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  1. Everything has a cause and effect. As far as social media it was created to do what it suppose to do and that is to capture the minds of the people and some will never truly understand that and believe it’s a coincidence. I’ve realized the power of social media from at a young age when AOL, Yahoo Chat, and etc were popular..They’ve always had creators to create those triggers for people to gravitate to..With technology forever evolving it is just becoming more intense by the day..I’ve always felt the internet itself is powerful yet dangerous you just have to take what you can from it all..By the way great show kings keep it up!!..Much love and continue to spread the knowledge..

  2. I was just watching to see papa duck handsome self but Shit I learned so much from him I changed my whole life 🤦🏿damn boy you so smart ..

  3. The virus is a lie to destroy the economy crush the human spirit and Usher in a one world government. This is not about Public Safety this is about enslavement. Please America wake the fuk up. Thank you Papa Duck For all your work I support you 100%

  4. Aye I knew ya partner was a stand up dude‼️ Aye we Big Bills fans ova here ‼️You know what it is… Keep doing what you do‼️

  5. how can we send recommended topics for you all to discuss on the show? would love to see you or someone do a show on how CONDITIONED WE ARE AS a human race that we’ve ACCEPTED basically everything around as NORMAL when most of it is obviously systematic, done by design and purely sick and evil. we’ve even been conditioned to accept sick and evil as a part of life without realizing how SICK it is! an example is the prison system. i would love to discuss that in particular. DOes it really seem JUST? seem like rehabilitation? seems more like a disgusting INHUMANE WAY TO FORCE ANOTHER PERSON TO LIVE IS WHAT IT IS TO ME! taking away someone elses life just because they didnt FOLLOW ANOTHER MANS RULES!!!!! FORCING ANOTHER HUMAN TO LIVE IN A CAGE FOR YEARS FOR BULLSHIT….TELL ME THATS NOT SOME TYPE OF EXPERIMENTAL SHIT!!!!! AND WE’VE BEEN CONDITIONED TO ACCEPT IT AS NORMAL AND EVEN BLAME THE PRISONERS BY BELIEVING ITS THEIR FAULT FOR BREAKING THESE LAWS (ANOTHER MANS RULES) . WHICH AT THE END OF THE DAY ARE NOTHING BUT SYSTEMATIC THINGS THAT INTENTIONALLY BRING TO US TO JUSTIFY PUTTING PEOPLE IN PLACES LIKE PRISONS! DRUGS, GANGS….ALL COMING FROM THEM!!!! THEN THEY LOCK US UP FOR ENGAGING IN THE VERY ACTIVITIES THAT THEYVE PUSHED UPON US. THEY DO THE SAME WITH FOODS….PUSH ALL THESE BULLSHIT FOODS….ENTICE YOU 24/7 THEN MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE ITS THEIR FAULT WHEN DYING OF HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, LUNG CANCER….WHEN IT WAS THEM WHO PUT THESE THINGS in our faces all our lives! our WHOLE lives are full of their agendas and we need to wake up ALL OF IT…RELIGION, POLITICS, SPORTS…EVERYTHING ON TV…DONT EVEN ENTERTAIN THESE NEWS STORIES….THEY ARE THERE TO ENGAGE YOU OVER BULLSHIT…..BASICALLY ALL PART OF THE GAME!!! WE ARE ALL BASICALLY ONE BIG AS EXPERIMENT…AT LEAST LIVING IN ONE!

  6. After watching Social Dilemma, all I can say is as a people, we’re fucked!!!! All I can think about is the perspective of the dealer vs the user!

  7. Social media is the result of the indoctrinated characters from a sad society. The constructs to connect is always there. The constructs of an oppressive society is about being verbal not social.

  8. Bruh I love your work but I noticed on your channel as a cat that watch and shares your content regularly…you try and clean up some of the street diction …so make that move on your podcast as well… no matter who sitting next to you don’t feed off that energy …that’s your brand homie chances are you further along in the game than your co host or your guests don’t let keeping it real go wrong.

  9. The phones are AI of yourself.. kind of like the brain of the robot (your profile) and it gets smarter and smarter with the data you provide it. The question is why and how far are they willing to go? Love your content.

  10. Social media is a propaganda weapon. It was never created for the sole purpose of connecting people. It’s a manipulation device. They know if we are united, they wont accomplish their agenda so they divide us with race, class, sexuality etc. The only division that truly exists is Good vs. Evil.

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