Switzerland is a cashless society and it’s on it’s way to the United States🙊🤦🏾‍♀️ hell most people dont carry cash anymore and the government planned this right under our noses….the internet also plays a big roll in this with online shopping🤷🏾‍♀️but this virus epidemic introduces us to new ways spending money without physical contact….its a shame how lost we are in this world…..doing exactly what we are told without questioning 😤😤once we go cashless there goes a chunk of our privacy with it cause they will know everything you buy and where and what time you bought it…

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764 thoughts on “Switzerland is a cashless society and it’s on it’s way to the United States🙊🤦🏾‍♀️ hell most peopl”
  1. No people do not need to come together because it’s still fuck niggas. The only people that need to come together are the ones that are not obvious to the situation like pop duck. The ones that know wtf is going on and know that the shit ain’t gona work. If money was the case of an epidemic to continuously spread then viruses before covid 9 would have been a epidemic along time ago.

  2. Yoo duck what’s up man. you know I have a hole shit load of real documentary whit real thing happening and I need you to analyze for me and for the world to see keeps up the good work yah mon

  3. This will not be stopped. Thank God. Don’t be scared, just believe in the name of JESUS CHRIST and you shall be SAVED.

  4. Your soooo right… they gradually but slowly getting us use to the chip, so they can say that Money(Cash) can be contaminated by the virus. #BINGO #ThereItIs

  5. Look up “Id2020”!!!! They are “grooming” us to accept the real thing in the future THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!!!! We are truly living in the end times

  6. No they already got the chip in your cell phone so they just gone crank everyone up on that 5g shit in ya phone.

    1. Straight Talk keep sending me texts talking about my phone gone stop working because they moving from 4G to 5G soon. Like damn I wish I could be given the option of using 5G without them just shutting my phone off lol.

  7. Soooo they fear contracting the virus thru money, yet the products they touch have been touched by other ppl. 🤔😹 hmmm dummies

  8. Please make a shirt that says, ” Like I said I don’t f#** with you humans!” Thanks for sharing your knowledge.❤

  9. I live in Switzerland. I went to the supermarket just now and I paid with cash. So where in Switzerland are you talking about cashless.?

  10. Bro a real one I fuck with u bro I see you have a lot of followers can you piz share my album with your followers for me LA Will Will – Do better 🌬https://youtu.be/mbM7Ecvq9Zw

  11. My eyes been open for 10 years… it’s finally here god bless you for dropping crucial knowledge for those who have ears to let them hear

  12. 👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾 Man, that ain’t nothing but the TRUTH and I’ve been trying to get my Family to see certain SHIT but they Believe FAT MEAT IS GREASY till they hear from someone else. But right on Brother Man.

  13. I must be saying some real shit because 75% of the stuff that I tried to comment they delete it or won’t let me add it.

  14. Tells us what’s going on but not how to curb what’s going on …March? Petition?

    No rioting
    What to do?where’s that part of thevideo

  15. You are so right, RFID chip..a lot of them just swipe their hand…some companies here in America already doing this with the employees..

  16. They have destroyed all forests and tel us that we peluting the atmosphere, all those big bombs they have dropped in the entire history even caused heat

  17. They suppose to start with a smart card, everything is on it, this is how money will start to be obsolete, you use it in stores, for metro cards, for everything!, rite after that the chip will be pushed out, without it, you can’t do anything, if you get shot doctors won’t help you, you can’t buy or sell anything, with it, government knows your every single movement, where you are and what you doing at all times, the start of your ending, lake of fire 🔥!

  18. This was already supposed to happen with hillary as president but trump winning slowed it down. That’s why Obama pushed for hillary to win. The democratic party is on board with the nwo agenda

  19. I sent a video to your FB page Bru. I wasn’t able to send it no other way. It’s on the topic of the chips and the bracelets/Bands tht they’re trying to force on ppl

  20. See Thas where the AI come in at because they want to have people so scared of the virus that they don’t want to touch cash for fear of catching the virus with that being said Thas why they have self check out in Walmart which allows you to use your debit chips so to speak this all part of premeditated agenda

  21. I appreciate the info! I encourage who ever see’s this considering the spiritual aspect of what’s going on! This is actually prophecy! And I encourage you to study the scripture pray for understanding and turn from the ways of this world! For this place is passing away swiftly! I know many churches and satanic pastors, preachers, bishops, etc have turned people off from the truth! But I plead with you to do as YAHUAH word said…. study for yourself to show yourself approved! Meaning don’t listen to me or anybody else but research his word for yourself! Because like this brother said in this vid it’s much more deeper then we can ever imagine!

  22. Allergy season and they air seeding which are making people sick that’s y they say it’s air born bc it’s not contagious as they want us to think! Just look in the sky, u see them gases coming from the planes right?!

  23. I said this 2 weeks ago. I came from Walmart then I just started thinking how I don’t carry cash no more since I work a job where I don’t get tips anymore. Then think bout how homeless people always ask for change and we say “sorry I don’t have it” crazy ass world. Praying all this brings people together to work against the system because this government is dividing us from people we supposed to be around. Be safe keep God first

  24. People afraid to say good morning/evening to strangers presently.

    I’m disappointed in some of my fellow US citizens.

  25. I’ve been woke been said this chip chip chip ,, internet internet, online online,, all I got is my card mfs thinking they upper echelon with they card but actually just letting a mf know every move your making. Smh ! Imagine how many transactions people doing with their card 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️! People love to say all I got is my card 👊🏽💳🚫🚯

  26. I don’t know if anyone heard but they put legislation in this stimulus package bringing in the US digital dollar. Yesterday.

  27. Time to get some gold and silver and some real valuables so we can trade amongst each other we fell to realize we sont have to continue in there ways its enough of us now to really build and start fresh just have to unite as one move as a force much love and respect my brother great content.

  28. This cashless society route that we are headed on is a precursor to taking the mark!! I’ve been trying to tell people but they refuse to listen, and comprehend the reasons why this is happening. A lot of churches don’t even want cash anymore. I piss folks off by writing checks, just to ruffle feathers because some people are so ignorant!!!! So many people are literally sleep to the truth, and they have the audacity to say that they are “woke” lol.

    Thank you P. Duck for being a voice of truth among so many lies and deceit!!!!!

  29. Fiat money is no more and now its gold backed. Gold is now the new standard.

  30. He has a point…. day by day its like they moving in slow on us… I’m surprised they haven’t said that yet but now it’s like they getting these ideas ..

  31. Yea this is some real bull sht next they will want the chip implanted in your arm etc NOT HAPPENING

  32. Yep…they are implenting into the new bill the Democrats are trying to push with that deceptive 1500 they are trying to give us..😑🤔🤔

  33. A lot of stores in NY are already refusing cash. Also the option to get cash back when purchasing at the grocery is no more. The agenda is definitely in affect.

  34. Thing is if the younger generation not educated about the end times they will be bamboozled to take the mark. Theyll think they are doing the right thing and others who dont take it is wrong. The older generation who know, is not falling for this man. Being christian or believing in God will be outlawed. We already cant congregate. Its all a set up bruh. They say religion divides us its not real, to believe is stupid. The youth is being handed this belief and eating it up in our schools . The church will be ostrisized in america. The devil playing chess and we too busy being entertained on facebook, and ig, to do anythingthing. Our beliefs are being molded to accept this by movies on tv, netflix, hulu, disney and the like. The media telling lies for the goverment. While the real hand behind it all is preparing the next play from thier mansion’s.

  35. Real talk. I just got back from Poland. Lived there for a year and never used cash. Always used my phone or chip to pay for things. Forgot about cash. It actually was fast and easy. Makes too much sense tho

  36. Another thing to call it is “collateral damage”. Create the problem & then hold the solution of the problem to make people feed into the cards you’re dealing them. Psychology is very good topic to study.

  37. love ya brother. your genuine vibes keep me checking u. I already know this shit but i still like watching. U give me hope that we might wake up in time. Sending u vibes of peace my man

  38. Ian never think about it like that øG about the chip on the cards. That’s why I come here learn some new shit & I’m as far down the rabbit hole as it goes

  39. America is in the 6th Age; the final age of an Empire.

    The life cycle of an empire is broken down into six ages.

