Woman you set the tone of the house and you gotta be careful cause your energy can affect everyone who’s around you🤦🏾‍♀️

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251 thoughts on “Please Be Careful Not To Ever Do This….”
  1. Yes God! I wish that the people who need to hear you say this could see this! I know somebody who is mean. His mother is mean, and his kids are too.

  2. Amen, we as women does set the tone of the house but it takes two, so if she set peace and harmony then he has to as well. Two wrongs dont make it righ,t so ladies “do your thing” there is a battle out there that both will have to fight TOGETHER!

  3. I totally agree. Also black woman are the most disrespected women and when some of the black men dont protect them they are forced to be aggressive and some dont know when turn it on and off. With some people- what they went through as a child can affect you in adulthood. Some take it and become better while others become worse. Nothings ever black and white. Just something to think about. But when children are involved you must watch what you do because children pay attention to what you do and a little of what you say.

  4. Trying to correct my two oldest day by day. Yet once they go back to their mother she is going to revert them into being ratchet, loud mouth females because she thinks it cute.

  5. we learn everything from our parents…
    and then we have a choice to make and form ourselves…
    positive environment is best for them…

  6. I’ve tried to explain this to my wife about my son’s. She believes that the man set the tone emotionally in the household.

  7. Yup, I don’t have kids but I was like my mom. I’m glad my dad raised me because I saw both sides. I’m very respectful to men because of my dad. He never talked bad about our mom either. I hope they listen to you & change

  8. Not lying my dad always raged growing up in I took that habit I hate it I could’ve lost my life when I snapped on a police officer for pulling me for speeding

  9. My mom had a saying that I child is like a box, if you don’t put nothing in the box there’s nothing in the box and be careful of what you put in the box because that’s what you will get out of the box.

  10. The Willie Lynch letters that is devastation that is still in full effect to this day I think everyone should read the Willie Lynch especially us as a people

  11. So heart breaking and true. I just lost my 33 year old nephew to an opioid overdose. And yes..his parents were both drug users when he was coming up. Not opioids, back in the day it was coke and pot. Only 33 Had just had a son. Son was 1 year old. Only 33😓

  12. That’s right 👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽Tell em again PapaDuck. If everyone that come in here don’t line up with the positive energy up in here, guess what’s gone happen? My tone is p-e-a-c-e❣️💯 Fall in line girl scouts 🥰🥰

  13. Moments before I watched this, even though we just got home from church, I started going off about the next door neighbor blocking me in from my parking spot! I was so mad I wanted to slash his tires! (🤣just a thought y’all) BUT…..
    I apologized to my baby girl because that was NOT a good example of how to handle situations! She said “it’s ok to get angry as long as you don’t do anything crazy!” From the mouths of babes! 🤣
    (Disclosure: I did NOT express to her the part about slashing tires!)

    Thank you for stopping to share this message Papa Duck! 😘

  14. All about Papa Duck I never missed a video he spent nothing but knowledge people need to open the ass he’s definitely a real one off Tops music is always on point is videos are off the charts ain’t nobody f****** with my man’s

  15. Hey Big Papa, my strong Black King. Off the subject a little but this is important. You are not seeing the support that you are truly getting. These social medias are censoring our conversation. I myself have not received any replies here at YT or to my personal email account for 3 weeks and I know I’m providing enlightenment to a lot of people and pis-ing off some of them too. Don’t blame your follwers PD. It ain’t us. I don’t know how we are supposed to get together as a people if we are being cut off from this venue. If there is any way around this I hope someone will make it known to the rest of us. It’s happening in all social media. The prez is making it worse by trying to force the medias to police the writings of their customers. Somebody please help!


  16. Facts..PapaDuck..thats a good message.. This explains why my children are happy..comedians silly and goofy at times..just fun loving, giving and hardworking. Just needed to say that.. I have always set the tone in my house. And my 9 grandkids always wanna come to QueenMommaG’s house! Keep spittin that truth.

  17. 💯💯💯💯💯💯yes king say it!!!!!!! and to all the beautiful Queen’s leave the shit attitude outside never bring it inside with you😍😍😍😍

  18. I appreciate this Papa Duck. I’ve been this woman, and it’s deeper than an attitude. It’s spiritual! Good word!

  19. It’s true, I experienced this myself. I was always letting my Mom upset me and letting others get to me. Then I started to see it in my daughter and son so I changed the way I handled things and people.

