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813 thoughts on “WARNING…They Are Creating Wombs To Make Babies Without A Mother”

    This guy may not be doing this deliberately, but the SPIRITUAL behind Him is if he is AntiChrist.

    Consider this child a victim of SPIRITUAL harlotry.

    They’re idolatrous. If you compared every precept with Scripture and removed the presenter as the personality lure, it’s old divination, sorcery, and witchery.

    Oh my goodness! They are sadists by the book that hate Jesus.

    *They hide this shyt by Gang Stalking. They meanwhile may be trying to kidnap a child right in your FACE.*

    The title says it all. A kid is a baby goat. Kids are CHILDREN. AntiChrist are goats by Scripture.

    They pet AntiChristian children.

    Their videos tell on them! Oh my gosh! Related videos link them. They pet kids in other words! That is what I pet goat means. They touch children. THE ONES THAT ARE ACTIVE IN CLASSROOMS AS THESE LEADERS ARE PEDOPHILE LINKED.

    Who pets goats?
    They answer it in this video.

    It is an over your head joke on the viewer.

    Here’s the kicker, why goats though? You have to know that they hate the very real Jesus by now.


  2. They been doin that they been showing us this in movies… movies aren’t just movies…. some are entertainment others have a purpose

  3. Black people are the original people of this planet. We should raise our vibrations and not focus on what these folks are doing. We need to focus on our people and coming together. Stock up on food and water b/c s..t is about to hit the fan. Our people need to wake up. Get out in the sun and heal your illnesses. Black folks needs the sun.

  4. That’s why smart people prepare for war not waiting to go to be with fucking jesus so they can sing for him forever.

  5. This the movie, “THE ISLAND”.
    Everyone slept on that movie. Michael Bay made this right before he made the TRANSFORMER movies. This already exist too. It also explains clones and it also explains the “sky” we look up and see.!!! Ase’

  6. We need to pay close attention to how they use our tax dollars and say and do no mooore. Nothing good is in this.

  7. First of all, babies need to develop in the womb of its mother for DNA purposes. There will be no bonding or connection to the parent. These “children” would be born without a conscience or soul, the reason being, this is Not God’s design! I wouldn’t take a baby born like this home. They acting like this is a freaking hand bag or some clothes! This is what they was doing in the Matrix. Smfh. This is why the world is in chaos now, too much wickedness, hatred and money worship. They are trying to Trump everything done by the creator. They better tag and label them.shits just like the would a designer bags, cuz I don’t want to have anything to do with these designer beings

  8. Until black and brown ppl stop buying frivolous shit and start building our own hospitals banks schools libraries and other important monuments to represent and treat US……we will unfortunately continue to be dependent on the “others” to give US food,shelter,water, education and anything else WE may need….I love your content Duck but at some point WE as black and brown people HAVE to change our mindstate and stop acting like WE don’t know any better or wth is going on when things are happening right in front of our faces……ppl are aware and awake, ppl CHOOSE to be irresponsible and neglectful in their own life, WE gotta do better

  9. Remember the movie Bird Box stay inside or else the demons will take over your body covid 19 stay inside! A lot of zombie movies coming out guess the elites are the ones who are living and we are the zombies trying to survive

  10. The been doing that. If you watch these movies they make and pay attention you will see. It’s a movie called I Am Mother. Watch it.

  11. Order out of chaos! Very evil agenda the veil is being lifted nothing is being hidden all for the eyes to see pray & seek the most high in these peerless times!

  12. We are gods! That’s why we’re able to do this. Don’t condemn things because you can’t understand it. If “God” didn’t want this to happen, it wouldn’t be happening and we wouldn’t have this type of mental capacity. As everyone says, “God doesn’t make mistakes”

  13. They make clones too. Dave Chappell never been the same since he came back from Africa . He never the same since he went on Oprah telling his story. He never the same again. You got clone Chappell walking around

  14. And why is it that they got to practice it out on a lamb does that not scream what the devil is trying to do.

  15. Thank you for sharing this very very very important information. This is so messed up this is gone to far .

  16. The artificial womb is new, but ICU with incubator is what has always been used to sustain life that needs some intervention. You may have heard about test tube babies, which have been around for years. So far, cloning humans is still against the law, but they have cloned animals.

  17. I heard about this they’re playing god food , water 💧 weather warfare the air we breathe go to weather warfare is that deep it’s happening now I see the spraying in the skies

  18. I asked a while ago what if the stuff that happened in the matrix was real like growing babies and they laughed at me its so damn funny now huh

  19. They’ve been doing it, although it was for transsexuals to have babies. They dispelled it stating it was a script of some sort. ??? So you are now getting scientific ideas from movies now? This means yes they have been doing it for 75+ years. We are informed of these new Technologies around this time.

  20. They’ve been doing this a long time ago just glad you brought it up finally !! There are robots that are made in a sack like that !! There’s a channel on YouTube that show’s a video on it. Wish I could remember the name of it but good luck finding it. 😋

  21. This reminds me of Aldous Huxley’s book, “A Brave New World” which is considered a “prophetic” book. Hmmm only way thia can be ks if it was already set in motion

  22. Oh its some of these walking around already, if we seeing this damp ad…i seen something like tis a while back.. all these aborted babies ain’t being sent back too God…they tell you they use lambs.. yea OK…lamb is an animal that has the closest resemblance too a real woman wombs.. side not… i believ mjacksons kids may be these type

  23. No, No, No, they are going to create these babies to organ harvest, and cultivate adrenochrome. This technology has multiple applicstions.

  24. These individuals may have burned down the Ancient Library of Alexandra, but believe, the Knowledge was retained.

  25. Every organ in our bodies and the organs created during pregnancy to bring forth another life is priceless.. if that organ can help substain another life you better believe it is not just thrown away into a biohazard container for disposal.

  26. Mostly all afterbirth is recovered from mother immediately after birth. When asked what they do with it..the reply is taking to lab department.. these mother’s are giving up an organ that their own body created..and has now been taken away by medical facilities to do research..

  27. My people, stop saying we’re distracted. WE ARE NOT DISTRACTED!!! How can we be distracted from something that’s being concocted behind locked doors. If these things were broadcast in the open, for all to see, we would be aware of them. We are not idiots out here. We can only see what’s put before us. But if they’re hiding their plans in secret, until they perfect them, then spring it on us suddenly at the last minute, that has nothing to do with distraction if we’re not being told. If they show us something over HERE, then caused us to look over THERE, then that would be “distraction”…..but they’re not showing us what’s over HERE to begin with. Man, we learn a new term and just run with it. Since I was 11 or so, I hated following the crowd, and I see it still irks me to this day. “They’re distracting us, they’re distracting us”! Ahhhhhh shut up!! We’re distracting ourselves with entertainment, rather than researching or reading public government documents/policy.

