and do it part time for extra money. I’m sure they were paid a lot of money to stage that video. “George Floyd” is probably in protection somewhere or was whisked off to God knows where. The Ahmaud Arbery thing, that was a fake video too. A shotgun shot at that close of a range would do a lot more damage. Look at the video again, you don’t SEE him get shot. The guy is probably really dead but he wasn’t killed on that video they showed us. It’s all game to get the people riled up. That’s how they work bro. People need to wake up and stop allowing themselves to be played like fiddles. I said it before but they are acting like a cat chasing a red laser dot on the wall. Be smart and turn around and look at whose controlling the dot and making it move.

  49. The Bible ain’t gonna save you this time! Artical 61 the Magna carta is what is going to give us back the power and save us!
    Please check it out. Stop giving them cause to bring in mars hal l aw. The powers that be have been served notice. Come June 22nd we have the right to reclaim the power and put a stop to all of this. That’s the time to come out and stand up! Please check it out its our best chance for true freedom.
    Don’t fight with violence. Fight with intelligence!

  50. Yes, the Rothschilds are the head of the pyramid. You chop off the head and the rest of the body will fall.

  51. Marching non violent didn’t work. MLK did it 60 years ago…. Nothing changed. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a DIFFERENT result. We tried to take a non violent kaepernick knee, but they didn’t like that either. They had a chance to choose, but the corrupt cops, da and judges decided to go in another direction.

  52. In Philadelphia, they lotting in small communities now, West Philly & Kensington they wowgling out over here, God help us 😥

  53. Through the centuries; The poor have always been manipulated & or bullied by the rich & powerful.

    In ancient times the rich & powerful were Kings & Queens with a kingdom.

    Now today the poor are treated like subjects of the economic kingdoms of the world elites. The Rothchilds & Rockefellas, 1%ers, etc.

    The rich & powerful manipulate/sell convenience to the poor, whether it be easy access to attain/get food, income, transportation or shelter.

    So the point is, is to take back some of the power, by creating our own convenience. Businesses, etc…

    And by the way; The bible is not that hard to understand, if you have the spirit of God/Christ in you…

    The Word of God says that; God’s Holy Spirit will teach you, (as you learn more of Him/Christ).

    Natural prosperity is ok, but it must not be an end to the means… Prosperity/money/wealth must not be your God…

    When people are rich in Gods wisdom, the desires of their heart will easily come to them, because they learned to know that all good things comes from God, the Source from where all good blessings flow/comes from.

    All things are not blessed, if it doesn’t come from God… Some things are bad choices, because of the lack of God’s wisdom/guidance…

    This is why many wealthy people are miserable, & get a kick out of manipulating & making the poor miserable.

    But with God all good things are possible, even to still have joy, peace & happiness in this fallen & chaotic world.

  54. I used think you were cool,now you have become part of the problem.stop preaching to people when you yourself do not know the answer. Karma to who innocent people who had nothing to do with that mans murder who had the balls to believe in themselves and start a business and struggle working 60hr.a week in your communities and you destroy them,i have no sympathy for thugs who hate and destroy people like pirates because they think we owe them. the Democrat party of the southern KKK inflicted that on you by giving you stuff for votes and you began to believe your a victim not able to make it,thats on you. when will you take responsibility for your actions as you expect others to do. you are confused the Illuminati is behind it all thought you were smart enough to see that but guess i was wrong about you. NO this aint KARMA this is BULLSHIT and another justified excuse for being a pirate,Raping,pillaging and plundering,your excuse is Weakness the white man did it to me, if your color is your only thang than you got nothing to offer the world, therefor your in effective.ask not what your country can do FOR YOU, ask what the F you can do for your country.it’s not a right it’s your duty under the constitution. this is your America and your happy to see it destroyed, the problem is you – peace

  55. The world is crazy the truth is slowly coming under wraps from the untruth ….

  56. Great financial advice Papa Duck, it’s about time this information reach the masses. Presently, we have been shut out of every major game, for example real estate. We are forbidden to buy or invest in 4 to 5 star properties, however what’s remaining are properties in low income areas. In one of your videos please expound on the difference between insurance companies from assurance companies. Peace.

  57. Papa Duck is an educated man. He sees the big picture. There is an attack on this nation. It must be brought down so that the NWO (One World Government) can rise up. They will use COVID-19, race riots, economic collapse, world war, etc to accomplish their evil goals. But God & the Bible spoke on these End Times thru prophecy centuries ago. Don’t take the mark of the beast! (666). Jesus Christ saves all (white, black, latino, asian, etc). God bless you my brothers & sisters from another mother. ☺🙏

  58. It seems like when companies buy people debt from other companies. They are bailing people out because the companies got bailout by the federal government. If say you owe sprint $500. The company who bought your debt from sprint charge you $250 to build your credit. If you pay the $250, you build your credit score. If you dont pay the $250. Say you burn their business out here protesting. They get insurance from the federal government. so its a win win win for their companies. Be safe out there people, dont hurt yourself during the protest.


  60. @Papa duck…ey-t- mology = eye of the WORD VERY DEFINITION OF THE SPIRITUAL AND HEAVENLY DESCRIPTION, TRUTH, LIGHT…facts @ alesjah sha israel my other channel, shalom all.

  61. On the large scale, Antifa, bagaloo, anarchist WHITE groups are causing most of the riots. If they care about black people suffering police brutality, why they haven’t made contributions to strengthen the BLACK community, nor used their white privilege to fight white supremacy on behalf of black people. Some black people needs to wake the hell up. These black POLITICIANS needs to put up or shut the hell up. Either they part of the SOLUTION or they part of the PROBLEM, there’s no in-between. At the end of the day their employed by a white supremacy system, the same system that keeps BLACK people OPPRESSED. PERIOD!

  62. Good Evening Papa Duck when you get a chance look up the Shannon Street Massacre in Memphis Tn I was born and raised here and it’s been going on for too long back in 1983 I was 11 years old when the Shannon Street Massacre happened and stayed two blocks away Hester was a cop that terrorized the blacks in North Memphis til one day this family got fed up called the police to the house and tortured Hester and went as far to pull off his toe and finger nails with pliers and you could hear that cop screaming from pain they killed the cop and 30 hours later the swat stormed the house and killed the family much love my brother

  63. This all has happened before, 50 years ago. Media focus was ‘they burn down where they live.’ And the community we lived in got no financial help for over 40 years. They let the community drop all the way to slums. Stores would not come in and white people did not change. Things actually got worse. We won nothing. Protest, marches, and riots got us nothing. These things are meaningless to this society and have been for a long time.

    Why do you think I mentioned think tanks? Put your heads together. ❤💪

  64. Yeah, they fuckn up their OWN shit!! Smh I have NO prblm with peaceful protesting, but to burn & loot YOUR OWN is ridiculous!!! Thank You Papa Duck for keeping it real & keeping US informed ✊🏾

  65. 🔥Its on foreal🔥The precinct have been found to have been pyroed by off duty police or plain closed police while the protest was here getting busy. The fire department found two triangler holes in the side of the building.