    They are:

    1 The Age of Pioneers

    2 The Age of Conquest

    3 The Age of Commerce

    4 The Age of Affluence

    5 The Age of Intellectualism

    6 The Age of Decadence

    The age of decadence is the decay of the empire.

    It is characterized by defensive-minded militaries, decaying morals, loss of religion, frivolous consumption of food, entertainment, sex, and the complete focus of individual interests.

  40. Dude wtf you think a credit card is?? They been planning this shit it was just a matter of time we honestly don’t need paper money it will be better..

  41. That chip shit real but that mark of the beast shit was added to the Bible to scare ppl. Like you said they been having them chips on the debit cards so if u got a bank account you already got the “mark of the beast” so don’t get scared now. The scripture say I u get the chip it ain’t no way to heaven so do u feel like u going to “hell”?

  42. Oh well its too late aint nobody gonna group up and stand up to these evil mfs. Its over we’re f*cked. Lol . smh

  43. Another thing Papaduck; I have had knowledge about this topic since 2006! My daughter who was 17 yrs at the time enlightened me to a lot of things that have now surfaced. I have watched countless videos and movies over the years and just in the past, the topics were TABOO; So are these QUESTIONS! Why don’t they just say’We don’t know what will happen”!.
    There are as many skeptics now as they were then. I have yet to see anyone on these channels explain my 2 questions posted previously!!
    They always say ‘Don’t take the mark of the Beast”… What happens when you don’t?? Is there anyone who can give me a FACTUAL reply???

  44. I bet once the world bank give these countries the money they have requested the coronavirus will be history

  45. I was watching this computer programmers channel and he posted an article of employers who are chipping their employees, look it up! And the employees were excited 🙄 about being chipped. This chip has always been administered within the body in certain areas!!

  46. Plus I also heard they will have 5G in schools once this Coronavirus outbreak is contain … We’ll see soon if it’s true… SMH…

  47. Forbes: NEW CORONAVIRUS STIMULIS BILL IN CONGRESS CREATES US DIGITAL DOLLAR. like oh my god man I just saw this on facebook and people are cheering for it bragging on how hip they are to cryptocurrency.

  48. I remember when the reward cards came out, it wasn’t designed to save you money it was designed to save them money, we know what’s selling so we know what to put in our stores, no more surveys!

  49. Keep flourishing Papa Duck🧙🏾‍♂️✨ we all gonna win in the end. Love is the answer. Find Peace☮️

  50. This is facts Papa Duck. We really gotta come together and raise our vibration. We have to rise in love and move in harmony with mother nature. Mother nature is the only part of this outside world that is real. We have to dig deep and find a way to use reverse psychology to reverse the bullshit they’re trying to put us in. We gotta find peace and know our worth. Fuck the archons, fuck the elites, fuck the reptilians, fuck the aligarchy, fuck the government, and fuck trump. We don’t need anything from the government, they makin it seem like we do need them Psychologically but we really don’t. We are gonna make a comeback in this psychological warfare🙏🏾 I’m sending positive energy to everyone🧙🏾‍♂️✨Peace ☮️

  51. Good vid, i live in switzerland. trust me most of the people from switzerland are on a very low vibration and theyre allways in a bad mood

  52. I don’t agree with getting rid of currency. For one every time I use my card it’s a extra fee and I weather pay a one set price and two it’s way to much scamming going on.

  53. Kings from different countries you to meet at the same table and eat and drink and talk and laugh at Joe they are gonna start the next wars and how they would profit..that how wars started

  54. they already said it’s on the money, the new update on the android they added Google pay when you screen shot.

  55. Its all the game plan. I thought about this before you put this vid out. I remember the vid about the bracelets and the figer chip.

  56. This wicked government ran by Satan. The only thing we can do as a people, us so called blacks and so-called whites is follow gods commandments. This is definitely the time to do it. If this doesn’t work then there is no god. I think TMH is sitting back waiting for us to follow his laws. Hell its a lot simpler and easier to follow his basic 613 or so law than it is to follow Satans millions of statues, codes and regulations. Hell, satan punishes you for spitting and burping $100 per offense and take your ass to jail. God ask us to not do simple shit like thy shall not kill, steal, commit adultery etc. I prefer the contract with god because the contract we made by being a citizen that is ran by the devil isn’t working out for WE the people.

  57. 💝PAPA Duck they also said there starting a cashless currency called (ekrona) in 2020 sounds like a plan to me 🤔💭 that was already in place that is(virus)

  58. Eçclesiasticus:As a nail sticks fast between the joining of two stones:so does sin sticks close between buying and selling.

  59. Just imagine when the masses are starving. They can use this system to start slavery again. Think about being hungry and you’re committed to not accepting that beast system mark. Get off that food and get so involved with prayer and fasting. That He will take you on a journey of knowledge and understanding that is so great. That before you realize it, you’re living without eating and you will not even be hungry. Start feeding your souls people God is waiting on you. GET CLOSE TO THE MOST HIGH NOW.

    1. EXACTLY i fasted and stopped eating meat lost over 40lbs Change our diets eat to live dont live to eat. Drop weight get healthy and make the entire system change.

    2. Andrew Boulding I’ve already cut back eating as a lifestyle. Oatmeal for breakfast, soup for lunch, salad and smoothie for dinner. Tea and nuts for snack. I do this everyday and am hungry a lot less if the time comes hopefully it’ll be a smooth transition ♥️

  60. Might as well get rid of library books! People still use and transmit those too! They are full if 💩!!🤬

  61. Not a bad ting ya know how many lives have been took over the almighty dollar..I know ppl who robbed someone for 50 and doing 15..a new way may not be so bad idk ijs 🤘

  62. WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO FIND A COMMON GROUND ,,if this was legal then we are able to vote,,,we are the public,but if it is ilegal then we will not be able to vote,,,meaning this is just robbey and kulling,,what suprise me is not ONE SOLICITOR GLOBALLY ,,HAS A LEGAL WORD TO SAY TO THE PUBLIC,,WHY THEY ALL BELONG TO THE GOVERNMENT,,SO NOW SOLICITORS GLOBALLY ,,NOW YOUVE SOLD US ALL AND YOURSELVES OUT WHAT DO WE DO NOW ,,LEGALLY,,,HOW CAN THEY PASS LAWS THAT WE CANNOT OPPOSE,,,,HOW IS THAT LAWFUL,, PEOPLE TI SI UNLAWFUL WHAT THEY are doing period,,,,,,,banks monies food health ,,,,this is mass murder,,,p duck say it like it is stop selling info bro,,,,,where you at,,,? you with them or us bro ,,,time is comming to show all,,,,,,trus me ,,, tell it like it is stop leaving people second guessing for the next epsiode,,, shit will come ,,,,say as it is ,,,,bro ,, 86k people you could drop it like its hot ,,but where you going spend all your ritches,,,

  63. Just as they have made everyone go to DIRECT DEPOSIT! NO paper checks.
    I keep that bread on me! To hell wit a credit card!

  64. none of this stuff is new it’s just new to you because you didn’t pay attention until the pandemic hit now you’re like everybody else what am I supposed to do people’s been trying to tell you but we all been crazy now look how crazy you look ignorant as fuck…..

  65. They’ve had the chip shit implemented for 3 years now but you haven’t paid attention….. It’s been on your debit card for years….

  66. OK… My concern has always been being ‘forced to take the CHIP’!!!! What will happen if YOU don’t comply?? What is the penalty?

