do your research on the word eugenics and Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood and you will understand why Bill Gates really step down from Microsoft…. it’s all about population control with him and his whole family including his dad and wife😤😤😤 I can’t understand what give these damn people the authority to pick who lives and who dies🎯🖕🏾 but like I said in my last video we support our own demise because at the end of the day we were the people who supported Microsoft which then put him in power financially to do the bullshyt that they’re doing 🤦🏾‍♀️👊🏽…now you understand how magic works

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By admin

320 thoughts on “The Definition Of Eugenics is The Real Reason Bille Gates Left Microsoft”
  1. Father duck that man you talking is a clone he is the one responsible for the funding of the vaccine

  2. Everything you talk about in your videos ive been trying to tell ppl for the past 10 years but it takes a pandemic or something to happen for people to open their eyes 👀.

  3. Gematria is that real ish.. it’s how the ppl that run the world make things happen that we think is “coincidence” or nature..

  4. One plus 1 does not equal 2 in order to have 1 in order to have 1 what did you have to do wtf maybe his just aint focus

  5. May Our Creator continue to bless you, I see everything you are exposing as Truth and I Pray that you continue to reach our people and that there are more Like you because there’s not enough time and our people are lost sheep we are so conditioned and deceived that we can’t see the truth In our face. HEAVENLY FATHER PLEASE HAVE MERCY UPON US.

  6. Mark of the beast!!! His number 666 or the number of his name. I’m being more and more aware of the real reality

  7. I wld luv to know more about this.. Reminds me of the movie “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage. In the movie the numbers always added up to the nxt disaster….😳

  8. That’s like KOBE.. KOBE BRYANT =157 it was 157 days from his birthday to his death & that was the Target score for the All star game

  9. I created a business called condom blueprint so we can avoid abortions the right way and to end the std epidemic follow it all on platforms @condomblueprint young black man from the south with a new life saving idea and business

  10. Curtis Washington on you tube fuck tha Coronavirus bump that papa duck u a real king 👑 i got like 2.5 views on fb see i look at all your video u Motivate me

  11. 19 9-1=8 how many died from kobe corona sound like kettle cough like bat or flying dog or god or dog or dogma man my mother was murder on my birthday iam back im the big scorpio im a fallen angels we are writing your bible or lebron kjv lol

  12. I been studying gematria and numberology for bout two years now. There is a few ways other ways to value each letter. Check out gematriator. It breaks it down for you. Also check out Gematria effect news. Zach has two books out ells you how it all works he is the best out there. He breaks down news music and sport’s and shows you how it’s all connected. ✌️

  13. I Been telling people
    this shit four ten years
    are people ain’t trying
    to 👂 what we are saying.
    369 is the last row on your
    phone 123= 6 6
    456=15 6
    789=24 6
    666 and 999 or the same thing
    up and down the Trinity number
    in 333 =9
    333 444 666
    3 6 9 BEAST SYSTEM

  14. Another video that’s straight bullshit. Why would they create planned parenthood to control population??? Tobacco drugs and gang violence does that for them. Plus we had 76 million people in the United States in 1900 330 million people in The United States today the population grows by almost 2 million every year. Seriously bro your ignorant and anybody that listens to you is ignorant

  15. Yessss🙌 PLZ do the video on GEMATRIA!!! My King they not gonna understand the POWER of them NUMBERS that’s where OUR powers lies in NUMBERS if we would all UNITE and come together mannnnn I promise you the enemy don’t have no artillery that exist on this earth that could STOP US!!! GEMATRIA is Sooo important for our ppl to understand because that’s how they are killing us off! We were ALL given a Number from birth (ss#) that is how we are labeled by our assigned #’s we are not even considered a human being we are JUST a # in the worlds eyes just like when you go to jail or prison you become a # tge state assigns to you from that moment on you no longer are addressed by your name they address you by your # ONLY!! When you identify yourself you state your # ONLY!!! We have so much power that in our #’s its UNBELIEVABLE!!!🙌🤞❤1618-INFINITY!!!!!!

  16. I done seen technology evolve faster than the shit conspiracy theorist preach so how sway?🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. Deep content brother, we would love to link up with you one day and have you on the 1Tyme for your mind podcast. South Carolina approves this message. 🔥🔥

  18. Papa duck i remeber you getting annoyed how “famous” people are not talking about shit like this, but you will grow fast, its part of your destiny i believe

  19. Population control is code for eugenics. Bill Gates did a whole Ted Talk on population control WHILE discussing bio-warfare.

