4 years social media companies have been stealing people’s personal information and selling it to other companies for profits and also using it for them self🖕🏾🖕🏾 I’ve been saying this for a long time also Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon this is how he got to a trillion dollars by using people’s information without them knowing illegally and using it against them … with this information if they know what time you’re on the app what are you searching for what are you interested in most importantly they know what to promote to you and what not to promote to you which gives them A major advantage

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By admin

339 thoughts on “This Is The Real Reason They Created Social Media….”
  1. how are you gonna call out social media for stealing personal data then advertise your own fb, sc and ig right in the middle of the screen? haha

  2. “THOUGHT of the Day: There r many portraying theirselves as help. Even tho some are putting out good information. Be mindful of the traps the devil sets. I would be fibbing if I was2say I haven’t fell within some of these traps. However, I say all that2say if u r4the people and u see the people pockets being bled out while a great number of our population is being murder. How dare u charge for information saying I’ll help u but u most pay me even tho I know u have nothing? Long story short wolfs do come in sheep clothing. It okay if u must become a wolf. but what is really the end goal if u must lie inorder 2gether us together? Chew on that, Just a thought.” ¥~sincerly a THOUGHT Provoker~¥ Truth b told I can careless who takes me seriously or not. Either way I’ll do what the universe guides me2do.

  3. This man is telling us about why they created social media but yet he has 4 different sources of social media 😂😂😂😂 I’m just saying

  4. cuz, warning people all about the real danger of all social media, then tell everybody to get to you on all forms of social media…?

  5. We have been studied since the beginning of time. We are being watched 24/7. Question everything. Belief causes people to accept the most ridiculous things as the truth.

  6. YouTube is owned by google and collects data at an alarming rate. Another’s like Amazon and Netflix have crazy policies that allows them access to not only your info but anyone else that uses your router.

  7. Thank you Brother!!!! Just told my wife and Daughter to delete that Dumb ass ap!! Never felt comfortable with it💯💯💯

  8. I knew it was something fishy about all of these party apps I don’t use any of these apps this is how they catch people especially the ones that snitch on themselves

  9. I remember last year I try to download tiktok and the app was moving slow. So I just deleted the app! I guess it wasn’t meant for me to have it!

  10. Google recently launched a website that uses our location data to determine if we’re really social distancing.

  11. This U.S. Politician, speaking in the Video, is only introducing Legislation against Tik-Tok because Tik-Tok is a Chinese Company…therefore, these U.S. Politicians don’t get any Lobbying Money from Tik-Tok. Why doesn’t he introduce Legislation against Facebook, Instagram, etc.????? Because those are U.S. Companies…therefore, they “Kick” Money back to the Politicians. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  12. The United States have been doing the same shit from the beginning. Where do you think that the Chinese got it from.


  14. Every app u download does this it’s nothing new. That’s why when u download a app it says the app has access to contacts, camera etc

  15. I only have 1 email’ and that’s even bad! They follow you there as well PEOPLE ! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  16. I have a Facebook and YouTube account but I’m not on any other social media site!!

    PapaDuck dropping facts in this video!!

  17. Okay so for my school project I just did a research paper on how the government was illegally tapping into American citizens phones the truth is right in front of us it ain’t no secret and the funny thing is my homework brought the situation to MY attention I had a choice to do any case I wanted and I chose nsa phone tapping…. look it up

  18. Read the fine print. A lot of what you’re giving up is on the contract agreements. Many of these apps are used to turn our smartphones into data mining devices.

  19. Seems like China wants to collect information from us but why, they were the ones that gave us the Iphones to begin with. They prob have data from all Americans even the ones without Tik Tok, whatever they are doing, it’s bigger than all of us I’d say. There technology is wayyyy more advanced than us. They prob have a AI robot running there Gov. if you think about it, it’s not that far fetched of an idea. Super computers are powerful, basically it’s a bunch of computers working with each other and after a while AI’s will have thought processes like humans or even better. They learn very quick and find new ways to do things. AI’s come up almost the perfect ways to solve problems better than humans, so I would understand if the higher ups, use AI’s for guidance better yet they prob run most of the world by now. The technology we know, is nothing compared to what they have. There technology is decades ahead of all. They use it to control the sheep.

  20. Yeah man. Everything new ain’t whus up. This is how dumbed down we’ve become, we jump on everything new. AI gonna be a crazy, and we made it what it is.

  21. Geeez… Are they also making the dangerous challenges go viral? Like that skull breaker challenge. And the penny in the plugged in outlet?