  28. My 6 year old son wants to be a farmer and he only Eat certain things. Our babies be knowing some things
    We better pay attention

  29. I seen this about 5 years ago and I was showing people and they were looking at me like I was crazy and I’m like I ain’t the one doing the documents. Proof can be right there and people will still look at you like you lying. Smh. I seen this coming awhile ago

  30. The sad part to me is many will seriously think this is a good idea.. u tell people stuff and they dont care or even want to know truth.. they dont believe either.. rap, transgenders, GMOs foods, it’s all one big evil plan that will cause many people to lose their soul.. the goal has never changed

  31. My dad built the Patriots stadium he was the general super intendet
    I was in 2st grade when it was built
    My whole class in Foxboro got to take a tour because of me

  32. Duck you should talk about how many parasites people got in them from all the junk they don’t detox

  33. That’s why they say The Matrix isn’t a movie it’s a documentary. There’s a scene where Morpheus explains this to Neo saying that “Humans were no longer born but grown”. Be aware people. They gain over us if we allow them to! ✊

  34. Been doing this for year’s i truly beleive this.They are heartless think about it( growing human’s from scratch)What kind of world is this?How could this be legal?Not good to play GOD!!!

  35. This is a fact. People will not believe this but wicked people are addicted to these babies to sacrifice. It’s crazy but true. Main Stream media is a big old lie. They dont tell the truth about nothing. Everything u see is a distraction.

  36. To all the sex addicts of the world, you better watch who you lay down with (incubus and sucubus spirits everywhere)! Creepy. 🤔

  37. Nothing these demons do shock me! They’re soulless beings just like clones and everything artificial they create. Natural disasters and judgment from the creator will wipe anything inorganic (unnatural) which they bring forth.

    The only beings that will be able to live on new earth in the natural environment will be organic natural beings! Anyone and everything else will be destroyed. They are out to reap all souls willing to follow and accept their madness. Elevate the mind and don’t let them have it.

  38. This is something that I have been keeping up with for a some years now. Just like Star Trek’s video calling aka Skype. All the old movies that had Technology in it, we’re seeing now. It’s been in play for decades.

  39. Seriously bro the more I learn the more I hate this world..Shit is just weird af🤨I’m not even tripping about dieing no more..Cause I know the Gods are pissed right now!!

  40. The devil ain’t hiding no more and still the majority of the people are too blind see him 🤦🏾‍♂️

  41. This should scare the crap out of EVERYONE. Color culture religion etc. None of that is a REAL reason for us to hate each other.

    1. We are not of each others, that was the whites secret weapon, but no longer.. do not identify yourself by a color… you know right from wrong…

  42. 1. Poisoning the food supply in certain demographics that create sterilization within the population to promote artificial wombs and drugs
    2. Fallen angels wanting to procreate and pretend to be humans

  43. Papa did you know they trying to make a half human half animal and right if that keeps going on the women will not be having baby’s anymore and if that happens those are humans with no soul

  44. Still need the sperm and egg can’t do it without nature, yes they are evil and there is a side effect.

  45. Yo! Papa Duck, you just said something that made my respect you A LOT more……”I feel that GOD don’t make mistakes”…….No sir, he doesn’t! Amen Brother!

  46. So in essence they’re creating robots. They’re talking about A.I which means humans will be chipped and programmed. God is going to prove to all of them they ain’t Him

  47. I’m hoping & PRAYING the same thing God please wiped this corrupt dirty EVIL place of HELL OUT there always doing something of what shouldn’t be but let’s keep our faith in God he knows,WHEN ,HOW, WHERE,& WHY.

  48. It’s really sad how this system is going and most people know that it’s ALL wrong there using us as guinea pigs as if we don’t matter,we know there devil’s I want people of all colors to wake up stop killing each other use what God gave us all a brain US IT we know there plans but if we don’t buy into it they can’t use it,and these D”SCIENTIST THEY CAN F”’OFF dirty B”””’S.

  49. In the be more controlled by them all right I’ll official intelligence this coming from now no thank you no thank you

  50. Just think about they use the land they made a lamb right just think if they did just the cows and make calls like this disc capacity with your eating right now okay just think about it for a minute these are clones so to speak all right could this be what you’re eating right now

  51. It’s called cocoon that’s what it’s called same thing they were doing back then same thing they trying to do it here no thank you

  52. What’s so important about this okay it’s already being done so why should we even mess with it see that’s the biggest issue you going to probably have in there in the biggest reason you don’t understand this it’s already been done your father is doing that the Creator we don’t need another person doing this okay so that right there is a problem all right you have to understand that this is a problem we don’t need white man doing this okay the Earth this is coming from the earth your baby don’t come from the earth yo yo baby come from a real woman we don’t need this

  53. I’m so tired of hearing and witnessing this demonic shit every single day it’s something. So sick of them. God please come quickly and wipe these DEVILS OUT!

  54. BS talk on premature births. They wanna create super human races straight from their so called perfect strains of collected DNA.
    Yawl keep giving them your DNA samples by way of DNA 123 etc. and CV19 testing…if yawl want to.

  55. Yet Gates think the world is over populated, but here they are baking more children into the world without the mother. They don’t want black people here! Probably helping white women because white people are dying quicker than the white women are given birth.

  56. Tell me this doesn’t remind you of the matrix, the part where they are sleeping in a tune/ the awaking and being unplugged. Also Netflix “I am Mother” dead on

  57. Wow they really think that god is going to allow this all them baby will not be human they will be monstrous soulless only god gives the breath of life

  58. I bet it could also destroy baby organs too. Seems to me like if the plan to wipe us out doesn’t work then they trying to find ways for their babies to be genetically engineered to war with ours

  59. This shit is pure madness 🤯 who the hell wants a artificial baby. Not to mention your baby will already be chipped and control by them.

  60. That growth bot thing is like the matrix. When Leo is reborn in a growth bot facility. These luciferians are really pushing it !!!


  62. Families that cannot have babies are homosexual families. This is a way to continue their deformation of natural order! Smh

  63. IF WE ACCEPT IT??? We have no choice. We’re forced to accept unhealthy food in the grocery stores, homosexuality, vaccinations…

  64. So are all wombmen men with cut off penises and a hole left for a womb? How do we know which females or women are wombmen or what? 🤔😑

  65. I believe they stole my organs in the hospital when Ive gone to give birth. Also, I think they are doing it to alot of women. Look at Herrietta Lacks. I found out about her from brother polight; not the supposed sellout Oprah Winfrey.

  66. Everytime a woman goes to the hospital to give birth, I believe they steal our organs! I tried to get mine and I never heard shit else about it. Pure Eveil!!!!!