  20. Hmmm 🤔 wonder why YouTube asked me what I thought of this video a little over halfway. Evidently if I’ve watched that much…FB , YouTube and IG all the same anyway. Suspicious to ask me on this video 🤔

  21. They just pure evil bro that why its the duty of the good to put evil in there place, good has authority over evil, we gotta activate

  22. Margrett Singer and Bill Gates Eugenics programs are extension of the Nazis’ initiatives. They are Nazis along with every Globalist.
    The Reich is alive and well, hell your smart devices are Nazi and IBM technology. Microsoft’s Logo is a derivative of the Swastka . That’s another reason why there is so much Nazi themed entertainment today, they are in control and are about to use this Plannedemic to further cement their control legally.

  23. No brah CORONA iz 3 u must BREAK th NUMBER down 2 ITZ smallezt FORM….th ROCKERFELLAZ FUNDED that SHIT wit that DEMON Sanger…

  24. Yeahsinger was a fucking nazi thats who hillary”the devil”clinton said was her fucking inspiration the bitch gave her speech in front of the klu klux klan


  26. Guys, please read the book Eugenics and Other Evil. It was authored by an English author, poet and philosopher called G K Chesterton. It was written in 1922.

  27. I went into Sally’s beauty today they told me they were no longer accepting cash due to the corona virus smh

  28. I know it’s complicated as I am learning it myself. Provide them with resources. Like start learning numerology. And then go from there.


  30. Mad love for you Pap… Numerology is an advanced science and certain concepts need to be understood before it can be talked about. For instance, understanding the Vibration of each number ie 0=source 1=creation 2=polarity etc. For now, to keep the word Corona simple… CORONA: mid 16th century (in corona1 (sense 5)): from Latin, ‘wreath, crown’. Put your thinking caps on ladies and gents ✌🏾❤️ OH.. And if you want to know more about eugenics watch sister Francis Cress Welsing Light it up

  31. All I know I love knowledge and you…You and one other YouTuber speak facts n super power knowledge…keep coming baby I’m with it ALL Real Man Knowledge…and I’m starting to not f with these humans😊

  32. Bill Gates funded the entire Common Core Program that is currently circulating in all the Schools in the US.. Dumbing down our kids. He was also caught in a Teds talk speaking about depopulation. He has taken a active roll Globally to help Vaccinate everyone Check out Agenda 21, United Nations Plan to depopulate the US by 90%. Research Rex 84, Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot.

    1. The us constitution will be suspended for at least 6 month if marshall law steps in. that’s what happens..we will have no my understanding.

  33. This all cause the Epstein and Weinstein case they finna swoop up all these Pedophiles that’s the real reason for the quarantine and marshal law for the rest of us they caught alot of these High level illuminati and pedos why Disney stepped down Ups Bill Gates and etc that came out they had corona virus the celebrities they really have warrants but they dont wanna put that out their they dont want these people to run out the country or destroy the archive In Italy the Vatican including Italy and the Vatican they about to get swooped up otherwise they would try another mass killing event to distract Did yall notice as soon as they were about to out who the pedophiles were they put the nation on quarantine even Politicians involved that’s how deep the rabbit hole goes they let a disease go but it’s not what they are saying it’s really for us to switch to the Nwo digital currency and get vaccinated their time is running up the Most High is revealing the veil of darkness and they are scared shitless and trying to bring as many down with them cause they know there future in the lake of fire for all that their doing .. 🙏✊💯

    1. Ellen DeGeneres looks scared and old and guilty..talking to .Michelle obama on the cell phone like everything is cool and they are buddies. smh.

  34. Could you use less insulting in your educational video. Too must insult and hard to focus on the deep revelations.

  35. Keep doing your thing bro! If you ever in Atlanta we would love to do an interview 💯!Junkies Tv…Shout outs to all the knowledge Junkies out there!

