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238 thoughts on “Question??? Do Y’all Think Black People Should Get Reparation?”
  1. I will never accept a government handout. Ive been poor most of my life and on my own since 15. People are juat sheep now adays that follow the herd. Someone sais raceist and the herd follows. Dude was crisis actor, 33 degree mason, hes not dead, wake up , do your research sheeple. They are creating this race war and yall are just feeding it. In the meantime they are bleeding the countrys economy and preparing for war and civil war, and the antichrist

  2. What yall should get is unity, your against eachother more than any other race on the planet. Racism is in every race on the planet also, whites make up most of the population in the united states so its common sense that your gonna see more raceist in whites because there is more whites in the unites states. Some how people thing by destroying citizen owned businesses in your own neighborhoods and burning stuff is gonna make people think better about your race. You gotta win wars with your mind, not your fist.

  3. Native Americans should get more reparations than anyone.” There can be no justice on stolen land.”

  4. Damn right we deserve Reparations…And Seperation!!!! It’s time to stop waiting and Take what we want!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great Question.. You have to be real about it though..
    You’d be a fool to believe they’ll give away reperations to all blacks just cause they are colored. How many Hispanics will get reparations then??
    We have to reclaim the history first Bottom line.

  6. Yes I agree we deserve reparations. It would make a big difference!! I 🙏 pray they do it not just talk it…

  7. Hellz Yesss…We are way over due..They owe us everything even our own culture we want it back..Wish our blacks get this European culture out their system.


  9. They money ain’t real it’s monopoly money not worth noting they could never pay us back for what they did but by going to hell

  10. Absolutely, we should get it fast not slow..but my ppl, if we do, don’t just run out and pump it back into the pockets of those who don’t care about u, don’t run out and grab 5g phones and expensive designer gear..let’s reignite black wall street × 100 ya feel me my ppl✊✊let’s have a true “come up”

  11. Yes we should get reparations..( but there are two organizations fighting each ither about reparations. One is evette carnel and she is very prejudice against other blacks not born in America. She wants only American born blacks to get reparations and that is wrong. All blacks born outside of africa eg.caribbean blacks should get reparations too..

  12. Why is there so many FBA Homeless while habitat for humanity is building houses from the ground up for immigrants? RIGHT IN OUR FACES Family. Speak Out about this.

  13. 100% with out a doubt We as a lost tribe deserve REPARATION.for the DEHUMANIZATION of Our Nation . We Demand COMPETITION. And without There will be no real reconciliation between this country and our nation. Whom History was taken and whom was given a MISEDUCATION. I say only on thing. Reparation.Reparation.Reparation

  14. Nope, if you was’nt born B4 60’s or 70’s after that you have or had the POWER to have changed you life.

  15. NO! My family came to the USA with $500 in the 1970’s . My mom had a 6th grade education. We didn’t speak English. She we back to school and became successful. My entire are successful. We did cling onto the slave mentality. We worked hard and overcame. Stop looking for handouts! That’s what’s keeping you on the plantation.

  16. ???? Reperations man lol did you build our country just my opinion but I dont think anyone asking or demanding reparations helped build this country
    Much respect to the slaves that were used to build this country they didn’t deserve what they went thru but it’s been how many years since slavery was abolished? And people wanting so called racist statues and monuments dismantled of out history if you want to erase the past why give reparation for something you want to erase

  17. Although I believe we are owed reparations, biblically speaking, our reward is in Heaven (for those who believe in the Most High). Besides, the Bible states we will not be given a financial reward for our bondage. Isaiah 52:3 says,”For thus said the LORD, You have sold yourselves for nothing; and you shall be redeemed without money.” The reason we are in this situation, as believers, is because of our disobedience to the Most High and we all need to repent to change things for the better (Acts 17:30).

  18. Even it they did give us reparations, the government would get it right back through taxes. Just like they about to do with these stimulus checks. 😁

  19. America blacks should get it here. If your black from Jamaica or Africa then they need to ask Britain or Europe whatever.

