This shit has gotten real …it’s been real but now it’s on….we all tiered of the same shit 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


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This lie seems to not be sticking anymore ….we all know what’s the real reason and I’m glad that theirs some brave people in the medical field who’s exposing this hoax

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523 thoughts on “We Fed Up✊🏾”
  1. Police officers are killing blackmen in broad day light and they do not care. They tink that they are untouchable
    But enough is enough. It ends today

  2. Man all this is planned. They are the ones creating this mess to take more freedoms. And people doing exactly what they expected. Making it easy for their one world order. Keep your eyes open 👀


  4. I don’t agree with everything you say. But, I agree with everything on this one. Thank you for your existence!

  5. I just seen Chris Brown speak out on this, and asking other stars who have a voice to us them.

  6. This is part of the AGENDA! They need violence, they need an uproar. They have people exactly where they need them!!! Pay attention. This isn’t what the fight is about.

  7. Dude Protesting is Fighting them Cops not just Destroying the City. Fight. Stop yelling and Smashing fight. It will save the Live even if it’s at the Cost of your Own. What is wrong with Humanity

  8. Facts your saying it’s already martial law they control the world yes but you on point post .. but we been matching forever and these people still killing us like crazy say safe papa duck

  9. We need to be sensible,we need a blueprint an structure.its strength in numbers and its a beautiful thing to see ALL races involved but how do we capitalize from this and form a union

  10. I’m the most quiet person yeah I ever seen this s*** got me speaking up on. It’s going get better b cut we will not allow it to get worse

  11. We Africans view and see you African Americans and all black people all over the world as our brothers and sisters. It hurts me, when I see African Americans and black people all over the world have a hatred towards Africa. It hurts me when i see african Americans say that we Africans don’t consider them as our own. We Africans consider black people in America and black people all over the world as our own, whom were taken away from us by force. We as Africans welcome you African Americans and black people all over the world to come and visit Africa. You will be welcome by the people and the chiefs and kings, they will see you and be happy. You will be truly welcome. It is best that when you go or visite, you take someone with you. so that they will show you around the black continent Africa, its history and its beauty. Don’t believe what the world shows you about africa. I beg you to look at the positive side of Africa. Africa is still suffering from the effects of slavery and colonialism specifically western and central Africa. The countries in West Africa are in modern slavery today. European countries like France make sure that their fourteen African colonies stay poor. They control the currency known as Cfa. They also control the economies and GDP of these countries. These countries pay billions of dollars of colonial taxes to France each year. I am from Cameroon. I come from a tribe and village known as Mbem. Our native language is called Yamba. My grandmother use to tell us that back in those days when the European s came to the village everyone would run and hide in the caves. There is a huge cave in my village where when the Europeans came with guns, everyone would go and hide inside the caves. Because they could shot and kill anyone. My grandmother use to tell us that they took our people and go with them. 96% of all black people taken from the black continent of Africa were taken by force. I don’t know much about other villages and tribes. Do not believe what everybody in the whole world goes around saying that we sold our people to the Europeans. those our other ancestral tribal African leaders that handed their people over to the Europeans/invaders, they could have been bribed, they could have been forced to make those horrible decisions. Those our ancestral African tribal leaders that handed their people over to the white people/invaders, they Realized and recognized the horrible decisions that they had made when they saw that the white people where killing our people, when they saw that the white people where lynching and segregating our people, when they saw that the white people treated us blacks like animals, they stopped. when they stopped, the Europeans started taking those people from those tribes by force too, specifically central and western Africa. The Europeans/invaders did not only take our people away from us, they made us slaves in our own land. they colonized us and forced us to speak their languages. they controlled us. the whole continent of Africa is still suffering from the effects of colonization. We as Africans and the whole continent of Africa Failed to defend our land, our resources such as Gold, Diamond, Oil, Agricultural resources, and more, and We Failed to Defend our people from the Europeans/invaders. Those that survived were the ones that managed to hide. If you go to Mbem village, you will see the huge cave, you will think that God himself put the Rocks there. My village is surrounded by big mountains. The cave is on a huge mountain not at the top but in the middle of the mountain. It would make for a big tourist attraction. The people from my village were taken away from us. Forgive me if I offend anyone. We Africans Love you African Americans and black people all over the world. I believe that we need to come together in Jesus’ name. I have been through a lot of hate and extreme discrimination in the united states from people who are my skin color because I am African. I pray that we black people love one another and treat one another as brothers and sisters in the Lord God Jesus Christ. At the end of the day what really matters is if you have given your life to Jesus Christ the son of God and have repented from your sins.I believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ whose real Hebrew name is Yeshua hamashiach, that he who knew no sin, was crucified, died on the cross for our sins and the sins of the whole world, was buried, on the third day rose from the dead, and is seated at the right hand of God. he is coming back very soon. That whom so ever believeth in him and do his works will have everlasting life in heaven For on judgment day Jesus will not look at your skin color, he will judge you by your works and fruits in him here on this earth. We must Repent from our sins and turn to Jesus, for Jesus is coming soon. I thank anyone who was able to read this comment to the end. I pray that God bless you all including this brother that made the videos in Jesus Mighty name.

  12. There agenda is to keep people thinking there’s a government. Their trying to distract us off HOLLYWOOD,GATES, WHO,CDC, POLITICIANS, CIA, FBI and local law enforcements. They ARE ALL corrupt. The media are liars, the entertainers are sick ritualistic demons campaigning for the DEMOCRATS AKA DEMONS. They all telling people change is voting; bull $hit, first of all, recognize that the most high has allowed these a$$ holes to be exposed, which means we have the right to form our own GOVERNMENT. There is no one to vote for people. All this proof out here, not only did they try killing us, there is no one to vote for. Biden is an Anglo-Saxon and part of the plan. Trump and EVIL HILLARY can’t be trusted. I say as long as you participate in this system under their constitution, which really don’t include us, why vote. IM NOT!My heart goes out to the FLOYD FAMILY! They reported this horrible crime to cause a riot for Marshall Law to keep from prosecution the real real real criminals. POLICE ARE PUPPETS AS WELL AS CELEBRITIES. Gates, WHO, FDA, CDC, Fauci, FBI, CIA, OBAMA, Hillary, WINFREY, Jay-Z, have killed more kids than any cop. Alarm alert, cops murdering blacks is normal. It is what it is. This could happen to you and me. It not new; it’s a distraction from the fact that there is no more government. Plus OBAMA AND THEM STOLE ALL THE MONEY, there is no social security. Why y’all think they killing all the old folks?