  67. It’s already here as what they’re putting in your stimulus package that you’re so eager to fucking get…… that’s why you need to learn how to read and you need to learn how to pay attention to shit instead of trusting people and what the fuck they say……. Digital cash that is what you now have…… And that is what everybody is transitioning to…..so they can keep a track of everything you do is if they don’t already now….and you’re just allow them to because you’re so scared that you’re going to lose every fucking thing…. When in reality you don’t need none of this shit to begin with…. You can live without your phone…. You can live without your supreme shirt….. You can live without your laptop….. You can live without the internet and YouTube…. You want to learn information get out put it to use as you’re learning….don’t set there and say I watch 900 videos on YouTube but yet you don’t know how to put none of the stuff you learn to use…. Therefore you haven’t learned shit… Just trusting another man…… That’s why the world has got the way it is….. Cuz everybody believes the next man instead of going out and finding things for they selves all you’re doing is taking away from the journey of Life by not getting out and getting…. So instead of waiting on the government to bail you out…. Oh that’s right you have to wait because you played into their games……so now you have to sit there with you hands out begging a stimulus package I need a stimulus because I went and bought all this toilet paper at all this stupid shit that I don’t fucking neednow I got to pay rent and I don’t know how I’m going to pay rent because I got four rooms full of toilet paper……well maybe you can shellac them bitches turn them into bricks and build you a home out of them…..

  68. One World Government. In order to buy or sell they will force you to get this chip. The dollar will collapse.

  69. The Most High Yahawah in control the True Saints is back. You guys will see the Black Messiah soon!

  70. Jewish😈✡ deal, right, read the book of Titus in the New Testament. Its the Gentile Nations of course: mad scientist, big pharma, military personnel, etc. Rev 2:9;3:11

  71. All in the Bible nothing new under the sun Sunday law enforcement, LGBT, mark of the beast system cashless society

  72. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. But I noticed that….people need to wake up and stay awake.

    Cash is dirty, been in strippers butts, up peoples nose, in bras all over the world. Including mine!😂🤦‍♀️ bring your money to me I’ll take it, wash it and charge you a high ass disinfectant BILL……..30%. Just like those damn credit cards. I got you boo. I got BLEACH on DECK.

  73. The BIBLE speaks on this and tells u what to expect. If u are gonna revolt the system to make a better way for this earth age then u are the very ones Jesus spoke about.. You wanna fight for this 🌎 he stated that you must be willing to lose your life to gain it. Its simple God has prepared a place that is nothing like evils of this earth. Those worried about a mark can already have the mark in their minds the mark is an alliance to the beast system aka Satans way of living.. You can be marked in your heart by the awful music and lifestyle that promotes being heathens. The mark of unforgiving, adultary and idolatry.
    How many worried about a mark has repented and gave their life to JESUS that is the whole point. If u believe in the mark u believe in the bible and it states the only way to eternal life is through him. Seriously.

  74. The Corona Fire is nothing but the flu everyone is dying from the flu that usually died the same amount of people they are lying

  75. unsubbed papa duck ,,you are on a ego TRIP BRO ,,this is an eco SYSTEM ,,,,tell people real facts,,,stop selling you life for mechandise,,,and help for real,,,,God said i will see foolishness by the second,,,at behold tell me i am lying duck,,,i was not made to follow fools,,,,one love ,,,people watch my vids,,and share like mad ,,POLITICIans ,,kings ,,,lawyers ,,teahcers,,GOVERMENT WORKERS,,,,(KEY ONES SECRET SOCIETIES ) ARE PLANNINGTO TAKE US OUT ,,, THEY ARE ALL LINKED GLOBALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE,,,,,,,IS LINKED BY BEING A MEMEBR OF THESE SOCIETIES,,,HAND PICKED,,, YOUR JOB IS YOUR JOB BUT BRO IT IS NOT ABOUT MONIES AND WITHHOLDING THING TO MAKE MONIES,,IE SELLING BRO ,,,YOU SELLINGYOUR SOUL JUST LIKE THE REST BUT WITH FASHION,,,GOOD BYE,,,ONE LOVE same way ,,

  76. Switzerland, has a huge hole in the ground, called, CERN too. A 17 mile, 30 feet deep hole in the ground, which is supposed to destroys “ANTI-MATTER” particules. This “PINKY and the BRAINS” are trying to discover how THE ALMIGHTY GOD put EARTH, all its matter, oceans, life, plants, oxygen and everything in to motion. How did (HE) glue matter together and all the universe. These idiots, are ripping the OZONE and the layers of portals between the demonic realm and earth realm apart, punching holes in the layers of stratosphere. They provoking GOD. And, this is what these europeans want ❤

  77. This stupid there scared to touch the cash cus of wat stfu when u pay with a card u still give it to anther person to cash u out wtf 😄

  78. So many people watching this don’t realise biblical prophecy is coming to pass; you need to repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour… your choice?

  79. That’s true the cashless society is coming , you are 100 percent , I’ve been hearing about it for a while now !!! Brother

  80. Where are the family members and friends of these “so called” victims who died from the Coronavirus?? Where are the people?? Where are the bodies, funeral services being held at?? Does anyone know anybody personally who’s died from this virus.?? Make it make sense…I’ll wait….

    1. @Tyonna Bennett She did a live on Facebook her names Heather Neeley- Tibbets thanks for the prayers go check it out

    2. @Tj Detroit They say the Truth hurts sorry to hear that about your cousin. I’m praying for her healing and strength. Honestly I was starting to believe that it wasn’t a real virus but thanks for the confirmation💯

    3. My cousin has it 😰 She’s a Social Worker and got it servicing a sickly family. They doing all this to vaccinate the masses and usher in a cashless society

  81. SW this a long time ago. Kelp telling people this virus is a cover up. The cave beast never takes a day off.

  82. Morning, PAPA Duck, you talkin right. When the head is sick, WE always godda stay 4 steps ahead of these warped minds. All in a purpose to “so called” ELITES to “so called” stay in “so called” CONTROL. What they forgot is provoking THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR, is what they want. They really ignorant like that. And, why would any people provoke GOD?? They won’t win ❤

  83. It is going to be a dangerous situation. Cashless means they can electronically, automatically take your money before you get your paycheck against your will. “They”; bill collectors, will probably have the ability to get their money from you. They can care less if you need it to buy food.


  85. These fucc ass preachers oughta be teaching this and making videos! 🤣😂😁 #NawTheyWantYo’Money

  86. Good video but switzerland is not cashless, i can pull up to any ATM right now & take cash out, & cash is used openly every where here. just a lil info no hate, i like what u do 👊🏾💯

    1. Alex Felix That’s the whole idea. It will be the poor (slaves) and the wealthy (massah)…it’s a cyclical world

  87. I been telling people this for years about what is coming…..shit they think am crazy….. look what we are facing

  88. If we go to a complete cashless society then they can be in more control of the money. If they want, they can wipe out your whole bank account 😧

  89. I gota degree in psychology and yes I immediately started making connections as soon as you said it!!!


  91. I was saying the same thing it sl comes down to the mark of the breast and the vaccination (extermination)

  92. The question ain’t whether you ready to be executed over the chip, the question is, are you ready to go hungry? They aren’t going to kill u if u don’t take it. People will be so hungry, they’ll either starve or roll with it. That means you have to watch your kids starve to death, babies and all. A lot of people will give in, no one wants to see there kid stribble up like they have AIDS and die in front of them. Not saying what nobody would or wouldn’t do, but if this is true, because I’m only speaking Hypothetically, then a lot of hard choices will have to be made. It will not be as easy as the comments I’m strolling through say it is. U ready to let your baby girl go hungry?

  93. I agree 100% on that I work at a power plant and just in January it started they put chips in our Badges and they got little alien monitors inside the plant is the status for a safety so if something happened they know where to come and find us but I ain’t buying it my name is Jace

  94. Preciate all the information my Brotha, so is there someway to stop all of this, everything is allready planned by them, any solutions?
    Keep up the good work,


  95. Same here, not taking it. My family and anybody who knows. See, that Bible is very old. If Christianity was such a hoax, why or how could the word predict this? It’s teachings have just been perverted by people. Stay on the path. That’s why I also keep telling people that money is not free. There’s a string attached. I also heard a YouTuber break this down about a $ monthly payment attached to a mark.

  96. Yep they are trying to go cashless, they want you to get that chip. Say no to vaccines and the chip. Martial law is next. They are installing 5g at every school in the us while the kids are out of school under a private contractor. They are trying to control & be God but funny thing is God controls everything & there is none like him. The nwo is in effect. They put everything in the movies of what they are doing. There pretty stupid lies about this CV, it’s funny how 5g was first installed in wuhan. My question is why do they need military for a virus when the flu kills and people die too every year.