  20. See video by canadian prepper called top 10 occupations after grid down disaster preparedness and share this video

  21. Yes I agree with all you have said – but we need to understand that there is a bigger picture here and I know some won’t agree – only when we realise who we are as a nation in relation to God and turn our faces back to God and stop killing each other and unite and stand as one – then we will still keep going over this same ground – our reparations will only come when we turn back to our Father – read Deuteronomy 28 in your bibles – it’s all there

  22. See woodwardtv called what you need to know about ley lines earth energies and more. Share this video

  23. See video by nubreed till the world over called black lives matter or black dollars matter and share this video

  24. We can’t get mutual respect. What makes any of us think it can be better. For us to have the slightest yearning for reparation or anything else from them is a waste of thought and energy to me. To want or expect anything else from them is a another reason for them to taunt tease and treat us with the hate that they do to make us feel whatever it is they feel to make them act the way they do. For me the little speck that I am I don’t want anything from them. It might come with some kind of curse. I don’t mean at all to promote prejudice or anything but my thing is if they want to drink from separate fountains etc… let’s do it.

  25. Black people built this country, but any wise person knows we ain’t getting a damn thing. We have to stop looking for handouts.

  26. They did not distribute anything to anyone but other whites…nobody needs reperations , we just need to go back to silver and gold then we can all distribute wealth to our next generation. We dont need them. But to say you gonna burn this whole shit down,im sorry to say you will cause a war with other middle class people not the rich. Going to house of congress and places like that. Not your own communities, that shit is just stupid.destroy instead of taking over? Really?

  27. You already know the 15 people that dislike this video or white and any other race besides black Or Hispanic.

  28. You deserve reparations and more. May the Most High continue to awaken and bless true Israel. Anyone who hasn’t should check out teotw ministries and Dante fortson here on YouTube. Fortson also runs blackhistoryinthebible.com Which has a treasure trove of information.

  29. First we need to fight for that constitution to be changed where they don’t classified us as American. And second we don’t need to be classified as black people because that’s not a race just a color. We deserve everything. If we never existed none of the other races would be here.

    1. Natives were already here. They got punked for the land and live in very bad conditions on the reserve today

  30. How about we get our 40 acres & a mule first then discuss reparations for harm caused since slavery was “abolished” until the civil rights act was passed. We also should get reparations for harm caused in the 80s to the early 2000s for the crack epidemic they created with the iran/contra when they sold guns for drugs and flooded the 🇺🇸 with cocaine to fund their training camps (terrorists training).

  31. Get your reparations from the AFRICANS that sold yas. Also, What EXACTLY did yas “build?” 😂 . Y’all ain’t never build anything in your lives. STOP IT!!! 😂😂😂😂. White peoplpeople build America. STOP telling STORIES.

  32. He just made a threat and wonders why people would be scared….revenge is your only solution ?

  33. The hybrid Europeans came over and by force they colonized and enslaved us in our own land (this is part of the Moroccan Empire). We, (the Muurs) deserve reparations. All black people born in the United Snakes are Muurs

    1. Do you really need a mule right now, is it smart to expect something from the same government that opressed your ancestors, thats the definition of insanity, always expecting a different result, it never comes, but division is here , they are super good at dividing all of us.

  34. Yes let me just say those who say no don’t want a even fight plus live off the hard work of our ancestors so I want my 40 acres and mule “civil war” but the treat n kill us like no other people on the planet 300-400k+ each is a good start over 10-20 years as Forbes quotes it to be plus they paying reprerations to all other countries for shit they did why should we be and exception! # that’s international law precedence “Stare Decsis” 🤫🤔🤔🤔🤭🤪😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Bye the way Trump said it would be unusual to pay us go figure!!!