  22. So the person who created Instagram should get killed because it seriously have destroyed it ruin women it just upset me

  23. Interesting….. now that China is interested in tapping us for private info, it’s a problem. But it’s been fine for our own gov to spy on our every move all this time.

  24. Sup,I just want to ask if my music is 🔥 or 🗑 my channel is Luh phewmy goal is to reach 10k subscribers

  25. This explains why every time you downloaded these types of apps they say it would like to have access to your contacts, pictures, or email. Wooow!!!

  26. Is there any good anywhere anymore?i know your teaching but damn does anyone have fun anymore??? I know i dont.being a responsible abult is som sad shit these days man.open up the damn bars so i can blame my hype nights on alcohol again.

  27. Bro thanks to you you made my opinions. Truth I knew I was right… your the best an keep up the videos all of them your the TRUTH keep it up man I got love for yah

  28. It’s TRUE but 5 g is bigger threat also China been studying America for over 70 years and now they released the dragon on us

  29. But this has been going on for centuries… Well before social media influence. For example: watch the commercials during Superbowl and watch the commercials during Wimbledon…. completely different advertisers. Football, basketball, baseball are considered “the poor man’s sports” while tennis, water polo, and golf are considered “rich man sports” sponsors for Superbowl include PepsiCo (they own taco Bell, Doritos, Mountain dew,etc), Verizon, Starbucks, etc. Sponsors for Wimbledon include Fidelity, Charles Schwab, IBM, Cadillac, etc. They determine who the target market is and DECIDE what they want you to know. Watch TV with no sound and you’ll SEE what they think of you. Black shows have commercials that show people dancing/singing/partying, Hispanic audience have commercials that show family oriented, elderly commercials show grandkids, death, retirement, etc

  30. If this true! Along with the 5g. What do we do to stop this? Can it even be stopped or are we too late with opening our eyes

  31. Til Tok does this said does FB, IG, YT…it’s all the same. They only coming for Tik Tok because they tryna get out of debt with China. Same reason Trump tryna sue China for the C-Virus.

  32. It’s ironic how u (Papa duck) being talking about all this social media this and that yet u display ur cashapp, PayPal, Instagram, patreon, Twitter, YouTube, snapchat, etc on here.

  33. We are running out of time. They tell you to go home….and now people use there free time to waste time on an app called “Tik-Tok”🤔

  34. They crack me up…..all they shit they doing is for their own doom period….the unfolding of the Most High’s plan shall be unfolded quite swell! Our people of all people should never forget that! 😏😉💪🤣

  35. Ayo I got a plan how we can come together we should make a poster get out our house and the ones who lives close to Washington DC go to the White House and chant no new world Oder until they give up if not plan b like Martian Luther king jr and Rosa park we start a boycott let’s no buy shit from the government.

  36. TikTok brings demons into your home. Just look at how much stuff the app picks up. Tons of ppl have reported that strange things started happening in their homes after using this app frequently. The demons almost always look like Asian jins (demons) Usually deep black voids randomly throughout their homes. I’m telling you, open that app in your house and you’re opening up a portal. Ouija boards come in TONS of different forms.

  37. I don’t do tick tock or Instagram or Twitter!! I do have a FB page but I’m in Jail until April 16th. 30 days. So I can look at FB but no likes or comments. And then I have YouTube, but I don’t make videos anymore. I don’t like being on camera.

  38. Yall put yall entire daily life on social media,and wonder why?
    They use these site to see who is radical.
    These companies dont take nothing you dont give the freely.

  39. I’m 28…I’ve never had tick tock , snap chat , Instagram or Twitter ,,,not Facebook. Ever. 🤙🏾

  40. The only apps I have are the few on the was already installed on my phone and even then I don’t use them and the ones I was able to uninstall that what I did..

  41. Bra YouTube which your on is doing the same thing your bank grocery store and every store u come in commerce with is selling and data mining your info it’s good u helping people to learn tho

  42. My question is how many apps do you need to keep in touch with somebody? I’ve only used Facebook and Youtube. Once Facebook begin suggesting people you may know and telling everybody what I was commenting on, I deleted it. Now, YouTube is on the same b.s. Nothing is PRIVATE on SOCIAL media!