  97. They just announced it they are going shackle us and hand cuff us you have to take the chip or the vaccine if you dont they pick us up on a bus to take is to prison its over go to marcus Rodgers on YouTube they just announced what they going to do to us get water baptized repent go to YouTube marcus Rodgers now please it over

    1. @big Holliday i promise it was announced go on YouTube to marcus Rogers watch warning see for yourself

  98. Toll bridge 🌉 have been shut down.
    No cash attendants at all.
    They take a photo of your plate and send you a bill. 🌉

  99. They did me like that yesterday at a walk up ice cream place in Atlanta I tried to pay for it they said we takin cards only

  100. Naw I’ll stay wit da dolla dolla 💵
    (So holla holla if u bout dat ol’ mighty dolla) aye


  102. The whole white system when you got some people that look like us work together okay this whole white supremacy system work together you ever notice how they all in sync they all trying to do the same s*** that’s cuz they all on their own cold okay we have to find our own code and walk away from this Co this is what’s happening

  103. And what better way to get the Herd to demand to be chipped than require it as part of vaccination and testing process? Want your $1200 “gift” from Trump’s administration? All you gotta do sign away your rights as an American citizen, so basically sell your Soul for “free” money.
    And the whole thing about cash increasing the infection rate is exactly what they’ve been waiting for as an excuse to further push their plans to get Everyone on electronic currency = total control & accountability over how we spend, who with, and what we buy.
    No more giving change to the homeless, paying folks for work under the table (mandatory that everyone gets taxed to Death), helping out loved ones in their time of need without outside scrutiny, etc

  104. Open your 👀 families.
    Please google: From babylon to America
    The prophecy movie by school for prophet.

  105. That would be giving up our FREEDOMS. I use cash and debit cards. However, just know some industries will SELL your personal information.

  106. Im sure everybody’s home boys uncle from Englewood don’t know everything there is to know about everything like he claims to just saying. What the fuck does this nigga know bout being a scientist or politician he work at Burger King

  107. Switzerland worship the devil you got me there type up Switzerland’s tunnel ceremony they worship the goat 🐐

  108. The movie Surrogates was showing us this stay in home shit, but just made it with robots instead of the internet…

  109. Jesus la coming to freeze up these demons like he did in Noah days. Fear God the most high not the bum Satan aka Lucifer

  110. I wish I could upvote this video even more, but at least I can share it. This is the same shit I’ve been thinking and saying for awhile and it’s nice to find other people who understand— although I wish none of us had to be in a such a twisted reality. At least more and more people are waking up. Stay safe 🖤

  111. Patent US6506148B2 went into effect on 3/22/20 its for “nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors” y’all watching the news gotta wake up

  112. I realized the chip when we were forced to o tain the TWIC CARD to work in the plants/refineries


  114. Man if they take away the cash that shit ant gone feel no good fuck that chip they can stick that punk ass chip in they ass hole man fuck this world …….

  115. So they can track you, your purchases and take away all your fund’s with the touch of a button.

    1. Nothing this guy is saying is true bro it’s obvious to anybody in their right mind. He shares beliefs with serial killers and people that carry out mass shootings and you guys are all with that it makes me fucking sick

  116. Big bro I appreciate the message thank you for dropping that knowledge we really need ,
    it thank you big brother

  117. At the end of the day, all these things are material things, we can’t put our love into these things those things are only here for us to get by.

  118. Usually corporations and bank get the biggest from stimulus packages. People get a little to give back to the corporations . Small business not so much. They didn’t want to share with them and to the local influence. Now they need so your a lot of assistance for small businesses that must be way

  119. They never released us from slavery. Everything that’s done is carefully planned to distract and control.


  121. Funny I see this right after reading the senate wants to pass a bill promoting “digital dollars” lol. This whole coronavirus epidemic was designed to deflate the dollars worth so they can implement a new money system

  122. The new record is 🔥🔥🔥….the war is against love and its great to see that there are people like us who see tahat sh*t ,we have to fight back

  123. Coronavirus 19 – Notice there is a number associated with the virus. So will there be a Coronavirus 20 & a Coronavirus 21? 🤐🤔🤫

  124. This Switzerland white guy is full of shit the reason why we going to go cashless so when we get out of line they can turn off that RFID CHIP that’s the story.


    1. @Cartier M yep….dont people know that china placed towers in every corner of wuhan an people were dying and then man made the virus to cover up 5g? . Now 5g towers are everywhere. And dont forget china thought well ok we are paying $152 mill a year on pensioners lets make a virus that kills old people. So win win situation

    2. Mike Johnson Its bigger than a cashless society. It’s completely control of our minds and every movement we make. They will track us like bloodhounds

  126. Well I’m 1 of those who don’t carry cash anyway the only way I use cash is to buy my mega millions and power ball tickets for the month and that’s $48 for both and to catch the city bus that’s it and it’s safer not to carry cash now a days

  127. Agenda 21 cashless and a .i one world government at it’s best control the masses to get the result problem, reaction , solution evil people running the world

  128. It’s gonna be over for old school folks that don’t use the banks. They make it convenient and then they make it mandatory.

  129. Went to pay my storage. I was late, but I know the rules. There were two people in the office. I get to why I’m telling you the amount of people in a minute. When I go to give her the money… She gonna say did I clean it. I told her I usually spray my money with peroxide. But, I don’t do it like I’m a germophobic person. She gonna then put plastic gloves on. Ok, you scared of COVID19 I’m not. She then pulls out a spray bottle and spray the money. So, if you intended on spraying the money? Why did you ask me did I do it? It was at this moment I knew I was dealing with a idiot. She assumed every came through the door pays with debit or credit. The COVID19 can be on a card as well. She a straight up drama queen. After I pay my money I asked her, are you gonna have someone remove the over lock? This simpleton gonna tell no. We don’t have to take it off for 24hrs. I asked her, what planet was she from? She really thought I was gonna pay my money and think I was gonna wait 24hrs for something that only was take 5mins to do. It was two people in the office. Even when its one the put the be back in 15mins sign on the door and go remove the lock. When I called corporate they said they had no notice not to remove my lock. Now if I slapped the shit out of her for playing with a grown man I’d be wrong. They had her remove the lock immediately. Don’t let these people apart of the agenda violate your rights. They mostly have positions dealing with the public to intentionally provoke people.

    I share this with you, because I see how they using this COVID19 to scare people out of using paper money. They trying to make everything electronic or digital chips (mark of the beast). I even saw it in a YouTube video yesterday where the store clerk at fast food restaurants come out to your car to get their card and then bring your food. They be the dirtiest ones in fast food. Now you can’t even see them doing God knows what to your food. People just as happy using their cards not thinking about that. Not eating at fast food ever again unless I knew the people for years.


  130. Well ik 1st hand that ppl are flooding the hospital with covid-19. I saw it: it’s very scary and disheartening.

    1. @SHAWN GEE Are u doctor? Who to say its not the flu? Ppl overact and panic and will flood the hospitals out of fear of any similar symptoms.
      And that goes for any virus or infections, older ppl, children and olready sickly ppl will have a greater risk of dying just like the flu. So if it is this so called virus why tf shut down an entire country when the flu season comes around yearly the country doesnt shut down and the flu kills over 150k ppl every year. Just dont make no damn sense.
      HEY claim over 46k cases, 584 deaths

    2. @Astro Goddess unmmh, how else would I know. Do I need to email you my patient charts from Grady hospital. Its freaking horrible down here. Patients all in the hall way
      Mf work 16 and 18 he shifts. Putting ourselves at risk. Tffff!!

  131. Oh yeah. Life as we once knew it, is no more. We’ve allowed the enemies to lead us to our own demise.

  132. There’s no better time than now for Black people to return back to our roots. Our Afrikan ancestors are calling us and reaching out to us every day. We need them to strengthen us, and protect us from our enemies. Ma’at Hotep!!

  133. Honestly brother ima doctor and I watch you I’m trying just understand where and how you get your information…cause some of this hard for me to understand and believe….