  35. NO!!!!!!! cause black folks ain’t ready for it if we was on some black Wall Street ish then I’d say yes but at this point all we would end up doing is giving it back it’s a beautiful thought but we honestly not ready

  36. Soon money won’t have any value,i need mine in LAND🏠🚜🌽🍅🍉🍓🎣🐑🐔🐥🐐🐎🐂

  37. Black white red yellow build this country not one race can claim that. Its is a ridiculous statement and only go to show what you know of history and what is tought of history.. Knowledge is power. Ones do diligence will serve a them a lifentime.

  38. The only chips we f#(king with is the ones in the store miss me with the bullshit we need our hold world back that will be about enuff!

  39. I feel you deff need 100% equal rights , but don’t forget the Mexicans they deff helped build this country as well and they ain’t even aloud in the country.

  40. After these riots and looting we definitely aint getting it. How do you ensure we don’t get the reparations? Have people of the community destroy everything and use that money to build a new establishment 🤦🏾‍♀️.

  41. That ain’t even a question. That’s like somebody givin you a business, you make it grow, then they take it back from you and don’t give you nothin. But worse! How we beggin for somethin that’s rightfully ours. Who works for free!!!! 😡

  42. I think papa duck might be a lil tipsy lol his speech and movements seem a slower😂😂but yea give us our 40 acres and the mule

  43. ⚠️EMERGENCY: Depopulation Gates says that in the USA, for BLACK PEOPLES to get 💉Vaccinated FIRST. LORD GOD ALMIGHTY PLEASE HELP. ❗️😭

  44. If that’s the case don’t forget the white peoples that died to help free them in the civil war. It was a hell of a sacrifice to fight for another race and die for them in the beliefs all men are created equal. Not saying they deserve same money but something. Most importantly if your this passionate about the subject then you must be willing to help free all the current slaves in the world as it’s still a thing. Even bigger question…. would you give up your check if you knew it would free a current person trapped in slavery????? Even bigger question. Fyi African people setup their own slave trade to supply the slave traders that feed the world. So should Africa be responsible as well and pay some money?

  45. Personally, I don’t believe that we would ever see a dime of “reparations” within our lifetime going about it the way we’re going.

  46. Hell MF Yes!!!!! The starting number shall be $50 trillion. #NoTaxesForFBA #BigUps PaPa 🦆

  47. Absolutely, we should get reperations, not for just building America, but for them hanging , castrating, and beheading our people for no reason at all, but the Bible says our reperations are going to be in gold. I want reperations and seperation.

    1. Constitutional Republican Absolutely. God is showing his people that we need him. Or none of us would be left if he did not come and save us from this wicked, wicked world. PLEASE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY PLEASE HELP ❗️

    2. oh and your reperations, that will be agenda 21 and agenda 2030.

      population control.

    1. @Amiri. What????❗️Our God Almighty says money is a defense. Also, that he is going to restore to us more abundantly. Also that he is going to MAKE THEM VOMIT UP RICHES, that they have swallowed down. Google it.

  48. ❗️Yes. If the wicked would keep their pledge in saying, In God They Trust, and give back what they have robbed… they would actually take some of the curses off of themselves. That Lord God Almighty is authorizing to afflict them with justice to now fall into the pits that they dug for us.

    Now they are going to feel the hell of this system first-hand and direct, including poverty. And their rich still get richer, for now, anyway.

    Because their own people are the AGENTS PROVOCATEURS behind the destruction during the riots. And everybody knows it.

    To burn out the remnant of their middle class. Mission ACCOMPLISHED.

    And when they fall, they will fall below the general poverty level. Because the general poverty level is full with us.

    They will have to live in their cars 🚗 and in tents ⛺️ and in the caves again in the mountains ⛰.