  43. I love you pappaduck especially that you go feed ducks and are always in nature 5D. Thanks for what you do.

  44. This guy is working for the bad guys and trying to blame China and Chinese companies,when the devils are right here in the USA in yo political institutions and and all other sections of the USA society,the people trying to destroy us are right here and they come in every color and race

  45. Yooooo you dont know what you don’t know. China owns land in America. This is not new. That’s why they always been saying America owes china trillions of dollars in debt. America got the strongest military in the world. How do America owes anybody shit? All governments are in the bed together. WWF. NOW JUST LIKE ALL RELATIONSHIPS THERS SOME IN HOUSE FIGHTING AMONGST THEM.. YA’LL BE EASY

  46. But you was asking people to join a facebook group the other day lol. Show people what you doing to fight the bs. All you do is sit around looking for videos that be good “content” for your channel, to get your views so youtube pay you. U just said about tik tok but then in your description you have a link how to get music on there, promoting it. Go burn some 5g equipment or something. Do something useful!

  47. What about the people in other countries that use American social media apps? It’s all the same thing it goes both ways but America can’t have them do what we do.

  48. Strange how Drake flip the switch is the #1 challenge on Tik tok where the Male and female cross dress . Their trying to emasculate us men and push the gay agenda

  49. I havent been on social media for more than 15 years….when i found out the following after doing my own research 15years ago…
    CIA owns face book and uses facial recognition software to identify EVERYONE
    Gmail is government mail
    (Goog)le Goog has a history in the bible
    But i couldnt tell the sheeple this 15 years ago…I was crazy then and I guess they still think Im crazy as theyre are locked in their homes under self imposed Martial law….heres a classic statement from the Sheeple “Im not on facebook foreal I just be looking at other people pages and post….WAKE UP!!!
    Youre either on or your Not there is no half way….

  50. Umm…HELLO! It’s not just tic toc. Research E. Snowden and why the American government want him extricated back to the US. They just don’t want other governments to spy on citizens but they do it every day 🤷🏿‍♀️

  51. All the weird porn and fetishes you people watching is about to get released to the public domain. You getting pulled out the closet along with all your skeletons. They dont call it the all seeing eye for nothing.

  52. Not only are we being spied on via social media, we’re being spied on via smartphones and smart TV’s. The smart TV’s have a hidden camera inside them. It ain’t right at all.

  53. All the elites will all die too. They are not robots. They too will go. They do not realize that. They have un

  54. All the elites will all die too. They are not robots. They too will go. They do not realize that. They have unn

  55. All the elites will all die too. They are not robots. They too will go. They do not realize that. They have unn

  56. I am a 34 year old female, I don’t have facebook, twitter or Instagram. I still don’t know what is tiktok.
    I am really trying to stop YouTube but I am addicted.

  57. Apps…99.99999999% ask for “your” consent before downloading their apps. These apps are from people globally including FB, IG, and Twitter. Why do you think we’re in our current condition. It’s “WE THE PEOPLE,” that has allowed these monsters 👹👹👹in government to govern us straight to hell🔥🔥🔥….

  58. Lol …Your fucking smartphone does the same but you on it right now. You got a smart TV. Smh.. lmao… Ford sync etc.. People are clueless. IG,FB all of it. Smh.

  59. This why internet was invented for…datamine and build AI databases so they can use individualized characteristics for their AI robot beings who look jist like us, but are specifically individualized by using bits and pieces of peoples data, information, photos, etc.

    iRobot was what happens when ALL are the SAME.

    Our Re-ality is already infiltrated with AI beings, composed of various traits, characteristics, etc stolen right from is actual humans.

    Georgia guidestones says HUMAN population down to 500 mill…they aint say anythinf about AI population!

    I can tell you right now 10-15 percent of our population are programmed AI beings. Awaken yall.

  60. They do this on purpose it’s all a setup just be happy you ain’t need to do no research most people can’t handle it and there is no point just be righteous and read the Bible and have the be like Jesus Christ amen 🙏🏾

  61. It’s all common sense a lot of ppl just don’t understand & the USA it with it too. China and USA are and will always be a team. They have this info but no one in China is arrested for doing so & by telling this info no one is doing anything.

  62. So why they not taken the same measure with Facebook Twitter and other social media outlets?? Cause is not own by the Chinese???

  63. If you pay attention it’s past apps , viruses, and politics ( regardless of race , creed etc). It’s about finding a way to start/go to war w/China !!!!!

  64. Your phone tracks you as well. Whenever I go to a store or anywhere, my phone asks ‘how was my experience?’. My location is cut off and it still asks me that question.


  66. Everyone should shut there phones down for one hour . Pick a day and a time and everyone shut down all phones and media devices.