  67. Yeah it is the end lol this is crazy. They trying to play God. Why don’t they try to fix natural problems. They are going to make everything artificial.

  68. Please help me understand. They want to get rid of us by any means necessary but want to develop an artificial womb? There is a much bigger agenda. I’m with you Papa Duck.

  69. Please help me understand. They want to get rid of us by any means necessary but want to develop an artificial womb? There is a much bigger agenda. I’m with you Papa Duck.

  70. They made movies about everything they’re doing for the future… nothing new under the sun. The movie “SPLICE” showed what they’ve been doing for decades and these artificial beings are controlled by these evil wicked devils. They want to DEPOPULATE original human beings and bring in a world of Artificial Intelligence

  71. This just reminds me when Dr Gero had gather data from the Z fighters and created an artificial being named Cell and Dr Gero had made it from scratch it started as an artificial bio womb and then grow into a large humanoid insect!

  72. Today i saw Elon M is creating a chip for the brain like a fit bit to tell u before u get sick, heart rate ect. Atleast thats what there saying its for

  73. The cant make a soul so its gonna be impossible for them to make a life.what they saying they tryna make the same thing that humans are made from they can’t do it im telling you they makin sum els its not gonna be human more like robotic

  74. How is consciousness put into the body? Because they keep saying fetus or premature that means consciousness is in the body already.

  75. How do they know what is exactly in a woman’s body that creates a soul?? How in the world are they creating souls?? This is crazy. Absolutely not humans with souls. This may seem crazy but I watched a movie that was doing something like this n they where creating bodies for demons. The bodies they created had no soul. No life, no energy. Our father knows what elements it takes to create. We have no clue. Humans can not break down the true elements to make blood. That’s why you donate blood. They have blood drives. There are different blood types n if you get the wrong blood type you will die. This is insane n not right in the least bit. I feel for anyone who believes that a human/science is the cure all. It was never our business to began with. If food can heal cancer. When you eat to live from the earth. Which brings life. Processed foods brings health issues in the long run. What does this development possiblity mean in the long run?? I’m a RN. I see the damages. Be afraid, be very afraid. The reason I say this is because more humans will put there faith in science/humans then our father who is in heaven.

  76. Papa Duck hi doll. Did you hear ,,, Jennifer Lopez was arrested and waiting TRIBUNAL ALONG WITH ELLEN DeGeneres was arrested. M wreck TV and Aminah reported last nite. Yup ! All these sick disgraceful animals I pray get exposed and what God has planned for them. All your truth has made me WAKE UP and I adore you. Love Susan Bardaro

  77. Wow check this do you think those babies they have an abortion they actually keep them and experiment and keep them alive n to grow they’re not dead ???

  78. This is what they are doing with so many missing females. Removing and studying their wombs.

    Also why so many women are being told they need a hysterectomy

  79. Wow this so against God…That’s why in the bible GOD speaks of barren women and they creating wombs with out a woman. I’M DONE THAT IS AN ABOMINATION PERIOD 💯💯💯KEEP SPEAKING FACTS MY BROTHER…….

  80. Hate to spoil it but they already have them & where they produce human babies like cattle for those demons to devour….why the Angels shut down their underground labs & then the military comes & pretends to clear it out.

  81. This needs to be stopped we getting educated on what the higher ups agenda is we woke and next step is action now what can we do to stop it and I really don’t think it has to do with voting cuz its all rigged anyway so what can we do as a people to stop this or is it a lost battle thats only a matter of time??? Get back to me we need to stop this …TOGEATHER


  83. No matter what our government does they will never be able to 1 up god . They been trying to do that from day one which makes makes everything so much more worse than it already is. I wish I could go back and live in ancient times .

  84. This technology is not new. You can go look at exhibits from early World’s Fair late 1800’s early 1900’s. There was incubators with many Caucasian babies. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  85. Shalom Greetings! Plot twist all of these babies will want reparations when there 13 just for finding out the truth. Thank you for the content Papa Duck many more!

  86. Watch on prime : Hanna ; the feed; upload; homecoming !!!! Too many are desensitized to reality that they place what’s to come in film/ entertainment !!!!! Ehyeh Ashar Ehyeh ;

  87. Anyway only a fool and I will state this yet again only a fool. well that is what this world has grown to be there is only one God never never never will any man preform the work that God has made you funny people 🌚🔼🌞 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🖤🖤🖤

  88. You want to “depopulate” and repopulate with some artificial babies? Tf is really going on? This shit is weird, women who cannot carry their own child already have options. The most natural option of all. If you guys allow this the gray area if going to be ridiculous!

  89. Nothing to worry about. #1 : these are not humans #2 : they have been doing things way worst than this since the 60’s #3 : let them do them. The only thing that matters is what you do with your life. #4 the evil beings on the planet will eventually control everything. And they will realize the error of their ways all too late. They will be left alone on the planet to suffer their near immortal lives that they strived so hard to achieve on a husk of a planet and or trapped in a warped and unimaginable mind bending virtual reality that they’ll be trapped in for eons. What goes around comes around. They have no power. Only the illusion of it. The material realm is a trap. And they will be trapped in it. Alone.

  90. Realizes what she has if every man walked and wisdom and understanding such as yourself just imagine where we would be in life be blessed

  91. Man they finna be putting these kids in camps and experimenting on these things man they coming for the kids stay woke chosen ones🧘🏽‍♂️☀️

  92. Idumea is a trip,the son of pedition. Job 9:24 The Earth is given to the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where and who is he?

  93. Great video. Animal Farm, Brave New World, 1984, The Matrix all rolled into one. Is Hitler still alive?

  94. Mankind will try to play God/dess/ence…. When the God/dess/ence plays humans…. Goodnight…. They are making babies via technology because Wi-Fi and the new 5G’s 30-300Ghz pulsed millimeter EMF radiation causes cancer and is harmful for reproduction…..

  95. Recreating a artificial world to out grow and over take the world we living in. Keep posting ufo disclosure is one of the agendas fourth Reich stuff all the subliminal messages and predictive programming they been sophisticated and stealth in showing us the direction they want and are achieving because we par take in the this pyramid scheme we are unaware and oblivious in the transition and drastic changes we going in

  96. Did anybody watch the matrix at all???.. 😂😂😂 ..bruh start REALY watching movies and see how much you see. They tell us it’s no secret.. if someone says something they are called “crazy”

  97. Remember that 80’s movie They Live. Well demons need bodies that are non resistant so they can appear to be more human like.

  98. People, y’all need to reexamine the movie “Demolition Man”. It was about 25 years ago. Wesley character was rockin a blond mo hawk. It was crazy looking then but them folks got ninjas rockin that look everyday now. It’s wild because I saw a program on the BBC once years ago talking about natural blonds are quickly becoming extinct. But we love the look that’s crazy😁to me. But in the movie all undesirables were forced under ground. Me, I don’t pay attention to the news. I peep they games thru they’re cinema.