    1. Yahll do I’m tribe of yudah I keep ABBAYAH FATHER GOD of Israel Law’s status and comments they as can’t do shit to me but kill me but tme bastards can’t have my soul I will live in paradise or die trying

  49. To be more specific, I think aboriginal Indigenous Copper colored people should get reperations because they are the original people of this land, today those same people are being disenfranchised by being called African American and we ain’t african, nope, we are not BLACK, we are Copper colored people, that’s why the penny is copper, it represents us because we are the FIRST, UNO, number 1, the aboriginals of the American continent. We ain’t slaves, neither was our ancestors, we are prisoners of war in our own land and we’re being occupied by hostile EUROPEAN COLONIZERS. We are definitely owed reperations

  50. i think all americans should get reparation.

    weve all been through shit regardless of race and religion.

    most people who were slaves got,the agreement wrong however,

    as they had to do what was required to receive. they didnt, so they moved elsewhere at other points.

    remember, the govt is a corporation. this isnt a race issue. this is a control issue, specifically agenda 21 and agenda 2030.
    we all deserve more, because we have all been raped and stolen from for generations.

  51. Just leave us be, black people are strong people’s. Nothing is impossible for us world wide, just get out of our backs. The sun🌞 is our best friend.

  52. jim crow joe is trying to include native americans in our reparations. Native Americans had slaves too.

    1. Some nativeAmericans had slaves and Some Africans started their own slave trade to supply the slave traders.

    1. people dont know facts.

      they assisted in some…. but surely didnt build america. in fact, it was the irish and the germans who built america more than any other “race”.

  53. If you use a social security card…….

    You…. Belong…… To….. Them…..

    Think about it…….

    We have a long way to go……..

    1. Yo moma my moma an all of our mothers they didn’t know cause I didn’t know we’ll make it stick 💯 together in love an we halfway there one love 😘

  54. Papa duck ain’t gone burn down shit‼️ he love where he lives too much to sacrifice it… Don’t believe everything you see/hear cause even salt looks like sugar.


    1. …what does “reparations” look like? … here’s a thought 💭: it looks like:
      1) 40 acres of “real estate” : 1/4 in good- farming land, 1/4 beach 🏖/ river/ or lake- front, 1/4 rugged “state/federal” terrain and 1/4 in prime retail spaces – all consolidated and NOT dispersed…
      2) since “uncle” is giving away TRILLION$, he needs to break off $100k CASH per household to facilitate “opportunity” for LEGACY WEALTH BUILDING- either THAT or disburse an amount that would INSTANTLY put blacks on “cash” par “statistically” with the “fruits- of” whites’ privilege
      3) all these new “farmers” to be provided with the basic tools and equipment necessary to operate their farms
      4) those 40 acres recipients/owners to have “option” to sell/ sublet/ rent/ lease AND EVEN DONATE- those lands in order to increase wealth via “good- steward” development AND/OR using environmentally- accepted “best- practices”
      5) facilitate- other “Legacy/ Wealth” increasing methods
      6) “federal/state” anti- discrimination policies AND PRACTICES to be instituted and proliferated- in order to interrupt/ circumvent the “disparities” and adverse- to- inclusion type policies and practices perpetrated on black veterans returning back to the states upon the ending of WW II, for example
      7) health care/service option of “patient- selected” service provider
      8) environmental- clean up of contaminated resources/ environments utilized/ inhabited by communities of “color”- and END/ such HARMFUL- practices
      9) recognize AND facilitate and/or “fairly- compensate” [financially AND/OR otherwise- negotiated/agreed upon in 2 years time] ”the “right- of- return” to ALL indigenous tribes of Turtle Island- to “choice- areas” within
      their homelands of origin
      10) CEASE AND DESIST land usurpation, environmental degradation without “tribe- approval” AND OTHER treaty- violation… under threat/penalty of “rescinding- of- charter” AND implementation of “personal” civil/criminal liability
      11) REWRITE THOSE ARTICLES/SECTIONS/CLAUSES of BOTH- federal AND state constitutions, in such manner to recognize AND represent former slaves AND THE DESCENDANTS OF SLAVES ON US SOIL- to be on par with “white” Americans
      12) WHATEVER- ELSE could be proposed AND TEST- DEMONSTRATED to be beneficial to these blacks displaced by white- supremacist practices and policies

  55. Black people were in they Americas waaaaay before the clear people showed up. So give us the money you owe and take all that shit back to the Euro zone.