  36. On your fb pg PD , there’s another bro childrenofisrealouthere Yahi links the numbers, colors, deities/ demons, hand signs& symbols he’s also on patreon . gemetria is also linked to kabbalah crowley & pike escotrics , ✔orde martinistes

  37. What’s really tips me out… is that I been doing these type of numbers in my head before I even knew what it was… then once I found out about it… I was shook… keep it up bruh… you 1k… and that human comment you be making… I was was saying something similar to that b4 I heard you saying it… so that let’s me know I’m on the right path… you my brother “PAPA DUCK”… in a real way… everything you be talking about… I was introduced in 2009, by a brother from the SOUTH… Boule etc.. its unlimited rabbit holes, with unlimited endings, much “L&R” (love and respect) to you, your family, your supporters, your movement and everything else positive you got going… your not cocky or animated… you remain humble….I peep the frustration you have.. yet and still… as a REAL MAN…you CONTROL your feelings and emotions… never step off your throne for a peasant…

  38. Talk about the Guide Stone In GA, a lot of people don’t know about that! White people know about it but won’t tell other races about!!

  39. 666 is order… a days…back thsn spiritually it meant…protons..nutrons..electrons…..pope put hit put n disnonced 666 evil…im figgting against wicked school system now……bending the rules

  40. @papaduck…thank you for all your research and hard work to bring this to people’s attention. God bless u sir!!🙏💙🙋‍♀️

  41. Step in the name of love has one number, 79…..Christ is pronounced SHA’RISE…. Sharise=79
    I was born on a SATURday
    Step in name of love, I am love
    All describing one girl
    CeeLo green, the one
    Cherie Amour= Sharise Love
    Christ love, Christ Pronounced SHA’RISE

  42. I’m drop a jewel… The time clock notice 3,6,9,12 which represents north, south, east, west the 12 also represents who tryn to control the world from every angles 12 sercet elite men who seat at the table.. Now notice on a clock 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11 which is us as a population our #s are larger than theirs plus we have God in he will destroy there ever plan

  43. Exactly PD! I was thinking about this for real recently. It didn’t make sense that he would spend so much money saving Africa. Africa is one of if not the youngest continent. Africa is and will be ok. Leave them alone Gates family!

  44. Is it me it’s been foggy for the last 4 days deep in the sky I mean u can’t see any clouds r the sun…strange man🤔

  45. Appreciate you and your attempts to wake your people up. The Gematria effect has been showing things like this. I have been trying to comprehend how the calendar actually work. Thanks brother.

  46. Try this number. When there is too much of anything it loses value. Ground troop warfare is pretty much a thing of the past. People are not dying fast enough now and other ways to control population growth must be instituted. The earth doesn’t appear to be expanding to support the overload of resource extraction, regeneration and greed. Too many people to one house is just not the best way to live.

    1. Wallace, Just like a nigga. Worrying about small insignificant shit. Listen to the knowledge he dropping.

  47. Duck when u have the gold teeth in we know u are making music i right about it..🤣❤

  48. i understand gematria very well. if you’re a beginner PLEASE watch “Gematria Effect News” on YT you won’t be sorry!!!!

    1. Most definitely sis! I follow the sports version as well. I’m trying to get my people to get on it as well.

  49. Just good to see people awoke sometimes you scared to even bring this stuff up to two dimensional thinkers

  50. Please sign these petitions to try to help other human beings

  51. I feel they will shut off the internet soon.. Tom Hanks arrested. Ellen On house arrest. Come on y’all. I don’t even think this is about us!! I think this is much deeper. It will play out in front of our eyes very soon!

  52. CHRIST IS THE SPIRIT AND THE HEAD OF MAN. (Spirit doesn’t have a race)

    Yall get right spiritually. We are in the end times :]

  53. BRO I’ VE BEEN TELLING YOU ALL,WATCH MY VID WINNING GODS GLORY 3,4,5, I EXPLAIN IN DETAILS OF MY LIFE ,,, remember i dont need the views i am told to warn,,but you will not listen ,,it is written in the bible,,mathew 13,13

  54. You never leave any resources for the bullshit you spread and I can see why bc you do half ass research on your subjects. Piss poor. Who tf is still afraid of 666? Fake woke ass niggas.