  13. I can not understand how the oppressed is worried about looting lmao… I can not subscribe to that.

    There is no rules in war except unity.

  14. Like I’m from Detroit when you got the white people coming from the suburbs trying to destroy our city and then they go back to the suburbs

  15. We must redirect our anger toward tbe key players…. The deep state. Cut the head off the rest will die…..

  16. This thing is all a scam bro…dont fall for the okydoughky…..thats all I’m saying…watch between the lines and you’ll see WHO that is behind the riots

  17. You all. The pic that they are showing of the police officer is a different picture. They are not the same man.

    Mugshot pic is of a different man. Go look

  18. Theyre tacking your phone my phone downloaded a google app tracking everywgere i go facial recognition recording convorsations they not hiding it no more i cant turn it off im bouta break my phone

  19. Its in every city the 5g towers are on an in effect this is what it does makes you irrational and violent

  20. Cops are trained gangsters that are trained to treat all of lower class people like animals. Don’t let them divide us people! STAY AWAKE AND STAY TOGETHER!

  21. He rite when he said they killing us symbolically they are legal gangs and how can u work for a government u know corrupt?but one big facts is u keep fucking with that dog eventually it will bite back and soon y’all we will have the head of the snake!!!

  22. Duck we gotta wake up.. this ish is fake. They are paying ppl to come to ur city and burn stuff up n blame it on black ppl. The ppl arrested aren’t even from the state according to the police.. all this stuff paid for like in the movies.. just like they pushed the corona all day… Now they pushing riot propoganda on the news. Wake up. Something else is coming!

  23. This isn’t about race! this is about power and control! this whole thing after the death of George Floyd has been a orchestrated mess! Everyone was protesting peacefully until the power players turned up we all know who they are black lives matter and ANTIFA funded by the liberal media and George Soros! to cause trouble and pushed by shouting kill all whites I’ve seen videos with my own eyes!! Like I said this shouldn’t about race this is about police overstepping the mark governments letting these people away with murder! we all need to come together as a human collective to say this is wrong! but rioting smashing shit up looting mom-and-pop businesses is completely the wrong way to go!!

  24. They putting bricks by buildings encouraging people to loot places. So that they can put out martial law. They are pushing for that because martial law allows for them to have more control.

  25. Speak on it Papa Duck
    Say what these other think about but are too terrified to say

  26. Martial law has already made a cameo appearance
    You already know
    The series has just begun and it’ll break records everywhere
    Coming soon permanently to a
    neighborhood near you

  27. Papaduck do what you do. This chess not checkers. They gon learn something they been knew!

  28. Shoutout to you bro! I stay sharing your content on my social media. Always educating us and raising our vibration. Peace & love to you homie ☮️💙💎💯

  29. I am ndn an white an black my dad a vet my mom is white an people how bn f up my hole life this is the start china next we better get together I can look up my family b4 anyone was here the government took everything but 4real China is go to try to fight over here we all bn Street’s fighting for our lifts bet we b all together then 10 of them one of us we need to think my family I will kill anyone over this is all of us they don’t care how any of us feel about shit they are come n to kill all of us all of us so if my ads can C the shit get real we better wake up an fast red dawn I am a half breed am fighting right now just to live so they will have a fight when the real shit kicks off look there was no covit I anit real sure these just MIT b some crazy ass shit to like movie them Q folks are looking into it they know one another 17 years work together I have bn n ambulance afew time never seen cops driving ambulance an pickn up people an putting them n it an driving off so I am just sayn

  30. New released info,apparently George Floyd was a famous porn star,so basically he was an actor and him the alleged officer”murderer ” had encounters before the well filmed police”brutality ” video for public observation because they used to work together at night bars as security guards and chances are he might still be alive(faked death).To me it seems like this was staged to incite riots/chaos so martial law can be enforced to usher in the NEW WORLD ORDER through order out chaos and people are falling for that,the rabbit whole goes deeper than this!!!

  31. look👀 how this dam County 🌍 running Destroy by a lack of knowledge If a man gain the world he will lose his soul, too many division and it will not stand.

  32. We can make a difference Vote these dam peoples out of office 🏢. evil 😈 pp.
    God knows who you are 🌍
    Karma will catch you when you do wrong, you will pay for consequences for your actions what you do.

  33. Police have no soul it’s taken by the government AKA the devil👹🤦‍♂️ that’s why they are controlled

  34. I seen the video!!!! It’s a Cop !!! They Infiltrate the Peaceful Protest Look at Out of Shadows & The Fall of Cabals

  35. The bigger agenda is the only reason this stuff is taking place. Curfews and military presence. This is no coincidence

  36. I hate to even get in the conversation about black this or white that BUT I didn’t start this. As I white man I say fuck this whole event it ain’t right. I send love to y’all. I am out.

  37. Take off these masks and breathe!!!! This is a fake planneddemic!!!! Time for us to fight back!!!

  38. The burgh turned up too…. But but what is looting and rioting when at end of the day ; we still vote divided, we don’t get along, kill each other, uncivilized,hate each other, but we loot and riot together AND AND HALF OF US DONT EVEN KNOW THE LAST FULL NAME OF THE BROTHER WHO DIED UNDER THE PIGS KNEE!🙄…WE NEED ORDER TEACH OUR KIDS HOW TO CARRY THEMSELVES IN PUBLIC RESPECT LIFE AND LEARN THE THE LAW AND THE LANGUAGE OF THE LAW ” FIRST”. PEACE BE STILL

  39. Our celebrity say they care about us so much 🤔 but not out here fighting with us 😡 💔 showing the people it’s something to fight for
    Just my thoughts. Everybody be safe an don’t stand down for nothing

  40. Fake virus equal democratic elitist Marshall Law. The twin brothers are falling at the hand of trump. They hate us all the same.