  56. Hypothetically
    Let’s say that reparations are given to African Americans this coming Monday, that reparations money will go back to white folk by Saturday of the same week.

    1. good,ill be waiting on saturday.

      any late payments will have a 23% fee added.

      im owed reperations aswell.

      race isnt the problem.
      corporate govt and their lies and theivery are.

  57. back in 2009 when Obama was president, it was settledall the tribes finally received the monies owed from most of the broken treaties from all them broken promises they gave to all the tribes way back for the land they took. which wasnt enough I think. there was a big lawsuit, it went on for some years though started in 1996…yall have to do it, its owed…

    1. You know that’s right if they do start giving something yahll better run its a Pharo move if I give it to yahll I got to kill ya

  58. Understand we have no race. African American is not a race. We have no flag no nation. Tell me how are we suppose to receive it? Hell yea we pos to get it but how?

    1. i heard in order to receive it you must go back where you came from, country of origin.

  59. Man, at This point, the New World Order is at our feet. I Think it’s time we stop Thinking we should be “paid” for All we’ve suffered (which Wont change a Damn thing, given the Fact that we’re All Still suffering) and figure out how the F* we’re gonna deal with the vaccine patch planned for Every one of us. Look Ahead, we’re in for a Rude awakening…Get the F* Up Already and Stop crying!

    1. agenda 21 and agenda 2030.

      prepare, train, plan.

      know your enemies, this isnt a racial issue. this is governmental. “mind control”.

  60. I am ndn an black an white I keep have n to take care of my self I am to white to b black an to red to b white so who likes me no one your friend

  61. NO, I DON’T THINK SO!! Only those who endured slavery should receive any pay. But for those who have never experienced slavery why should you receive money?? I think you need to back up some and lets deal with stopping police brutality. Now I can understand giving to those who unjustly were abused by law enforcement EVERYONE getting some payback. But it is your attitude in this video that causes a huge setback for those who have worked hard to get to this point. IMO

    1. @Frankie Cal, Easy Yes. You are ignorant to the facts….*. History of Reparations Payments. >>>> 1- 1990 U.S.A $1.2 Billion or $20,000 Each JAPANESE AMERICAN.

      2- 1990 AUSTRIA $25 Million to Holocaust Survivors JEWISH CLAIMS ON AUSTRIA.

      3- 1988 CANADA 250,000 Sq. Miles of Land INDIANS & ESKIMOS.

      4- 1988 CANADA $230 Million JAPANESE CANADIANS.

      5- 1986 U.S.A. $32 Million 1836 Treaty OTTAWAS OF MICHIGAN.

      6- 1985 U.S.A. $31 Million CHIPPEWAS OF WISCONSIN.

      7-1985 U.S.A. $12.3 Million SEMINOLES OF FLORIDA.

      8- 1985 U.S.A. $105 Million SIOUX OF SOUTH DAKOTA.

      9- 1980 U.S.A. $81 Million KLAMATHS OF OREGON.

      10- 1971 U.S.A. $1 Billion + 44 Million Acres of Land ALASKA NATIVES LAND SETTLEMENT.

      11- 1952 GERMANY $822 Million to Holocaust Survivors GERMAN JEWISH SETTLEMENT. 12- 2015-2016 President Obama gave $12 million dollars to Jewish Holocaust Survivors and $492 million dollars to Native American Tribes as reparations. There are other historical examples of reparations, such as reparations were paid to the enemies and traitors of the United States such as the Civil War Confederates enslavers and Japan and Germany from WW2 and the US Government Paid Reparations For 11 Italian Americans Who Were Lynched , yet Thousands of African-American-were lynched between the years 1882 and 1970 and have not received any Justice. Black Americans have fought and died in every major war and conflict involving the U.S and have never become traitors to the United States government like the Confederacy. The CIA sponsored and orchestrated Crack Cocaine epidemic in the Black Communities all over the USA, which lead to the Mass Incarceration Federal Crime Bill of the ’90s. The #ADOS community has a Duty and the Right to fight for #REPARATIONS for #ADOS-#FBA

