told yall time after time to look at the bigger picture🥺please study this video cause ita coming to us next….please like share comment help get the word out…

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  2. Watch the episode of black mirror on netflix…nosedive…this shit can happen…everything is being monitored online…but the crazy shit is they want to keep up with us on this level but cant crack down on pedophiles or wyte supremacy activity smh

  3. Revelation:Woe unto the inhabitors of the earth,and of the sea:for the Devil have come down unto you,having great wrath,because he knows that he have but a short time!See verbatim Revelations 12:12.

  4. This was definitely a black mirror episode🤦🏾‍♂️ it got to the point she lost so many points the bitch bugged out💀 stop letting these mfs socially engineer us

  5. If Biden and Harris win the election be prepared people 🇨🇳 owns the DemonRats Party they will bring that communist socialist agenda to America.

  6. They are wiping out Muslims and any religious freedoms but that digital system wont work here in America the dictatorship is not to be trusted Fk China

  7. For the people who don’t believe in Jesus .. Get to know him He is the only one that can save your soul! Not anybody else not allah not buddah not the government not your gun if you have one .. think about it if you believe in Aliens 👽 in reality they are Demons.. but that’s a different Story for another day… just know Jesus is Sovereign lord and Alpha and omega as well as omnipresent and omnipotent

  8. This old I been telling people about this but they so stupid that they don’t care because they don’t have nothing to hide. I’m glad more people are waking up

  9. This is already happening all over the world & the United States! All the wanna B elite surf the worldwide web 4 all truth speakers 2 try 2 bully/terrorize us N 2 silences & death! China wants 2 B next N world take over because White $upremacy is fallen completely! None of these greedy, envious races will ever rule/enslave nor oppress blacks ever again & neither will any other race!

  10. So who will do a better job protecting us from China? My money is on Trump. He set up a trade deal, closed their embassy in Houston for spying, is trying to get a deal over tiktok and is the only one to call them out in Covid-19 or the China virus as he like to call it.. either way, it’s scary times

  11. Holy Crap…An episode on Black Mirror is EXACTLY about a world where people use social status as a currency to live.

  12. The Elite Demons are trying to make us live in a Black Mirror universe. There’s a reason why they put all these things in movies. Because they already have it made. they just waiting for a convenient time but too many people are waking up now.

  13. Freedom is not free. When you fuck your credit or use assistance someone pays. Unfortunately lets hope that humans dont suck as much as we will soon find out. Wake up!

  14. The chip is for us this way big brother can do away with police and see if you murder somebody push out AI to collect data 5g can see heat signature

  15. Meanwhile in The US…

    Voting for 60 years and counting= Consent

    Senseless Census= Inventory

    Did Votes Change A Thing Historical Facts + Biblical Truths concerning Us?

    Enslavement= Human Trafficking + Sex Trafficking of Our children, Yesterday = 13th Amendment Prisons for Profit Schools to Prisons for Profit Pipelines. Pedphile Rings Institutionalized Systemic + Institutionalized Systemic Racism

    Medical Genocide + Medical organ harvesting and zero body autonomy Then and Now Experiments Then and Now, Eugenic projects Then and Now Death Dealing Medical Staff Then and Now

    Economic Oppression given by Oppressors does Not= Opportunities Non-profit Grants Written on our backs Agenda Agencies in Our impoverished Communities They grant monies we’ll never see, Institutionalized Systemic Economic Oppression, Money Leaves out of Our Communities through Those “We Trust” who Works for Systems setup to Legally Oppress=

    5 0 1 c3 Trust tacts Church Street to Corporate taxes on Blacks Wall Street= Generational Wealth gap.

    Non-profit Grants Written on our backs Revitalize Them Not Us Gentrification Application of redlines City Hall is just fine, drawing maps while meeting Lies send spies Communities demised.

    Written on our backs setup by the 1% while leaving Us less 1% of Wealth= Generational Wealth Gap with Malice Wheel well established by Design

    ABC-XYZ Agenda Agencies of Chattel Schemes, Heroin, Crack and guns Black on Black Phrases while Destroying through Institutionalized Systemic Schemes White Supremacy Bipartisan Supported and Approved, Every Skinfolk ain’t kinfolk “Gatekeeper” Upheld. Who coined the phrase when we ask, Where’s mine?, they say “It takes Time, to give you a dime.” “Tow The line, love is blind” “We are All Fine” “Black on Black Crime” “I Got Mine”

    These want You to believe that a Vote for Oppressors will relieve The Oppression and grant Opportunities for The Oppressed to be Truly Free= Caste Casters in the Forecast, Silly A-hey.