  41. All races who standing with us y’all are appreciated I’m not the negro pointing fingers I love the unity! It’s beautiful

  42. It was George Soros who paid those people to start burning the city to the ground.. an maybe even pay that officer to kill him.. the weird thing about it is, the cop an George worked together for 17 years at the same night club, so they knew each other.. so did they really kill Mr. Floyd or did Soros pay to take his death an give him a new life out of the USA.. I wouldn’t put it past him, Soros faked the whole immigration thing with the kids being taken from parents months ago, there is actually proof.

  43. They do want a reason to bring in martial law that’s why they are letting the protesters destroy property riot and loot. Papa I work with a guy that made the statement he hope they do bring it in, of course an ignorant ass maga man


  45. Remember LATASHA HARLIN a 14 year old black girl who was shot in the back of the head and killed by an Asian lady over a carton of juice 🥤 she only got probation

  46. Black America has woken up because of George Floyd. Unfortunately White America is going to wake up as well. And there going to rise up most at the ballot box in November. Trump will be reelected in a landslide. That silent majority isn’t going to stand for this post Floyd uprising. Unless we turnout expect to be blurred out

  47. If u wanna go live wit me or just share my shit. Idc. Dus shit I’m catching need 2 get out there b4 I’m not able 2 anymore. I’m a target they already came 4 once but God keep me here 2 get dis out. Dis is my purpose here. Plz I cant get it 2 da right people 2 share dis info. We running out of time

  48. PEOPLES ARE FINDING OUT TRUTH FINALLY PLANDEMIC NOT VIRUS JUST SCARE TATIC FOR THE SHEEPLE….THE REASON WHY YOU SEE MANY CAUCASIAN..PAID ANIFAS…THEY DONT LIVE IN THAT STATE…HOWEVER WE SHALL OVER COME NOT GONNA WORK people lost jobs people lost homes people lost family members people have children people are hungry people are tired of being lied to so yeah tear that b**** up the fake rioters and the real ones everyone knows they passed the bill for mandatory vaccinations we’re not having it we will not have it enough is enough so let’s do it if you want to take me down you’re going to have to knock me down you’re not taking my children you’re not coming in my home you’re not vaccinating us we’re not taking any tests so you and your Masters go back to the hell you came from..

  49. I started a petition on about how vaccines are used for population control. The website is on my instagram. We need to fight against these vaccine so if anyone wants to sighn it for me the website is on my instagram @_cupcakkke_ its in my bio. Thanks❤❤❤💕

  50. A preliminary autopsy said the combined effects of Floyd being restrained, potential intoxicants in his system and underlying health issues, including heart disease, contributed to his death.

    It said there was no physical findings to support strangulation as the cause of death

  51. When the cops ran up in the Queen’s home and shot her to death… wrong house. Someone at work asked me what will it take for this madness to end.
    I told them we need some true warriors, people who are not afraid to die for what’s right.
    We are sick and tired of our Kings and Queens being killed at the hands who was sworn to protect not just business, but the citizens of the USA.
    THEY took over this land in Violence and it’s continuing to happen, so perhaps that’s the only language they understand‼

  52. tellin me they burned down the precinct but left Derek chauvin house unscathed?? Nahhhj

  53. Them whites you see out there are AGENTS.all of them.if these protests were from the soil and authentic, black people wouldn’t let white people in the mix.if white people cared about us why don’t you ever see them protesting when shit like this ain’t happening?

  54. Something ain’t right bout all this shit bruh…and I don’t believe he’s even locked up.why they let em go to Florida if they were gonna lock him up in the first place? I ain’t seen any proof he was locked up

  55. Floyd and the cop worked as security guards in a bar! this is a psy op, to start a race war! God bless!!!

  56. If People Going to protest make sure you have a lawyer on stand by protect your self get legal shield a llan start at 24.95 and you don’t have to call a bell bonds man you can press on your app and your lawyer will be on the phone lawyer available 24 hours 7 days a week legal shield has a law firm backing you for a low rate all black people need it

  57. Democrats want socialism, communism, and capitalism….I hope trump doesn’t sign that stupid ass 2nd stimulus bill Nancy Pelosi came up with….

  58. there’s a female online that is from Minneapolis said that the people that burned down the police station were actually police officers dressed like regular people….n they were out doing the most

  59. Let me tell you what’s going on. Floyd and Chauvin have been friends for years. Floyd is/was an actor. Autopsy report said he didn’t die from asphyxiation. BLM and Antifa paid for by politicians to incite riots and vandalism. Ruining our beautiful cities… placing friends and family in danger in every neighborhood!. These riots created to perpetuate black against white… we’re better than that. Police placed in crowds all the time!!!

  60. This whole thing was done to start a race war and be a distraction from something else. That “cop” and the man he “killed” worked together as security at a bar. This whole thing is a psychological operation. All this for a fake murder. It’s all a lie, and look what people are doing. What is going on that we don’t see while everyone is focused on this. Fuq the police!!

  61. They need to arrest the 3 and stop playing. They not ready to take they medication for all the wrongful deaths of innocent black people.

  62. We still need to be careful who to say that these whites really helping or tired of their kind. They could be just to help mess up blacks part of town than go back home to their peaceful neighborhood or my be plant in the mist of this. We must be careful.

  63. I don’t see any celebrities out protesting but they got all the talk. have any rich black people, actors etc, brought any food parcels or supplies to any black neighbourhoods incase there are mothers with kids that can’t eat regularly? babies who may need nappies and milk but mum is struggling? any receipts?

  64. It’s all planned “keep em locked down with our man made created virus, when it starts getting nice outside, they’ll be itching to get out and will be driven nuts from being inside for months, put every racial controversial thing we can on the news, people will snap and riot, something will be HAVE to be done… put the military on the streets, comply or be shot” the 1% know EXACTLY what they’re doing! Problem is, idiots fall for their games…

  65. That’s good brother I’m with just telling my family this. This is a distraction for more laws to pass. Let’s get together human beings!!!!