  66. they ain’t out here, they over there where ya’ll at. we got that ole witch an her minions out here, the royal demons😁

  67. If the coronavirus is real in a week or so the protesters should be getting sick. Thousands of them and their families and friends.

  68. I understand completely..the bible is our records that was taken from us and then we was stripped of who we were and then retaught to us by the devil. The bible says there is nothing g new under the sun…what is happening has already and going to happen again until we remember the days of old and come back to our god. Shalom

  69. *S* .ECRET


  70. Fam you mad a great point , a man or woman make $100k a year you save $15,000 a year you go in the bank withdraw $4000 cash your filling out tax forms for money youve already paid tax on.

    A man or woman goes in the bank makes $3,000,000 a year tells the bank manager your withdrawing $20,000 cash its a different ballgame its a different manipulation of their money.

  71. Thank you I thought I was olone with the same thinking skills as you I got tired of telling ppl something is off about the world when I was 11 or 13 I was thinking odee en I got send to mental hospital for talking crazy yea mhm we crazy nah ya crazy for living en a fantasy world..then I was off for 4 years then I again I woke up again en 2016 en 2020 I think we at the finals not this year maybe but all I got to said is that Lucifer controll this world that’s why this is all happening…project blue beam en 7d is real.. but ufo is really just demons tricking ppl to believe en space the world is flat

  72. Every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess that Jesus is LORD REMEMBER THAT!!!! The bible can be understood the holy spirit will teach you all things to all those that believe! !!

  73. Im in my 50s i just learned a month ago that the Rothchilds owned Palestine pre Israel brokered the deal of Palestine , England , United States brought in Israel look at the pre Israel photos it looked like beautiful Casablanca cars men dressed in suits women beautifully dressed…but i can connect the dots now.

  74. It’s not about the abundance of what folks know… it’s about WHO folks know…in the Word as it pertains to current events, that makes the difference… because the bulk of knowledge does not determine, who knows God.., it is simplicity of the gospel, Jesus Christ and Him crucified, and the application… of! the knowledge… to self…to repent!… that leads to true knowledge, Word comprehension and fellowship. 🕊🔥

  75. That’s right if he get out of jail deliver a malicocktail to his house a house warming party

  76. when you grew up hearing stories from your grandparents about marching and surviving riots back in their day just to feel like times have changed now days and all of a sudden it’s our experience now

  77. THE LORD JESUS IS HIS NAME. That’s the name we are to call on. If you don’t understand The bible ask GOD THE LORD JESUS for Wisdom. Stephen Darby and Tony Evans break it down too. 👂to them. Something’s they say are of their own opinion too, but a lot of what they say especially GODS’ WORD IS TRUTH. You have to discern what’s true and what isn’t. Ask THE LORD JESUS for discernment of HIS WORD.

  78. So big business deserve it
    Don’t you know most of those people work for some kind of big business
    So…. Burn everything down but not the black business really brother
    So you still focus on violence this is not
    Let me let you know I’m from Brooklyn from church Ave and my neighborhood
    Is destroyed and half or maybe more than half DIDN’T FUCKING LIVE HERE

  79. They are deleting my comments as soon as I post them.
    So let me reiterate, this is a CIA psyop, you are being played, this was a staged event. Use your head, don’t allow yourself to be manipulated.
    Don’t burn down anything, they got insurance and they’re laughing all the way to the bank. This is not how you beat the system.
    Wake the f up.

  80. I was watching LA live last night and I cracked up 😅 The cops were protecting the ” elite store’s ” ..See even in the midst of mayhem they are protecting only the rich. …

  81. That’s so true big businesses take over hospitals that’s shutting down in the hood and make money off it in the last 2-3 years it’s open. They take all the profits cut programs and people that work at the hospital. Don’t pay no property tax to the community while they suck up all the profits. I’ve seen this happen to 5 hospitals in my area. They let it go bankrupt vicious cycle. I live in Cleveland Ohio medical is big here with Cleveland clinic. I see hospitals that used to save lives and service people used for profit and closed down. Smh sad. Big corporations are evil.

  82. PapaDuck listen …….I live in Los Angeles and Friday night, these protesters crashed and looted our black brown neighborhood. It was like spring break! White Protesters playing loud Heavy Metal, fireworks, in the streets and alcohol. It wasn’t about Floyd, and they don’t care about us!

  83. It was hired infiltration. Billionaire George Soros hires these groups to destroy neighborhoods going through protests. Those were outsiders, they were paid, and they do it often. The president just labeled the group as Domestic Terrorists.

  84. Most people can’t understand the Scriptures because they don’t STUDY and they do not know who the Children of Israel are today. These 2 come FIRST before even understanding etymology, allegory and the literary techniques the Scriptures are written in. And, you will have to study in the Septuagint (the oldest translation of the OT/TANAKH in existence today from 250 BC, in the Greek language), know at least SOME of the Apocryphal books text, the Books of Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees AND having the Spirit of Yah leading you.

    On top of that, one needs to know the multiple facts and evidences that confirm the Scriptures to be true…..and I do mean multiple, because there is a BUNCH of evidence. Not as much of the Bible is spiritual or allegorical as some people say….you just gotta do the research on the facts, which, sadly, many of my own people don’t know. They don’t even know the facts that confirm us so-called Negroes to be the True Israelites. All of these things are needed to properly understand the Scriptures.

  85. Man you’re lost when it comes to the Bible. It is literal. And if you don’t want to get left, you best believe in Christ. The Black creator.


  87. The bible has had many books took out out my freind to keep all the miortties from freaking out

  88. Man get out of your rabbit hole .your going wrong way.look who is in investing money for these groups thats leading these protests. Your are going to flip out.lol search for it now then you will say he told me.

  89. A lot of them hoez is police tearing up them business and blaming the protestors. Its crazy.

  90. Were in End times, and the time of the abomination of desolation has come. Prepare yourselves. Makes sure your right with the Most High and your family, so you can make it to the kingdom. And beware of vaccines and the MicroChip (Mark of the Beast)

  91. And let’s never forget black wall street, Tulsa Oklahoma 99 years ago today!!!! They always talkin that “never forget, the worst terrorist attack on American soil was 911”??? When really the worst terrorist attack on American soil was on 5/31/1921 and They were the terrorist!!! 🙏🏾 Rip to all the victims of that horrific event 💔

  92. When I was getting my Psychology BA? I took classes on religion for a reason. Most preachers haven’t read the bible from front to back. I started reading it when I was 13 because I didn’t trust the adults in the churches that I was made to go to. They contradict themselves everytime they speak.

    They keep telling that lie that God won’t forgive suicide. That’s a damn lie and that is nowhere in the bible at all. Not even. The only “unforgivable” sin is blasphemy. The word “suicide” or an equivalent of…isn’t mentioned anywhere in the bible.

    That lie about “don’t suffer a witch to live.” Is a damn lie. You know who had that put in there? King James. Yes, that one. The one whom the “King James version of the bible was written for and added to. Know why? Because a witch whom he used as an adviser didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear. That’s when “The Burning Times” occurred in Scotland and England. Scotland got it worse…and it’s never spoken about as much.

