dame this is crazy as hell…..I’ve heard a few doctors and physicians say this same thang😱 well if it’s TRUE then this is miseducation at its finest 🤷🏿‍♂️👏🏽

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This lie seems to not be sticking anymore ….we all know what’s the real reason and I’m glad that theirs some brave people in the medical field who’s exposing this hoax

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By admin

717 thoughts on “is Wearing A Mask A Scam To??😱😱 Watch This⬇️⬇️”
  1. You breathing your own stank breath. Also why are doctor’s using masks when performing surgeries. Please people don’t and believe shit like this or I will see you at the ER.

  2. Many doctors are stating the same thing. I’ve actually gotten headaches from wearing a mask, so I stopped! Wearing these masks is damaging our immune systems and they know it! That’s why they’re making all these “death predictions” because when people finally take their masks off, they’re immune systems will be so low that they will have no defense against the opportunistic infections that will gravitate to their compromised immune systems in their weakened state.

  3. Haven’t you noticed, during press conferences they never have one on… including the interpreter. This WORLD is a stage!

  4. She is not lying ever sense I have been wearing these mask I am feeling very tired and my muscles feel tired.

  5. see, I tried telling ppl months ago, but “I’m crazy” so I stop talking, it’s so bad here tht I try not to go out unless it’s dire..be safe ppl

  6. Wearing a mask cuts down communication with like minded folks. People scared to say hello and only god knows if there is fiberglass in those damn masks.

  7. I can’t breathe with that shit on my face anyways! I only wear it at the supermarket cause it’s mandatory 🚮

  8. This ” social distancing ” bullshit is a big scam too..if you realide they didnt call it ” phydical distancing which iis what it is???( The plandemic architects reated this slick codeword to progrsmme our minds to divide and conquer us ” social DISTANCING “??? Wtf
    They purposely wa t us to fear each other to rat on each other to not be nice to each other anymore..they wa t us to only belive and yrust in government. Think hard about this….( we can be “physically distant ” but social nice still to each other buy they dont want that???


  10. I pray before I go out to get food and toiletries. I put me and my daughter’s life in God’s hands and go about my day.

  11. That is why I made a video showing what kind of mask is effective against a virus and does not hurt your body.
    But the criminal corrupt monetary system pushes people to spread lies so they can profit from it. Truly hopeless all of this.
    A world ruled by criminals and lead by a criminal corrupt slavery bondage money system and a criminal raping murderous war drunk property system!
    Time to end it!

  12. Because they(fraud fauci, bill killer gates, and everyone else under their umbrella) are trying to KILL US!!!

  13. Unfortunately you cannot go into any establishment without a mask! That’s the only time I wear one

  14. 1. She’s not sure of what she said
    2. The video is edited to many corrections needed cause she flew this by the seat of her pants
    3. She never disproved the N-95 mask just discredited it
    4. Gave you no tangible data just telling you to believe her and didn’t say who she was
    5. Emotional play

  15. True, but the designers masks most people are wearing are cotton and won’t stop anything from coming through especially oxygen, bacteria and viruses. When you exhale, carbon dioxide will exit as well. If you have the real N95 respirator or surgical mask. Then you only wear it when you get into a space where they still require face mask because like the lady said CO2 won’t escape.

  16. At the end of the day don’t trust anyone but your own judgement… casing point it’s weird that “doctors nurses” are NOW choosing to come out with the opposite of wearing the mask when all of these hypocrites were out pushing it… none of these humans know where their going or where they’re even coming from. Just be smart and use your own judgement period same way you don’t trust a brand or men etc carry that shyt right over and call it a day bc too many ppl are misleading others. Know what you know keep it moving regardless of who cares to listen or don’t. #shyttired

  17. Another nurse/doctorc speaks out how many have to speak out before finally realize there is something wrong

  18. When this first came out they said mouth,nose and eyes were access points for this “fairy tale Corona ” no one wears eye protection ? Proof this is a scam !

  19. Talk about the black militia group that showed up to Ahmaud Arbery killers house. The kkk called the police, police showed up and didn’t even want to engage them.