  55. That makes sense cause you can tell they don’t give af about the shootings & killings that go on around the US & when it’s reported on the news it’s like they taunting us

  56. That coronavirus stuff is already programmed in the iPhone when I type “cor” coronavirus pops up …get closer to Jesus Christ 💯 whoever has a problem with getting closer with Jesus ,shouldn’t be close to you anyway

  57. Bill gates steppin down because the vaccine they been working on to kill is complete…now the lockdown and the vaccinating is about to start

  58. I respect you Papa Duck for having the balls to tell it like it is with no filter and not 1 fuck. 😎 #Salute

  59. That’s a very complex topics but it has a lot to do with genetics inheritanc yes Sir you needed to pay attention. While you are in. Shcool

  60. These times reminds me of Egypt and Moses and Pharoa and the people and the sea and all that

  61. They step down bc 5g is ready to be in full effect so be ready don’t be deceived bc stores and schools closing bc 5g is being plant that why while everyone is under curfew or quarantine from 9-5 be safe y’all everything happens while we are sleep stay mentally woke

    1. I noticed they started just now during the quarantine promoting 5g heavy heavy. On Youtube infomercials

  62. Every time they try to exterminate is, it back fires on them. This is why they are dying out at an alarming rate.

    1. @The Matrix because im taking that you are a woman or man of color its a curse The Most High put on our forefathers for being disobedient

  63. I follow Papa Duck on FB as well and I must say I can’t go a day without tuning into the knowledge he spills!!! Keep it coming bro. Peace and blessings💯😍🙏

  64. Bill Gates stepped down because his name along with other celebraties was on a list that Harvey weinsten gave to the feds to get less jail time. ..those names were names that were passangers on the private plane of jeff Epstein that were flying out to his private island doing what ever they want to all those underage kids. all these celebs claiming they got cov-19 to duck being sentenced. .Tom hanks bane was on that list as well as Charles Barkley and Ellen degenres

  65. I was looking up bill gates sr and Melinda gates ig page a feed ago before clicking this video. They are some weird mofos man. His pops look like an old ass racist

  66. Look up Zach Hubbard he break all the words with #s they actually they flagged his channel 😭 not too long ago bc he was exposing shit Bt go check him out

  67. They’re stepping down is a lie them nigga is about to get lock up so most of them is going to there Bunker 🤫

  68. Thanks for all the information!!! well on point keep up with all the truth the world is slowly waking up.

  69. Yes, gematria is the language of the elites and the universe..i studied it for 3 years…it becomes a little scary when you realize these numbers dictate the world

    1. @Jay R I will help you. After having dealt with this and the mystery of numbers for slightly north of 15 years, (since a teenager) the best advice I can give you is this. Basically nobody knows what they’re talking about. The more you learn the more you find yourself in places people tell you not to go. The answers you seek are in places you are told not to look

    2. Can i put my name or date of birth and get an answer? How does it work? Sorry idk about it im tryna understand.

  70. Do your research 666 has been made to be evil.. But its not. It is another reversal of our power in the generic make up of us.

  71. They dont want you having black babies either that’s why they push interracial marriage and most celebrities who are black have mixed babies, it’s all plans to have less of us. I’ve been woke to this a long time.

  72. Big bro kicking game to us. I always fact check what you’re saying and you’re always spot on. I read the book Silent weapons for quiet wars like you recommend, and everything makes so much sense now. For example the who toilet paper situation was straight out of the book!

    I’ve also known a bout gematria for a long time too, so I fact check the calculation and the c-word adds up to exactly what you said! They can lie and and deceive, but the numbers never lie.

    I knew about the eugenics project but I didnt stop to think how deep it really was, this video was like the missing piece to all the information I had….everyone thinks these people came from humble beginnings, but they’re all part of ancient bloodlines and their lives and back stories are all fabricated. They’ve been planning and scheming for centuries and they have knowledge and resources to control every aspect of our lives.

    This goes so deep I had no idea that this level of control and power was even possible.

    Guys people listen to big bro and check out Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and Fritz Springmeier Bloodlines of the illuminati. Check out the gematria calculator, start off with simplified gematria and full reduction gematria. 🙏🏿

    1. GS247x Yo get on this video dropped last night. He got mad books to recommend in this video plus knowledge and facts of past, present, and future yes it’s 5hr long but that’s what it takes to just begin to explain it ALL

  73. And now they banning abortions is because 60% of whites women was getting abortions more than any other race they do anything to keep their power alive *well TMH SAID I THINK NOT IM FOR MY PPL THAT’S MADE IN MY IMAGE AND LIKENESS*