    1. @Smurfette Did ItThat doesn’t even make sense. You are aware that pubic housing was a way to keep blacks in proverty? Back in the 1920 when blacks owned their own banks and homes, KKK destroyed the businesses and communities of our people. The KKK and others took everything blacks build just to put segregated housing or (public assistance) in place. They all set us up to “depend” on (them) since they don’t want black men to be with their families as long as public housing assistance is being provided. So no, public housing does not count as reparations!

    2. @Smurfette Did It YOU MAY HAVE GOTTEN IT CAUSE (ws) didn’t give me SH*T but a hard row to hoe then they got the crop TROLL ALERT!!!!!!!!

  62. Nope 👎 People need to get out this entitled/victimhood mentality & just accept that there’s racists and just get on with self Improvement. No more begging.

  63. Yes, land, I want land, not money…

    Cheers and RESPEC’

    Edit: And not to be that guy, bottom of a totem pole is reserved for special carvings at eye height, that is the wrong analogy.

    1. I just said if we at least got the entire south and all the islands we’d be super straight!! Black Wallstreet 2.0 deal with Cuba and be On like a light switch! I asked a guy you wanna get paid or get your land back? If we get the land, the money automatically gonna come.

  64. YESSSSS! I know for a fact my great great grandfather was born a slave and built 2 houses during the Great Depression and raised 11 kids, 10 of his own and a grandchild ❤️❤️💯💯💯

    1. Reservation land is federally owned, theres no such thing as indian land if you ask the government

    2. Golden Heart my dad said the same thing bc Africa primary mode of transportation was by foot bam 💥

  65. I been following an case on Tamia Horsford…so sad..so sad…yes it’s time for an REVOLUTION✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  66. Yes indeed, we need all that. Everybody else getting money every month…even some other races and immigrants. The 400 years is up nah. H.R. Bill 1242 ( Google dat) Trump signed that this year, it’s on.

    1. @Emotional2000 True, it was signed on January 8th. But, we’ve been here longer than 400 years, we were here before Columbus came, before anybody came and they know it too…. I didn’t know about 2050 and the scripture associated with it though. They give most ethnicities allllllllll the rights my people still fighting for. There’s a N.E.S.A.R.A. ( National Economic Social And Reform Act) : and this has to be established by the people/Dr. Claude Anderson; no set date to start either. They’re literally waiting for all races in the nation to say hey let’s put this into effect, as for economics, free energy and untaxed food and all natural and untaxed medicine are concerned.x

    2. ONDAT AZZ!! As for the H.R. Bill 1242, by Sheila Jackson, that was simply a bill to acknowledge that Black people have been in America for four hundred years. It was never meant to give us financial reparations. It was meant to have a conversation about racism in America today. As Mitch McConnell implied, Black people got reparations with Obama. The bill wasn’t suppose to put any real money in our pockets. That is why when I read it, I knew it was going nowhere and that it would not be a financial benefit for us. But you never know, Trump could possibly surprise us with some “mean green.”

    3. tyanna scott I used to think 400 years too. However, Exodus 12: 40 states: Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years.” With that said, once the 430 years are up, according to Exodus, the deliverance Passover celebration begins (Exodus 12:41-43). So actually we will be delivered from our oppressors in the year 2050. And around this time, some scientists have predicted White will be extinct. Hence, the World will return to as it originally was…A land of Black people. After all, every human being originated from the Black man and woman. We populated this earth. But this is what I found by my own research. Just wanted to share.

    4. @tyanna scott your being played, its payday for the already wealthy.if you think they will just give you 40 acres and a mule then youre delusional.

  67. *I used to be a huge fan of yours till you slandered Candace Owens. You have a victim mentality and will always stay on the plantation with the way you think about racial oppression*

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