    1. elizabeth garland …I’m sorry but so everything he speaks so you believe it or do you research for yourself….just not understanding this brothers way of thinking and speaking. I’m speaking coming from a doctor a radiologist that is here on the frontline helping. I think most of what he speaks on is not good because he doesn’t have sources from everywhere. Anyone can read something on the internet it’s all fake or part real news anyway. But what do I know I’m just a doctor and dealing with it on the frontline

  134. Cash isn’t spreading the coronavirus it’s in the air. I never knew a world to be so dumb they will allow us to be put to a end.

  135. They know they can always get to caucasians and we’ll follow. Especially if they convince them that it hurt us more than anybody.

  136. They Claim that this community is so Drug free, but it don’t look that way to me, Cause I can see the young bloods hanging out at the Store 247 drinking looking for a hot of the blow, OH YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE THEY TRYING TO DO,….. MAKE A CURFEW ESPECIALLY FOR ME AND YOU THE TRACES OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER TIMES IS GETTING SHORTER IF WE DON’T GET PREPARED PEOPLE IT’S GONE BE A SLAUGHTER….. They Predicted it…..Smh

  137. HI..& THAT SONG SOUNDS GREAT!THE SOUND IS SMOOTH & RELATIVE .& Credit cards and any surface thats touched can hold germs.SO they can save that lye.People already know what was coming next as an agenda aim.One reason their doing that to stop the hands on cash surviving methods of the meek to slow their survival mode &hoping that they die..Where those worldrulers/earth-demons are going to they want need anything at all.So they want know what we are doing on this earth &dont care what they attempt to start up..Their plans wiill fail and plus they want be on the earth to enjoy it.I mean they have just put the creator to the side seemingly, and are establishing agendas like them or their agendas are going to keep existing.And if the bible has ben forefilling up to this point about the final times,then the part where it says the wicked will be removed from the FACE of this earth is going to forefill also…& thats whats up.The only thing im doing is dealing with the vultures activities,until their end results come..The Most High of gods is going to test them to see if their still affected with the wicked gene by the times he comes.The ones that are guilty will get their jaws ripped apart & much more.They are going to feel that great anguish they caused so many others to endure.They go beyond the normal stages of wicked..On the scale they are a 10 as a whole on portraying the traits of Lucificer.Their vanity and arent worth remembering once their wiped off the map.Repenting isnt on their agenda most likely.The Most High rules..Every eye will see his glory,and bow to the God of Isreal.The god of the meek and righteous..So the kings and queens of the nations has a spiritual destruction thats going to roll into this dimension with a host of holy angelic beings along with the Holy Messiah that cant be defeated by nothing.Their not coming to play either..A strait spiritual war..&directly. This is a time for so called common people to get theIr minds right & prepare to inherit the lands if their chosen.People are quik to ask where is the creator God ,and why is he letting the leaders of this beast system do this?They should also ask themselves what reason have they given god to come before his appointed organized times just to rescue them when they havent ben loyal to god almighty hardly,confessed,or,repented of the things they do.If their minds are not set on and accepting their creator then they may get removed with the wicked workd leaders possibly. I pray,repent,confess,do good deeds,and share rightful love constantly..My faith is strong.I HAVE A COULPLE OF MORE IMPULSES TO CONQUER OUT OF THE MANY I TAMED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT AS AN ASSISTANT.Only god almighty cAn truly judge one ,and decide if he wants to show any mercy.So the witches,and satanic people,and false idol worshippers will be put to shame when they see the powers of god defeat and crumble their gods of this system like a stick of old ancient chalk.I CAN NOT WAIT.!I HAVE TO THOUGH..LOL

  138. They say people are scared of cash I used to put dollars in my mouth at the strip club this is all bullshit


    1. Rowi Riri it’s hard to say. Some believe it’s the rfid chip and some believe it’s your mentality conforming to the way this system is ran. To do wicked. We know the Bible tells us not to make cuttings or marks in our flesh so we don’t believe in taking the chip but also when taking the chip you give yourself willingly to these people as well. Don’t take the chip. Hell is coming whether you take the chip or not, you still gonna be a slave up under these people. It’s time to stop being scared. We live in hell right now, that’s why you no longer here about God and it’s all kinda fear around cause people don’t have faith in anything. Follow the commandments (Genesis – Deuteronomy) and change your ways. God is on the return

    2. It can’t be the mark of the beast because the mark will be something you will have to wear proudly on your hand or forehead, like how the nazis wore theirs.

    3. @April Johnson That’s the English translation the original doesn’t translate cleanly to English. It’s doesn’t say that in Hebrew or Latin

    4. @April Johnson oh ok. Bibles are not fairy tales. I believe in god and i believe god is more powerful then these evil satans. Thanks for explaining hun

    5. @Rowi Riri the Bible…you know that book many think is a fairy tale…says in the end times…you will have to take a mark in your right hand or forehead and without it…you cannot buy or sale.
      Read revelations.

  140. Thank you for making this video brother. This is what I’m trying to tell ppl but most are ignorant

  141. Thank god for you I hope they don’t shut down the YouTube. I hope Jesus comes quick so we don’t be torture in this messed up world everything is evil here. It’s all good this is the devil world that’s why god coming to take us out of here

  142. PEOPLE HE’S SPEAKING the TRUTH! This VIRUS 🦠 is getting THINGS STARTED M.LAW and NWO !! And the MARK of the BEAST the CHIP in the RIGHT HAND! This is NOT A FU🤬KING JOKE PEOPLE!!! WAKE UP PLEASE !!! 💯💯✊🏾

  143. People thinking about potato chips, instead, your right but aren’t you afraid because you’re teaching us so much

  144. I’ve been telling people about this. The crazy thing is they already started putting chips in people.

  145. I think also now they’ve got the rfid type cards….and facility’s use rfid to pass through doors. Stuff is in the works Stay sharp….and also cryptocurrencies have a hand in this

  146. America is no where near being accepting enough to allow all cashless transactions. Also americans/most people over here don’t understand the technology and aren’t proactive enough to research how it works and what the pros to it are in addition to the cons. I love us for our freedom of thought and conspiracy theories however this freeform way of thinking needs to be balanced out with logic and intelligence also. That’s how we see the grand picture with ALL the supporting details. We’re no where near that type of Society that will allow all cashless transactions. Plus there are Too many people in poverty also that safeguard us from letting that happen right now too. We’re no where near that happening. America’s intelligence would need to increase on tech before that happens

  147. They say agenda 21 is gonna also stop illicit sales of drugs etc etc well this is how right here and don’t get me wrong selling drugs especially hard one is bad but not bad enough to sacrifice all of our freedoms

    1. @elizabeth garland yeah they are really pushing the NWO with that there’s a reason why celebrities are singing “imagine there’s no heaven, imagine there’s no hell, etc etc” that’s the song of agenda 21

    2. @Swank2Slimee i agree totally cause how can u fight “a war” on drugs by giving it to them.. This is the time to depend on the good ole bartering system
      Soon you will killed for your faith what you believe and who u believe in..the powers that be want to be worshipped and what better way then have them depending on them and not GOD.

    3. @elizabeth garland it will stop it by monitoring the purchases you make with your credit card, they will see who uses money for what purpose. If it’s not “sustainable” they will most likely lock you up if not worse, kill you. These areas you’re referring to are used to make people dependant on it and to give them and their families a false sense of hope. The people in the facility may care about you but the corporation definitely doesnt. They support anything we do that kills ourselves so they don’t have to. I call it forced natural selection where an individual is subjected to multiple options where one is long, hard but will pay off if work is put into it and another is quick easy but last a short time, in this example its work for your happiness or achieve it through a drug quickly. Of course without knowing there are consequences we all would take that opportunity or let’s say if you already lived a really hard life and don’t care about the consequences and want to achieve some sort of happiness, you take the drug then you get addicted and end up dead cause your chasing a high but all the while these corporations and scientist are the ones creating these drugs and putting them in our faces to abuse our ignorance, lack of care, and lack of knowledge. People argue that the government didn’t create these drugs but the average person on the street didn’t come up with cocaine, crack, heroin, or meth all have to be engineered with a bit of scientific background then the “recipes” are passed down but nevertheless we are in for some shit soon mark my words..