  99. Stamps,Medicaid,section 8. These programs will oneday be no more. But them folks got you thinking “ion need no man”..

  100. Let me break it down. In the movie the Matrix. Morpheus showed Neo or Neophite (an initiate in the Egyptian mystery system) a battery. Representing what they see us as. Sistas,if they’re now in the business of making they’re own batteries how then will they see a need to provide reparations to you.. Wake Up people.

  101. Let me talk to my so-called black sisters for a moment. They provided you with reparations. Those reparations created a divide in the so-called black house hold. Now the same people that gave you reparations are showing you “they” no longer need you.. Now what???

  102. Therein lies the question. Why is it we’re so consumed with hanging onto this life,this artificial world🤔??? Why can’t we (melenated people) begin to embrace the thought of the next existence. Outside of these low energy physical bodies. Could it be “glamor” binding us to this organized madness. We’ve entered Aquarius, that marks the end game.

  103. Tbh I feel like they want this out so bad so the Elites could use this to their own advantages for baby/children blood 🩸 rituals

    This technology has probably already been created.. they just now want to expose it. We’re all in a Matrix just like the movie.

  104. As with the signs given in the movie Divergent! I keep telling my husband that is one direction where things are heading. No relations.
    Wake up!
    Keep watch!
    Peace and light to you All.

  105. Hey Duck, What’s good indigenoid. (That’s what i call so call blacks). So much to discuss. I’ve been catching your podcasts after the fact. Not this Wednesday! Idk what the topic is gonna be but im gonna dump this load on your viewers. Thanks for the reminder bout this because you know it goes deeeeper than just…well tty Wednesday.

  106. Bc the matrix, the( nation) everything is the WOMB. Look up the etymology of these words bc it exposes what the tru truths are. It is an attack on the womb for this civilization that can reproduce (Naturally)<——- eugenics is the opposite of natural. Please Men innerstand this is a war on u too bc u build up this civilization that we birth. Protect the WOMBS everyone

  107. The depopulation plan is to replace humans with the subservient clones to have an obedient army that they don’t have to use propaganda on but instead directly program their genetics using crisper technology.

  108. These artificial babies will most likely be like clones (clones can’t reproduce on their own). So they’ll just be carbon copies of each other, no real genealogy! Just think they can program them anyway they want, no fear, no emotions, no soul! They probably won’t even live past a certain age either ( after all what would they do with a bunch of “old” GMO humans)? This is some scary ish fr

  109. Elijah Muhammad said you can’t fathom the depth of satans wickedness …. and his children are the ones running this world 🌎

  110. ~WOW..UNBELIEVABLE!!! I take that back. VERY BELIEVABLE. 20/20 Vision and The Year 2020….YEP YEP, I CAN SEE VERY CLEARLY~

  111. Splice and The Man Of Steel movies introduced this concept of creating the “MAN OF TOMORROW”. “Hail Hitler!”.
    This doesn’t affect us, they’re showing you STATE PROPERTY of tomorrow and a new direction of mankind.
    This have been foretold in the Bible, GOD will return to the creations of man, that bare man’s mark 666..

  112. Exactly… We supposed to be doin alot of shit ourselves as Human beings… We live on a free planet…

  113. I always wonder how much blood was spilled in order for these “scientist” to attain this kind of knowledge…. Humans ain’t supposed to be fuckin around like that…..

  114. This is why women and kids are being kidnapped. They’re taking our organs and dna to implement them in unnatural bodies and/or men

  115. Women we have to stop letting the hospitals have our placenta when our baby is born.. I had a strong feeling of wanting to complete a lotus birth but all the hospitals in dfw area do not allow it. With how easy my first born came into the world my next child won’t be born in the hospital I know that for sure

  116. I think these celebrities. Or their adopted children Since 2000. Come from these practices…. plz almighty creator we need you now!

  117. What are they. breeding….no wonder they need to harvest. our. organs. power and conciousness… tell ppl stop donating. Plasma. And blood

  118. This is crazy really people this is not right wake up people they gone kill us and replace us with this shit if we don’t wake up

  119. Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed. The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let us walk properly as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and sensuality, not in quarreling and jealousy. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.

  120. Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

  121. They’re trying to take control of the population. In other words, their narcissistic agenda is to take the human creating power away from the women. As we’re born in this world, we’re given, mandatory vaccines 💉, pesticide food 🥘, chemical health and beauty aids, vitamins, and etc…. Now they want to create a diseased controlled,”perfect” human being. Only if they stopped giving women prenatal vitamins, and iron, then babies wouldn’t come in this world prematurely. Their agenda sounds like a Stanford human being. Remember the movie called the Wives of Stanford place? If you haven’t seen this movie 🍿, then please watch it. They have our focus on black people, but really their focus is on replacing the woman. THE BIBLE TELLS US THAT IN THE LAST DAYS, MEN WILL BECOME LOVERS OF THEMSELVES. This has been their plan from the beginning of time. “There’s nothing new under the sun”.


  123. This story dates back to 2002.. In many ways it would be a wonderful thing for women who cannot have babies, or carry one to full term. Can you not imagine how many people would have dreams fulfilled with it instead of thinking this is an evil of mankind. Don’t forget the same was also being said about test tube babies way back then, now look currently, it’s totally accepted today and God’s reply to many who pray for a child. We are a long way off this mate so stop being so paranoid.

  124. N dats y all them nurses b tryna give they’re innocent black/white pregnant patient woman shots🤦🏾‍♂️

  125. @5:10 this only proves even further that were in the matrix. That looks exactly like a scene out of that movie.

  126. Amen, GOD, dont make mistakes! Man, is going to far. Ppl better start paying attention to what goes on around them. I know my eye’s are look towards the sky!!!


  128. WTF! This is VERY DEMONIC! These PEOPLE are NOT YHWH our FATHER and CREATED he’s the ONLY ONE!!!! 💯💯✊🏾This is WORK of SATAN 👿 and wanting to CONTROL PEOPLE and the WORLD 🌎! 🤭

  129. Gattica a movie about what you mentioned eith selective genetics, who can belong as if, and seeing these folks sale blood for a few bucks, are visit Hospitals which collect blood, and still can’t heal, extracted cells from whose womb, as a Hospital is a experiment facility ‘ I don’t fck wit hospitals ‘, drama, drama, drama, 1

  130. Ladies’ if ur having any difficulty conceiving a child please check out my Goddess Krystal the akline Doula, u can find her on Facebook & YouTube her herbs are Amazing!! Healing women with severe womb issues like fibroids, endometriosis, tubes tied & literally no hope bc’ doctors are telling u u can’t produce & they want ur wombs making u get hysterectomies. There’s hope dont be discouraged our Creator🙏🏿 has the final say.