    They Want You to Believe that their Census-less Representation= Cut a check with your name on it, Reparations. Inventory for Mandatories, Against Us, Hurry! Controlled corralling, Buying Blocks BLOC

    But When Will You Mr. And Mrs. By-words + Two Continents +Two Party Systems + wrong Flag waving + Plateau Patriots +Tricky Dic too + Get Out get it?%= Blind Leading The Blind.

    We Need Those Who Understand.

    Not Voting and Planning for Those who Will Not Fight for Our Reparations Exodus But instead Organize to Manage Our Oppression= Its a Lesson

    While Our people are gunned down for fun by the Proud saying, “We are All in This Together”

    Pimppushing Empty Purpose Promises Of Miseducated Patriots by Greek Saboteurs on an Alph + Omeg Hi

    Not Understanding, The Reasons Why

    While The Blood Of Our Ancestors Cry Out, The Children and Those with Sight Sigh, Fulfilling Prophecies by and by,

    Watcher Watch and Prayers are made.

    Gazers Hawks gawk like Vultures They wait for Opportunities of Glean from their Bishopric + Lordship Crafty Council Greed while the Sheeple + Sleeple give Consent and Inventory, like just steeds ripe with mead, They concede.

    Wake Up + Realize= What has Changed?

    Transferred to Transform The same Skin-game.

    The Plan by Design= Like Puzzle pieces on a Chest game= Hands-on experience from Generation to Generation.

    Our Ancestors Cry Out!

    Historical Facts Biblical Truths.


    It is a War many Unfortunately, are Unawares

    This too is by Design.

    Again, Understand.

  16. Thx for the vid bc it do make u think. China was the first chip their citizens in early 2019 then cov19 happened. But now we hear nothing about the clips

  17. The bible says America will not go into NWO. NWO only happens after this country is removed from the scene. So don’t worry about this. You will not see it.

  18. Sounds like when you shop at Walmart… they’re familiar with everything you buy.. everything you google you’ll see it on Facebook smh

  19. Knowledge is always powerful no doubt once thing for sure everything in this world has a expiration date. All our lives is nothing but a vapor. If anything we need to make sure we lined up with God the creator start being more productive with our life to leave his foot prints behind. If God was to call anyone of us home right now this mess they talking about right here means nothing it’s not going to effect the dead credit😆😆😆😆

  20. We really need to figure out if there is anything we can do to ensure this doesn’t happen to us. Our government does things in their own self-interest all the time without our permission. They claim they’re here to serve us but it’s the other way around SMH.

  21. People think government is problem but not knowing the big tech giants who teaching the government what to do ? What government know about technology NOTHING.

  22. What’s awesome is the powers destroying everything in the name of BLM so urban renewal is set for this system to become.

  23. If this shit don’t make you mad and get push back from ppl everywhere nothing will SMH🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  24. This reminds me of this one episode of Black Mirror on Netflix. They are showing you exactly what our future holds even through shows and movies this world is going crazy. One world government coming soon..🙅🏽‍♂️😱

  25. They’re already doing this to us..everytime we sign into a device. Now look, everyone is on a device. And due to “C One 9” our children must use a device of some sort for virtual school…our phones and tv’s record our voices, phones keep track of where we go, Google loves asking me to give a review of places I’ve maps tracks our speed limit…and don’t get me started on these vehicles these days…i mean, they literally have their EYE all up on us! There have been online purchases I’ve made and Lord behold, I’d be scrolling YouTube and see several ads relevant to my purchases….smh.

  26. Papa duck they aiming for that anyway. The want to make it cashless and that will pretty much control you. But this is another level as well.