  93. appreciate you and your work. I felt so alone in my thinking and understanding until I started watching your videos. You say the same things I’ve been saying real spit

  94. Gotda**it thank you! The taxes go to the queen of england, brittain and the rest of them wealthy people. We own nothing. They should’ve been got rid of these evil doers. How can 1% punk a whole world unless the whole world is soft.

  95. Guilty by Association!!! Golden Papa Golden!!! Another fine example of Karma being a B#+*h!!! Thanks for caring yet I already know that financial fuckery the Rothchilds and company stroke so I don’t play the game with them MFERS

  96. Papa Duck u not ready for no race war. Don’t listen to this inorant fool he’s leading you to the hell fire. We have no fucking weapons to fight our government. It’s a spiritual battle not no physical battle,they’re wipe us out.

  97. The Rothschilds are evil but let’s start some all these Rioters need to burned down corrupt police stations and the 5G Towers.

  98. I live in Waco texas,population a little over 200,000…protestors all up in my city!!!! Lets get it!! This is not only happening in major cities!

  99. Preciate the real spiel PapaDuck. I be telling folk in my circle exactly what u just said and they don’t get it. Especially about that insurance shit, some ppl think my logic is backwards but i know they don’t know what i know 💯

  100. Life does not die, the flesh is what perishes and the personality that it embodies. The Bible is written in a way that is left up to one’s interpretation and one’s discretion. However, it’s all based upon the edification of man. Man is neither good nor bad but a being that is swayed by its conditions as it pertains to survival that is not instinctually driven. The caucasian is a student of nature and the perceptions of physical existence, the negroid people are students of the abstract that which exists in their mind. Life and death is a product of the same process meaning that it is not personal, it is the business of itself that no man can understand.

  101. I just have to ask.. is anyone else seeing Anonymous exposing celebrities for sex trafficking on Twitter? Please no hate, I’m just asking because this community is more open minded.

  102. Status, jurisdiction, and adjudication are the three questions that precede every court case — learn about it. And find out the difference between the US Ens Legis legal system and Jurisprudence. Invest energy in obtaining knowledge, not doing as “Big Brother” orders! President Barrack Obama signed the DRIP (Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) in 2010. Why don’t we know anything about it? Claim your Nationality, subject-citizens and uplift humanity!

  103. Come on though what’s going on Papa Duck some of it is wrong they are burning and tearing down businesses in their own neighborhood! What happened to George is horrific but it’s loosing its meaning behind all those lawlessness. And George Soros is paying these people to protest in a bad way he’s actually paying people to loot to arson look up on George Soros site you’ll see unless he took it down. I’m just saying we need to get our point across that we’re sick of cops doing black people wrong not that we’re mostly criminals. Insurance? That doesn’t give criminals the right to fuck other peoples shit up we should becoming together

  104. Look at what most BM do when they get a bit of money. Look at what they spend their money on, look at where they live, look at who they partner with. How many truly invest back into the community even the ones the ones they came from. So all this talk is largely useless as the absence of leadership, unity and a shared objective and direction will eventually lead to chaos.

  105. Papaduck…. Good video
    4:10…. The symbolic meaning is: the activation of the lower self through the use of the mind my friend. And what i mean by the lower self is:
    The 5 senses which is the portal to the lower aspect of the soul which deals with passion and desire….. The senses activated by the mind craves outwardly for things that feeds passion and desire…. Or lower self…. Anyway, throw that Mzungu bible away and also the Quran.

  106. This kind of rhetoric you are spewing will mislead people. You may not understand the bible, don’t assume others don’t. If you haven’t the spirit of God in you, you cannot understand the bible. Telling people to burn things down will only impact those doing the burning. These knee jerk reactions will help no one. Being strategic and tactical in times of presumed calm is a much better strategy, however that won’t happen because the black community isn’t organised this way and that is down to lack of leadership.

  107. Im a black business woman and owner..Real estate agent..mortgages..also licensed in Life/health Property/Casualty. Look im here if you need MommaQueenG! Keep teaching the truth.

  108. Smokescreen people. The Elites made 75b from the CV. This is the purpose of the deep state: Chaos, divide and conquer. These fools fell for it. Covid didn’t work, so it’s the annual race war season now. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. Systemic racism is the essence. Until the cabal aka government is overthrown, this will continue to happen. Obama, Hillary,Bill gates, Fauci, Cuomo, the Feds, IMF, WHO, judicial, education, police, military, Banks and all the other branches of deep State is the enemy. Democrats is the Kkk. The right ain’t no better, but the left perpetuates our genocide daily. Real racism is in the bills these politicians and legislators write into law. Wake up. My people must learn critical thinking skills.

  109. Only reason I said that is cause they have there excuse to ship in army and shit this is how there gonna takeover 1world govt

  110. I learn something every time I watch your videos thank you for always dropping heavy knowledge.

  111. The 13 family bloodlines…, the oligarchs.., the 4th branch of the government ( the media)…, the shadow rulers of this world…

  112. Hello papaduck….what you don’t realize is that there is a changing of the guard happening at this moment. Esau is done with America….it’s time for the powers that be to ride out but first he MUST tear down all that he feels that he’s built. We will be left with parched cities and the destruction of this nation. There are protesters who came ONLY to burn these cities down.

    PS….There’s nothing wrong with squatting when you piss. It’s less clean up and stank smells😂

  113. Alot of those whites that are out there are paid crisis actors and police operatives. They are trying to push 2 narratives, the first one is what I mentioned and the other one is, see not all us whites are bad, gtfo

  114. My word for the day, “CREDIT AIN’T NOTHIN BUT A LEASH ON YOUR NECK.” AND I just order the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ from Amazon. I’m picking up all the jewels I can and passing them on to my grandchildren.

  115. “George Floyd” , The “officer” Derek Chauvin , as well as Floyd’s lawyer Ben Crump as well as the man that is doing Floyd’s second autopsy(Michael Baden).. and the Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey All have an account on the IMDB(Internet Movie Data Base) website… they’re actors.

  116. I can understand & interpret the bible because it is not I, but it is GOD who gives the increase which surpasses all mans wisdom, knowledge & understanding. If you want to know or understand just ask GOD & HE’LL give it to you

  117. FACTS about the Rothschilds, including the Rockefellers, George Siors & Bill Gates.. who is the #1 devil in the US that enginered C-19❕🤔

  118. Burn down CNN headquarters and big businesses and look out for each other and protect the small family owned stores whether they be black or white,this isn’t about race,it’s about the government trying to control the people.THE GOVERNMENT (Rothschild/Rockefeller) IS THE ENEMY!!!

  119. If u burn your town u have nothing… they are hurting themselves.. they are going to regret that they burn the places that feeds them…

    This is why america can’t print money whenever they want, because they have to pay to get it printed.
    This is why they want raise minimum wages.