  74. Yes! Please EDUCATE FOLKS on GEMATRIA! I’VE known for a while how STAGED things are but just found out recently how they’re doing things BY THE NUMBERS! When you get familiar with it, you’ll NOTICE IT EVERYWHERE and its a SHAME because they’re MOCKING us with it by putting it right on our faces because they know most dont know about it. Whenever you see NUMBERS or whenever they TALK ABOUT a particular number… ALWAys has a meaning. For example, a recent post by tom hanks about his corona update on his instagram, notice how he CASUALLY mentions his wife’s game score of 201! He was REFERENCING EVENT 201, which was a SIMULATION OF THE CORONA virus that occured a few months before it actually happened. And the picture in the instagram post of his was of a CORONA typewriter…corona is WRITTEN on the typewriter! They’re banking on our IGNORANCE and lace of paying attention to detail. PAY ATTENTION! He also mentions in the post his wife had 6 STRAIGHT wins…smh….they do this EVERYDAY ALL DAY. They’re NAMES WILL EVEN MATCH UP WITH DATES, ETC by the NUMBERS! Check out the page below. He does break downs almost DAILY because this is how they OPERATE!

    1. Kendall Yarbrough what evidence??? All these theory’s are built off of pure paranoia spawning from stupid people talking about stuff they know nothing about as if it’s facts. You know what’s bad, a lot of you in this comment section share the same beliefs as people like Charles Manson, people that carried out mass shootings and serial killers.

    2. I knew there would be 1 Ignorant comment..the “coincidence theorist” & the dismissive people when the facts & evidence is in there face are much worse than the people doing these conspiracies against us SMH

    3. I’m sorry but that’s stupid and your ignorant. Yea I’m sure Tom hanks and his wife are apart of this evil secret society and their trying to brag about it in Facebook posts but they brag about it in code. Fucking stupid


  75. watch gemantria effect news hes good to learn from…will see sports is rigged too…also download the gemantria calculator by Chadwick Young its the original

  76. Matthew 10:28
    “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

    Matthew 10:28 Context
    25It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household? 26Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. 27What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops. 28And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. 29Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. 30But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.

    Hidden History.. Our People Were Quarantined, Living In Mental Anguish, As The Death Angels Came!!
    Miss Evers Boys
    Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment…..The Deadly Deception
    Kobe’s #2 Memorial, “The Simpsons” Coronavirus, Kill Monkey King, Stocks Plunge.
    URGENT Nationwide Martial Law & depopulation agenda 21, digital soldiers, Q and BLACKOUTS (RED DAWN)
    End Times prophecy news update – This week of march 2020

    1. @John Davis yes, atrazine is one. Check out Tyrone Hayes’ study on it. He’s the scientist behind the studies that proved when using this chemical, male frogs were turning to female and even producing eggs! And this is one of the most popular chemicals being sprayed on our crops today. I think the young man need to speak out about it because they’re unaware of why they are how they are. We’ve made it embarrassing for them at a society to come out but I think that’s one of the main things we can do to prove this. Most males today are at least bisexual and I don’t think they realize it’s not all from their own choosing. This is going on chemically! Especially with the younger males

    2. Big Facts. They feminized Black Men through vaccines in the 90s. Soy is not good for Black Men too much estrogen.

    1. *Planned Parenthood was called the American Birthcontrol League in 1921 by its Founder Maragaret Sanger who was a huge advocate of Eugenics.*

    2. Bill Gates in head over heal involved with trying to Vaccinate everyone on all Country’s. Hmmm I wonder why

    3. Wrong… eugenics was first they brought Margaret Sanger into the Eugenics program because she had already started Planned Parenthood they needed her to push that agenda further there is a DVD you can get from Amazon it is called Masa 21 recommend you get the two pack DVD… it talks about this very topic

    1. @Pharoah Blackgod No problem, I been researching vortex math recently ,thats why I knew what you were talking about.👍

    2. @RaceAna Dream CarGram Eater bro read carefully to what you just typed n find where you contradicted yourself.

    3. @RaceAna Dream CarGram Eater Man created MATH so it IS a social construct AND invention! Duh😎

    1. Gematria is essentially the divinci code of the elites they hide everything in this matrix with this secret code some say Jesus is just gematric code for some self righteous leaders of the present age

    1. @Les Charles ..Big Facts…That’s why I watch tons of Documentaries up here and on other streaming sites. I stopped watching dumb ass reality shows. All they do is distract you from the real world and whats going on around you. Look at all of these stupid shows, from the Bachelor to the Housewives.. Hip Hop shows. Just a mess to distract you from the truth.. I’m good over here.. Lock and Load…This is not a GAME..

    2. @Charles Marvin …Charles, check out this guy Dr. Shiva up here on YT he is really good. Hope this helps you and anyone else reading this.