  20. I don’t wear a mask. I just boost my immune system. Eat lemons, oranges, and drink water.

  21. Papaaaa! I been watching you vids bruh. U brave bro. A prophet. A guru. ✋ 🙏 thank you big dog ✔!!!

  22. If you believe the media with everything they say and you wear a mask you’re part of the problem…
    If you want to live a healthy life do the opposite of what government mouth pieces tell you

  23. Thanks to all the assholes that bought out the mask.. now I can know longer paint inside the garage.. now I’m getting dust and bugs on all my paint jobs

  24. Keep telln ppl this, they lookn at me like im crazy…holyspirit guided… N.W.O killuminati 2 da body🙏📡⏳

  25. Man papa duck… I see how them mother fuckers walking around with a a mask… I see a whole hell of a lot of other bullshit!!! Man I’m white, I don’t even know where I’m from… if my ancestors pulled some blinds on Africa then I sincerely apologize but the underground railroads are 5 minutes away… I got an adress and proof… all I fuckin see is “white hate black, black hate white” because they listen to the goddamn media!!! Media! Fuckin key word!!! What ever fuckin body listens to!!! White and black!!! That “woke” Bullshit…I’m an old “white satanic evil bastard”… straight from Europe with all that “white privilege”… BUT before you roll your eyes and laugh…Everything’s “free” ain’t it? 😂 people (white and black, left or right) are so fucking dumb!!! (That group’s a ‘black vs. white debate) They’ll listen to everything they hear and believe is right… papa duck… you know what you say what everybody else says is most likely Bullshit… the most powerful pirate wasn’t letting anybody get to its treasure was him or her? The REAL people (Israel, Greece, pail, White, dark,) man I got a thousand hiccups now getting drunk on old tv 100 proof vodka (my third pint and I don’t give a fuck) being a sack of shit but laughing my ass off at the same time at how these fuckin idiots can’t see past these goddamn riddles… what the goddamn media says… thruway words are “divide and conquer” that’s what Bill Gates and George soros pice on..

  26. They want us to work against our immune system because not enough people are dying for their vax scam to have an excuse to chip and track us 💯

  27. She’s right, bcuz I’m on oxygen 24/7 due to COPD, hypoxia, respiratory/pulmonary, etc illness. Therefore I don’t wear it at all bcuz it’ll block air flow in and it’s hard 2 breathe even though I’m on oxygen. Mask will block your air flowing in and this will cause you to hyperventilate/anxiety..etc When I travel/go somewhere I always have a small brown bag in handy in case I need it.

  28. Would love to share that message, but the getto entrance to it with the cuss words ruins the message, decent people will not share this video

  29. People look at me like I’m crazy for not wearing a mask or gloves. I just laugh and smh at the lack of knowledge. I’m no med graduate but I have common sense. The body needs fresh air and sunlight. This quarantine was designed to impact our immune systems. Washing all the good bacteria off your body isn’t helpful. I’m telling you, this is about population control.

  30. My job required we wear masks…granted we get an 300 per check BUT that shit is really BREATH TAKEN…I hate it and I’m not gonna be there for long. Beleeee dat

  31. Eye only wear mines when I’m entering a store and 99% of the time, I don’t cover my nose. Bottom line, eye knew it was part of their plan and one does not follow anyone’s plan, but my own.


  33. Breathe fresh air as you should… notice the president and Vice President don’t wear masks??? Also those who are part of the so-called coved-19 task force that have tested positive are staying home AND not going to any hospitals????

  34. My husband bought me a good mask it’s cotton on the outside and in and it has a filter between. I promise when I wore it the other day and I couldn’t breathe.

  35. This entire scam has INVERTED science and medicine. They have weaponized the immune system. If people would just take time to read. Coronaviruses are not deadly. Have existed for years. Present mild cold/flu-like symptoms. Are not “airborne”. Can be killed w LYSOL. The PROPAGANDA, fear, and ignorance is what has killed most people. Along with the medical malpractice aka government sanctioned HOMICIDE! #NOmasks! NOtesting! NOvaccines!!

  36. A my nigga papa duck check this shit out…we launchings a investigation into the mask scheme…as of today raised over 40k I kno that’s not alot but research is freem information is not…the mask shit is bullshit it’s about digital face recognition why u think u allowed to wear any kind of mask in any public place and its mandatory in places…shout me out let’s click up u got the platform it f
    Got me here this shit wild mane…retna facial ebonics…they kno who u really are n what u drive n where u live try to rob sum shit with a mask after this n see how quick you get caught…

  37. Yep so RITE they want UZ SICK N UNABLE 2 fight back at thm….they kno ther TIME IZ UP but they REFUZE 2 let go…theze MASKZ R jyst ANOTHA way 4 thm 2 DESTROY folkz thatz y I DONT WEAR THAT SHIT 2 MUCH they got uz wearing thiz SHIT AT WORK n they XPECT UZ 2 keep thiz shit on 4 8 whole fuckin hourz…NOBODY keeps it on ALLDAY otherwize u mite fallout!!!