  66. White people ain’t studying the George Floyd case of murder they mad about Coronavirus lockdown…

  67. This is a set up black peoples! They burning stuff down putting it on black peoples! Welcome To The New World

  68. Right..
    Here’s what I believe…
    They want us the people to destroy what sustain our lives in America so there agenda can be accomplished. Martial law…
    They are going to sit back and watch as we destroy our neighborhoods..when we ran out of shit at the store..who are we going to run to for help??

  69. Duck when Al Dullton & Messy Jessie Jackoff showed up these relics from the 70’s I smelled a set up those two race traitors have been relatively impotent as long as I can remember.

  70. Now this is going to get you they’re going to let the cop out and the coroner said that Floyd died from a stroke look it up

  71. Oakland ca. Is torn up too last night thousands were out tearing up the city yes it was everyone coming together this is scary

  72. Aint no race war, this shit is the people vs the system✊ all of us together win by numbers🔥

  73. Here in Atlanta we burned 10 police cars 😝😝😝 now if we can demand reparations and for them to stop killing us

  74. For every level there’s a different devil 😈 they trying to divide us but I’m glad to see people sticking together 💪✊

  75. The pale face man need to get over there anger and heal themselves. What the pale face angry about it that we as blacks knew that the pale face was evil from the start. That’s was the reason why we blacks set the pale aside!

  76. You hit the drum right on! The police is nothing but bounty hunter on malen people. Keep being conscious and blessed.

  77. Hey can I be real with y’all George floyd is a former basketball player that goes by the name captain Jack he’s a freemason this whole crime scene was all a act he played for the warrior’s he retired in 2012 the mainstream media lies about everything even celebrities death’s

  78. They wanted a war they about to get it we tired of the lies and manipulation they mad cause they aint scare everyone with c-19

  79. Grow our own food, create our energy sources, band together with everyone to resist forced evictions, to trade our grown food and technologies. No more conforming to lies. Create new platforms of free information exchange, no middle men, no trolls. Organize. And like Baba Gregory used to say be like a turtle, hard on the outside, soft on the inside and willing to stick your neck out. And ultimately rejoice, for life is meant to be enjoyed. Seize every second you can. Peace, this satanic cult is ending soon, and very.

  80. I agree Papa duck, time for mass civil disobedience and creation of new institutions of decentralized power and uncensored information. No more debt based banking, no more policing that act as judge, jury and executioner, no more unintelligence agencies, no more presidents, no more taxes. Please check out Ronald Bernard and The Declaration of Peace

  81. Lol, none of the fools who are upset even know if a man died. They watched a video and think they know what happened. You only know what you saw, lol.

    hidden hand.

    problem, reaction, solution..


  82. Civil disobedience is our best bet, I know it’s hard and I struggle with emotions too, but we must stay conscious. Dick Gregory talked about the Rodney King riots and how in the aftermath 18000 arrests were made and over 10000 couldn’t be accounted for. Organ stealing

  83. Bro you are now speaking. We as Hebrew Israelites we lost our nationhood back in 69 a.d we have been living in other nations land n laws. The only way we can change is to have our own land n laws. I’m tired of living under others rule of power

  84. Damn bro did u hear about p.o. p.o. pushing one of our Hebrew sisters from 24 stories up to her death. This happened n Canada. Wow


  86. This not about race we one on this MLK said we came on different boats but we in the same boat

  87. They want us to revolt and cause chaos so they can start rounding people up and taking them to “labor camps” or somewhere fucked up. You see how trump is trying to regulate social media now & there bulking up surveillance with drones, Face ID, census, gps tracking etc. It seems like we’re slowly transitioning to be like China where the Gov will have control over everyone by fear or violence.









  89. Notice that Facebook, Twitter, and the mainstream media said nothing about protests against the covid lockdown. But then those platforms are now full of black lives matter and anitifa protests. They censored the covid protests. Nobody knew there was a protest. So nobody showed up. Now look. They want you to protest now and destroy property. Don’t fall for it. It’s what they want

  90. They ruling because it’s biblical… ESAU is ruling now but JACOB will rule in the end.. makes to much sense to me!

  91. k nee down ritual think our people help play games partner’s are down with each others a devil is a devil if I can,get you to look left then you won’t pay attention to my right ritual

  92. We are tired. We want first degree murder for three Officers and third degree for Asian Cop. Two other Cops held him down and one had knee in his chest. 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Papa Duck they want a race war to bring in Military. Police Officers are planted among the Protesters 😡😡😡

  93. They look like paid protesters ijs pay attention now look at this shit with your minds eye

  94. Fyi…the so-called queen doesn’t bleed like me and you… she bleeds blue (green) She’s a reptile.

    And No…I could care less if so-called celebs say a damn thang…It’s part of their script. You know all the world’s a stage right Duck?

  95. That guy busting out windows at that Autozone was a cop. His ex-wife identified him. Got ’em! Lol

  96. Boston Tea Party- Black Wall Street and some many other violent protest to create change. It’s not government- it’s a system. WE THE PEOPLE! BLOOD LINE CONNECTED TO MURDERER, THIEVES, CONS, CORRUPTION AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.

  97. Papa Duck…this is George Soros driving people into a race war. Don’t be deceived. Love one another as I have loved you…this is a fight of good against evil. Don’t be deceived. I’ve had friendships and relationships with the “human race”. They are trying to divide us. United we stand divided we fall. Sending love and prayers to everyone reading this. Dont buy their deception. People are inherently good…the top 1% want to reduce the population to 500 million so they can control us. Be Love. Show love. Do good deeds. And be ready to protect your family…we are all family. I stand with all my people. Dont allow them to divide us.

  98. Remember the Boston Tea party in history class. Well this is getting ready to turn into an upgraded version of that and that may be a understatement 🤔

  99. Man keep speaking the truth. Ain’t no royal family. You a person like me. I’m tired of these crooks and liars..

  100. Police were brought in to “protect and serve”…businesses!, that fund the United States Cooperation. Do your research.