  27. Any time the media talk about something jus know it’s coming to us as well we r f^cked this is going to mess all of us of color up they r already trying to control what we say and do now that’s y they trying to get rid of paper money jus to do this China already also have the chip implant as well as Uk and America will follow mark my words get ur seeds rack up on can goods, water, gas, oil, first aid kits, the Main things u need cause ur life will depend on it cause 2020 ain over and from the looks of it 2021 will be worse by March trust me I know cause March will be mandatory for the COVID vac

  28. It’s like that in America now! Point system keeps you down. Credit scores….debt scores…felons….things that keep you disarmed and non-citizen. Pay taxes to live is the only thing ALLOWED.


  30. Papa I saw this in some futuristic scientific movie I believe that those movies are a glimpse into what is to come

  31. If you haven’t already, please read ‘1984’ by George Orwell and check out the series Black Mirror. George Orwell and the creators of the Black Mirror show were trying to tell us what was to come. We’re here now. Wake up!

  32. Politicians here in the US will adopt this soon to lower prison population since that there’s some out crying about overly populated prisons but it might increase more crime 🤔

  33. Been disconnected from this narcissist society mentally and emotionally. They can have everything but my morals pride and dignity. We already born in debt nothing we own is trully ours but our souls not even our bodies is temporary. But i guess people weirdos for understanding that concept lol ok.

  34. Basically you guys Chyna is kicking off the Nu Wrld Orda and other countries will follow. Unyted States is already in effect

  35. My brother this has been going on since Nixon they talked about it in 85 they put it in the movies in every movies and one that comes off the top of my head is Enemy of the State with Will Smith remember that

  36. Every time Another the country come up with something the 1st thought in my mind is they’re trying to plan something for America Because they don’t have the freedom like we do

  37. China’s training their people to be spying soldiers People learn how to be quiet and keep eyes open as we should be the ones preparing for people like that They can’t come here The leaders that is running That camp believe me there credit scores is not going down wake up

  38. It was a movie out about this a while ago I can’t think of the name but when I remember I’m going to put it down below

  39. Freedom is not free. Im prepared to resist! In the words of Killmonger ” let me die with my ancestors for they knew that death was better than bondage”

  40. Oh these Karen’s and killer cops score goes up the one being killed by the cop score goes down I can see it now 🤦🏽‍♂️

  41. I heard about this a few weeks ago lol , I believe it when I see it though. Before everyone gets that bs chip it’s gonna be a big ass wat first

  42. It is much easier to send us on a flight to China instead of spending Billions to bring this system to America

  43. How this any different from your credit score, anywhere you purchase anythang can put things on your credit report. Netflix had a movie on this‼️

  44. Fuck all of this, I hope people rebel more and more. They are trying to turn everyone into Robots… and many People are allowing themselves to become Programmed under false pretenses…

  45. black mirror had this in their series on netflix click link below i been telling the sheeple hollyweird been showing the sheeple what they plan to do and are doing wake up or stay asleep
    here’s a clip of it social credit

  46. I saw this a few yrs ago. China is the testing grounds for all technology. And u thought 5G was a game. Remember the movies Kingsman 1 and 2..

  47. Hey Duck please Do a video on 2020 Senses do we have to fill it out .What are really the consequences? It says we have to by law but no one has ever been arrested for it smh 🤷🏾‍♀️

  48. Just like when some jobs look at your credit score they not looking at your credit score they looking at Social score


  50. They are already implementing a new way to report credit. It will change your credit rating. It is called credit T10 or T2. I read about a while ago.

  51. I dont believe white amerikkka wants that over here yet. Many years away. White amerikkka likes its freedom.

  52. This is irresponsible journalism.

    These questions should be asked of our Governing officials with an emphatic not in our nation response.

    Not to people with nothing more than opinion as you and I.

    The Truth is over 75 unpopulated interment camps now exist in America under the title of fussion centers.

    Still believe our future is here in America. Smh

    Black People


    Just because there is not much content on my page does not mean the solution for us is not known.



  53. China is guilty of mass murder and genocide,! the ccp are the culprits and have created forced labor camps and interment camps,! down with the ccp!