  38. People in countries overseas been wearing these mask for a decade(that’s 10 years), because of the high pollution/smog. They were wearing them before the Coronavirus outbreak.

  39. Common sense says if ur sick, breath in fresh air and blow out contaminated air. IN WITH THE GOOD, OUT WITH THE BAD!!!! THAT’S OUTSIDE FRESH AIR!!!! They are NOT going to take that from me! NOT, NOT, NOT!!!!

  40. I only wear it at walmart a d other stores but its a half face mask for construction i take it off as soon as im outside …screw those medical masks

  41. So why the medical field doing this they should know better didn’t yall go to school like this lady here who’s telling us what we are doing wrong. Take a Stand

  42. Wearing a mask is apart of the mark of the beast. It actually tells us where we are in time. It’s a sign. Ppl need to know that things are not as they seem and you are being deceived. This is apart of the time of DECEPTION. You don’t know it because you haven’t realized that you are not in control and you were never in control of anything. That’s why they can force mandatory rules whenever they like. If that doesn’t tell you something then you must be SLEEP and have not been awaken yet from the slumber you’ve been put under.

  43. She is right. That’s why I take it off after I come out of the grocery store. I get Gods air.

  44. Papa Duck. One time, bruh…🗣 I DON’T FVK WIT THESE TYPE OF HUMANS… #100%SCAMMMMMMM….

  45. It’s harder for me to breath with a mask on I only wear it when I’m going to ob appts. I’m not about to wear that thing everywhere. People out here looking like ducks and they are even wearing them in their car🤦‍♀️

  46. A Papa duck what’s the name of that group you told me to follow a while back on Facebook

  47. She seems a little unhinged I’m not hating but she kinda strange but neverless I do agree with what shes saying u really shouldnt be wearing those all day ever day for sustained periods of time .

  48. Thank you. Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Buttar said the same thing. We are being LIED to by MSM and the CDC. Why is this??

  49. yes it is harmful it causes a increase in carbon dioxide which lowers the oxygen in your blood and causes lower oxygen levels putting a strain on your heart and lungs!

  50. Because we are at a day of confusion and your government is trying to kill off enough people manly my people. Because we’re seeking for what is ours and they refuse to give it to us they prefer the throwing a virus as the wrench because they can’t find nothing else better to do in stopping what we want. So yes I do 50% my son and I do not wear the mask and the house, in the car and outside around my living area. I personally wear the mask to the gas station and to grocery stores. I do that because you have nasty people who are sick I want to pass that s*** to you in your face as an Airborne. So although I agree with what most of everything that you’re saying because I was a medical profession myself, you do have to caution those who are out to become terrorists on this planet because they cannot take bad news

  51. This whole coronavirus BS is a dog and pony show it’s turned into because fear creates bad decisions so the best thing to do in my opinion build your immune system up exercise if you can and above all educate yourselfand don’t sit in front of the TV all day listening to this fake newsit’s no different now than it was for the last three years they have been feeding us all this fake news BS if your elderly you would need to wear the mask in certain situations but not all the time

  52. I haven’t watched the video yet, only read the title but I BEEN said it’s a scam. Plus when we exhale, we inhaling our own carbon dioxide. And carbon dioxide is dangerous to inhale. DUH.

  53. She is actually telling the truth about the breathing into the mask and here is why. I have asthma and bronchitis, which runs in our family, and when I went grocery shopping with the mask on, by the time I made it to check out, I thought I was going to pass out because I thought someone had cut off my air supply. I’ve tried several of times to wear the masks in public when going out, and it feels like it’s literally killing me each time, so I stop wearing them and just keep my distance and don’t talk to anyone PERIOD!!!