  20. Mr. PAPA Duck, it is a spiritual “CURSE” a sign of “IMMATURITY”. And, an unwillingness to listen and grow in mindset and emotions. When WE AS PARENT’S DO NOT, PROJECT HEALTHY Emotional energy, frequencies, transcending over into our INHERITANCE, it will show up down the line. I must believe that parent’s TRULY love their offspring. In my mind, and through my lens, anybody who teaches poor behavior, character” attitudes, mindsets to the innocent are either ignorant to the knowledge and “NEED TO LISTEN TO THOSE THAT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE and WHEREWITHAL”. WE SET OUR CHILDREN UP TO BE ABUSED BY OTHERS IN THE WORLD, YOU ABUSE YOUR CHILDREN IN ANYWAY, THE WORLD PICKS UP ON THIS, AND EITHER HELPS THEM, OR ABUSES THEM. SOCIETY HAS A WAY OF STRAIGHTENING THINGS OUT, WHEN THEY SEE IT. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS, NONE. I PRAY ALL PARENT’S PROTECT GUARD AND LOVE THERE’S. OR, DON’T LOVE THEMSELVES, NOR RESPECT THEIR OWN CHILDREN. THEY ARE OUR FUTURE, POINT BLANK” PERIOD ❤

  21. We gotta L-EARN from each other, we gotta come together (LEARN) . This how we can rise above we all one being that called humanity. Number like the Sand of the beach ( No_ under score, no TAKING score either

  22. So True.my husband is like you saying the woman is though..you ate so right..many many blessings daily..I am the woman of my home and I love the peace that is in here because of the Most High YAH.

  23. I’m growing daily as a mother & god wanted me to watch this. He’s working through you. Thank you king.

  24. You right Papa!!💯 Thankyou so much for doing this video..I had to change that..I do set the Tone!! 🦋❤️

  25. True facts boy I gotta admit it cuss win I was in the streets I was a motherfucker now I got 3 out of 7 that act the same way and that ain’t good so u definitely right now I’m trying to reverse it they grown now so it take more work to do but I’m trying that’s all I can do but I did tell them why they act the way they do and its mainly my fault especially the boys which are grown men now yeah I fucked them up early I apologize alot to them they no but it take time and alot of work but he is definitely right cant argue wit that

  26. Very spiritually deep analysis and assessment but 1000% facts! #MAAT #NETERU/NETCHERU #KRST(COSMIC)CONSCIOUSNESS

  27. Facts! Straight up! No lie the realist talk ever brother man. They mimic and copy to the max.

  28. So true I used to always say I’m frustrated until my daughter started acting and saying she’s frustrated. I don’t want that energy for her so I had to check myself

  29. (But Im a strong black woman)thats what I hear….women cant teach a young man nothing after the age of 7

  30. Parents set the example for their children. Children get their behavior from their parents children think it’s okay to act a certain way because they see their parents acting like that like children pick up cursing from their parents.

  31. FACTS . The bible in proverbs said it better to be on rooftop on fire than to be in the presence of a angry woman. Dude that shit is so true . That’s Happy Wife Happy life . This part of the reason why the world it’s like it is because Amazon woman aka black woman are so powerful but They have learn how to control there power.

  32. Yessir!! Facts..we need to unite as parents more now than ever..let the pettiness go so the kids can grow!

  33. Yes amen I was just talking about that. It takes a lot to make me mad. And I talk to my kids. My child father tho…smh get mad over 😒 everything..gotta control your temper

  34. Nobody going say nothing about another black men got killed a few days later after George Floyd funeral he was a unarm blk men they shot him NOBODY going say NOTHING DAMN SHAME

  35. Actually it starts in the light the serpent aka sperm of the man. The Gardner is suppose to be in the hyest mind spiritual love frame before planting the seed in a intelligent garden of a women who don’t cuss or fight and use fowl language most important who breast feeds. One who knows to not cut the placenta to early and etc and to be as one in the garden or house.

  36. In my opinion it goes both ways. The man in the home also has to set the tone.
    He is the head of the house it’s like a trickle-down effect.
    You used to tell your kids do as I say. But nowadays you have to watch what you do because the kids are watching and I agree with you but it does start with both parents.

  37. Great point P Duck; but a better aproach is tactle it by the root; it doesn’t start @ tha home; even though; it Greatley affect tha home, but that type behavior stems from tha work place; and manifest it self in tha home, so one must recognize these negative occurranace and stop; them at tha door exspecialy single parent. Once again Great point P Duck jus here also share some advice wake up, stay woke

  38. This is so true I use to be that way, because I was not aware due to things i experienced growing up and Now my 21 year old son acts just like me and it hurts me everyday

  39. God Bless you for educating your people,ther is so much Evil in the world right now!!Greetings from Holland the Netherlands.Take care be safe 🙏🏽❤️🍀👍🏽💪🏽👊🏽🙏🏽

  40. Anything negative is bad.. show them good examples n good things will come.. start change by changing ourselves first!