    3. Also YT Gematria Effect News and or Gematria Effect Sports.

      He been at this over six years now. Enjoy

    1. j stine That’s how I learned . Wen I come out from among them . Only for 👀see 👂 to hear feel me 💡

    2. @Faith D.S let the folks know the deal & not 📽 its deeper meanings to all this gematria aint for everyone

    3. Yahi is real he also shows the colors of the dieties/ demons that coincide with the numbers & symbols & hand gestures/ signs used he’s deeper than most

  77. FB actively targeted Papa Duck and that’s because the videos he’s posting like surveys are being sent by FB

    1. Seriously? I knew it’d be a matter of time! Every time someone puts out truth? FB is first to shut them down then they go to the next platform! Smfh

    2. I posted an articular from Rolling Stones yesterday “DOJ Wants to Suspend Certain Constitutional Rights During Coronavirus Emergency.” Facebook blocked me from reply to everyone. Then I posted it to my life feed, they took it down. Posted on my wall they took it down. Mark is a bitch to the Elite.

  78. Start going more in depth don’t matter who don’t understand it’s about who does understand big dawg

    1. If he’s purpose is to educate or elevate a mass, it should matter that everyone overstand his message or lessons young man especially if it’s a complicated topic they’re interested in learning. Not everyone learn the same. And I wonder why Melanated aren’t thriving. I know selfish mentality. Just saying.

    2. Yeah let’s go in debt just so you can discover how much you don’t know. You ready?

    3. Yea jus like now I was tryin to to tell one of my family members that they injected the people in Wuhan to cause dis killin and name it cornavirus and don’t believe me and too lazy to do the research. I don’t believe YouTube but u believe Facebook and the news 🤔🤔🤔 jus an example on how we are so brainwashed by the media

    1. Pharoah Blackgod no, the fuck he didn’t. He scored 60 in his last game. He scored 81 on his 666th game. So what the FUCK are YOU talking about?

    1. @Candace Loves” two fat babies asses” 😂🤣 I’m wit’cha sis! I will resist as well, I know who I Am!

    2. @Indigogoddess1111 Stevens
      Then there will be peace for a change.I may not live through this because I wish they would try to force inject/Jim Jones me.I will resist..One thing about it is the creator surely has the powers of life and death in his hands..If I do die the Most High will say rise up out of that grave my child I am the life..So it dont matter..God words stands against anybody that comes against it.Time will show and tell.I know they are analizing the righteous ones on these sites and I dont give two fat babies asses. God Almighty is destroying their works& will completely remove them with his powers through the works of the Holy Messiah.&not that fake Messiah that’s calling the wicked shots for now on the worldly stage of satan.That’s what I do know..

    3. @Candace Loves I feel every ounce of what you’re saying…The evil doers gon be begging the mountains to fall upon them very soon…surely what goes around will always come back around, we reap what we sow…..Trust That!

      Stay Righteous Family!

    4. Yeah I read about the Margret ladies death work plans aimed towards a certain set.Well we are a fertile race and we are not going any place.We were so fertile in the bible that a wicked king had the midwives to kill every male child born to slow production of our nation.That still didn’t stop us.We are still here on this earth!This vaccine is a final solution to continue that ladies plans of destruction of death.Bill Gates works is vanity in the end.The creator has the final say.They want everybody in their homes so people want notice that their spiritual judgement is upon them.The God of the holy bible says they can run and hide and create false scenes and all this other drama…but he will find them and give them their issues..We all have to answer spiritually for our deeds that we dont repent from..Bill Gates knows that the holy god is real..He knows that he has to see the creator.Him and his associates have mislead the nations,and caused a set of people great sufferings..Theres no need for them to try to kill all of us with that death vaccine,because they know the creator exist and has ultimate power and is coming in spirit to consume them the wicked..and the creator is handling them even when people think hes not..So they can stop lying like this virus is as bad as their claiming..We the meek will inherit this earth.The righteous people that are pure at heart.Our minds and vessels will be restored to it’s original well form..Those that die will be ressurected by the power of the Alpha Almighty Holy God.They want make us tremble on these lands after their destroyed from the face of the earth.So they better enjoy their short rulership they have..because they have to give up the ghost soon..I’m rejoicing!My faith is so strong..They can kill the body but the spirit belongs to the creator Jehovah..Some call him many names..The God that created this earth and people to be particular.

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