  55. Another dr stated wearing mask only lowers your immune system. Mask were designed to protect patients who are already sick from healthcare workers who go into the public and can possibly bring bacteria and germs to work!!!! I never understood how wearing a mask would protect us from a Influenza virus

  56. Viruses don’t even travel like that lol… That’s how you know all this is bs… Viruses have to be injected or ingested in most cases🎯

  57. After having some time to think about it, which I hope every does, she sounded very contradictory at the beginning. But she was trying to illustrate that the only reason we need to breathe in Co2 is to balance the blood. But as we are wearing mask without the need to balance our blood so we are creating an unnecessary acidic state. But please note that doctors and nurses wear masks in the hospital to protect themselves. So wearing the masks for short periods of time should help more than harm.
    Personally, I have found that when I have worn the mask I don’t feel as much throat discomfort as when I don’t.
    So, I think the best scenario is that we all get the virus which we probably have already but we need to empower our immune system, which she mentioned. Research natural antibiotics and antiviral foods such as garlic, onion, thyme, ginger, oregano oil and so forth. Make sure you find the different ways to incorporate them daily capsules, soups, teas, Fire cider and tinctures. If we all have the virus they cannot vaccinate because we already have it.

  58. I would never wear them mask.. yall breathing the shit RIGHT back in.. mfs be looking goofy af to me. Better off wearing a bandana or the mask with filters* on them

  59. Common sense would tell you that the “virus” is on the mask 🤦🏻‍♀️ start taking cold showers strengthens the immune system

  60. She is absolutely right. The key to long life and good health is a healthy immune system. Human arrogance, ignorance, and an unwillingness to appreciate how wonderfully we are made and work with (and not against) our microbiome is what is making so many people sick and shortening our lives. Vaccines and face masks are not the answer. A healthy immune system is. The gross sin being perpetrated upon the masses is that a relatively few men and women among the human family – with high sounding credentials – are playing god and promoting artificial and synthetic vaccines and treatments that weaken the immune system in the long term. Virus cannot be cured because they do not qualify as life forms. They can possibly be deactivated by taking measures to prevent the spreading such as social and physical distancing. My Brothers and Sisters, please look at what is happening with regards the United States plan to deal with it: (1) They intend on monetizing the virus by selling vaccines and treatments. Peel back the layers and making money is at the root, not making people well and saving lives and (2) Promoting as the “only hope” a vaccine, not a healthy immune system and how to naturally build one.

    There is no profit in people being healthy. There is profit in keeping people sick and dependent on the expensive pharmaceutical drugs that never cure anything but just treat and offer temporary relief. The mighty pharmaceutical industry would go out of business if it created cures. It is not interested in creating cures, it is interested in creating impressive sounding drugs that “treat” but not “cure” so it will have a continuous flow of junkies as customers.

    If there is money to be made, “Follow the rich White men.”

  61. You know how I really feel…. F🤬 all this bullish let me live my life 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  62. I knew those mask wasn’t good for us because you can’t breathe with them on😣😣i only wear them for work & when required @ stores #theytryingtoKILLUS

  63. Anyone who has been trained in infection control knows you shouldn’t wear mask constantly. She isn’t saying anything that is unknown.

  64. During this entire “pandemic” Ive seen maybe 1 sick person but everybody wearing masks…including that 1 sick person…..alot of money being made off those masks though and people still dying so idk…

  65. Never been with the mask shit! Even when states like bullshit ass CT over here mandates it and enforces it! Never felt right or natural wearing it and i start breathing funny. And if you wear one you ain’t giving your body a chance to adapt to what’s out there (if anything at all🙄) Shit is crazy!

  66. Okay which one is it?? Do you wear them or not?? It’s too much information back and forth. All I hear is bad news. On the safe side I am going to wear it but not all day. You don’t know what’s true and not true. 🤷🤷🤷

  67. Its also to train your mind to see everybody as a criminal for when the chaos breaks out when they shut the country down. Look, thats why they said you can even use a bandanna as a mask and what do criminals usually wear ? People will be killing innocent folk its going to be CHAOS! Jacobs Trouble Israel! Were only in the beginning, Get a weapon and train your family! HR6666 was passed on May 1 they will come in your homes! Pray and Repent dead serious! all praises to TMH!

  68. This is nonsense. The paper bag is impermeable, unlike the mask which allows an exchange of air. Also, viruses are much smaller than bacteria, yes. However, it’s the droplets containing the virus that the mask blocks, not individual virus cells. This is a trash channel exploiting people’s ignorance.

  69. Trump will get the coronavirus soon. Just like the people in the White house are starting to get it

  70. She’s not totally wrong but she is more than 50% incorrect with things she spoke in this video.

  71. I’m saving this video and showing it to every fucking moron who asks me “young man where’s your mask” or “ why aren’t you wearing one” how about how come you all fall in line like sheep do your own DD!