  131. Wow. Remember the matrix when he was in that womb looking thing with stuff attached to his spine and back of neck.

  132. Wow. All those movies like the First Matrix is what they are pushing. By the way family it’s my 37th birthday show love with a happy birthday. Much appreciated

  133. And I been telling my people for years to watch the movie Gattaca this is primarily based on this and it came out in 96 or 97. This was already set in stone ,movies are documentaries ,not just for entertainment.The hand is quicker then the eye.

  134. I always tell people, “Pay attention to movies. Hollywood always give you golden nuggets to what’s to come.” These embryos are shown in the beginning of “Man of steel” and “The Matrix 3”.

  135. The matrix movie showed artificial womb during NEO transformation into the “ Real World”. I tell people all the time movies are not necessarily for entertainment. But it’s to see what they’re going to do next.

    1. Allen M.

      Absolutely. They’re always showing us in plain sight what they do! Just like with the adrenochrome they’re extracting when they torture and kill babies and children. Somebody told me to watch the movie Dr. Sleep so I did and they damn sure are showing it in that movie! They are creepy as hell.

    2. @ijg83 its funny that you have a Simpson looking avatar, because “supposedly” they use the Simpsons a lot too. That’s why the Simpsons have predicted so many real life events that came to pass. For instance, the Simpsons had an episode where they said Disney would buy Fox, two years before it really happened. That was a sign to other masons to act accordingly, maybe buy a bunch of Disney stocks or something, idk

  136. Looks like they only just need to plug our brains into a super computer and suddenly were in the Matrix looking for our Neo to come free us.

  137. I learned this back in 2010. But they been working on this since the 90’s. So this is not new it’s just that the people are behind, and are just now catching up. Because at this point they know that you the people can’t stop or do anything to change there progress.

  138. Saw on news a woman who got a deceased woman’s uterus implanted into her and she gave birth. Reminds me of Hitler and ‘designing’ a superior race…

  139. Reptilians been graphics stems cells movie Blade show that in two..Mad Scientist these folks are shape shifted.. Majority of population human 6 Billions only 1 Billions harvest souls this reason destroyed God Children’s to replace real natural harvesting..Super perfect.

  140. Christ said that when he returns, it will be like times and days of Noah. May be these beings will be a new form of the Nephilim. They walked the earth during that time.

  141. They been doing this. All the kartrashian kids come from them. I believe believe that’s how that man Serena Williams had a baby. We been late on this technology. They been doing this shit for decades. Not one woman in Hollywood have stretch marks or a fupa after having kids. That’s why they have babies and do bikini photos 3 months later talking about snap back. Bih bye. Beyonce, Halle allum do this to have babies and fool the masses with those prosthetic bellies.

  142. Nothing knew if you study Sumerian archeology and literature and work your way up to the Bible you will understand. Adam was a test tube baby. Let that sink in.

  143. Wow! I Believe It! 😐 Thank You For Informing Papa D👍🏾 Really Makes A Mind Wonder What’s Going To Be The End Date For This Whole Place?! 🤔 🙏🏽✌🏾

  144. If we know about this then…
    They already have born these creatures .
    OUR GOD gave His Children

  145. People playing God that’s just pure evil Satan mimics everything of God because, he can never be.God is coming back sooner than we think. My people parish for lack of knowledge. This isn’t natural.

  146. Well these vaccines are gonna make everyone sterile so this makes sense to come out with something for those who can’t reproduce. They cause the problem and then provide you with a “solution” to the problem they caused..

  147. Science and technological advances are not bad, nor is a gun or car but when the unwise has control of it; evil will usually find a way to “steer the ship”. When those of a weak will have control of it, evil will introduce the temptation in order to “steer the ship”. Governments have learned from Hitler and his recruited scientists and are simply continuing the work in a slicker way. They want to depopulate while simultaneously finding ways to create life…….Create new servants, each built specifically for a single purpose while eliminating and enslaving the current generations.

  148. Someone with bad intentions with power, influence and wealth will farm humans like cattle, and harvest them for organs. Also exploit these farmed humans for free slave labor .

  149. The world they’re building, will be the armies that rise up against GOD’S ARMY! GOOD against evil. RIGHT against left.. etc! GOD have MERCY on us!😢🤦🙏

  150. Omg lord have mercy this is crazy!! I know this world is coming to a end foreal!! These people are creating life are u serious!!! Only God can do this I can’t believe this shit!! This scares me!! Lord help us!

  151. You are witnessing the birth of the actual Matrix. Not of mind anymore but evolving into a thing of hardcore reality. The price to pay will be extremely high in time.

  152. Has everyone forgotten about the 5G
    Has anyone search info on when they plan on rolling the 5G out or activating it?????????


    1. @Illya Killings yes i know of emp its in command and conquer game as well. Well if they do it will damage and destroy unless you got an emp shield for protection. Also in usa if you noticed that all your electrical components are made in China and Korea and from what researched only Chinese and Korean technicians and engineers can only service any faults

    2. @love is the answer
      Yes they all do coincide with each other…but there’s another topic no one has touch on that is just as detrimental as well….EMP attack also know as Electro Magnetic Pulse..funny how this EMP attack was subtlety introduced in 2 recent movies…
      Sonic the hedgehog ( the entire town lost power because of EMP as stated in the movie…And Bloodshot (Vin Diesel body was immobilized by EMP as it was subtlety stated in the movie as well….
      FACT: EMP attack can do both in real life…..

    3. No forgotten all these agendas co aside with each other we need to see the bigger picture and keep an eye on everything coming out

    1. Yup Sophia Stewart, the original creator of Matrix was the “Oracle” in real life. She has a recent interview in either BlackMagik or KnowTheLedge radio. It’s from a few months ago.

  153. Sure, use premature births as an Excuse for these mad scientists to do away with Human nature. 🥂Cheers to the last generation of Human Beings! The world will be totally inhabited by humanoids. This ties back to the mandatory vaccines soon to be administered by the military as Trump promises, SEE what’s Really goin’ on people. I am glad to say that I will Not be here, “living” in a genetically modified world, and proud to say that I…Am…Human!

  154. Truthfully they been doing it
    As soon as they figured out taking the egg and adding sperm outside of the body everything else was a go 🤦🏾‍♀️ where’d they get all the nutrients that a womb creates? Amniocentesis …. Just my dumb thoughts

  155. They wanna control and create everything…..If God created it they wanna do it….They are evil people trying to out do Gods work and creations of life……….Wakeup people…Im sure they already have a country or area like
    Area 51 full of these type of man created people………Monitoring them like they do us on a daily basis…..Ijs..Think outside the box…..We Are Not Alone..