  121. 99 years ago today may 31 and June 1 1921 a mob of white people went into Tulsa Oklahoma and burned down black owned businesses and homes and killed black people karma is a bitch💯💯 history repeating itself but the shoe is on the other foot💯💯

  122. The root word of ignorance is ignore> ignore is to refuse to show that you hear see and nothing in response of the situation. Always take apart a compound word to understand the etymology> is the explanation of where a word came from. Put down the weapons for a minute and pick up a book because if you are still calling your nationality a color like I’m black or white or brown, then……

  123. ⚠️Have you noticed that the rich Elite Geezers like SOROS live a long time??? Unbelievable! Each day I think I will hear some news. How old is he by now???? Unbelievable ❗️

  124. Jesus got angery and tipped over the money counters table’s. And said not in my father’s house.

  125. Ppl talking about where we gonna shop… are we getting another stimulus check or something? It’s probably some agents for amazon burning down stores so they can get all the damn business!

  126. These pastors don’t know shit. The bible is our history book. U have to be able to break it down. The New Testament is a big lie

  127. Big Corporations dont care you burn it down cause insurance will build it bavk up and build it bigger and better…

  128. Real talk Duck “please stay away from the black owned businesses” we barely making it

  129. Yepp, everything they are burning down is NOT hurting the ones responsible, it is only hurting the same people who live in the community, which is , them, that are looting and destroying.

  130. Karma is not I repeat not a bitch! She gives you your just do……what you dish out you are bound to receive it back( maybe worse)….it’s a boomerang effect and the Universe knows the type of energy you have and no you don’t know when where or how but know this you didn’t care how you delivered the package so why not except your delivery?

  131. It’s gonna be hard to loot the Rothschilds due to Them living underground and in Fortified Dwellings

  132. Hey my man u are the ONLY one on social media that makes alot of since keep up the good talk I like this guy seem real enough to me brotha keep us informed

  133. They not going to do that Duck!!!! They are burning the black businesses and communities. George Soros is funding black like matters and antifa.

  134. Love is the answer.. whether you agree with the protest or not can we agree on this one thing and let all our brothers and sisters young and old know… that if you decide to be out there in the streets protesting and be on the frontline…. to use any thing such as vests, magazines or books to wrap around your bodies, use metal pots, pans, or whatever material you can find or even cut any peice of metal object to protect their chest and stomach or any organs.. to protect your vital organs…protect your bodies…let us preserve all life
    ..again we need you alive….we want our bothers and sisters returning home at the end of the day….🙏🙏 And I pleade to most please wear a mask the cameras are rolling….remember there is facial recognition……protect your bodies…preserve your life…. we need you making it back home to your familes…Love is the Greatest gift from the most high…Be safe stay blessed my brothers ane sisters🙏🙏✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  135. Let me get it on and say paul should have been more clear if the vatican aint change what he said but when he said we to follow the laws of the land yes if they our just but if not and u go submitting yourself to unjust laws serving a just GOD the way the universe work your turning your back on GOD with your actions and every action cause a reaction bad r good youll be awarded accordingly

  136. The Bible is not hard to comprehend… it’s a law book for the 12 tribes of ISRAEL. The most high chosen people.. we’ve been lied to all our lives, Christ was a black man from the tribe of JUDAH so that’s why blacks is the most hated race on earth…. we have the blood of the messiah in us, Learn what bloodline you come from. It’s not about races it about nations. The ESAU n JACOB story is real!! ESAU is ruling now but Jacob will rule in the end. Believe that

  137. *S* .ECRET


  138. Since the insurance companies are in relate to the police department’s and so on , companies need to b aware when people dont treat other people right, that affects insurance companies, think about it, the cost and the price is pass down to us, when people burn places.

  139. O well its gone now its time to bring back the mom and pop stores. We need to fast track money to these types of businesses.

  140. These protests are orchestrated and strategic. Some people are blind in seeing the bigger picture out there. Shutout to all my brothers and sisters who are for the right cause but don’t be fooled..there are some government agents amongst you all playing master manipulation mind games. Shout out to the real whites who are also down for the cause..but alot of you all agents too. I see you👀! Be careful family satan is out there blending in and deceiving alot of us. Like he stated..There is George Soros, Rothschilds, Bildenberg Group, Trilateral Council and so many more I won’t mention. Hell even Bill Gates.

  141. I.S.L.A.M. = I.Self.Lord.Am.Master ✌🏾🖐🏾🇲🇦🇺🇸 Spot on Papa Duck solid info Keep applying pressure Mane📚📜🗝🔮💎

  142. You have to be a linguist and study etymology to really learn the Sun(helios) Book(biblios) shalom aleichom








  145. I went to this dentist once a long time ago he broke my jaw bone pulling my wisdom teeth out oh, he was a terrible dentist. My mom also went to the dentist a couple years back to get a tooth pulled the dentist actually bumped his head on a cabinet split his head open went in the other room took some pain medication stitched his own head up came back in the room and pulled my mom’s teeth but he pulled the wrong teeth. My point is are some really bad fucking dentist out there but I don’t stop going to the dentist. There’s a lot of bad cops out there but the fact is we need cops to maintain Law and Order. There’s a lot of good cops out there who don’t deserve what’s happening right now. I think we need to stick up for the police officers that do their job correctly it’s not right to hate them all just because a few chose to act like the devil

  146. 5months people going to hungry but all the stores in there neighborhood goinh to be gone. Everbody wants their Bolshevik revolution but failed to read the fine print.

  147. The bible is not written in Parables…Christ did SPEAK in Parables.

    2 Timothy 3:16


    “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”



  148. The bible was created in 325 ad in the council of Nicea with the Roman church which would become the papacy and led by a mad sun worshipping emperor named Constantine, who killed all his immediate family because they rebelled against him, and if you take the popes title, vicarious filii dei, and add the Roman numerals you’ll get 666, the papacy not only wrote the Bible but changed the commandments and changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. After the bible was created they carried out which hunts and the dark ages and the first slave ship to take Africans to America was called the good ship Jesus, so I’m weary of this religion because I’m also an excommunicated cult member of a Christian Korean cult called the world mission society church of god, and they used the bible verbatim to worship a man called ansanghong as the second coming christ, now it’s a woman called zang gil Jah or something who is their mother god Jerusalem. There are a number of christian cults from Korea. So I’d look more into the history of this religion and mind the devisive control it holds on its believers. Because when it started it came in with genocidal destruction. If you need proof, here’s Dr Clark speaking on it. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3295806293763485&id=100000024407061

  149. They burned down the Black Wall Street & killed them. George SoreAss goal is to destroy the world – I believe scrotum face is dead but his proxies carry out his mission.

  150. He right about the Bible & everything else! I been Trying to explain it to people but they look at me like I’m dumb!!