  101. Hey you guys I hate to give you the bad News the cop that kill George Floyd will get off the thing they are going to say that Mr George Floyd had the virus he was experience shortness of breath before the cops put his knee on his kneck

  102. We’re moving towards Anarchy quickly. A statement is being made and it’s about time. Rise up collectively.

  103. These cops were in sandy hook and the Boston bombing! They are part of the illuminati ritual! Mr. Floyd was sacrificed and China had a god moment cause the sun went out on friday at 3pm. At the same time the biggest communist party meeting ever at the same time! Wake up! Come together! We the people pay these people with our money to kill our citizens and arrests mothers, fathers taking children to the park! Wtf is going on! Police are trained not to believe people! Plus cops get paid to kill us! Let’s take our country back!

  104. They are not fully human my brother the bible confirmed it Deuteronomy 7:2 -9 we are better than them we are not supposed to mix with them. I disagree a dog bleed red but that doesn’t mean wer’e the same right. Wake up brother

  105. I Salute you papa duck we all must stay prayed up and on top of that they only charging this pig with 3rd degree n manslaughter that’s a fuckin slapp on the wrist HELL NO WE CANT LET THIS SLIDE

  106. We have to stop thinking emotionally and react more military. Being a fact there is a bigger agenda. We need warriors.

  107. We can abolish the Gov. Once it becomes a tyrant. I believe we can do like the old westerns govern yourself no need for people to act like mom’s n dad’s with badges who out to kill or hurt us for no conforming to BS orders and fake ass chargers.

    #We should only go to jail for :
    Property stolen or damaged
    Injury to a person- rape, shooting, stabbing, molestation, assault
    Breach of contract

    This is true liberty not freedom free to be dumb , dumb not to be free Liberty!!!

  108. There was undercover cop agents burning building as well it was not just the protestors, people caught Jacob Richardson is a cop.

  109. Since the taking away all your civil liberties during this “pandemic” didn’t work to get you rioting, they staged this so they can have the excuse they need to tighten the rope of totalitarianism around our necks.

  110. June 6 is coming where woke people are going video protest against 5g and the government

  111. We living in a time in which the BOOK OF REVELATIONS is playing out right in front of us🕎

  112. It’s all part of the plan yall
    Floyd and the cop was coworkers fo 17 yrs!
    Riots are not the answer
    Martial law is uh coming
    Troops in place w tanks and mraps coming to a city near you

  113. I’m 65 done seen alot tired of the of all the killing all our people over the years in every state 😢 country over seas every wear.

  114. I just wonder why they don’t use the same force when others protest with firearms…they walked up and down with rifles. No smoke no rubber bullets…

  115. The police kept the gang violence up here in Cali.
    We need to put a Stop to this shit!! 🤬💯🏁 #LLNH

  116. Brother! Promoting this type of behavior is not necessarily good because it’s all white peoples that’s messing up the city and you don’t think this is a way to bring out marshal law cmon brother this is exactly what is going to happen no it’s not good for everyone to do it together because the most high ordained it for us to be separated period! I’m not on none of it! I’m out good day

  117. They need to burn all courts house police station jails cops houses etc and burn all corporations shits down not the small businesses

  118. Yeah but nobody is gonna do a fkn thing. Just talk. tired of hearin it.

  119. I’m white. I can’t stand the white elites! This is NOT a racial thing. This is a God versus the Devil thing and we are caught in the middle. Very soon the middle will explode. We will all long for even these days when that happens. It’s going to be a bloodbath.

  120. It’s all in the Plandemic the National Guard has been on standby since March. Wait till dem mandatory vaccines hit

  121. We need this same energy everybody when they come with martial law and this vaccine we gotta buck

  122. Real shit bill gates thinks he’s a god hopefully god changes that real quick take him and give him to lucifer

  123. To or killer Mike don’t speak for the Black COMMUNITIES 🎥👎🏽 misleading OUR people

  124. Real people need to realise that it’s not a race war it is racist vs real people good people (good white,good Indians,good yellow good green everyone good )


  126. Last night the medical examiner in Minneapolis, reported that there was no sign of strangulation or asphyxiation in George Floyd…. meaning the cover up has begun smh.

  127. This is a catalyst for Marshal Law…… This is apart of their plan. Understand when I say, “This is the 2nd wave and more to come”.

  128. Majority of these ppl tearing up the city are undercover CIA agents to start this chaos to bring forth martial law. This is propaganda every couple months the government causes mass shootings, mass killing, then racial war, then a supposed virus spreads and then they repeat the process again. This is all government causing this.

  129. Brother they gonna start body bagging up all the rioters bro honestly bro its a trap to kill many through the martial law bullsheeit mybro keep safe duck trust me bro

  130. Quit respecting authority whose actions are wicked and immoral!. WRONG IS WRONG, no matter what uniform that individual wears or what position they hold, all that’s an illusion. No Fear At All. Authority is an illusion, so snap out of it.

  131. I don’t shop at Target, but if Walmart has Fema Camps, enclosed inside them burn them down; and don’t forget the 5G towers… 🔥👍 😄 🏃


  133. Under US Justice Department Code 117A-66C-12, all inmates with sentences over 10 years may be confined indefinitely, or put to use in such physical labor as required by martial authorities. Those sentenced to under 10 years may be released or drafted into military service at the local commanding officer’s discretion. Death row inmates are to have their sentences carried out immediately via firing squad. Under no circumstances may any other inmate be executed without a fair and unbiased tribunal, same as any other civilian.

  134. It’s spreading state to state!! its combination of everything that’s bn going on. It’s bn a slow boiling situation that finally boiled over

  135. Divide and conquer. P.D., things are different with these riots. Riots are all over. Logistics were already broken down, and I listened to another man tonight and he says to stock up on water, essentials now, because the shelves are going to be empty and prices will skyrocket. The dude that busted the windows, he was a cop. The cop that killed the man, he had 18 prior complaints against him, and had worked with Mr. Floyd! It’s not just whites killing the blacks. There was a black cop that killed a black man not too long ago. It was not publicized. We are living in a land of lawlessness. Matthew 24:12 “and because lawlessness will increase, the love of many people will grow cold.”