  54. I keep telling you in America Credit is debt thats how banks control you through debt thats all you sell get your credit right as you say but the more you deal in credit the more in debt you will become how do you get credit cards which is debt through a credit score guess what you do not need anything to do with a bank to buy anything in America a land bank is not a federal monetary bank land banks only deal in deeds but hey why let people know truth just sell them more and more debt you dont need a bank account in todays world most companies you work for give you the option to get a card and have all that money you worked for put on it having nothing to do with a bank but hey you get paid by bankers cause you sell credit you fake

  55. I know something very wrong was in the making & didnt the virses start in china too! They planned this out along

  56. We awake are horribly outnumbered by sheeple that refuse to wake up, they are responsible for what’s happening and what’s coming…! Peace

  57. They have a show on Netflix called the Black Mirror that pretty much reveals this same rhetoric China’s using right now in one of the Black Mirror episodes!

  58. Yeah that video is crazy that what they trying to do here in America trying to turn thus into a communist country

  59. Evil vs. Righteous….the battle has begun!!!….evil has no color of barriers,financial status,zip code or religious domain…being is every where & so are righteous people of YAWAH/God…..evil is a choice!!!!!

  60. And to all the religious BOTs, think for yourself and stop spreading that bs. Youve been indoctrinated and can’t even see it. Think for yourselves!!! Awake Arise!

  61. Shalom,Papa Duck …check out Grand Master Jay platform brethren when you get some time.I love your platform!!…stay focused & keep grinding!!!

  62. We are too deep into multiple layers of traps from unknown angles and dimensions. Living in a world full of thoughtless followers, most can’t even see what’s coming even though it’s hidden in front of our faces. Everything is scripted. Just laugh and be happy in this moment!


  64. Y’all if we don’t get together RIGHT NOW… We gonna lose our freedom everything. Together we are stronger and nobody can stop God! I can’t look at the world where old fat politicians control us. Let’s turn the tables before it’s really too late

  65. They do this here in the 🇺🇸. They dont punish you because of it. But they do keep every text, message, post you put out to the public. I checked mines out. I have a bad social record.

  66. If you think about it….the The United States already operate in such a way. Just look how they treat people with past felonies🤔 look at how blacks are treated regardless of status🤔 just pay attention to everything NOW! It’s already happening in so many ways. But not everyone can see that.

  67. Its called socialism it starts of a little bit here and little bit there and before you know Boom! A communism state is born you now belong to the government so my people keep voting democratic this will really happen to us

  68. Yeah this is old news and there are organizations fighting for them. This type of oppression is about to come back around to the oppressors.

  69. …… no coincidence now and answer why my score just dropped and I am thankful @papaduck for ya the insight !📚💕⚖️💯👑

  70. WHAT HAPPENS in CHINA 🇨🇳 is COMING to AMERICA. This is the PLAN been PREPARING for This for YEARS! EACH COUNTRY NO’S what’s GOING ON trying to PLAY the DUMB ROLE BS. REMEMBER each COUNTRY always Have a MEETING in The UN 🇺🇳 this is what they be DISGUSTING . So STOP BELIEVING that BS the NEWS be SHOWING THEY NO WHAT’S UP they just SHOWING US WHAT’S COMING!! TRUST 💯💯✊🏾

  71. Shadowbanning the Truth on social media sites is just the soft test run – practice. Stopping the inspiration of Awakening- understand these things are scared bc their father is already defeated in the good book. 🕍🕋 <~~ they are cursed to believe they are gonna win - their father is just tricking them bc he don’t want to be trapped and bound alone. Do not be worldly or of this world he is their communist and confusion leader& dictator. He needs a vessel to live out the Revelation book. Us gotta stop fornicating. Simple.

  72. This is sad man. These people a go through anything just to control us. Its about time to rally up all over the world and put a stop to this shit once and for all.

  73. Its called “SOCIAL SCORE,” and hello… It’s already here on each and everyone of us ALREADY!
    If you want to look someone up outside of Facebook, social media, etc., you can get their name, address, relatives,… AND THEIR 👉”SOCIAL SCORE.”
    It is HERE, and it is NOW!
    I feel like this is a way for the uber elite to rate our ENSLAVEMENT… Are you a good slave, with a high social score, or are you a bad slave with a low SOCIAL SCORE?. If you do something “they” are pleased with…. You get a favorable mark, if you do something unpleasing…. you get a bad mark.
    Now, you decide, are you a good slave or a bad slave?
    Your score will be accessible to all.