  151. 🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏻 One thing unsaved people ( in general)… cannot do… is speak on a God… they do not know. The interpretation of the Bible, belongs to the Holy Ghost, who is the Teacher, and the Spirit of Truth, that the World, does not know. Because those of the world, have not been forgiven of their sins, have not repented of their sins, have not been baptized, have not been filled with the Holy Ghost ( the SPIRIT of Truth)… they are not led of the Spirit, they are not born of the Spirit, they hath not! the Spirit! LACK! communication with the Father, do not walk after the Spirit, do not talk after the Spirit, so they hath not…the Spirit. And the natural man cannot understand the things of God, because they are foolishness to him, and spiritually discerned. And the world operates in the natural… not the SPIRIT. Because they have not! the SPIRIT. And many believers are aware of the symbolism in the Bible, Father’s word, because the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible is full of them. The world cannot preach God, nor profess to know Him. They cannot teach Someone…they do not know…declare a Truth….when their father is called “lie.” (By Jesus). So…they know of! Him…but they do not know Him, because they don’t have a relationship with Him, because if they did, they’d know that those who have not been washed in the Blood of Jesus, have no justification, to speak on a God… they do not follow. And definitely, are not qualified…to interpret HIS MOUTH. The Bible. Believers will continue to believe, what they have been led to believe, by the wisdom… from the HOLY GHOST. 🕊 No where in Father’s Word does it say, the forbidden fruit was a apple. This is worldly foolishness, lies, perceptions, and assumptions. God speaks to His own… not the world. Sacred secrets…are revealed to His own… not the world. Those who do not follow Him…are not His children… nor can they profess to know Him. They’ve never met Him. And He will profess, “I never knew you.” On the day of judgement. There are two fathers out here… Jehovah…and satan. The world can only understand the things of the one…doing their parenting.

  152. Str8 facts💯 .. and the Federal Reserve Note(dollar bill) is debt “note” .. The definition of note is promissory note which is a promise to pay not payment ..

  153. Yeah JESUS taught in parables and in deep context and some of his disciples didn’t even understand. You have to ask for Holy Spirit to guide you when reading which 95% don’t do. Don’t lean towards your own understanding

  154. Problem some of those businesses were black owned businesses, yes I agree with u black owned businesses shouldn’t be bothered . As for the rest let it burn, let it all burn, so that all these cops really get what the consequences of their actions result to , this racism shit is just too much!!

  155. Go burn George Soros house and him, he’s the one funding these Riots, they need to stop burning innocent people’s property.THESE RIOTERS ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR A CAUSE PERIOD, THEY ARE LOOTING AND BURNING PEOPLES PROPERTY DOWN, THAT IS NOT FIGHTING FOR A CAUSE THAT IS VANDALISM 🤨All that was, FALSE FLAG AGAIN. THEY KEEP USING THE SAME TECHNIQUE, GUNS, RACE NEW ONE VIRUS 🤨oh let’s not forget the killer bees🤨

  156. Mr Duck isn’t it a bit curious that with all this destruction not 1 cop has been killed?

  157. Happy Anniversary brother!!!The Tulsa race massacre (also called the Tulsa race riot, the Greenwood Massacre, or the Black Wall Street Massacre) of 1921 took place on May 31 and June 1, 1921, when mobs of white residents attacked black residents and businesses of the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  158. Paris Hilton’s sister married a rothchild had a baby and they faded out of the scene. People ask what happened to them lol. The rothchilds run this whole thing and theres someone above them. They have parties like no other. They sacrifice consistently.

    Theres so much to say about it

    Thank u for teaching this because when i talk about it im crazy to people.

  159. People realize the same police that are out here doing this stuff are masons they are the foot soldiers for the rothschilds and every other organization above them

  160. You said a mouth full. Just like they burnt down black wall street in Tulsa Ok and then built white wall street in NYC. What if they burnt that down and built black wall street again. That would be like talking back what was stolen right. I’m just asking…

  161. Papa Duck is schooling y’all. I already know this stuff. Nothing like getting a refresher talk though!! Get your knowledge up black people!! Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Duponts, etc. Peep game people!! PD was giving you jewels about credit too!! Take heed people!!

  162. Continous money flow is the benefit. Yes, banks make money on the money you have sitting there. Money draws more money if you allow it too. I got caught in 1992 in the Navy for slushin. I made money off of people who had bad money management, heavy drinkers, and gamblers. The reason I got caught is because I made so much. I lived off the return of the profit, and bank my money. Today, I still make investments and profits. If I dont profit I dont invest or sell period, I dont ever settle to break even. Someone turned me in because they was in to me for so much. So, businesses and lending institutions do the same they thrive because they have and you need or want at excessive rates.

  163. Dumb ppl fall for the race bait..floyd n ahmaud are both agents to fuel the race war. M.L.K n Malcolm X were both c.i.a agents to further separate black ppl..one christian n one Muslim..the black panther movement were c.i.a created..black ppl were never brought here on ships n shackles, are blck ppl that weak??..dnt fall for the media propaganda..they set the bait n dummies bite

  164. Great video fam but still the Bible is a history book for the children of Israel the Hebrews the people suffering from the lack of knowledge so all I can say we were conquered by the English so yeah it’s for us to get the knowledge it’s Time

  165. I can break the bible down to pieces my dude. all of it. The forbidden fruit is ejaculation. The tree of life is sex. god said don’t eat of tree. because physical pleasure destroys the spirit., (think on that for a really long time please “you will surely die”. and according to the legal language, were corporations, which means corpse, thats why our names are all caps on legal documents, we speak latin, the language of the dead. we are the dead). The serpent, adam’s penis, “fooled” them. Any man in here knows how this trick goes… Anyway, Adam and eve were higher natured spiritual creatures, but once they ejaculated they were cast from the spiritual nature.. into the flesh to chase their desires. Suffering gives us strength. If you arent suffering, Your on the wrong team brother. No man knows god heart. But we can find the invisible things by observing the things that are visible. Men are created in gods image. Likely we have similar hearts. Certainly have similar natures.. Point is, were born into sin because our parents broke the oldest rule in the book. having you… So when you come of age apologize, and swear allegiance to righteousness.. Whatever you choose to call it. HOPE I HELPED!

  166. We are getting blitzed from all sides. our attention is everywhere right now… pay attention to everything thats happening at the moment. riots, covid tracing, the virus second wave, the earth magnetic field weakening, 5g towers, anonymous and Q, donald trump passing excutive order against social media sites, the space x launch… brooo its too much to pay attention too. there is going to be a world wide grid outage coming and the election will be postponed.. everyone get prepared and ready for whats to come..we dont have much time left. dont get caught off guard

  167. Man when you said schools don’t teach you these certain things that’s why you need to take it upon yourself .. I felt that so much .. I hated school and felt like it was time wasting that’s why I dropped out. The shit being taught there was useless to me. Im literally addicted to learning I just sit here and jot down words while I listen to these videos so I can go do some research later and better educate myself one day I can do the same. Each one teach one!!!!

  168. Check it out @ Papa Duck. The Bible is about us blacks, it’s partially our history book

  169. Bro I feel like this shit was a setup look at the national guard in the streets shooting rubber bullets at people for not going in the house watch that shit gonna be in every state

  170. their only after authority really. Which is pointless really. they need to organize and choose their targets. All their doing now is destroying..

  171. God only knows how much money I have wasted over the years I’m glad I don’t know I probably would go insane.

  172. This is coming from someone who in no way will argue that police officers are not racist. I’m sure they are but it doesn’t matter if you are black, white ,yellow or brown. If they can do anything to anyone they will. They are against all of us. It’s not black and white it’s blue vs you. F the chain stores. Who gives AF about them. Leave mom and pops and private business alone and stand up to police. They do profile black men and poor white men the same. It’s the police who is the problem. We need to stand together against police and politicians.