    4. How can it stop the sale of drugs but they now have safe spaces for people to use these drugs with no arrest and will revive you if u happen to OD.

  148. I complained a lot when they forced me to use the chipped card. They gave me excuses about how the company that makes the cards require it. BS!
    They don’t care bro. They love forcing shit on us. I can’t stand the coward elites Man.

  149. There is no such thing as a coronavirus all staged and engineered to control the population. I do believe their giving folks radiation when they get a vaccaine shot. We’re about to go cashless where they can monitor your moves and see how you spend money.💰

  150. You already talk about all this and I’m sure you know about god and what’s all in the Bible you have a nice sized audience why not talk about the book of revelations in the Bible

  151. Switzerland is not a cashless society I live there, cash is are main currency ! Are you confusing Switzerland with Sweden Papa Duck ?

  152. I bet papa duck would take the chip!! All people who love money and this world will take the chip! Facts! Better be ready to die for what you believe!! Facts

  153. We should be worried about laws and commandments. What is faith without works. Their destin to feel his wrath anyways. Our father said if you love me, you will follow my laws and commandments. If you dont show him love thats what we need to be worried about..

  154. Martial law is coming soon enough. It’s exactly what they’ve been aiming for people. Open your eyes and mind’s. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think how they do. But common sense also is not common amongst the world. Otherwise we all wouldn’t be so fucked up right!…

    1. @ijg83 Lmmfao! Another critic and nay sayer…you’re wasting your time with the nonsense reply back. You are the exact prime example they like to use. Ya sound like a Trump supporter but really a Democrat but can’t decide for yourself. So let the government dry fuck you some more….now you have no control and can no longer think for yourself, this man has just been brain fucked….. and you might want to pickup a book…real talk.

  155. Technology is The DownFall of Society 😱😱😱😷😱😱😱🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🎯 Tag your It , Resist the Machines 🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖

  156. N.W.O in the making, like you say and like im been saying fam, we gotta come together. If we all deny it they can’t force us all, neither can they kill us all off if we together. We much stronger together!

    1. The Inner G not if we all defy and not if we know how they trying to attack us, certain food, medicine, vaccines (which I been stop taking), violence against each other, and more. It’s easier to defend ourselves knowing how the enemy is going to attack, if we come together and stay alert/aware/woke, they can’t fw us, the hardest part will probably be waking up the sleep mfs (the majority) and bringing them on board. And depopulation isn’t they only agenda, the want control of our money, our location, our brain, all with the chip. They want a one world government and to be in control of all of us. Manipulate us, etc.

    2. SouthSideBlack Productions they can and they want to… the goal is global depopulation and eliminating 85% of the human race

  157. Brother do you have any more tips I BEEN seeing this and people thought I was crazy STILL don’t get it think they do until o try to share truths before them in their face

  158. We can’t stop the Bible from coming to pass, we just have to pray His Will be done. Learn His Word, lean o Him, trust in Him and He will see you through it all. We just have to stand firm and endure until He returns.

  159. Facts been on it like back in the day when your job started to do you want direct deposit or a check they was pushing that direct deposit on you

    1. KING TODD I never get direct deposit at my job and I’ve been working there 3 years nope I’m good , so they still have me this debit card where my check comes on .. Morons

  160. It’s all about power of position to stay in control and have control and maintain control of us all. We don’t need the government, didn’t need them and need to stop racing to these polls we basically fund to vote just to be used and abused continuously by our own system. We payout to live here more than we are surviving. The government is taking us all out in mass numbers in many different countless ways and will only continue to do so as long as we continue to let them. But it just maybe to late….who knows?

  161. I told people I wasn’t staying home been home 3 Weeks… I’ve been getting video across USA from Truckers . I am about ready to set in front of police station ….n not move . I don’t usely leave the house much
    That’s the crazy thing.
    I’ll be dam . State police today said people are being requested to stay home . I getting tape n I’m going to set if off….
    I rather die then give up my freedom . Bet that
    If they dare to say noone home

  162. who wanna group up to prepare and share ideas on how we can save our families and the next generations as well as ourselves

  163. all mighty might as well hit the reset button now we been here before probably plenty of times and failed every time….smh this shit making me go crazy cause i can’t get to them with my own hands

  164. When you buy something with card there is an AID tracking# on the receipt that tracks what u buy when & how & that AID# same# one everyone of your receipts.

  165. It’s already begun folk’s. Exactly what he’s saying is true but it’s been going on. It began with online currency first, then bitcoin. But they have already implanted chips in people who are rich in New York with chips so they no longer have to carry anything. As a wallet, to cash or credit cards. They are just trying to scare us all and it’s working in their favor as usual. How fuckin more stupid can we be…this shit’s a sham, shame and wrong period.

    1. Kapuss Floyd  if you study history, you will see that this was the same fear people carried when they shifted from a system of bartering to actual consistent divisible currency. That the government were taking control. They were right but not necessarily in the way they assumed. At this moment in time though how else can they reasonably condense monetary instruments into an amount that can be readily available at the behest of the owner? The only other way would be to create 10million+ dollar bills which only happens under strict conditions of hyper inflation in extraordinarily corrupt nations. Lets not forget that monetary instruments are the economic equivalent of a social store of the demand for the value that an individual produces for a given demographic. Therefore a great many years ago kings(not necessarily high value but high wealth) and such who couldn’t carry all their gold on them left the gold in vaults and the guards received a small fee and were given certificates of verification to receive the gold upon presentation. Thus began the invention of counterfeit, inflation and the slavery of mankind. Which bitcoin (or rather the blockchain) would make fundamentally impossible. There would be no more bankers randomly printing billions and creating bloody conflicts to create billions. They evolved into greenbacks where you could get gold from banks with the dollars into the dollars we have now. Even when they took the dollar off of the gold standard in 1971 it was inconsequential because even though the dollar is backed by nothing, gold is an arbitrary store of value, not particularly useful for the common individual. The dollar in its current form is a corrupt warmongering politicians wet dream. They aren’t simply seeking control, they have control. Near absolute control. Also A cashless society without accountability is different than a cashless society. Currency is the invention of capitalism, innovation is the child of capitalism and this is the inevitable product of a free market, not a conspiracy. Doesnt mean people cant use it for wrongdoing but thats not why its designed that way any more than Facebook Instagram and YouTube are designed to sell your information to 3rd party advertisers. Whether you like it or not capitalism will eat itself straight into socialism and borderline communism and a one world government will emerge not because of a conspiracy but because of the limitations of their respective designs.

    2. @RaceAna Dream CarGram Eater we not talking about bitcoin???? We talking about the matter at hand and I totally understand and know what bitcoin is and all about it buddy. But if you are trying to say that it’s totally different from anything else then you yourself sir are even more brainwashed than you thought of yourself to be. It’s no paper currency goof. Really! My buddies own and operate their own business online and are bitcoin king’s, so let’s not get off the real topic. They want to control us all, DAMN idiot’s……

    3. What began with bitcoin? I’m under the impression you dont understand bitcoin very well

  166. Stop watching the news.
    Come together
    Get guns food ammo and water.
    I don’t know the solution but I’m will to fight for humanity.
    It’s crazy how fast they did this shit over a virus that’s not killing at a mass rate. It’s dumb.
    Go outside talk to each other
    Some of us probably had this virus and beat it a few months ago. Think about.

  167. You right and you wouldn’t be able to purchase weapons to protect your family if needed without the higher ups being alerted…now ya see why they were letting people turn in their guns without any repercussions…to conquer a nation unarm the people…we gatta wake up and come together real quick b4 its too late and we are almost their.