  136. Papa duck, I get it, the people are fed up! Racial disparities have been going on since forever and it’s time for a change. I am just worried about the mothers who need to go to the store to get formula and diapers..the elderly who needs their meds..the children who need food..etc. Where do they go if all the stores are looted and burned down? Lord help us.🙏

  137. I’m from Mississippi and let me tell you it’s different world here than the rest of the country we just ended being able to sell someone a few years ago


  139. If Trump declares martial law there will be no election. Trump is dirty and wants to be a king.

  140. What about the people that work at target they jobs gone… probably not getting paid .. etc.. why burn down target y’all going against y’all own people burn down the police station workers at target didn’t deserve to lose there jobs

  141. I’m all for justice for my brother George Floyd. This brother supports all his brothers to the fullest. But now the government is brining in Marital Law. Get saved and ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS LORD AND SAVIOR ‼️‼️💯

  142. Hey I love you brother. I’m in NC and I will stand with anyone that has a free mind. 👍

  143. No brother we are not human like they are
    We are better because we dont behave this way
    and I dont humans behave this way at all

    Their self hate has nothing to do with us
    Maybe this happened to get us back into celebrities especially since all the pedophilia allegations

  144. I hope the government dosen’t have a breaking point,,, but it’s all been planned they took our guns away for a reason ..its gonna get real crazy..sad

  145. question, are there more citizens than police & military in the United States? What we be able to defeat
    If it came down to us fighting them back, what do you think?

  146. everybody time will come i keep saying it, reap what you sow on the earth, the most high dont miss nothing, see everything. no one is untouchable. keep doing your bullshit, uprising is happening now. straight talk.

  147. Don’t play into the “Powers That Be” hands. They want to see this. Don’t entertain and prove them right.

  148. Like I said when they handle you like that it’s a good chance the person got 3 to 4 stars.i seen the video that was some stupid shit,his knee was in his neck for 30 min.Them stars made that premeditated,that officer already knew what he wanted to do.When you got stars always keep somebody with you when thugs and robocops have a good chance to bump into you.Pay attention to your stars,because this shit is far from over.After this protest I figure they’ll be more technical in subduing people.They can’t show too many weak bones,that’s how they programmed,so you already know what that mean.They ain’t no different from a opp,but they got license.

  149. Regardless of Race or Colour. Gods People stand together !! = Dont fuck with G’s People.

  150. These protesters can’t be out there without some form of weaponry , pellet guns, metal poles, brass knuckles and guns and rifles, firecrackers, grenades, etc…..We gotta show real force because you can’t fight force without force. And older people can’t leave it up to the young people to fight only. We need to form our own militias and be unified.

  151. 36 million people protested WMD. Did it stop the Iraq war? We have to learn from history, what works, what works against us.

  152. We have every right to burn down a country that our ancestors built for free. Burn AmeriKKKa doooown!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  153. See video by israel’s church called the wilderness the place of safety during the great tribulation and another one called the wilderness journey

  154. Yeah thats why yaw need to look at MAG the truth.yo.he showed the real videos on that shit…

  155. I hope it rain a violent rain @ NASA so this🐲 new CAPSULE NAMED THE DRAGON🐉


  156. If you can say I can’t breath then you can breath. So then somebody did something else to him to make him die. Because he is deceased. Come on now.

  157. The man was accused of trying to pass off a fake 20$bill,and the store owner called the police, now where is the so called fake bill, where is the proof, the store owner should be arrested or burn down his store, the guy tripped an fell trying to get into the police car instead of them helping him up they decided to kill him times are hard nobody has any money if it were true was it so hard for the store owner to let it go, no because their greedy,I would never step foot in that store again unless I was going to beat ass on behalf of the one I lost and loved don’t take the focus off the store owner that called the cops where is the evidence

  158. Poppa Duck ,my son said that thier tearing up downtown here in Atlanta. ☹ Tearing things up isn’t enough. But your right on uniting and creating our own government.

  159. The only way to slow down & stop this FUCKERY is to create a Mandatory “LAW”,A Life & Safety Protection LAW(w/Pros & Cons) for Unarmed African-Americans from the Aggressiveness of Law Enforcements & Neighborhood Watch/Stand Your Ground members with their false accusations & lies…It’s a long stretch but hey,it’s a different approach & it’s a start…& to me is like asking SATAN(Government) to cast out Satan(Crooked Cops)…but Hey,Moses confronted Pharaoh,Daniel confronted Nebuchadnezzar,Elijah confronted Jezebel…etc. So,the Legislative Branch MAKES THE LAWS. So if we can draft up the LIFE & SAFETY PROTECTION LAW specifically for Unarmed African-Americans from being harmed from the police – in every black community across the US,with petition signatures & presents it to the Local & Federal Legislative Branches,i think we CAN achieve this goal. Marching for Justice is only for a person(s) & sometimes evolves into rioting,looting…etc,as the case in Minneapolis these few days…& the same type of marches today is exactly the same marches in the 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s…etc. So what changed?… & the Congressional Black Caucus,NAACP & Black Pastors has all but failed up as a people…”BUT” if we change the narrative to a different approach,we can make it happen…FEED the Government with LAWS that we created to protect US…

  160. The opposite of Communist is not capitalist. ….its anarchist. But most have no moral compass so “they” make laws for those who cant afford lawyers.

    Yes about marshal law, even the cops set the cops station on fire😆 but blame the crowd!😤👮

    George Floyd was MURDERED by a SOCIOPATH!!! Who SHOULD spend THE REST OF THEIR DAYS IN JAIL!!! But won’t!!!!😭 They’ll get off.😭

    Stop! PapaDuck, you sound like you’re talking about my brother… lying, stealing land, thinking he’s royalty…😆😂🤣😭🤮

  162. I knew this day was coming / one thing amer. doesn’t need is a civil war there are 1000s of former military all over even in small towns no one is bullet proof even the well trained

  163. The Pentagon just tweeted they sending military police. They said that’s rare but Shit bout to get funky

  164. That’s right you said the keyword they got to put it together and do the research it’s more to this than politics politics get away with everything it doesn’t matter who you point the finger is present it they get paid for this it’s so many people of different races out there and you got so many white Caucasian people say it is just black people but it’s not people just need to turn the TV off because the fake news is out there and just like trump see if people are standing in some of their businesses with guns and they’re going to be shooting at them the national guards are not out there in Minnesota yet they must go put national guards everywhere And you’re right we have a lot of Pup it’s working for the politics people in their place and people in place people just need to wake up and stop complaining about it let them do what they do it’s a free country and they build it and they gonna tear it up thank you for the good news better than a fake news

  165. I agree with you young man. The wicked has ruled far too long. It’s time for the righteous to take stand and sAt the wicked down.