  74. Thanks for all you do my brother. I wish more would wake up. How can this be. I am a 70 yr old white guy and you and I have the same belief. Just goes to show how greasy the politicians are.
    You stay on track my brother. I will always stand shoulder to shoulder with real men that are willing to stand up for our freedom.

  75. The three people in the report are the same Ashkenazi gentile and are playing controlled opposition… they have been trying to institute the same set-up here in America and the other countries run by the same people. Their people here have been trading and working with China for over 50 years. It was the Ashkenazi gentiles in America who build up China by “outsourcing” most of the industrial jobs there… Bill Clinton push that in the 90’s and led to many blacks being out of the manufacturing job which were sustaining their families! It was done deliberately to decimate the so-called black community who greatly depended on those jobs… it was that very outsource of jobs to China that made them exceedingly wealthy and now the three Ashkenazi gentile reporter play us for a fool… American is in debt for loans taken out from China in the tune of trillions of dollars. China is the puppet of the Ashkenazi gentile and are pulling the strings toward the very same set-up THEY established there… don’t be fooled!!! It was the Ashkenazi gentiles who created Communism in Germany and the Rothschild/Rockefeller and others like George Bush senor’s father Prescott Bush all financed Hitler’s who was an illegitimate child of a Rothschild. The very Rothschild who enslaved us… the very Rothschild who stripped us of our heritage (identity) during chattel slavery and gave the “state of Israel” to his people who stole our name. We are the “REAL JEWS” and nobody can change that by swapping their own identity for ours!!!

  76. I think that’s going to be a shift. I believe in the humankind I think their house of cards is going to collapse! Everybody should feel this way and come together as one people not a One World Government, one people that humankind!!

  77. Just to inform everyone is our point system don’t worry everyone you know close to you and your employment will come up on there 🤦🏽‍♀️ your religion and all check it out for yourself if you think I’m lying.

  78. Yes ygey are do in ng this already in America. Credit Lenders posted thatvif your score go down to much then you will not be allowed to buy real estate or book flights. I received ccx this last month

  79. China owns America.. They attacked us now they own us? The government has been hijacked by reptilians. Most of the missing kids are under us or on the 🌙 moon.

  80. It’s funny how they make these rules for the citizens I can’t wait for everything they put out to be turned right back on them. Do on to others as you want to be done to you. The same system that makes them will be the same one to break them and trust me they will not like it.

  81. Glad you’re speaking out about the Uyghurs man… The CCP is on some other shit, they have these guys in modern day concentration camps, to the point they would rather be dead. It’s fked up… Pray for them.

  82. They could go f**k theirselves 😠
    Edit: if they banned TikTok (or if they’re going to) I don’t think or at least I hope the U.S. doesn’t allow this

  83. When you were young it was some kinda of food that you just wouldn’t eat, regardless of what it was. You’ll just take your punishment. Everyone have to not be scared, and just say no….! Shit they burning down cities, burn them 5G towers down to!

  84. Love you Papa, but we can’t see the subtitles with the social media information in the way. Love and light to you and your family.

  85. ATTENTION!!!! uyghurs are white people they are the originals people of china but since there white they are trying to erase them.look it up white uyghurs..theres a big cover up on this I read about this about 2yrs ago those are white people after they left the cave they came to china…they are the first to have domestic horses I did t GB e history

  86. You all better pray that Biden/Harris ticket doesn’t get into office because if they do this is where we are headed.

  87. This is a fucking infringement on are constitutional rights. Are personal anonymity should not be on display for the government!!!! They are basically dictating our LIVES . PLEASE 🥺🙏 WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  88. Oh my goodness you gotta be kidding me this is our future?….
    Because if so, I don’t want no parts of it
    I’m nobody’s slave..
    NO MORE… I’M DONE…✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

  89. This will not happen here what drugs u on they over there with no rights thats y it goes down like that poppa duck I listened to u sometimes but sum time u talk shit for veiws u been wrong on slot of things this guy is poison he telling y’all anything 🤣

  90. It’s called a “Social Credit System” basically like a video game. Also notice how these news reporters report on this story as if this is just the norm

  91. I dont digg itt them stingy country i feel sorry for the folks inn China they like to Ostracize people cruel an unusual punishment

  92. The Bible Has BEEEEEN Told Us About The, “One World Order” , BUT WHO LISTENS TO WHATS IN THE BIBLE !!!…RIGHT????

  93. China, America and Russia will be working together to get the new world order ongoing. Shameless people smdh

  94. We the people give them the power they feel they hold!

    We the people can also take that power away within a snap of a finger!