  67. Thank you man for being honest and real with the people. May God bless you and everyone else who needs the Lord’s help! ♥️

  68. Man keep it coming king it says in the Bible that the nations will be judged b4 the ppl in the land much blessings to you brother

  69. Ive been watching your videos for a few days now, i just wanna say thank you for the truth and exposing the elites who attempt to control us

  70. I keep telling people bro this is technology War it between China and America the virus and the 5G is the weapon

  71. America is a national risk all around the world,earth and now they going to mess things up in other planet’s that they are planting these 3D stations.

  72. Why is United states upset about cause the u.s.adoes the same thing, u.s.a mad that someone else is doing it and beating them in their own game 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. Wuuh haannin’ ?😂😂😂
    Seriously, even USA does da s**t, but China, China, China…
    These people have something weird going on all the damn time!

  74. It is also the beast of chipping with your new DL where you have to have mire information added attached to it by October 2020 so there will be another agenda around October watch for it….. it will be associated with that vaccine 💉 as well but you want be able to enter any federal building without that extra I formation attached with your DL# that is not known for the app’s so they get you this way more about you with the digital money

  75. EVEN WHEN I HAVE A THOUGHT INSIDE MY HEAD, it appears on a social media ad. its bigger than keystrokes and tracking. frfr

  76. this is why ididnt agree with you doing your facebook group for the ‘woke’ individuals. honestly, i dont care for social media but i do hope that my youtube channel does well when i get started. Facebook pretty much almost ruined my existence. i couldnt live with it. it sucks you in and doesnt care what it sucks out of you either. Always feeling discouraged because you naturally compare yourself to those posting positive achievements and success. OR gaining depression from watching those who arent doing so well. ☹️ (empath problems). i dont have a tik tok and dont want one but I know its also very beneficial to the music industry. they dont have to make good music anymore because someone just makes up a dance and it goes viral. but yea tik tok is a WHOLE demon 😂 especially for sex trafficking and child predators

  77. Papa duck please watch”THE CABAL DEEP STATE QANON E1-10” for the truth.. keep y’all vibes high and pray. Onelove

  78. @Papa Duck
    What do you think about new age mainstream rappers that have 5 million – 100 million dollar houses? Do you think they could only achieve that level of success because they are apart of the agenda to keep the masses dumbed down? Please speak about this topic, this is what the people really want to know!

  79. What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained. We’re here now! You can run from it or take advantage of it! Living life in fear won’t stop you from dying. Adapt to what’s going on, maneuver accordingly and most importantly stay educated so you’re on top of your game. That’s literally all you can do 💯🏁

  80. Name one major social media platform who doesn’t study u ? The problem they having with Tik Tok , it’s a foreign made platform. YouTube does the same thing! Facebook been doing it , IG , and your email server.

  81. We have to many freedoms.. that’s what I get from this!! We as Americans take shit for granted even ourselves we need govt protection now more than ever because this Coronavirus shit is a chemical WAR!

  82. I been knew social media was a distraction and they have ads as a way to persuade people but the elite knew that a lot of people want validation cause that’s all people really do on social media and they track ur location when u post if people start thinking outside the box it’s really common sense

  83. I think they also use social media to further study human behavior so it can be used with transhumanism.  Notice how people now dont even care as much to have physical contact with others b/c theyre used to electronics to see and communicate with each other.  Facetime, skype, video games, texting, etc. And now SOCIAL distancing….smh. They’ve been getting us used to it.  This is also probably how they got those automatic responses like when someone sends u a text, your phone automatically has a response….basically the technology is communicating with humans.  They’re pushing virtual reality. 

    Transhumanism: the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

  84. So basically China is the United States enemies anyways right this Tik Tok app aka 5G Chinese Coronavirus🤔

  85. I been telling people about that shit for years, when Myspace, then Facebook, now this bullshit. Thanks Bro.

  86. Fuck being scared my ppl Karma has adopted a new name and her name is stupid bless up and stay ready y’all his ppl shall have no fear of rich dummy’s #riseyourfrequency

  87. Thats why the smart ones keep an old school burna phone for personal info and a smart phone for else things. 😂

  88. You are always so on point you have woken me up and opened my eyes to a whole new world.. the complete truth. I couldn’t wait to join that group We Woke cause now we have mo excuse why we cant come together and get rid of the government all together because they mean us no good, they are all scammers and the bs they feed us daily is all an illusion. Us as (black people mainly) a people intimidate the government thats why they trying to get rid of us. I share your videos all day repeatedly on every platform i can cause i need your videos to go viral so you and i can pump truth thru the veins of our people. Keep telling the truth and imma keep spreading it😘

  89. They been doing it , it’s just media and we are so comfortable with giving up out location/data to download this. Now they just give it out without our consent.