  168. Betulinic Acid a naturally occurring pentacyclic triterpenoid which has antiretroviral and antimalarial properties – most commonly found in Chaga Mushroom’s

  169. Stop it. I’m wondering how long this pandemonium’s going to last I’m very curious to see how this turns out because it’s going to start out as coronavirus but it’s going to take a real weird twist they going to try to quarantine us outside of our houses and then you know that damn ass slavery is coming. Going to be like concentration camps and they’re going to kill everybody that don’t listen. we better stick together before they come at us with that new world order bulshit. the video on that you know they’re going to have like a fake Alien Invasion or some shit they going to have something really crazy some kind of boomerang I don’t know what it is but it’ll be a boomerang. mark my words on that I know I might sound like I’m a little out there but I’m damn sure not. Love the content love to channel love you music to

    1. @Sqetch H yeah they ain’t hit me with no needle I don’t give a fuck what they say. And won’t get my gun! Unless that’s some bullets released before. I’m tired of this government she’s not like a second-class citizenship. everybody all about racism and the truth of the matter is that should very much alive but gotten so much better from the old days and still got a long way to go but what it is these days it’s a money thing but if you have money or not. At least that’s how I feel I could be completely wrong everybody’s got an opinion right

  170. The Mark of the Beast
    is not a chip
    the chip is a tracking device
    so they no were you are .
    But the Mark is a BARCODE.
    They don’t scan the chip
    they scan the BARCODE.
    remember you can’t buy are
    Sell with out taking the Mark
    well we been buying and selling
    before the chip don’t be fooled
    by the chip Brother .
    Don’t believe me check everything
    in your house that you paid cash for
    or used your chip card .
    yes the car we drive has a BARCODE
    right under the Number in the
    car truck suv widow .

  171. They already know now. That’s why they eventually made it mandatory that you have a debit or major credit card. Stuff comes up on my phone or in my emails about stores I’ve shopped at online and off.

    1. Knijel Sickles you are right , I shopped at guess online 1 time to buy slides for a shirt I bought .. all in my email after I purchased my items was sales on guess items 50% off all that bs

  172. PopaDuck! Love Bruh For You, I’d Say Well if That Should or Might Be They’re Solution About a Cashless Society What about The Damn Groceries People Touch Riiight! 😠 Dem MothaFUCKKAz 😠

  173. the chip is the size of a rice grain. takes 15 min to mplant into your hand. people are getting the chip to simplify their lives to open their cars doors, travel across the border, enter in to sporting events, tolls, ride the bus or train, go to gym or health club, shopping, banking, purchase gas for your car, without the chip you are invisible b/c u will not have a ss# in the system neither will the children. u will not be able to do anything not even take your own money out of the bank. u have to be willing to die and not be afraid to die. DO NOT TAKE THE CHIP . IT HAS A BARCODE ON IT AND THEY WILL SCAN THAT BARCODE AND YOU WILL BECOME LIKE ONE OF THEM..LIKE PAPA DUCK EXPLAINED u will be using “AMAZON GO”. u sign into the app on your phone place the phone in your pocket or purse and just shop. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE ITEMS AND RECEIVE YOUR RECEIPT AFTER YOU HAVE WALKED OUT THE DOOR.

  174. Im not taking no vaccine and no chip, they can take my body but they will never take my soul,, it belong to JESUS, Im covered by the blood of the lamb. Prepare for Glory

  175. Switzrrland is not cashless bro yo y’all make sure y’all get info from at least bbc and not government controlled NBC or fox not saying your sharing fake news bro but 70 % of switzerland still uses cash for purchases even at grocery stores


    1. Ron EverGrow i grow up on 59th and Arlington. I know exactly where you talking about. I was raised there

    2. @Calvin Hackett Shalawam ahch I will hit u up tomorrow(we can chat tomorrow)its getting a little late 😴 be safe out there, protect your own ✌❤🙏 !!!!!

    3. @Calvin Hackett I’m from Cali also I moved out here to Vegas like 3 years ago(damm rent got to high) I was renting a three-bedroom house in 60 Hood near the train tracks off Arlington and Slauson(2300 a month )
      Out here I got a 4 bedroom house with a swimming pool in Henderson for 1250 a month, crazy difference……

  177. Keri hilson said the virus is 5g then later deleted the tweet I believe her I heard a couple woke mfs say the same thing

  178. Here in Toronto they’re using this virus as an excuse not to take cash. A lot of businesses are only accepting “contactless” forms of payment. Smdh

  179. It’s a reason why the Bible says the number of man is 666 just like the devil. Mankind runs the world and man kind created this beast system.

  180. BROTHA we AZ th ORIGINAL PEOPL com FROM a cashlezz SOCIETY wher do U thnk they get that concept from??? But of COURZE u kno THEY TAK EVERYTHNG they learn from UZ n CORRUPT IT thn GIV it back 2 UZ ALL FUCKED UP….N what MOST don’t kno iz that THIZ NWO WILL COMMENCE UNDERGROUND ther RESET WILL not b ABOVE ground but WITHIN THER UNDEEGROUND citiez…






    https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0VkcbZZgonM2irGwvC88pF?si=7a9WUwSlSAKpp8rRDLTN-A <<< <<<<< THE REVOLUTIONARY ESEIBIO THE AUTOMATIC >>>> (EEE- CEE-BEE-YO)

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  182. ‘Contactless paymentz’ how u do that? That soundz lyke tha rfid microchyp in tha ryght hand or in tha forehead. Or an rfid tatoo in tha skin. Either way itll b between tha thumb n forefinger or in tha middle of tha forehead.


  184. I know for sure bank of America wants to get rid of debt cards instead you will use your phone

    1. @Jeremiah Hampton everyone needs to realize what this guy is. Hes using the word of god mixed in with his twisted opinion of the world so you believe what hes saying is true thats how every false prophet ever has tried to manipulate people into following them. Make no mistake this guy your watching is a cult leader the only difference is his followers arent getting to meet him. This is one of satans many forms you people believe satan is gonna come back and your gonna know its satan but the bible says half the people are gonna follow the anti christ those people are the ones in this comment section and the ones that joining these cults youve been following the anti christ because hes not just one person. Satan will always out smart you so you nieve to think you have it all figured out

    2. If anything was the “Mark Of The Beast” it’s already here. The “Mark Of The Beast” would be social security numbers. I’m not even a believer but doesn’t your Bible speak of not being able to do anything without having those numbers?
      You can’t do anything without a social security #. According to your Bible, the “Mark Of The Beast” is already here and has been for a long time now.

    3. Makes me sick. Speaking on the Bible but your sitting here idolizing a false prophet. He’s talking about things he knows nothing about and your doing the same

  185. Yeah y’all can go cashless if you want to but when the grid goes down, no electricity.your gonna wish that you kept some money!!!!!! Anytime these evil entities, tell you to go left you better go right. Because people will try to robb you because, they can’t get no money from the bank,and they can’t even get gas!!! they see that you have money they will try to Robb you . because you credit cards have the chips in them. And all people do is buy and sell with them. They depend on cashless NES now. They are very cunning it’s a trick people. Stop relieing on this system.stop being lazy and go and cash your check some where and then go to the utilities company and pay your bills with cash, because Everytime you use your credit card’s or debit they take some money as well. Buy you a safe from office Max or wherever and save your money!stop depending on this cashless system that’s being dismantled.bexause that’s wat they really want,because trust and believe that they know that their systems are crashing.and that’s when everybody’s gonna go crazy!!!!! I found out that for some reason I had more money when I cashed my check myself , no direct deposit.and managed my own spending. I seem to have more that way. Iam telling y’all banks are a joke a rip off,and the lady told me that it was required for me to have my money go to the bank with direct deposit,i told her no!!!! I want to cash my own checks,she got really up set. But I can differently see the difference,when iam in control of my own money.and not have to deal with all the bank and credit card fees. I will load money on a card only if I wanna buy or order something. We don’t need them it’s time for us to start governing ourselves. Get your money outta these crooked bank’s or just leave just enough in it to keep your account open but if you can leave these bank’s alone.