  72. I wear one in stores and I will continue to do this…it will all come to the light on whether it has hurt you or not! Until then im not taking any chances and I will listen solely to my intuition

  73. Its all mockery! Everybody on this platform has lived how long? You been here, still here ain’t going no where till it’s your time! How you gone let a news station or any media outlet tell you how to live? I’m baffled at the stupidity over something everyone of you on this platform has been around your whole life…viruses, bacteria, accidents you name it, broken bones, skin lesions, etc… etc. Etc… this tell me that most people are afraid to die. Which by the way no virus is going to kill you from outside your body. You could die from a car crash today, a stray bullet, someone poisoning you close to you, whatever! C’mon people!!!

  74. People understand that wearing a mask all day restrict oxygen. To the white blood cells in your body go check out why the most high give you white blood cells and Red bleed cells for when he made u in his image and after his likeness science 101

  75. Lmfao who tf wears them all hours of the day. No one. Only some morons wear it in a car by themselves. Lol and its not mandatory no more. Lol.

  76. I learned in asbestos removal the difference in effectiveness in mask. Nothing is completely safe actually, just a less chance of contracting depending on the quality of. We exchange carbon monoxide with the trees for carbon dioxide, we’re slowly killing ourselves breathing in our own gases. Yes to go into a store I wear one but that’s it and I don’t care to do that

  77. Bottom line is,” our body knows more then we do and it can and will heal itself if we give it the right tools to do so, and wearing a mask all day isn’t it, Point Blank period.” C02 study up….

  78. I mean you ain’t wearing a mask, that’s your choice. I feel ya, I hope you dont get Covid 19. Because I can tell you it’s real I know people that have it and one of my homies beat it.

  79. A nurse was telling me yesterday, how this girl that works in a hospital fainted because she was wearing a N95 for hours while at work. This mask are we’re not meant to be work for hours and hours. I wear the mask to go in the store as soon I step out I take this junk off my face..

  80. Number 1 you’ll be a damn fool wearing a mask all day even when you’re not around people and alot of these homemade masks probably aren’t effective

  81. The mask is making people feel like they’re doing something. I hate that they are now requiring it in markets. I cant breath in them. Its stupid really. We are not governed by common sense but fear.

  82. Never listen to a DUMB BLONDE, NOT wearing a MASK during a PANDEMIC is like going outside in the COLD with NO COAT on. Please wear your MASK and keep it SAFE, better SAFE than SORRY.

  83. I haven’t seen any planes spraying chem trails lately I heard it has aluminum dust particles and altered genetic red blood cells with a lot of more stuff but that’s all I could remember I’m in south Florida


  85. Think about your kids and your grand parents. I like papa duck but some of the stuff he post is inaccurate.

  86. Folks people are still getting sick. The only scam is them telling us that everything is ok. Where your mask in public so you won’t bring nothing home to your babies and to the old folks. That’s why you want to where ya mask.

  87. PD this knowledge is greatly appreciated,but the ppl are so ignorant and have the mentality to want to be lead that unless the enemy tell them otherwise. They’re gonna keep digging themselves in holes and not understand why they can’t/won’t grow!!! Keep up the good work good brother.

  88. Always thought the mask was overkill. All people have to do is wash their hands, dont touch your face, and social distance.

  89. SHES A FUCKING IDIOT😂🤣🤣. THIS LADY IS WAKO! Don’t believe everything people say. Most people are wearing their mask for short periods of time in the public places . Not long enough time for the blood to become acidic. Plus if you drink water on a daily basis which most people do it balances your bodies pH and being that it’s warm I’m sure everybody is drinking water. Crazy white women’s theory debunked! 😂🤣🤣

  90. I posted this video on my Facebook page but it’s saying restricted mode is enable and if I want to watch the this video on Facebook I would need to disable restricted mode. Can anyone tell me how do you disable restricted mode so people can watch the video on Facebook?

  91. This guy gets a lot of views off things we already know. I guess this world is full of suckers.

  92. Ijs it was a jump in that video .. why u see all these video and we dont tho lol
    . If ur gonna show a video please make sure it wasnt edited .. she got to a point about the masks then it jumped

  93. You know what I don’t even give a damn anymore if we die we die just know that it wasn’t you that killed you it was mankind we have some of the most dumbest people running this country

  94. I believe it cause i find myself can’t breathe wearing a mask at work. And i notice my breathing is different when i do take it off so i have started pulling it down every 30mins it’s really hard to breath in those masks. I work from 11am til 8am every day 40hr break that’s it and for the rest of the night we have to wear masks .