  90. I’m staring to feel this channel is just all clout chasing 😑your basically just reposting the news most of the time and putting extra narratives on it to get people raddled up.



  92. All social media collect information how you think police job getting easier America just mad because chinese making more money then them

  93. I ain’t never download tik tok n never will. Hell I still don’t quite know what that app is about lol

  94. So we on this today so have anybody payed any attention to them fuck ass quibi commercials dat capp ass shyt everyone of um took place as if the world is in a National disaster but mf take time out to quibi

  95. Did yall hear him? They ain’t smart, they just been spying on us. That’s how they steal our creativity and market it as well, for we are the salt of the Earth. The main victims to this system has been us ghetto prisoners. That’s how we’ve been kept on the bottom of society, not to mention Willie Lynch and Jim Crow. Yall look that up too. Be enlightened.

  96. Dey want it gone because dey know dat race got sum shit on dey ass ain’t nobody just saying don’t download dat app but every other app good gdfo wit dat bs

  97. That’s y they ask for permission for access to it phone camera, mic, photos, msm, and all once u hit accept thats all it take cause if u don’t accept because u won’t be able to do anything but look the same thing wit Facebook and any other app I don’t have tictok nor Facebook no app but the apps thats is on the phone itself and the on app I use is YouTube

  98. I will “boldly” suggest that everyone take this a step further and just get RID of your “cell”(prison)phone, cause this is what “they” want to use for their new and improved tracking concerning the “CV”!! Time to walk this tech back, and just get RID of it before it devours you and your children!! Ephesians 2!! Think the movie “King’s Men” and the scene where everyone looses it when that “frequency” is sent over their phones!!!!!! This is real!!!

  99. now seeing how simple puppets cling to a string
    can give up all freedom due to fear of cutting the puppet masters string!

  100. I’m pretty sure Zuckerburg has an alternate ” American made” app that will be “safe” to use..

  101. Once u have a “smart phone” they track and collect info on u… look at this, why when browsing internet, an app or anywhere on your phone OR your personal home internet or IP address, there next time u use your phone u start seeing ads of the SAME searches u perform from even OTHER APPS!

    This is a continues cycle, they even know the car I drive… so they definitely have most of your info just from your ip address and use of the internet.

    Stay wise, bless up 💯💪🏾🇧🇸✊🏾🧠👁

  102. All apps collect your data ppl! Dont fall for the demonization of china…if you pay attention they treating china like Germany…we just dont know whos the new hitler. They First blame china for coronavirus when all nations agreed on 5g towers

  103. Well I know they tracking us who are not buying their tricks, wonder how they’ll eliminate us

  104. 🤔 thought they was Chinese the way they duck sauce D.R.A.K.E. them, DO RIGHT AND KILL EVERYTHING

  105. I started thinkin’ that we were givin’ this tech to get comfortable and that they would take it away so that we no longer know how to look for info or guidance so they can really take control. The earth has all the answers already. No wonder they call the internet the *web*, it’s a trap.

  106. Brah Cambridge analytical do your research. That’s how they elect people and find out why we “want”. That’s what Facebook is for the USA. Read the fine print on any app you have they all do the same thing

  107. I don’t care how woke you people claim to be, because at the end of the day you can’t change anything or stop anything. You have some knowledge about some things that’s going on, yet are powerless to stop anything. What’s the benefit of being WOKE when you are powerless to stop what’s happening????? If you’re going to be woke about anything it should be the bible and Jesus.

  108. Tik Tok maybe a different form of how ppl are being tracked and information used, but it doesn’t matter any type of form of social media they know all about you. You’re social alone gives alot of info so at this point tik Tok is just another platform an a better use of technology for them to track your every move where maybe some your other platforms could only obtain certain things. Just my opinion.

  109. Social Media =Social Experimentation. #Facts. If you choose to be a test subject, dont be surprised when you get experimented on.

  110. If anything it just seems that the US government is hurt because they haven’t been able to openly get away with the data collecting like China. They didn’t mention how many American made apps do the same damn thing but aren’t being banned. 🤔

  111. Study us for what? To make clones out of us? So they don’t like humans, but want to make us out of medal or some other shit ? Cmon now. Y’all needa think.

  112. Duck you advertise Socialmedia by telling us to follow you on many of these Socialmedia platforms. If it’s a problem, you should take the lead and delete them one by one!