  166. these riots are set up by the power that be to seperate us more, the whites vs blacks , aggression is not the answer

  167. Bruh I bn say n to my ppls these mutha fuckas is up to smthn serious they did this to c how far they could push the issue 1Luv Duck appreciate the jewels

  168. We sick and tired of being sick and tiered, they doing what they have to do no remorse ✊🏽

  169. Papa duck check out mud this world is way bigger then they say and we are ants living on bodies of Titans! Depopulation for what!! These elites are evil and have to be taken out!!!!

  170. Hey papa duck it’s a trap to start a race riot. Corona virus is fake as we know it…it’s all about the coming elections… Fake agents starting riots police starting fires and killing dudes to start shit…

  171. I see antifa out there. They want people to riot it’s part of the plan. Don’t play into their hands, it’s a trap.

  172. I live in mn we fucked the city up for this one .military say we gotta be in doors at 8 pm

  173. If you ask me, if you do a side by side comparison of George on the ground and selfies, he looks completely different. In my personal opinion, that wasn’t even a real situation and we basically destroying ourselves. Also NEVER listen to CNN… they talk bout social distancing yet they anchor touching elbows with protestors. If that isn’t enough to tell you corona is a lie idk what is…

  174. Well duck I see the government finally got that motion they really wanted. I mean the reason I say this is because everything that is happening is being planned out by them for martial law to come in full affect. Think about it it took the third black killing this year to get people to start rioting remember every killing they do is done in three’s. Be prepared for more bullshit they cooking up.

  175. The revolution will be televised. Especially when we all synergize. One for one and all for all fully energized. Standing up for what’s right against the wrong and wicked entities who tried to go against life. We the people are waking up and I’m proud of it. This is definitely not finished it’s just the beginning. Keep the cameras rolling.

  176. I just heard that many of the white people protesting and seeming to be police are actually the group called antifa back by the billionaire fascist George Soros

  177. 30 years ago, it was Rodney King,and a short time later they put OJ Simpson on the stage,for allegedly killing a white woman, so instead of trying to “get along” there could be no peace. I was a young kid, but I remember

  178. STILL protecting their own and serving their own, FIRST law of nature….🥁🥁🥁🥁
    These evil people are about to see what’s what🥁🥁🥁

  179. Papa..thanks for the voice that other are scared to used. Its time for a change. Equality is non existence for us. But we are too strong to break. We need to prepare ourselves and fight the good fight. Riots and Rallies bring attention. Pteach King👑👑👑👑👑👑

  180. You Ain’t Lying 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️About That ML 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  181. We all tired these Klans police pic off are ppl.. Reep what sow.. Other States are at war as we speak another police shooting.. Civil War and Purge.. As late Bob Marley get up stand up stand up for your rights..

  182. There is already undercover martial law, but it’s not full blown yet. Smh

    The Purge

    The gov’t plays God and victim according to conveniency.

  183. Same thing I said. If Malcolm X was alive he woulda surrounded the percient and demand the 4 cops and we our own justice system

  184. People need look back on past that pale face people did to move in area where our people was… Fact!!!!

  185. We have to ask president Trump directly to deal with police and justice system corruption and lawlessness. He was victim of it too!

  186. The PLANDEMIC didn’t work so now they tryna start a race war so they can implement martial law. These riots are not going to solve anything. They want people to get angry so they can start the new world order. Stay woke y’all!

  187. Rioting the trick of the devil…. ppl better pay more attention to God pray pray pray this a spiritual war…….

  188. Look duck look how far the rabbit hole goes first it started with this faje ass plandemic 5g racist look white man we coming we here were taking back our country.(Q)patriots together we concur divided we fall.Be safe fam til next 💝😘

  189. Great Video but please let people know that there are alot of plants confidential informants, gangstalkers, sellouts and house ni@@a$ and fraudulent con artistry that these human traffickers and organized criminal community neighborhood secret service police deputized citizens do to thwart any kind of rebellion uprising or dissidents! Alot of them are doing it to have a place and be a bootlick!

  190. No. Royalty comes from The Most High and….HIS PEOPLE.👀RICH IN SPIRIT. RICH IN ALL THINGS WHEN THE KINGDOM COMES!!!

  191. Demonic forces are creating this disruption. They have no conscious or integrity. People need to see pass the distractions.

  192. They did this on purpose look at this generation they think peacefully protesting is gonna fix everything they made us that way into weak people what we need to do is fight stand up from this tyrannical government it’s our right

  193. Let all the white antifa or whatever these paid actors are called continue to run this psyop, black people stay home because once the dust clears and they return to suburbia, you will be left to deal with the aftermath! Don’t get so caught up in your emotions because Stephen Jackson look identical to George Floyd! I don’t trust any of this, something don’t smell right.

  194. The elites are staging people to get others agitated to further push their agenda. People don’t care anymore. Governments are dysfunctional around the world

  195. Protesting isn’t going to make a damn difference.. more ppl will end up dying … hate isn’t going to make it matter I know we are upset . But stop feeding the fire 🔥 you have a big platform why promote and get ppl to want to riot doesn’t make sense .

  196. PapaDuck YouTube is removing any video calling out the killing of George Floyd a hoax and fake crisis. Protesters are paid crisis actors and the riot police in gear are actors too. Anybody that uploads a video showing evidence of the hoax is getting censored by YouTube. People dont get fooled by this agenda driven psyop hoax

  197. The thought of an revolution is awesome, my question is what we going to do after when the protesters win. Any ideas? I really need some feedback!

  198. Then took the crown the original Queen of England was a black woman look it up👀 the original royal family is black. Typical story they tried to kill everybody in the original royal family and replace them with what you see now. And a little more history Harriet Tubman was part of the real Royal Family.