  95. When I’m in close proximity to a lot of people like the grocery store I’ll be wearing my mask when I walk away from that crowd I’ll be taking mine off. I’m not trying to prove nothing or become a statistic 90% of the day I don’t wear a mask if I need it for 45min heck I’m protecting me. Trump called it a hoax now officials in the White House got it he’s now saying he don’t want them around him but I thought it was a hoax what’s he scared of? There’s a reason people are dying you may think you don’t have an underlying health condition but it may take you catching it to find out you do.

  96. When a surgeon wears a mask, it’s not because he’s worried about getting sick from his patient. It’s s his patients have a sterile environment from HIM. The man GETTING the surgery doesn’t wear a mask during surgery. Wake up people. God gave us an immune system. He also gave us a brain – use it!

  97. I still dont know anyone who has or has had this “COVID-19” VIRUS. JS. You all fall for anything but wont stand for something.

  98. U get fit tested for a respirator g not a dust mask..n95 has always been just a dust mask..that lady goofy

  99. This is very true they are playing mind games on the masses and trying to make people feel sick by trying to force wearing a damn mask. All bs.

  100. The mask carry more bacteria back until the lungs in ur immune system breakdown u not able to get vitamin C oxygen vitamin D those mask are for hospital patients not health ppl

  101. She’s assuming the mask is not transfering oxygen and carbon dioxide… It is.. therefore her assessment is flawed… Science is slightly correct, but comparing the bag to the masks is flawed…
    Furthermore, she IS flying by the seat of her pants, bcuz even if she were to finish nursing school and have 20 years experience as a nurse, she would still be relatively uneducated enough to not be in the room with the true scientists, which are the doctors, who spent 12 to 16 years in a MAJOR University FULL-TIME vs. a nurse of 2 years at a community college ..
    People… Nurses are great, but when they get out of their lane, they’re dangerous to the public…

    1. Garbage in, equals garbage out… Like when using a calculator AND don’t know math…

    2. Know your audience… The genius might be sitting in there…

    3.If you walk into a room, assume you’re the dumbest in there and assess before you speak.

    4. Pay your dues… Don’t assume that bcuz you learned some science at the local community college, that you’re prepared to speak as a scientist… Get the 4 year degree minimally, then get a master’s, then a PhD… And not in basket weaving courses…

    5. You don’t know what you don’t know… And you don’t know that you don’t know it… There’s a lot to be learned …


  102. She’s right, eat better, take supplements, exercise in some form for about 20 minutes everyday, stay on top of your personal hygiene and let’s hope it’s enough to keep us alive🙏🏾

  103. She’s absolutely right. Viruses are 1000x smaller than bacteria. I studied nursing also.

  104. Y’all stay with these random videos from random people just to debunk what’s really happening and make it seem somebody out to get y’all🤦🏾‍♂️ I can honestly say I’m glad my mind ain’t were y’all at.. I can’t imagine waking up every morning thinking the world is out to get me.. I’m glad I’m not you..people are still dying to this day and mfs still wanna beleive this is fake I don’t understand it honestly

  105. Thank you for the great confirmation. I know for sure that wearing a mask is not a good healthy solution to in these times.

  106. We are destroying our immune system simply because we are told you by the powers-that-be. Told by Satan if the government told everybody to light up at your nearest bridge jump off with your family and you will never ever get the C virus do you know how many people would line up SMMH!!!… start doing research and thinking for yourself

  107. Duck you need to do a compilation of all these doctors and nurses coming out. That way people get the bigger picture.

  108. I knew it was more harmful than good i can feel it and Thank God for the spirit cuz ive noticed alot with the spirit. Amen

  109. It’s psychological as well. People are in fear for their health. This causes stress, weakening the immune system. They have to first control the way you think.

  110. Must Research HR-748 The Bill introduced in 01/24/2019 in the House a Full year Before the Coronavirus hit America and the world! How they know before it happened- Physic Cleo? Huh!!

  111. God has made a body well, they know their affect us without their trickery to have us kill ourselves

  112. At this point you have to use your own better judgment and common sense do homework for yourself don’t cheat off the next person test

  113. If masks are scam and don’t prevent the spread of the virus, then why have healthcare workers always worn them and why are they not now taking them off while treating COVID patients if mask-wearing is so dangerous?