  113. China has the “social credit system” they have all of their citizens under mass surveillance with the 5G technology. That’s why America is trying to follow suit. US has been competing with China for over a decade. I learned from an Air force vet that the US military has basically been in a Hacker war with China for years.

  114. Just wondering, Sir, why do you provide a link to Tik Tok, in your description, after this warning?
    -Just a question. No direspect intended. Ty

  115. AYE PAPA DUCK, You need to look up Bill Gates ID2020. Bill Gates invested with the Rockefeller foundation on invisible tattoos to scan for people who have been vaccinated for COVID-19. AKA The Mark Of The Beast.

  116. I been waiting my whole lifetime for dis type of movement. We need to organize. United we stand. Divided we fall!!!

  117. Read your
    Made through the father of all living things

    Black men are the original (HUE)MANS
    (I wrote that for those in our community who believe jesus is a white mans religon , which isnt . And jesus died for EVERYONE. After we let him die

  118. Everyone is still open to the News, conspiracy busts and solutions. But nobody is doing anything to put the solutions in effect. No time to unite or any of that revolutionary talk. Trust God live righteous is all you can do.

  119. This is why I dont have any social media accounts. I had deleted my facebook for 6 years and decided to get one again and a month later I deleted because I got weirded out lol

  120. I’m 32 and I haven’t had social media. I been studying public information and I know Facebook is the leading cause of personal information getting out there.

  121. The only social media i get on is this (youtube) my son is 8 and all he speaks of is tik tok says all his friends in school have one. I guess im that mean momma his tale is not allowed on NO social media at all. Even these cartoons and “kids” shows on youtube are not kid friendly.

    Random but is it just the kids i know or it everywhere that the kids like watching other kids play with toys on tv?

    Mess is weird to me and im told i need to lighten up and let my kids be kids. Im good il take the heat now but my kids will thank me later when they understand where im coming from.

  122. @Papa Duck-Look at on YT the information about Amazon the beginning of it how it knocked out small business,then he made a home in Washington .D.C then he( Bezkos ) became personal friends with Obama and then got contracts for C.I.A. storing Cloud (personal information) then did facial recognition,as well as listening devices like echo and Alexa. Not only that but he also works with the Police. This is with our Social Program’s.🙄 Guard your info!But with who? Limit your access to the internet, don’t put personal info on it. Everybody’s Personal Business is Nobodys Business but yours🤫🤗

  123. I watch other YouTubers but ur shit the most official cause u show the evidence … Keep doing ur thing

  124. I’ve been trying to tell these young folks about these phone. Putting out all there information, when, what ard where .I’m only on IG and I’m starting to post with no caption. Keep it coming PaPaDuck✊🏾♥️

  125. It’s time to LOG OFF & DISENGAGE from ALL social media! Old school communication is the way to go!

  126. I did my walk bare foot on the grass bro I ain’t gonna front it was a cleansing feeling I did it for about 15 minutes

  127. Fam you be on it

    Tell the people take Apple Cider Vinegar every morning

    Cut out the milk and meat
    Get Vitamin D from the Sun, your melanin is brown chlorophyll

    Replace Orange Juice w Pineapple Juice

  128. Train yourself and Teach your kids to stop keeping up with the latest trend. All new devices and data upload isn’t safe. Tik tok listen time is ticking lolz

  129. I remember when The Today Show had reported this information. They had suggested to delete it. But, our government is dirty right along with Bill Gates & his goons. It’s all connected in technology world. In the army they teach you about OPSEC ex specially overseas. I’m convinced somehow all top officials are in on this including our government. It’s funny because I see everyone using TikTok including the ones who said not to use several months ago with their families doing the TikTok dance.

  130. What’s the solution as a parent my kids never had social media until they got grown so what are we to do?

  131. The rules that are being imposed upon us now is a Totalitarian regime//Communism; like Hitler or Stalin’s reign. Attorneys willlhave no rights if that happens…Schools and boo coo companies will be taken over by the government. And I hope that’s not why all these CEO’s are retiring now…

  132. The United States is no different from China in data collection. China wanna be America that’s why they’re collecting these data.🗣

  133. This is correct!…I have a family member who is high In cyber security..she has been telling us not to down load that app for years

  134. Spiritual people were yall at nun of yall bots better not comment on my comment only woke people thank u

  135. My brother told me dat last year, aiming towards da youth to steal info. But it’s jus not tik tok it’s all Dem social network sites.

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