    1. @B Aman Ra wash it,and they can’t make you do nothing against your will, that’s your mind set. Because white people are storing up their gold and silver,they got since to know that cashless is a set up. okay go cashless and when this system that they have in place fails, see how their banks is gonna help you. Because they won’t have no records of you account because the computer’s are down,no electricity and that’s why a lot of thee elderly don’t trust bank’s and this system that they got in place.you better go to one of them mom and pops store’s and cash your check and by you a safe fr office Max to keep your money in, they want you to depend on them you better learn to be self efficient. Because it’s always gonna money floating around here, but when the grid goes down no more wire transfers and they don’t or won’t have any records of any account with you because the computer’s aren’t working anymore.now they can give you money or maybe even cash a check,b ut if your work check goes straight to the bank through wire transfer then you’re out of luck. People are gonna go crazy when they can’t get no money out of the bank or should I say through electronic banking ,debit cards won’t work,hell the banks may even shut the doors to the public, banks will start to do paper only cash checks and stuff like that , so wat ever money’s that you had in the bank it’s gone because theirs no records anymore. Bye bye money

    2. Your gonna be fucked either way …either take this chip and risk your soul …he’ll eternally or die for a cause to make it in the heavens of the lord

    3. @kemetdeb gibson if u believe in the mother Gaia then you are apart of the system they are building. There is no Gaia it is only Eliohim

    4. @Kinks & Curls wow then wat do you think that you are,were all energy!!! So is money currency!!!!!!!!!energy and you can wash money. But wat good is your credit card, or debit card gonna be to you once the grid goes down and there’s no Bank’s. Keep listening to these entities, father of lies, that’s why they put up the 5g so quickly, our Creator is not a cardinal being she energy the devine universal mother Gaia. And that’s wat this whole thing has been about destroying the feminine energy, it’s nothing masculine about this,because your thinking will get you destroyed. And she’s about to give birth to a whole new way of being, the golden age, not no man it’s never been about you men, but you set yourselves on high and you’ve become boastful braggers,proud , lovers of yourselves.you fall for anything and to all you men that have been brainwashed and don’t want no dark skinned melinated women, your a fool because she has a direct passport to the cosmos, she’s your dark Phoenix rising for she carry’s the xxgene they are your God’s. Again these entities also told you that all woman Carrie the xxgene and that all men Carrie the xy gene,that a lie because only the God’s can carry that gene, they are specie’s,draconians, greys,. Soulless beings ext.if it was nothing here on this earth but men you would die because you couldn’t procreate.this whole thing has been about killing off the feminine energy!!!!!!!and they mock her with homosexuality, try getting back to nature then and only then you’ll be able to see her,she nurtures everything.without her life itself would be non existent. You melinated men have a diamond and don’t ever know it, but Hitler did. Your dark skinned women, not ww or brown skinned women but your dark skinned black women that Carrie the xxgene and that has a direct passport to the cosmos.but y’all melinated men don’t want them,y you want light or white, your killing off your strength,the father’s of lies taught you well, because they want her,they want that xxgene and they know that with you theirs to much power with the xx and xy gene.the darker the berry the sweeter the juice.

  186. Trump did bomb that Iranian general this virus is probably their get back 🤷‍♂️ this is on some video game zombie type movie ish with all this panic going on y’all be safe my people by any means necessary 💯✊🏿

  187. …not only switzerland…they are not there yet…but sweden, denmark are on the forefront here in europe.

    no mo cash money,means fully control and sight over us.
    how you gonna pay me when i sell you weed?!
    how many tv’s yall gone bring here!?😄
    you understand where im getting too right?
    cashless is one of the biggest goals of our enemy.
    i prefer cash money at all times!!!!
    what they talk about is heavy propaganda to get it to it…get you hip in your head and allways repeat until you jump in..

    people are sooo sooo gullible and dumbed down…🤢🤮🤮🤮

  188. Bro cashless society is a potential future. so to protect your cash you need to buy crypto currency! XRP, BTC and ETH are good starts with crypto, people can survive on the under ground! we wont need the chip WE will be buying groceries and houses with crypto! We can beat the one world currency!

  189. Seeing the word cashless right now is like a moment of dejavu! We are living moments of truth and our future… always good to see an upload from you. We need to wake our people up!

  190. You are absolutely CORRECT. We should ask more questions, but they won’t answer. They will lie to us like they ALWAYS do.

  191. Isralites wake up the scriptues are about you , on lockdown need to seek Yashusa who you call jesus and father Yahuah before it is yoo late, soon you will have to choose which side you are on , play time is over. Everything some of you loved money,fame, loving these singers,actors some of fake idols, the coolest clothes Basketbsll ect some iof you are on lock down, times is a changing things will not be the same . Some of these pastors been lieing to you . Isralites been telling you for years but you call them all cults not knowing they are your brothers, sisters .wake up from your sleep . Jacob troube is at the door. Take care.

  192. The world is sick definitely at this point, please No one get the vaccine 💉 the virus 🦠 is in it you will die people!! Be smart in these times don’t fall for the tramps .Notice they have bonkers already? They been had them for us everything is a game to play on your fear !!!!! Don’t be scared be smart

  193. America- let’s flip a coin, heads I win tails you lose. Me- what that’s not fair, Exactly ! That is how they play and have always played. Time for us to play our own game, 10-4. Be easy duck

    1. Adrian L Say that sh*t again!!!! I keep telling people this is a dress rehearsal for the actual act – 2030

  194. Every store u go to.before u make a purchase they ALWAYS ask u do u have the chip😒😏😏😏😏 its predictive programming / indoctrination✌ itsa new world every since 911

    1. Almost but not quite there yet try since 1992 when the bush Administration agreed on a new world order to take place . 9/11 was planned

  195. Switzerland is the first to trying out things like this. it’s the place where MOST of those European banking families hangout/live…has anyone ever notice in history. Switzerland never get’s attacked. or find itself in WARS??? now you know why.

    1. darrell mfume safest place on earth & they made it that way for their own comfortability

  196. Hey Papa Duck please explain to everyone the Hegelian Dialectic. You are a voice in this time of turmoil. Thank you for everything my brother.

  197. What’s funny to me is that all the cards that I use don’t have a chip. I say debit and swipe and my receipt starts printing. Then I’m gone. BUT my best guess concerning world events is that not only will there be a shift to digital transactions, there will also be a sense of ‘force’ when it comes to curfew. Wouldn’t want to catch them ‘upgrading’ the neighborhood. 🙃
    Giving Jesus my praise 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  198. The bible says God will protect his elect during these great tribulation days… Then in the seventh seal, he will send his angels to the 4 winds of the earth to gather his elect. That means that we will survive this one world government/currency until Jesus’s return. But how when we can’t buy or sell without excepting the mark?

    1. Before it gets to drastic, buy tents, sleeping bags, first aid kits, water filters. Learn how to can foods. Buy up matches, lighters, charcoal.
      And who knows, God might send down manna to his people.

  199. The HR at my job contacted everyone and told us, if we don’t have direct deposit, we need to get it asap …that says something right there

    1. B U they been been limiting everything if we were the ones making the decisions for the masses we would limit their asses too

    2. Back I’m the days of Kings and castles …you could live in a Kings domain and the king would give you protection so you could survive and the king would also let you do business in his domain. But I’m order to receive protection from the king you had to pay tribute or like taxes or like a fee…the king didn’t work for free as it cost $$$ to run a castle and courts ..
      This virus is a hoax and changes are coming ..they will start charging us just to be alive

  200. Never work for something you won’t be able to touch or see. Shit I worked for a job last year who give me a debt card then every time I use my card I was charged 7 dollars to use my work debt card. If you don’t comply they can hit a button a everything you work for us gone.

  201. It will be a soft roll out before they chip us… cellphones first.. cashless apps are gonna be the new banks… everybody gotz cellphones… even homeless can get in on this…

    1. Watch Me Thrive I’m gonna try to as well man hopefully they let us live with just digital cash on like cash app and shit and don’t force the damn chip in our bodies

  202. Yeah they slick slick. They tryna do them implants in a arm type stuff when they can easily do it a different way like the old credit card system..

    They gone eliminate the dollar to flip the economy just like how they stop using gold to use cash and now the cash will go to clear the u.s. debt while the economy in a plunder and bring in this “cashless society” or maybe a united states slash global “bit coin”

    Another note they tryna stop cash but ain’t making it illegal to kiss them dogs and give them dogs corona virus which can spread through neighborhoods because its zoonotic.why ain’t no vaccine talk about these dogs and cats people love so much BUT WHAT DO WE KNOW….(alot)

    1. As long as people listen to people like you, you can’t do a damn thing. Basically nothing you said makes any sense