    If mask-wearing was useless why would the medical community not stop wearing masks a long time ago?

    ETA: one of the most common claims I have heard against the general public wearing N95 masks is that they don’t know how to fit them properly. N95 masks come with a whole sheet of detailed instructions that include pictures showing how to wear them properly. Now if someone chooses to not read those instructions, that is their mistake, but the masks do in fact come with instructions. If the public should not have access to them, they would not have been sold in hardware stores long before this event happened. But I agree that the general public should not be hoarding them to the point that medical professionals don’t have access to them.

  114. I see people jogging and riding bikes in masks , I’m so sorry for the poor and stupid people being led a stray, what can we do the woke ones, we need to gather and protest !

  115. I been saying this shit,, a lot of things they are enforcing just doesn’t make any logical sense

  116. Yow, I just can’t get why people won’t wake up and see that this is a real bullshit scam, Damn Wake up Y’all!

  117. And yet we have the nurses and Dr wearing there mask ALL DAY LONG! So there just as stupid as rest if them If they know this.🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  118. The mask harbors bacteria from all that moisture🤦🏾‍♂️ ppl are super stupid💀

  119. 🙏🏾👁Grand Rising Family…👉🏾FACTS!!! My better half is APRN Infectious Diseases he specializes in TB and several other real issues…3M only works if you are fitted to it & you will be hooked up to computer and it then determines thru all your movements if mask is solid on your face to protect you from things such as TB. Only in crowded places and briefly mask should be worn. Nothing more! Go Outside y’all! Connect with Mothea Gaia and feel GOD working and shifting US ALL! Come on over y’all..Research these 💎 cause ALL are real! Papa Duck coming thru with gems for ALL!! Be CONSISTENT stay focused and grounded…I love y’all so much..No worries y’all ❤️🥰🤯🤨We ain’t our grandma generation..🙌🏾😒🖕🏾🤭OUR SLEEPING GIANTS ARE FINALLY AWAKE…Much Love to All of US! 🙏🏾👁❤️Unconditional love,compassion and understanding is the Truth🚀

  120. Its true N95are for particulates that are inhaled paint spray etc… Not virus, virus particles are nano not mico smaller than microscopes can see.
    Any other mask just concentrated particulate into your nasal cavities and the lack of oxygen from face coverage causes all sorts of other problems.
    That’s why surgical masks are not worn all day by sergeants and painters have to take a break from wearing the mask which makes them irrelevant. Don’t wear a silly mask it’s ridiculous.

  121. Of course it is lol. Wearing a mask inhibits your ability to breathe, it masks people’s faces, mannerisms and emotions when talking to them face to face and it also extremely unhealthy for our bodies to be constantly breathing in that recycled air and microbes trapped beneath the mask.

  122. 💯 these mask are only protecting us from the everyday spit and cough that we’re used to enduring. I stay taking my N95 off at work unless in personal contact with my patients out of respect for them. As of last Thursday we were required to wear them for the entire 12 hr shift even while charting… leave it to them they want them on while using the restroom and probably eating too…😑 just like i told my coworkers if the administrator or Director of Nursing got a problem then send me out the mf doe! 🚪👋🏽 bytch.

  123. And of course they threaten to fine you $1,000 or 6 months in jail if you’re caught without a mask on. This shit is ridiculous.

  124. I am an optician I’ve been trying to tell people just protect your eyes!! VAGINA BULBI it’s your vagina on your face!! Everything enters through your damn eyes that’s why pink eye is a symptom, viral and bacterial. 🤦🏾‍♀️ got to the damn dollar tree and by some cheap shades and wear them if you don’t have any glasses or access to any safety glasses. Don’t wear over the counter readers they already have an rx in them. Just make sure you cover your eyes. Please!! That’s the real reason Trump and pence only wear goggles and it mask. Rub some A&D ointment in your nose when you go out in public🤫

  125. I can’t breathe with the mask on and if this virus is air born , why the cows are ok? Long as the birds are chirping and the squirrels are still good I’m not wearing a mask all day every day.

  126. Why doesn’t the Public Health Officials know this if they are Nurses or Doctors? Why would they have the public or employees do this if they know this?