  41. stop chasing white meat and love your BLACKNESS AND QUEENS, you all are also causing black women to be angry, do better also.

  42. and men/fathers, set a better example too. BUILD a family, not baby mamma’s, stand by that family and show your children how to be men.

  43. The people who do this will never take this advice, but all facts💯

    Wonder why dem females can’t keep a man🤔

  44. 100% truth,honestly its why alot of us are being murdered and its because our parents never said sorry for being wrong and the sins pass down to our kids,we all must repent

  45. everything pisses me off and i DON’T have ANY kids because adults also do this to each other ALL the time !! i deeply agree with everything you said it’s called self awareness !!!!

  46. Wise words from the mouth of a wise man! Thank you Papa Duck! Blessings to you soldier…Lets fight this good fight together my brother💜💜💜💜💜💜💯💯💯💯💯

  47. Remember – “KIDS ARE VERY IMPRESSIONABLE” and will mimic what they see and hear, it’s TRUE. That’s why the Most High says in Proverbs 22:6: ‘Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he shall not depart from it’.’ This is the reason our old school parents used to excuse us from the room or house before certain discussions or arguments etc. took place. There are some things kids should not see or hear because of how it affects them mentally. You may not know it – but they could be traumatized due to witnessing such events. IJS

  48. Dude you don’t sleep. Making random videos with your opinion and NEVER dropping real knowledge. I need to start doing videos to get views 🤣

  49. I remember those mean, unhappy kids. Life didn’t turn out to great for them either folks. They been in hell from day ONE.

  50. My nieces was just telling me they don’t like to be home cuzz of this so I sent this to my sister hope this video speaks to her

  51. You had to pull over because this one was deeply rooted spiritually and greatly needed. See, the “re-build” must firstly start with the dynamic between the so-called black man and so-called black women. If we don’t get busy right here first, no need for us to ever break ground anywhere.

  52. The people around you ant the programmer will take advantage if that too. Some people have no idea what’s going on.

  53. the problem with parents these days is they allow they kids to soak up grown people behavior instead of making them leave the room

  54. This behavior is real.
    I started to stop listening to words start asking myself why there saying it.

  55. Real talk, I’m going all the sh*t he just said. Wow, I’ll share this with old girl but I doubt it will do any good. Now that I see that she passing this bs on to kid I don’t think I want stay around and watch it happen.😔


  57. I would disagree a little they adopt programing you are unaware of! I am a perfect example of 0 to 100 when I walk in the door and thing are messed up and everyone is laying around watching tv playing games and the house is dirty, so I instantly turn up on the whole house while cleaning because clearly it’s not important at this moment! And from all that somehow im the bad guy because the whole week prior to I was asking nicely clean up! I don’t physically discipline my offspring’s because I was abused and i would probably put them ICU for not following a simple blueprint to keep the house clean, im a professional cleaner with all the equipment at home its no excuse in my home! This video is me all day I’ve tried working on my temper but it’s too late the mental damage is done!

  58. True! I’m the exact replica of my mom. Growing up my mom was quiet & soft spoken, she wasn’t a push over but to me it took too much for her to set it off when warranted. Me witnessing this, I came to the conclusion, nah not me! I was a fireball up until 30-35 & now I AM SHE!! Lawd, sometimes I be mad bcuz I ain’t mad, lol 😂

  59. You are Very Right. “Downloading the Program”. That’s why I post these Radio Stations. Download the Program. I’m Setting the Tone for people to act Accordingly 🙂

  60. Ultimately all that’s going on is too much. People are scared. People are worried. People are broke. Can you imagine what the world must be like for a child? Seek GOD in your life.

  61. I agree with you 100% and toddlers run around cussing and still in hugging and dragging one each one another ! stay at home and take care of your babies! First of all you know most rapper are weak up

  62. No lie I used to be that type of mother, due to me having to be a single mother and how my kids father rather chase behind a female and he was being a GREAT stepdad to her kids but dogging his biological kids. Then one day I found out that my 15 year old daughter was suicidal due to the depression from seeing on social media her dad treating his step-daughter better than he was her and my son and I was heartbroken. My refusal of not letting go of all the hurt and disappointment between me and their dad just manifested into so much negative energy and rubbing off on my kids. So I knew that I had to forgive the past in order for me to teach my children that hanging onto hurt the way I did would only hinder the growth God intended for us to have!! 💯 Man I’m sooo glad you spoke on this🙌🏽❤️