  199. We must not let them divide us there’s chatter that Soros put this together and I heard tonight on news that their saying Floyd had a heart condition and asthma but like Floyd’s family said his heart and asthma was fine before the cops got there. I just can’t wrap my mind around someone planning this for political reasons although them Dems will do anything to win they are trying to blame Trump he was the one that sped up the investigation that’s why that cops ass is in jail so fast. The Dems want us all divided because we’re weak apart but together we are stronger than them!!! We must stand together Papa duck!!! I said that about us and the gov to I don’t trust this whole story! We need to recall or don’t vote for these dam Dems please everyone wake up the Dems hands are all over this. But we do have some real good cops to though PaPa duck I stand with you but we might like what we find

  200. How about we all head to the federal courts with a bunch of lawyers who are down to fight & sue the states for pain & suffer & whatever we can sue for this bs they’re doing


  202. that was a person/officer with a past and problems that was easily manipulated into provoking emotion. i am a white guy in ny suburbia. i have met like 1 racist person in the last 20 years. it only exists in media, movies, and politics which yes … has created the environment we live in. i feel the same way about it whenever a cop “accidentally” kills anybody, it happens many times. why allow yourself to be incited to violence by your enemy by posting this in everyone’s face at a venerable time. at the least the enemy of my enemy is my friend. and the enemy here is the cult, not a color. the original people starting the fires have been identified as agents of the cult… not the population. think about how disappointed the rest of the world is…. we finally riot and instead of burning 5g towers and throwing traitors in the river we burn each others businesses and steal our own shit.

  203. There’s two different types of choke holds once you cut off the breath and the other which is called a blood choke you cut off the Carotid artery which send blood to the brain. That brother was put in a blood choke so he was able to talk a little before he cut off his oxygen to his brain.

  204. Stay Ready 🤜🏾♥️🤛🏽👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

  205. Get ready I feel like they gonna come at us with a nother distraction
    I can sense that civil war is approaching

  206. The police will take a nonviolent protest and mix in police officers in plain clothes to kick-off the riot. And other groups send their people to mingle in and cause chaos! This is why we can’t have everybody in our fight because we have the enemy Within the organization put in place to make sure it never happens. This is a battle we going to have to do on our own it’s all the people want to help they could be allies but they cannot be in our groups. Just opinion of course!!🙄

  207. I know y’all peeped lil Wayne man it’s coming down to what it always has been angels vs demons💯

  208. Duck That Was Police That Was Intentionally Breaking The Windows Out At That AutoZone. They Doing This On Purpose To Implement Martial Law Next. Orchestrated and Planned Agenda. New World Order. RFG Chosen One Just Broke This Down. Go Check Out His Vid.💯💯💯💯

  209. Its all on the back of a United States $1, the pyramid/the one eye, one government, one religion, global citizen, that’s their goal, agenda 21 is how they plan to achieve their goal

  210. This is only the beginning of what is to come…Divinr Intervention for justice instead a slap on the hand vis ws…..its gonna get much much bigger…SEPERATION TO TOXIC

  211. It’s happening EVERYWHERE!!! I’m in Dallas, TX and they started out peaceful now it’s turning WILD!!!

  212. Unless they drag people in government and exterminate them I see this getting worse, this whole thing was a set up George Soros sent BLM 30 million and paid all these people from different cities to come in and tare shit down it is not the people who live there watch carefully which places are getting burned they burned down the projects in Minneapolis yall know the people who live there didn’t do that

  213. We have to stand together and make a serious change right now there is no backing out of this brother and sister we have to make a change for are life now

  214. You can also post videos on bitcute or library, I’m sure you know that, just saying you said that you have more videos.

  215. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👌🏼👏 let’s get it and wake up an stick together!!!!

  216. Speaking of the real gangsters, look up ‘mafia initiation ritual mazzini’ and watch as the mafia invokes the name of Jiuseppe Mazzini, who was the leader of the bavarian illuminati as if he was a god. The illuminati created the mafia. Crazy. Jesuits

  217. Yes a lot of us whites understand totally how you and everyone else is feeling to be honest all of us poor whites and all blacks need to pull together where not the enamie atleast most of us ant

  218. It’s all a diversion, don’t be fooled you gotta pick at the clues and research for who benefits from this outcome, trump saying the military is ready for martial law. Order out of chaos

  219. The white people is getting upset…. And some are upset…. Wait until you see them really get upset and get in the streets. This is not a black or white problem. Its a police problem. You keep doing what you doing young man.

  220. This is part of the plan they want to get the people all riled up and then they can Implement a plan. Ain’t no such thing as coincidence.🧐

  221. This goes wayy deeper historically….lootings..whtyes stoke this country vus looting, stealing, blood shed and murderous…SEPERATION OR DEATH…also.notice all these whtye folks looting taking advantage paristites of any given situation…them and now..we need our own land..these cops been slaughtering for generations…

  222. Somebody just got shot downtown Detroit now they’re rioting .. i feel like this was a set up

  223. And yes you’re right it has been confirmed dead police burned down to police department and it was other fake Riot people has been confirmed

  224. We don’t need a new government; but we do need to review and then reset the government in a few areas.

    First thing is firing all the corrupt or incompetent politicians.

  225. Qum Hawah! Yahawa Bahashem Yahwashi is coming for his chosen seed, the remnant of Yisra’El!

  226. Papa duck i was waiting for you to load up shit is crazy freal bro you speak that real that’s why i fuck with you.

  227. This will go down in history…..The government must learn to cut the bull💩! Get the head and the body!! Will follow!!! ……💥💥💥💥. We already mf know what it is!!! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  228. Black people been tired, we just don’t want blood on our hands. You right 👉🏽 PaPa Duck control the black people.

  229. The most high is doing a big seperation right now g stay prayed up and be ready for war this is yet another distraction for something big stay ready💪🏽👀

  230. Read between the lines ….. these mfs trying to bring in martial law …. they love that all this is happening …. we gotta keep fighting tho ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  231. Yes, we are extremely fed up. I’m sick and tired of police brutality and politicians posturing like they’re helping the public when they, clearly, are not. We need to call for their resignations.

  232. We are on fire. For real. It’s been alot of police killings. Yes all race’s are protesting. Pray for us. They are putting undercover police in there

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