    Why haven’t we ? Simply because there are still brainwashed people in today’s society

  95. First of all we all knew been known it’s time to fight when white people go into their war room they have computers with buttons to push when Black people go into their war room there is nothing in it but a Bible go figure

  96. And once every one is connected by 5g it will feed off of everyone. Once it’s done feeding it’s bye bye cattle (humans). It only needs the source code and y’all should know who the physical human source code is by now.

  97. Aye bro tv be letting us know what’s gone happen like the matrix, and its an anime called psycho pass this shit similar to that smh

  98. Who’s to say what we order online or purchase that’s made in china dont already have this technology implanted in the merchandise clocking our “footprint”.

  99. Back in the day, like thousands of years ago, these people would look out for my family when we would do ninja runs on China. They would let us hide out in their homes and shit like that and we could hide amongst them. They ended up taking a lot of the blame and when China drew the map of their country, all these people were within the map lines so they got labeled as Chinese even tho they had always been their own people. That was thousands of years ago. Todays China is not the same China as Ancient China, but anybody that had a history of helping people fight back is being isolated and targeted. Powerful organizations in this country are buying the same technology and using it on Americans today

  100. We’ve been living under that type of society. The only difference is that the chinese are out open about it compared to the West

  101. In Germany no one really knows what happenes they have their own crazy version of what is happening right now also some conspiracy theories

  102. Listen to the name of the people under surveillance..wonder why how they decided on that name?🤨 Stay prayed up brother’s and sister’s all praise to the most HIGH 🙏🏿🙏🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  103. ~I ain’t taking NOTHING. I ain’t participating in NOTHING. I ain’t doing NOTHING….IN GOD WE TRUST….PERIOD~

  104. Black Mirror on Netflix‼️ Watch it ASAP‼️ Aye Bruh, how I get a shoutout… I got a Veterans perspective on things, but my channel dry af 🤣🤣🤣‼️

  105. And all who dwell on earth will worship it, everyone whose name has not been written before the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who was slain.
    Revelation 13:8

  106. We are in the age of Aquarius. The power that be aka the Cabal/Elite Families (13) time will be up. Stay positive no fighting amongst our people. We will be the HEAD and our oppressors/enemies the TAIL. Trust and believe that.

  107. We tried to tell them look at China to see where the West is going and you see it now…freedom was only a illusion

  108. And every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.
    1 John 4:3

  109. And every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.

  110. For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh. Such a one is the deceiver and the antichrist.

  111. Manz got banned from flying😭. I would of been pissed. We not letting this happen y’all real talk💯

  112. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.
    John 14:27

  113. Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness?
    Romans 6:16

  114. Thanks for another Great 👍 and Informative Video my Brutha We appreciate you and all your you do to keep us on Point/Code
    Peace and Blessings Papa Duck

  115. Now I see why PlayStation made the game call watchdog a couple years ago. Listen people I believe we did enough prayer for a better world now it’s time to take charge

  116. Fun fact: when Lamar Odom threatened to expose chloe in 2016 on tmz his shirt said N95 with a crown/ corona on it

  117. What would I have done if I didnt find you. I adore you. Just like you said about the Voting. I am afraid now. Love Susan Bardaro

  118. This is FACTS and it it be here soon!!! China is communist so they dominate the people into submission. We are a so called Democracy, so we are manipulated and intimidated into submission. Different tactics same results. Covid19 will lead us into this BEAST system!!!

  119. U no a lot of people suffering great loss financially with what’s going on here in the US now I thought I was tripping but God has blessed me to keep my bills paid I’m thinking my score would stay the same or go up right so in 2 weeks 4 of my credit cards canceled my cards and that hurts my score I called because they didn’t even notify me at all Trans Union informed me any way they can to try and hold u down

  120. What’s funny is that these reporters act like our own people aren’t doing any of these same thing, they just stay in shadows while china is in a position to just do it outright.