  63. when you ain’t getting along with your baby moms vice versa and you in a unhealthy relationship it will show in your kids too

  64. You exactly right big D thanx I needed, we needed to hear that. Peace love and respect, demand it

  65. Tell my wife all the time papa duck she needs to chill with that anger and show love and if needed talk low but get the point across and if she right she right i know u don’t like us whites but ill atleast say you a smart man and usually make sence just wish us poor whites and blacks could come together because not all of us have hate against ur poeple………godbless ya brother

  66. This is a great message! I am the product of a mother that way. It’s very hard as an adult not to flip the switch to the attitude. It’s painful because I haven’t been able to effectively explain how her behavior affects me. I’m not the same loving person I was as a child. Athough I have loving feelings, they don’t translate well.. I never knew that how I was treated growing up would affect me for life.

  67. I’m no parent but you absolutely right experiencing things with my mom in the past and knowing what I know now I was just like her

  68. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
    Proverbs 22:6


  70. You right I raised three sons and 1 daughter. It’s sad we gotta be King and queen but guess what YAH is able keep them prayed up close to God mine just graduated college even in the midst of a pandemic. Kids ain’t ask to be here ..shiid nor did us but it is what it is.

  71. I always thought the man sets the tone of the household. He is the head. If he isn’t strong enough to be the head then as a wife and mother I will do what needs to be done but I would prefer for him to handle his business and I handle mine. Being a single parent is difficult and honestly it’s a huge relief having someone that understands the responsibility of being the head. Am I wrong for feeling like this?

  72. I don’t have kids and still needed to this before I go to bed because I have tendencies to get mad like he described! 💯

  73. I had been taught from day one, your attitude is picked up by everything, even animals and plants can detect! I noticed the more I worked at meditation, praying and thinking positive, my relationship with others and my children especially matured extremely!

  74. Intelligent brother.. Checking myself❤much love keep inspiring.. Real women do understand i hear you🤗

  75. The youth are where the black race is lost, those kids are absorbing everything around them right now, and the only way to stop it is to put em in an environment that fosters the direction you want them to go. aint many great people gonna come out that low level environment, Dr. Ben Carson is one but some blacks disowned him years ago. That kid you talkin about is probably already lost in all actuality, the BW doesnt stop until the child is in the image of her community.

  76. Keep the videos coming Papa I promise I show your videos to alot of ppl I’m trying to help….You are a smart black brother love it💜

  77. I never ever act foolish anyway but people dont understand the affects of the children. Its sad. Be very csreful how you conduct yourself. Be a spiritual person at all times.

  78. The gay community knows that as well. That’s why they put drag queens and men dressing as women on TV it goes into your psyche especially for the little ones

  79. Rs Duck I know a female I use to talk to that had an attitude like everyday man, and it made me have one and that sht ain’t healthy… long story short she lost ah gud dude, and now I feel so better man I’m focused… I roc witcha Duck you keep me motivated on my toes man rs.

  80. We send our kids to their schools. And they teach them witchcraft and sorcery.. if you’re smart they call you a wiz kid, a wizard.you going to grammar School =grimoire they teach you spells and curses.

  81. Nah bruh sometimes ppl have the right to complain especially if you don’t know what a person is going through

  82. You are right! I have really been trying to set the tone in my house. It’s not something we consider but as women we hold the emotional state of the home. I wasn’t purposefully acting out but I realised that my attitude was really effecting my home. It’s the exact same way my mother is too. We have to re parent ourselves so we can parent properly.

  83. That’s why they call us minorites, not because of our population, but because we are still minors in the head. We need the government to think for us. So called African Americans are really about 250 million of the population

  84. Smoke weed and stay connected to the god inside of you, have good vibes and your kids will have a better attitude and vibes too, because you do!

  85. Papa duck I need to share some information with you I’m a computer spy we living in a mental exploitation computer simulation

  86. Hey Papa Duck 💜💜💜They Will Do What They See You Do You’re Right🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  87. Its true. My son rolls his eyes and pouts his lips just like me. He tells his Dad dont touch him. (I do that) 😩 He’s three. I have been trying to correct this because I did start to notice he was acting like me.

  88. I agree 100%.Teach your children in the way in which you want them to go because they are only a product of their environment.❤️❤️❤️this message and I pray that parents are not just listening 👂 but really taking this information in and applying it.

  89. My altitude is how you treat me. I’m like butterflies to rainbows and I’m like sour skittles to newborns if you piss me off. I pray my girls grow up with that same altitude not giving two fucks

  90. Ive been telling people this for years. Kids be out here arguing like suppose to be grown folks

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