  156. This is sickening and I used to work at the children’s hospital of philadelphia! There was one time that I saw a man dressed in a huge rat costume and the sign in his hand said chop docs are dirty rats! That’s when I found out that they have a variety of animals in their facility that they’re experimenting on! That’s the first time I saw a protester on their grounds and they got rid of him with the swiftness.

  157. What happen to carrying the baby rhe natural way its a beautiful thing every i enjoy carrying my son there will b no connection with that thing at all an that scary

  158. The moment I saw the title intuition told me 👹👹 insiduous agenda..snares, traps, lures of our enrmies..

  159. The more those demonic mad scientist attempt to duplicate the Sovereign Creator,the more storms,economy lost,and deaths of their loved ones will occur.& along with any wicked ones of my race.People are waiting for one major spiritual event to occur,well judgement is universal as we speak.THE righteous,pure at heart will be protected.I doNt fear what they do ,but i doNt like it..Satan and his scientist have ran out..I bet they have created caged Giants waiting to let loose..The scriptures say these days will be as the days of Noah..So all these hybrid fake creations dont shock me..Satan is the Father of these ideas🎯Im going to pray into the spiritual realm to the Creator about this..& i hope many more pray against this disaster womb so that it dont manifest on earth,even if it does may it not prosper! SATAN WANTS TO BE WORSHIPPED,AS THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR…BUT NEVER May THAT HAPPEN! HALLELUYAH!🔥👑🔥👑

  160. They made a movie out of this back in the ’70s I do believe the name of the movie is called The boys from Brazil where Gregory Peck in it I remember that movie well just just remind me of it all

  161. They making artificial wombs so they can eat babies wake up demonic shit they need adrenchrome to live #papa duck

  162. I’m sorry to say this and it’s gone make folk mad but I personally feel women are the closest beings to God we have… Please don’t start this demonic stuff man we need children naturally born


  164. We know what race of people this is really designed for. The one having trouble having conceiving. I bet this is already in operation in a underground military facility. There’s gonna be an army of genetically modified artificial soldiers bred to have no emotion and to kill… soulless. Watch “I AM MOTHER” on Netflix. It shows exactly this operation

  165. Well science has IT way….
    Scientist experienced ALL type of technology!!!! They’re advance NOW!!!!! Cloning and Test Tube, Mother’s carrying baby surrogate mother. I think it’s OK for the experienced!! I do. BUT???? Lawdy

  166. Appreciate this duck. 1st thing I thought of was. That we accepted this. Let me be clear. I mean no disrespect to those who use IVF and please correct me if I’m wrong. But with IVF you can decide if it’s a boy or girl? In the video they mentioned to most perfect human. I mean no disrespect to those who have to use IVF for reasons outside their control.2nd thing is the movie. Star wars. The facility in the video looks almost exactly the same as the facility they use to create the clones. Even machines monitoring them. Crazy world we in. Fortunately we have Yahshua who will comeback and. Every Knee will bow, their wickedness will not go unpunished..

  167. Bruh this is the EVOLUTION of mankind – its been here and it’s only going to keep advancing into the future – what you think the ORIGINAL Egyptian was talking about on them walls and in the texts that they left behind???? You can’t stay STUCK in SPACE or you will never really know about OUTER SPACE?! The Egyptian didn’t just die off – they moved on to other 🌌 GALAXIES…. Bruh we are not the only MF in this infinite SPACE and TIME. Why you think they always study the stars and the other Galaxy????? This thing is BIGGER than you can IMAGINE!

  168. Let’s not forget the Most High controls literally everything Satan even gets permission from the Most High…the Most High kills and he makes alive he creates the confusion and chooses people delusions.

  169. Let’s not forget the Most High controls literally everything Satan even gets permission from the Most High…the Most High kills and he makes alive he creates the confusion and chooses people delusions.

  170. Just a thought black women have fibroids and they suggest that we have surgery to remove our womb it makes me think they are taking our room and giving it to a white woman so she can produce babies they do have a low birth rate

    1. The Matrix hell I feel is spiritual torment. So I think we all have experienced some form of hell before. There’s a lot of good in the world don’t get it twisted but there’s is a lot of evil as well

  171. This shit sick they. Agenda is to depop. Why you think all the coffins. Are around check you tube black coffin each coffin fits 3to 4 ppl. God made us not a lab !!!!!!

  172. Bro .. smh
    Yall this fo gays ,lesbians and so on,and people who took the vaccine that’s coming !! How you know it has a soul?

    You don’t know if you have 1..

    1. Vaccine is to sterilize the womd of women and sperm of men and calcification of the pineal glands.
      You won’t be able to dream or manifest, and so much more.

  173. Everyone should watch or re-watch the film GATTACA (DNA code is formed by 4 letters: GATC, hence the name of the movie). Must watch in the times we are living. I guess if now women have a lot of problems getting pregnant, add 5G, add vaccines, and for the very few that will be able to have children, this will be the only option. Of course, only babies with a “perfect” DNA and genes will be able to be born. Babies can hear inside the womb, feel the emotions the mother feels… That will be gone. No human connection. Just obsession with what THEY think is “perfect” and worthy of living. This saddens me and enrages me to my core. SOULLESS PSYCHOPATHS… And we are allowing this to happen… Another movie worth re-watching??? V FOR VENDETTA.

  174. Wow this is crazy saw a movie about this subject on Netflix. Robots had fetuses in a machine once chosen it grew to birth. Then taught to be the perfect human. If the child failed it was destroyed more were created.

  175. Remember when they said all the peoples that froze their eggs, something happened to the eggs.. they may have stole those eggs to figure this out

    1. How bout they took those aborted babies out the mothers womb and took them babies somewhere else to grow and experiment and grown as adults and wonder why a lot of people acting crazy or have no soul they cloning you already

  176. INDEED they been doing this, they made a movie about it they been telling us this but they use it as entertainment ppl not paying attention they too busy being ENTERTAINED!!

  177. The crazy thing is did you here him say they have been doing this since 1955 that’s the same time they start cloning humans. They don’t need your DNA anymore just your skin. These mad scientists are very sick and demonic human beings. Other movies to watch are : I am Mother on Netflix. Artificial robot Mother raising a human girl. Orphan Black, Replicas and The 6th day is classic, starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just to name a few. Boys of Brazil, I think you can still find it here on you tube and watch it for free. Cause this where I first watch it. A few years ago. They want to kill half of the human population to create artificial designer/human. These artificial human are created soulless just like there creators. We are living in some crazy bizarre time everybody really need to wake the hell up real quick. Cause these Artificial humans and clones have been walking and working along us all this time. SMH! LOL!