  173. In my City every Business that was Vandalize Deserved to be vandalized Because they don’t want black people in that part of town anyway They rich with Insurance Justice for Brianna Taylor💪🏾

  174. They run the world right now within this realm of light spectrum. Oficially around 2036 we will be in the aquarius era. We are transitioning but we all know this our bodies are reacting to it EVERYONE. 😌

  175. 🤣 For real ain’t no such thing as a good dope boy and a bad one so treat cops the same

  176. Allegory (hidden meaning), NOT from a biblical stand point, but from a political/ meant to control, brainwash, fear mongering stand point when it comes to the Bible. (meaning story), but told from a political, all of the above point of view. Yea there’s etymology in the bible as well, meaning (true), BUT in a political, all of the above truth, which is some hard to believe scary 💩. There are analytics in the bible as well,(hidden meanings) BUT what are those meanings?🤔🤫😉 BUT NOT biblically speaking, once again only from a political/ ALL OF THE ABOVE point of view. I’m a free thinker…Your mind is like parachute, it’s no good unless it’s open! People need to go to YOUNG PHARAOH.Net to watch all of his lectures, how he breaks down the truth about the Bible, among other things. This dude is the truth with nothing but STR8T FACTS! Watch and decide for yourself! THE TRUTH WILL SHOCK YOU! STILL, YOUR TRUTH OR BELIEF IS NOT MY TRUTH OR BELIEF, BUT WE CAN ALL AGREE TO DISAGREE. THAT’S WHAT MAKES US ALL SO SPECIAL!❣


  178. Banks also take a percentage of your money it many not seem like much but it adds up, if my man wasn’t in the military they would be taken a lot more from me but I have a military spouse account so it’s less than usual…

  179. Real Talk but this doesn’t help negative energy plus negativity energy is only more negative

    And anyone speaking on god or connecting him to this should really rethink

  180. Forget that i hear mr Duck but what if everthing is burned down? How will we get the everyday suppiles we need on a daily basics?the poilce needs to stop and peacefully negotiate more human treatment of Black people when arrested.new laws needs to be put in action and the true intent of their actions need to inflict a murder 1 charge for that officer who used his knee to kill mr George Floyd.false medical records that said Mr Floyd had a medical condition. High blood pressure and heart disease really no the knee in the neck and that officer cutting off his air supply caused this mans death point blank period. Man i feel if they don’t change this charge to murder 1 this violent fight might not end. Thanks sir for your imput.

  181. Go after Soros and Killary also. The bullies. Stand up to a bully and they back down. Start from the top down. I’m a Trump supporter and all in govt are not bad. But the evil ones got to go.

  182. Idc how much you think you know. With that knowledge comes with more idk. Only because thousands of years has been taken off of our history. We were here first but over time so much has transpired that we dont know. I been stopped taking details literal. Its a reason we only been down 2000 years it has been our time. People of the cosmos (melinated) is just getting our just due. History always repeats itself we been here 9000 years. So imagine the shit we dont know. Please dont get crazy on me.

  183. ⚠️When God 💥 finishes breaking this evil system, good people will be able to easily make a living.

    This is Satan’s world. So people are trained to be slick and have to be hustlers and to sit at the feet of millionaire and billionaire con men,, and are nursed from the face of the serpent 🐍 , in order to make a good living.

    But as the saying goes, behind every fortune, there is a great crime. Many of the rich people that are respected have stolen inventions and hurt people real bad, and destroyed better companies and have robbed investors and have been given millions of dollars of the working peoples money and have made a soul contract

    with Satan 👺himself.

    Just hang in their, good people of LORD GOD ALMIGHTY 💥, and do not be mesmerized with these rich Elite Geezers. They are on their last round of evil rulership. So hide yourself for a while. Do not let these politicians and community leaders get you jailed up in prison.

    God 💥 said he is going to make them vomit up riches. SO: Do not lose faith during this great tribulation. Amen. ❗️

  184. They have no idea that jesus is lucifer and god is satan. It’s not a book for the gentiles. We were never supposed to have read it.

  185. One thing I can say is…. an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Let karma happen naturally don’t incite violence or spread hate…

  186. Not to go off topic either but small business still have to abide by the governments policy and has to meet their standards.

    With that being said we don’t need to own more businesses because we actually don’t own anything since it’s not our land. We basically rent it to make good profit.

    We need to actually takeover Everything. flip the entire system around and break the matrix. We have to win this spiritual warfare

  187. They read the Bible literally when it should be read allegorically because that’s what it is. They Bible is coded and filled with lies and contradictions.💯

  188. Note: when any company sell your debts they are forgiven by the original debtors. Therefore you own noone. If a debt consolidated company has your file and call you and say you owe them tell them prove it or not me in fact tell them you are recording them, cause you can get 10k from them. But Thats a whole nother game…. Once the original debtors sold your information without your consent your debt is cleared away. I do credit repair and thats why im sitting on a 765 credit score and raising while being black, and a woman😚 hit me up should you want my help

  189. I was really glad we did something but the only thing wrong to me is people haven’t took out no cops it’s a art to war and protesting not one they got guns u got sign 🤣 No go hard or go Home kill or be kill

  190. White supremacy has been doing this shit for years with the help of other black people now in 2020 they do it differently and we know how that go.

  191. The bible is written in parables! We have to take Accountability why we where overthrown and enslaved in first place ! Start there and correct that! Also what ever were still doing that keeps us with no resolve.

  192. Understand this we were created in the image of the Gods Not a god and the sons of these guys made it with the women on earth that made Giants that’s what the Bible says the people don’t want to hear that they want to hear the b*******

  193. Your a very deep brother, You are talking about the sentence structure and how the words are used in it. The meaning past and present of the word. I don’t like the word (N-word) and people need to look that word up in the dictionary. It is a lazy shiftless individual who don’t do a days work. My four grade teacher made the class look up that word. Words can have multiple meaning. Love your channel

  194. I have gone to Robert Kiyosaki’s seminars, I have every book he’s written & I have the rat race game that my family & I play to teach our kids about finance. Another person to check out is Dave Ramsey

  195. duck is a very nice guy . but duc not no , ” preacher ” ….. secondly , ERTHING IN THE BIBLE AIN NO , ‘PARABLE’=” a simple story used to show an example , mayb of a story …… Done to show simplicity . WHICH is the only way Jesus puts stuff out . SIMPLICITY/simple/ plain

  196. Yes, you need to learn how to understand how the Bible was written and not read it like a novel. For instance, our names have meaning that most people no longer think about like the name ‘George’ – meaning ‘farmer’ or ‘earthworker’. So in this light we must also learn the language of the Bible. There are also footnotes on every page that will explain certain paragraphs, or phrases. Watch this video the see a common reference and see it in a new light with this method. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jl2sVxBl9I

  197. They are intentionally inciting a race war!!! Its not about black and white its Us against Racist Periodt!!!

  198. “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

  199. Comet Pizza is owned by The Rothschilds. No body attacked the Dirty Pizza Spot in D.C.
    Smh. Everyone go watch the Fall of the Cabal on my Page.
    Wake up my Brothers and Sisters …..Wake Up.
    Papa Duck? Watch the movie on my Page. The Fall of the cabal. You already know. ..