  121. The movie Demolition man, ware you’re fined for cussing! The Movie In time with Justin Timberlake ware you’re giving a amount of time to live! I’m sure there’s many more movies showing what is going to happen. 5g is to monitor and facial recognition your every move! Much Respect and love Papa duck.

  122. It could happen in America but they are a communist society. I highly doubt American’s will allow this. Unless the government stages some event that’s later plastered on the news for weeks and they convince us that this is for national safety

  123. Those centers are keeping Muslim there mainly . And they make them recite propaganda look it up. This news kinda twist it up and used the wrong photos thinking we dumb.

  124. Let me say it again, people everyone might wanna revisit the movie Demolition Man. This right here basically is that movie now here in the present.

  125. CHINA #1, it’s simple. Hand it over, so we can all Blame Trump and these Brain Dead Republicans. America seems to not understand, we’ll all go down together. The Rich along with the poor. But would seem, the “Rich” believe they’re untouchable. China wants to be #1, while America wants to be WHITES #1. Pick one.

  126. We are only visitors here God said don’t get comfortable pray an do his will he will take care of the enemy on his time he’s jus letting them exposed themselves to show us who are the anti christs tht he will destroy… wit me knowing this im not fearing nothn……

  127. We already are living this life. Mos def was banned from flying.
    We have been under control since there was a control of human beings. Dont fool yourself into thinking you were ever free.

  128. This is the time human to stand up and say No to Government..we should not allow this people to play with our minds..

  129. Man most of the stuff you speak on is documented in some form. Viewers should watch a Netflix series called “Black Mirror” goes deeper in depth on these specific topics!

  130. Christians: Jesus… Save us… Please we need you Now…

    Jesus: I do not exist. Don’t you think if I were real, I would’ve BEEEEEN came back besides letting soo many innocent worshipers suffer and be killed???

  131. China is communist they always controlled their ppl…technology just amplified it…n they already doing this in America…just not in your face…blacks have always been in their Re-educational design projects…ALawAYS

  132. These are the last days we are living in ! The devils are running wild ! People claim to be Christians , and their preachers ain’t taught them nothin !

  133. Thank you Papa… Thy been doing this for a few years thy even control the amount of children thy can have over there. I believe if thy talking about it thy already got it going smh

  134. 👀 that’s a digital form of slavery 🤬 point system? What about my brother my uncle my sister my cousins my friend. That made mistakes and already have strikes…it’s over if this happens to us

  135. This hit the fan at this last year and it start with facial recognition, then everything else was exposed down to tic tok. They playing judge and jury with those people lives it’s sad. Now this is what you call a NWO move total control.

  136. It’s a lot of evil crooked people in this world. It’s been time to get rid of those whom wish to harm to others for their own personal gain but so many people even those in power to make a change that’s good are afraid to stand up and fight to save others and themselves.

  137. This funny thing most of this stuff has been out for a while and talked about for a while ! I started listening to NPR back around 2005 ! And they use to talk about this so this is just getting over here to America

  138. Yep so yahl quit letting them try to banish that dollar…mess around and cant make twenty without it being digital cause thats one of the steps too

  139. I’m so glad I have Christ in my life! So things like this don’t scare me one bit!! But on the side note ‘ did she say wiggers!!!

  140. They already doing this now in a soft way. You can’t post you’re a trump fan or say anything mildly offensive like disagreeing with the alphabet community, and they go after your job. This stuff in Chyna is on a whole new level. Sadly people in the US will ask for this.

  141. Not taking bro’s Creidit from this video but if your just finding out about this your already slippin….. 5g is the only way this system can work 💡 keep that in mind when you order yours

  142. Funny how the folks that want control 9 times out of 10, they prob couldn’t even get their own family to listen to them. Or even raise their own children! Smmfh!

  143. I hope people see by now the folks placed in control need to be on video for the people to see what they are doing! You know just making sure they not botching the job we gave you up!

  144. For everbody who is listen 🗣🗣 dont giv up we in this together🤜🏾🤛🏾 i pray if yall wanna be Youtubers like or Great dont give up💛

  145. Damn what is this world anymore smh how will we be able to get our freedom back but then again freedom is an illusion!

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