  178. They had a show call “Zero Hours” that came out years ago that only a handful of ppl probably paid attention to
    … Something lead me to the TV series and the show was wild… The star of the show was made in a laboratory after he died 50 before… He was the 1st successful Clone….

  179. I wonder how many rich people already using that and just not saying that they used it these celebrities to


  181. Have y’all every think about how mosquitoes are GMO, because they could be drinking your blood to send it to laboratories to create more GMO, like the title of the video, plus think about what they do to benefit nature. I consider any animal that doesn’t benefit nature is GMO.

    1. Yes my dude. Roaches is another GMO insect… it lives in the damn house and fucking eat human friends laugh when I talk about then but I be so serious

  182. Yo you see how big that facility was! They trying to make a whole new generation of people why tf are they doing this

    1. @a gl you must not study history… Or the bible… Holla at me when you ready to learn something.

      Ps. Jody Black just dropped a gem in this group chat and many didn’t even dig it.

    2. Since ‘A’ DAY ‘IS’ LIKE a thousand* *YEARS, AND A THOUSAND YEARS* *IS ‘LIKE’ a DAY*
      👉🏾( *UNTO THE LORD* ),
      *THEN THE ELDERS in the church* *’were’ RIGHT, by SAYING* ,
      ” *We’re living*
      👉🏾*in THE LAST days!* ” 🤔

      🗣️ *I’M ‘READY’ TO SEE the DAY*
      👉🏾 *LAST* , ( *AND* 👉🏾 *THE LAST*
      *’SHALL’ be FIRST!!!* ) 👊🏾😏🙏🏾🛐

    3. @BlackWolfonAllStreets ,
      *True that! 👉🏾( *JUST DON’T drink*
      *THE KOOL-AID!!* ) 😉💯

  183. Don’t make no gd sense. It’s always some bull shit🤦‍♀️ 2 be AWARE is 2 Be ALIVE 🎯🗣 thanks my brother 💯 stay woke my KING’S & QUEEN’S 🌎

  184. How will this artificial being act/behave, what’ll be its emotions if it has any. How the hell will it have a soul talking about designer humans😐we’ll be out here with walking talking puppets that’s so evil and messed up man

  185. Trying to play God!!!! They need to stop playing!!!! This is not a game!!! Serious punishment coming for those that try to do his work!!

  186. This makes me think about those band aids on the bottom👣 of your babies feet after delivery. Just a cell alright.

  187. This is why civilizations come to ruin. Man attempting to go to far. Ya see, I believe God knows man woul go that far, so he gave us the bible to help us understand what and what no to do, but through our on free Will. That’s the lesson. Man learn and then over step his boundaries with the knowledge he acquires, and forgets God’s Will. Man soon suffer consequences for his disobedience to the Most High. Now man begin to behave very foolishly, and undisciplined in ways detestable to God, which will bring his wrath upon man.

    1. Our world is going to be a BIG example of why we cannot have sin in the universe anymore. When it’s all said and done and we finally with the creator, we’re gonna see why we can’t/ will never go back to our old ways. Some ppl won’t make it though from their own will.

  188. I dreamed of this. I saw a bluish fluid in a huge glass container. Only certain people can get this job. Btw my obgyn was let go for stealing tissues from the cervix of his patients. #cloning?

    1. @Maria Craft I said that 30 years ago, when they kept saying I needed one because if fibroid tumors. I asked, “What are y’all doing with my uterus, implanting it in a woman who can’t have children?” The doctor laughed, but never answered my question😳

  189. They been cloning people before Hitler, Watch the movie Boys From Brazil it shows you exactly how it’s done step by step.

  190. My baby was born premature she came two half months early, had sum troubles at first but she is healthy as hell now will be one next month. This ish crazy.

    1. Naw I could not do that, but if they which n I didn’t kno… Never mind I went everywhere wit both my babies. Walked all though tha hospital all day.

  191. Yo why all you youtubers who say yall are prepers or awoke are scared to yalk about the coming forced vaccinations as to how to escape,to bug out and flee from the coming persecutions,arrest and murders by the army and femma when we refuse to take the covid vaccine?( the only youtuber brave enough to daily talk about it is ” richie from boston” a d he eve. Has a separate channel Nelson on how to bugout ” jailbreak overlander “…(bro it’s a out time you start giving people plans ,option s of dealing with this big problem when we refuse to take covid vaccine. ..Watch “MILITARY OPENLY TRAINING TO IMPRISON AMERICANS” on YouTube

  192. You can preach truth all day long. It falls only on the ears of those that already kno. We are living in every scifi horror movie we’ve ever seen our whole lives. PICK A MOVIE, ANY MOVIE!! its predictive programming!! They SHOW us every day! There are men for whom wombs are being created, that they may carry a baby! The age of intersectionality means anything goes. Killary Klinton described Sanger as her idol. Shyt l talked about with my kids 10 -12 yrs ago, they laughed at. None of it is funny to them now. Mommas crazy, but she aint stupid or lied. They realize they have been osmotically put up on game. It doesnt take a prophet, or a psychic. It takes an open mind & READING ABOUT ALL THIS WEIRDNESS & EVIL BY THE PEOPLE/GOVERNMENTS THAT WRITE THE BOOKS & WHITE PAPERS!

  193. AHA!
    That’s why Bill gates is making an artificial breast milk!
    I really like your channel…sorry I’m white can’t help it.

  194. This is second or third generation cloning. I studied the scientific exploration into cloning in 1997, as Israeli researchers were attempting to clone the Red Heifer for ceremonial sacrifices as described in The Torah or Bible, Numbers 19: 1-22. The Kharzars Ashkenazi Jews were calling skilled people, particularly Americans to Israel as the rabbis were preparing for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple. According to law, the Red Heifer is significant, thereby cloning one, however the scientists ran into a problem. According to Numbers 19: 1-2, Red Heifer has to be “unblemished,” well the cloned Red Heifer had defects such as different shades of red, which the rabbis deemed unacceptable.
    In one of his writings, Nietzsche spoke of a “Super Man,” a man with incredible vision, power, mental capacity; many thought that person was Adolf Hitler, however that man is yet to programmed; you are seeing tomorrow, today if you pay attention to this video.