  200. All we saying is make it count. When the KKK burned down shit they made it count!! They came to houses, churches etc… Make the shit count.

  201. ROMANS, 10:12-14…” HOW CAN THEY, “HEAR” WITHOUT A “preacher” .

    first off , yall

  202. Youtube’s most popular bum Papi I Suck has his channel flagged for telling his ignorant audience to burn and loot.

  203. Unless you are living in this atmosphere right now,, you have no idea how scary this is. Many black neighborhoods are affected by the vandalism and we’re afraid for our safety. Black businesses are closed down and destroyed. BLM and Antifa were hired and paid to destroy us. Stop idealizing what people are doing. This didn’t have to be…..

  204. Belief = to be lied to, seen. Be(lie)ve, seen.
    good – 0 = god, seen. d + evil = devil, seen and overstand…

  205. Do you think we should take our made money out of the banks and keep in a safe for safe keeping??

  206. Smh , damn duck u falling for the propaganda my g . It’s all good I know u finna come around and see all this shit is orchestrated

  207. Facts papa duck the thing is you can tell people All day what they can do but few will follow just cus of the stage we are in via instant and because of this people would rather have things done for them like the instant coffe they will always need a mixer and a pitcher there are servers and people at the table an this is why so many can be influenced just because they waiting to be served 🧐

  208. Also if they call and you confirm your identity. They have on a recorded line that you are acknowledging the debt.

  209. yawll stay off those protest streets . They say arrest are being made without the cops Sharing arrest reports .People may be missing in their so called police-custody . Prob. gone forever now in their , “camps”

  210. 💪🏾 my guy i feel like u my twin. I need to get more vocal with the people.

  211. All religions are offshoots of the Babylonian Mystery School System the Church and The Bible are not one in the same

  212. America will use the most tragic issues (intentional or not) as a distraction…no wonder they need control of media….And the meaning of ‘ ignorance ‘ should be when u know but CHOOSE to IGNORE…that makes more sense.

  213. ROI: return on investment-the % of the principal investment made that is generated by investment activity.

    Debt-To-Asset Ratio-the amount of leverage placed on a business by borrowing vesrus the amount of assests owned free and clear. Can be considered almost as a business’s collateralization.

    Asset Turnover: HUSTLERS understand this one well…either the amount of flips a product makes in a certain time frame (for a business, that just a shipment or a stated number of units per said sales cycle) or the amount of time it takes to make one flip. Either expression denotes a FREQUENCY of sell-out per shpiment.

    use these, and a few others, to evaluate different businesses/industries to know the true health of a business juxtaposed to the market environment. Luv yall, Shalom p.s. consider the word “wealth”…how much does it sound like “well”? Now, there are two distinct uses for well, 1. good health; favorable performace (doing well)
    2. a water SOURCE…
    when you understand and apply the source-level knowledge of currency and it’s function and use…the currency generates itself.

  214. I’m seeing a lot of white athletes coming out and saying racial injustice is way over due. Maybe if more white folk follow suit. Maybe We can all come together and go against the hidden hands behind it all.

  215. They did alot of those businesses a favor burining them down. People about to get stupid insurance money off of those businesses. Believe that….

  216. Ur right what Ur saying.they do the same with the fine what that gives you.i don’t pay fine I just say Lick me up.their look at me as im mad.i say take me home with you to the bailiffs.

  217. I’m n VALLEJO CA they riot last night but in the ghetto let’s go to where these police live and the nice areas we are destroying are stuff the stores we go to the other side of town quite not a person out side let’s wake up the only people we are hurting is our self not the people who are doing this stuff to us it’s been going on let’s find a way to really change this before social media I’ve been beat up by the police more times then I can count now look same thing we always March and tear stuff up nothing changes let’s do something that will make a change PAPA DUCK keep doing your thing your informing the world keep it up and stay safe

  218. You’re a devil! The so called Old Testament is our history book which contains our future! Dumb dumb stay in your lane!

  219. Dont be discouraged! READ ur bible. TMH God WILL hear ur heart & open ur understanding. Prophecy is being fulfilled as we speak. The answers u seek about these times are in the BIBLE.

  220. And stealing too Duck what they don’t understand is police was to protect white people business and not us people because we don’t own it while they talk you destroy your own city this shit ain’t for us.

  221. Fractional reserve and how money is created and how their sell u a mortgage.only if people knew what I know wow .

  222. I ask The Living God on High YEHOVAH protect this man who The Holy One of Israel made in His Image from all enemies
    I ask in the name of Yeshua Messiah The Son of The Living God Yehovah Adonai

  223. 👽🛸🇺🇸🖖🏼you kno I love u Papa Duck! But these people’s businesses have FAILED! Now they are USING black Americans to get reparations! INSURANCE PAYOUTS!!! LET THEIR BUSINESSES ALONE & FAIL!!!!! It is all a chess game

  224. They have to burn shit down because that is the only time people grievances get heard. Pleading for justice peacefully goes to deff ears !

  225. HAVE NO FEAR !!!!!
    God has his chosen people
    remember we are descended of JACOB. ( OUR lineage is ROYALTY )
    GOD HAS PLANS FOR Esau & his descended, that has oppressed HIS CHILDREN

  226. you are one of the riches me on earth I need for you to know who you are study your nationality they you will get it I talk to you because you do have eyes to see and ears to here everything you seek is already yours I’ve given you the key but you have to open the door always know that something’s are hidden from you and have been for years stop calling your self black it is a legal term stop calling the Albion’s white you …….

  227. Thankyou KING for all the knowledge that you drop to us. We are listening. Keep doing you!! Ase’

  228. Hello, listen brother I understand but your ancestors who had to get whipped to build the building and die because of! They understand the Bible because they haven’t ask for the wisdom to! Ask and you should receive and who told you that Adam isn’t a man! I question everything and as far as the book it tells you to study to show yourself approved besides I don’t believe in pastors but again that’s whole other subject at hand! But all of this karma talk yes it’s good when the father is the one giving it not you or me! The book says HE IS THE VENGEANCE ! Not us! I’m with you if you right but I can be against you when you wrong just as easy! Everything started with the book that’s what I’m trying to get you to understand !

  229. You can have all the money in the world as a black….as jay z said in his song…we still a n#@$%…..we need to get to the powers that be and government and set they a$% on fire and piss on em periodt

  230. This brother is warning yahll take heed as quite as it’s not told the bank’s are really our strawman they won’t tell you that it’s already our banks an our money when our parents and us if we have children sold one another when we signed they birth certificates

  231. Ayo papa forever dropping jewels everybody better listen I fucks wit PD he’s a stand up dude foreal.

  232. FACTS!! Like speaking in tongues. It did not mean the people were saying oh shabba boo baa sika. It meant Spanish, German, Latin, Mandarin… a DIFFERENT LANGUAGE, NOT your native tongue! I wish EVERYONE knew what an allegory or edimolgy really meant!

