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42 thoughts on “This Is The Wrong Thing To Do”
  1. I don’t give a damn how the rich live on I’m living my life the way I want to live not for other people thank you very much..

  2. The rich can do it, because no matter what they have the financial backing to support their loans. I agree with you on a lot, but if you ppl are broke, do yourself a favor and do not create more debt for yourself. Make money, get in debt for property, and when you get out of debt, then get that loan. Just my advice and at least you have sumthin to fall back on… most of you can’t get a loan without having real money… and don’t create more debt until your already caked up 🤷🏿‍♂️👍🏿✊🏿

  3. No man shall buy trade sell loan borrow etc…. credit digital money all worthless. Until we change that , you wasting energy. 1 love

  4. “Stop using your money”. One thing wrong: it was NEVER your money. Lol. Property and debt NOTEs of the federal reserve. They’re not money, they’re not currency, and they’re not yours. Lol. This man has lost his mind and will lead many sheep to their own demise.

  5. Papa Duck much love to you Fam I appreciate the Knowledge that you spread for the communities that are your subscribers .
    ***Beneficial Knowledge

  6. Unbelievable!!I don’t think this is the original papa duck, this gotta be a clone or a mask wearing character!

  7. Enough with this credit/debt bullshit bro! Babylon is falling , come out of her my people yet we partake in her plagues! We don’t want their silver & gold!! Fuck outta here! dragging our people back into this beast system! Only dumb sheep gonna follow you on this! We want nothing from these demons, our time is near, the world is ours!!

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