  196. 0:06 yeah go on and throw up the 6’s. Agent EXPOSED
    anyone thought this is how ppl talk with their hands look again and explain how his hand gestures match what he says. he made sure it was in frame too.
    i dont make claims i cant defend. Keep following this guy and you’ll learn nothing, you’ll leave the channel with nutty information and wonder why your family and loved ones think you’ve flown over the cuckoo’s nest

    1. @Dameriah Serves Yeshua ill be reaching pointing out the ‘patriot’. o boy from the south isnt he…? hmm…

    2. @Dameriah Serves Yeshua really? this isnt the first time. how does his gestures match what he was saying? Watch the other videos, he def uses signs. you arent aware nor expect so you miss them.
      this the same thing the others do. And dont you think he sees these comments? They always use their signs. its as if they cant NOT use them. wait until next video. like i said its as if they cant NOT use them. and the next video and the next video. ill point them out if i get a notification. I cant help but to see them. i don t even have to try. its as if someon e talking to me where i dont have to decipher what a person is saying because i alreay understand the meaning of the words. ill point it out. the 6’s will def come again for sure.

  197. Papa Duck either you are fishing for stupid people or you’re just the dumbest person on youtube. And youtube got some dumb content on it. reply if you think im wrong and ill break it down for you. You see i dont make claims i cant defend. Theres more than enough evidence of this.

  198. Old news. The older generation warned us about this.
    It’s called Problem, Reaction… Solution… not cause and effect. Create the PROBLEM, monitor and observe the REACTION, supply the SOLUTION. The solution being the real AGENDA to a fake problem. The solution today, is a vaccine. Which is the actually the real AGENDA. The vaccine. The vaccine will cause more death than the fake problem that facilitated it. Not everyone will receive the same chemicals and not everyone will have taken any vaccine. But YOU will. Because the vaccine IS for YOU. Not everyone. Not them. It’s for YOU, Tuskegee. They’ve been collecting your dna since your birth studying the differences in blood types. Sending your dna to They got you!
    They live.

    1. Yes,but landed on earth 🌎 and have generations,,, of evil 😈 children’s , grandchildren’s great-grandchildren’s great-great- grandchildren’s great-great-great grandchildren’s you get the message right…

    2. @Henry Stevenson, Jr. ,
      *For A BIT LONGER, THAT IS, THEN*, ⏳
      *DOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!* ⌛ 😏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁🙌🏾😊😊

    3. Any boy who trys to be like god will ultimately fail. Nobody has the control like Jahova God does these people will lose their crap when they get power. Satan failed miserably.

  199. They been showing and doing this 💩 and been putting it on tv seen 80’s..and when the Xfiles came on tv..showing us what they have been doing..STAY WOKE PEOPLE AND IF YOU SLEEP WAKE THE FXCK UP !

  200. Nothing new under the sun. They said was one created back in 1951 . No telling how many designer humans made from this.😳 They have been cloning and organ harvesting for years. It’s just not talked about on main stream media and I swear it’s 2 Janet Jackson’s. How she be big as hell one day and another she looks completely different when touring 🤔 I dunno just a thought.

  201. They been working on this. I seen about it 3 years ago. My first thought was it was for transgender ‘s. My then 10 year old son said mom those kid’s will be crazy


    1. @Nerdy Punkin Happy for you! How many young ladies were robbed of motherhood because of a doctor’s greed for wanting to enrich him/herself?

    2. @India Ruffin All about financial greed – like they encourage c-sections instead of natural birth because there’s more money in it.

    3. @India Ruffin i almost got one at the age of 22 because i had that problem a FEMALE doctor probably a feminist told me i should get one cause of problems i had even gave up on not having children good thing i didnt listen to that lady now i am a mother of 2 healthy boys

  203. Jesus yah will come back and destroy this planet he will not let these evil technologies continue game over !!!!

    1. Michael Mayo the evil ones running this world had nothing to do with the writing of the holy book they wouldn’t even have the imagination the wisdom or to write the best real life stories it’s a book of truth of guidance of love of warnings of signs where the pages actually through time come to life it’s the most popular and oldest book in the world 🌎 and Jesus is coming back soon judgement day is real – god bless you and your family

    2. sour diesel 2 Timothy 3:1, matthew24, revelation 13:16-17, revelation 14:10, revelation 16:2 he’s coming sooner than you wish to believe ⏳🙏❤️

    3. Schanda Banks the savior of mankind in this world is his mind outside in the heavens the ☀️ the word holy bible literally means sun papers !!!! You can sit & wait while they try to exterminate you others will try to save themselves

  204. Crazy stuff going on, and yes has been going on for a while now. So just remember, their biggest fear is dying off as a people. And having to pay for all their evils to this earth and people.

  205. “Quiet weapons for silent wars “….

  206. It’s a movie on Netflix named “I am mother” dealing with the same thing you’re talking about. Check it out! By the way good video Papa Duck

    1. There is also another movie titled “The Island”, it is about cloning adults. Yes, the end is near. We must watch and pray. Be ready for Jesus’s return.

  207. Before anyone and their opinion and own thoughts come for me and my testimony. I ask that you read it, open your heart and then analyze it while forming your opinion within yourself. My twins were born at 27 weeks! And I place them in God’s hands and ask him to give them strength and make a full recovery, while working through the hands of the doctors and nurses. One twin was 1lb while the other twin was weighing oz (under a pound). Months in the hospital they are now nine years old and healthy. I Thank God everyday for those beautiful babies. We need to give ourselves and our children unto the Lord Yahweh and allow his covering over us through these last of days.

  208. Who supplies the blood? Who supplies the amniotic fluid? This is demonic. Is the disappearance of child bearing women used for?

  209. Imma keep it 100 . Man whom are sick of women. And only have relations with em to procreate. Are dancing on sunshine. Women lost there only power over men womb access

  210. They won’t stop until they can control the population (number wise) as far as race, gender, & gay or straight couple (parents)

  211. The thing is we just sitting around watching and saying how crazy these demons are we need to be building our army we need to fight bacc….

    1. Billionaires have the dollars for the Most expensive toys👉🏾Covid, H1N1, Zica Virus, Ebola, Kawasaki disease, Bird Flu, Agent Orange, Small Pox, & the Toy List goes on!😡😡

  212. My brother I’m so glad some one else is talking about this I found out about this last year…These people are insane I’m convinced..much love💕💕

  213. I seen a article about two years ago where they did a uterus implant for men who claim to be women so they can birth children!

    1. Same HERE!!! 🤕😡😠😤😤😤😤

      *BABY?!!!* ” *SMH!* 🤕😡😠😤

    2. Mines too✊🏾😡Everyday it some New B.S. 💩rules to follow as if this is Germany, Russia or South Korea! 😡Damn!

  214. Galatians 6:7 (KJV) Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Creature trying to mock the creator not possible.

  215. It’s only becomes evil when evil men go far and beyond the means of y it was created .. Sad ..that y we can’t have any powerful new science innovation ..Now u talking from scratch thats when it comes a lil extra

    1. Like you ever think about it if we didn’t have cars and shit? No grocery stores, or cell phones etc. all of that stuff is CONVENIENCE. As a species literally NONE of that stuff is needed in regard to our survival as a