  233. Papa Duck you speaking facts about companies buying debt I just went through this with a company buying some debt that I had when I was 16 from Gateway & you know how long they’ve been out of business smh they put a lien on my bank account & everything I had to go to court, they didn’t get what they wanted but did walk away with some of my cold hard cash America is fucked up 💯

  234. Karma has everybody’ ADDRESS, This. country has. a BIG PRICE TO PAY. And those other countries going to pay as well. Let’s not forget the Supreme Court, them. Ancient old. SOB. Going to pay also. And it’s going. to be when they least expect it! Believe That..

  235. TELL’EM DUCK, the bible is written in parables; metaphorically, it speaks in allegories. The government starting riots everywhere look like to me, look at most protest videos on YouTube. Yeah DUCK, you done taught somethin’ new again on that credit tip yeah bruh.

  236. You have to have understanding to comprehend the Bible , it can’t be read with a average carnal mind , me has a Bible believer won’t shift my feet at all to anybody that says my faith is bs that’s just me, Also you are 120% right about people giving money to preachers who don’t even know the Bible themselves smh 🦾 keep it up duck 🦆

  237. People taking advantage of this mans death. What does you getting a brand new flatscreen has to do with George loosing his life. If anything, they should be running up in all the police departments and federal buildings or just sit back and protest. Destroying our own stores and also other people’s property they worked for isn’t going to solve anything. Just goin to make it worse.

  238. You are in inspiration man, for real. I’ve leaned a lot from research and you, even my brother who’s been on these topics for years.

  239. Cause they’re not woke we have to trust the Holy spirit when you reading their book anyway

  240. @Papa Duck Hi 👋 You are forgetting one thing….the spirit of God! God can give you understand of his word. God said “ if you seek me with your whole heart you will find me.” And one can look up a word if they do not know the meaning, just trying to educate you! God is real! God Bless You and Your Family🌸

  241. I notice the same thing at work my brother! Im a Cashier. I can say either good morning or how you doing, right. Some people don’t say it back and the ones that don’t either drop something, hit their hand on the sign next to them, or some eggs crack or something. Almost every single time and in my mind I’m like that’s what you get.

  242. It’s about damn time cause peace don’t stop shit…. a revolution & not going for the Bs no more is showing we tired cause it’s bout damn time they make it seem like we da real enemy’s but not 1 person in the riots killed a cop yet but yet cop’s are tear gassing, punching, etc like damn The media is a bitch & America 2 i said what i said 💯

  243. And that’s why we study the Bible. And we gotta keep studying it. There’s so much from it that we can learn.

  244. U know their usury ways are evil ,and demonic , but u wanna do justlike they do …. wtf is wrong with this picture ?!? Interest money don’t just drop out of the sky !! It comes from poor folks , and Africa …..

  245. I was a pastor of a church. CALL IT KARMA

  246. People who are easily led will eat their own. I see the big picture,I see the strings being pulled and the puppets dance. I’m a Puerto Rican female and I don’t make excuses I take care of me and mine. Love God and keep your powder dry. Love your vids and wisdom. Be part of the 3% or be a puppet.

  247. Precept by precept line upon line a little here and a little but everybody can’t read the Bible. 💯

  248. Everything he is saying is a fact do your research people. Time to get organized plan & band together & do what is needed they can’t fuck with us it’s to many of us stop being scary people anything can be accomplished when done right & together

  249. I love Rich dad poor dad! He’s on YouTube teaching! I suggest everyone subscribe to his channel as well. you are speaking straight facts on money💯💯💯

  250. All of us aren’t ignorant to the scriptures brotha, The Most High waking up his people at this time in life and some of us understand it for what it is and see the fuckery that was added to it.. Stay woke King and keep bringing us that 🔥🔥💪

  251. I don’t care for a bible, all I know is you kill one my kids, this world will look like the sun, don’t mess with my beautiful children that I love, I love my black people hate this evil racist world we live in.

  252. I also use gematria as well the numbers don’t lie and the numbers in the bible don’t lie God use numbers as well u have to decode them to understand

  253. Real whites, like me, know God loves everybody equally…He created us all. We love you Papa…Thats facts…alot of us…and if starting fires gets the world leaders attention and can save at least 1 life, then pass me some gas cans and a lighter!!!!Duck for president 2020…..

  254. Antifa, KKK both of them are domestic terrorist founded by the George Soros/DemocRats party.
    George Soros, go and burn him down instead.

  255. I don’t care about these corrupted buildings getting burned down – black Wall Street was destroyed by white people. These business are part of the corruption 💯

  256. This is a NWO move to divide and conquer PD. They, the filthy fucking rich, want us at our throats.

  257. Yoo fix that patreon link in your description you’ll probably get more on there if it worked…

  258. I dont have a problem with the riots. It’s the looting that the problem. Those fools are not out there for the cause. They are out doing selfish bullshit.

  259. I hear u brother but we don’t need to burn down ANYTHING, that will not solve anything because that’s exactly what the government want us to do so they can have a reason to invoke MARTIAL LAW, they’re literally inciting the violence by having undercover cops tear shit down and set it on fire, cuz they know ppl will follow along believing that’s the right thing to do

  260. 🚩The government got what they wanted with the protests. They are celebrating 🍾🥂. ❗️

    The troops are getting paid 💰. ❗️ AND,

    The businesses are now getting destruction Insurance money plus the stimulus money and will not need to pretend to reopen and hire💰. Boom❗️

    The agent provocateurs are getting paid 💰❗️

    The community leaders and politicians will claim valuable street credit 💰❗️

    The Police are getting paid 💰❗️

    The Contact Tracers and Trackers will get paid💰❗️

    HOWEVER, honest protesters will get arrested and get a police record 🤬

    The same o, same o. 😭. Please help us LORD GOD ALMIGHTY💥❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️. Amen.

  261. People need target and autozone! But those people destroying everything are stupid…

  262. Most of them are NOT protesters. They are CRIMINALS looking for an OPPORTUNITY to LOOT and cause Destruction

    (MANY of them are WHITE ANTI_FA members – I know from experience that they are RACISTS, who try to use black people as pawns for their ANARCHY)

  263. Those people who vandalized and burned down businesses were not the people who were there th o support George Floyd. The people who did the damage where white supremacists who came in from the suburb’s, and left with more than they came with. It was planned to make black people look bad.

  264. “They” want blacks and whites at each others throats again …. I think this time , it’s gonna backfire on them …..

  265. I understand all of that but I know what you are saying. Most don’t. 💯 and if they really read that Bible they know that God is a God of vengeance. 💯

  266. A damn repeat, Jim burn but can rebuild. Y all burn ain’t shite gone get rebuild. Pencil whip that Ass. From local to the top. The Supreme Court…ok

  267. Y’all saw the interview with the wife of George telling people to forgive the cop because that’s what George wanted because he was a god fearing man???? Wtf

  268. Gm my brother 💯👌🏿👊🏾✊🏾be safe & keep dropping facts to these humans😂 🤝🏾💪🏿

  269. Covid-19 didn’t set the people off so they killed a man intentionally .to set America on fire so they can commence total control on everyone

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