  127. I literally just told someone this, even the CDC says the mask doesnt protect you from the “virus” it stops you from infecting others. So why would I wear one ?You cannot infect someone with something you dont have. No wonder trump doesnt wear a mask and people mad smh.

  128. They said it could be political, then they wearing mask nothing protecting the eyes or the skin where are the rubber suits

  129. It’s like Simon Said. They do it. Like people don’t know what is best for themselves. Like people need someone to tell them what to do, how to so it, pitiful.

  130. She is Right! I haven’t wore a Mask yet. I’m healthy as can be. Sheep wear masks because they are Ignorant and hold Fear. #StayWoke 🗣🗣

  131. Go to google Google vaccine poison article with white baby black background and red lettering. 1200 reasons u don’t want a vaccine

  132. I can not believe my people do not know nothing about nothing.. Info for u ppl “TB”- tuberculoses
    “Bag breathing “-works cus its air trapped in it more than co2
    “Mask”-catching the co2 elements and altering the level inhales to a higher amount so imagine not breathing enough when sleep,co2 build up kills when oxygen gets to low in body
    “Viruses” will one day be discovered to be very small bacteria..
    When your body is in a unbalanced state u r prone to more issues so combinations of breathing and small bacteria(viruses) can overwhelm the body physically and chemically.

    The body does its best everyday to keep u living.its up to us to supplement it.

  133. Mask are preventing your immune system from working. Your supposed to breath in bacteria and germs if you don’t how will your immune system work?

  134. Wow. And imagine once we return to work they will still enforce wearing them 8 hrs or so…Mmnn

  135. I told the cashier in Walmart this same thing and she said, “Are you a doctor or something?” I replied, “No, but I can read.” Then she said, “Well I get my information from the news, so I know how to protect myself.” I was floored….

  136. All I know is I find it sadly bazaar….sad state of affairs….to witness sleep walking brainwashed folk actually comply with this silliness 🙄

  137. WoooooooooooooooooooooooW so this little white lady with the Breaking news omg 😱 damn duck u went through the trenches for dis bih

  138. OH MY! I am so rebellious about wearing a mask. I wasn’t able to break it down like that because I am not a Medical Person. But like that Medical Lady said my heart is is telling me this is not the thing to do. I am trying to explain to others what my heart is telling me and it seems they disagree. I don’t have the gift of gabbing. But I will share this video. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Papa Duck Thank You!!!

  139. She’s right I work at a hospital for years and when I started I was a housekeeper so I cleaned airborne isolation rooms we had to suit up to clean them meaning white suit blue fitted mask blue boot covers and gloves .

  140. I haven’t worn a mask one fuckin’ day since this shit started. This is a scam. Period.

  141. The masks is the communist dictators stamp to confirm they’ve fooled yall. Its their uniform for their foolish subjects…they’re laughing at yall in their minds seeing you slowly kill yourselves wearing masks….damn i didnt need anyone to tell me that.my basic commsense told me its bullahit!!!

  142. I believe her 💯 %.. I wore a mask for the first time during this bs to the store and hated every second of it. When i got to my car my lungs thanked me for finally removing it. Fresh air ppl!! Thank TMH EVERY DAY 4 IT! 🙏🌬️😌

  143. I never wear a mask this whole virus thing is a damn lie. I work protesting to fuck a mask and gloves. Anything they push do the opposite I don’t trust the CDC or government.

  144. I think it’s rather “funny” & suspicious that this Plandemic documentary comes out a week ago or so & suddenly not only have the following happened but the sudden “urgency” from it.

    1. The documentary is Removed/Censored after being re-posted numerous times.
    2. Dis-info & “debunkers” are dispatched to distract & deflect folks from viewing it.
    3. Yahoo! & Other mainstream “news” is forced to address it & further deflect & slander the Dr.
    4. Suddenly Dr. Fauci, Redfield/CDC, & the other figure head of this “task force” have to be “quarantined” for 2 weeks.
    5. The implementation & (mandatory) usage of face masks is put into overdrive. As movements are controlled & watched during the usage of them…..

    Anyone else notice the following happening since last Monday?…..

  145. I clicked outta here @ 33 sec. She is not credible , not with that name…

  146. My question is as a powerful black man why in the fuck we letting the government getting away with this shit.

  147. I fuckin knew it!! Wearing that stupid ass mask that they initially said don’t work. We’re working against the body because the sheeps tell u that u can’t come in the store without it.

  148. The only time you need to wear a mask is if you’re doing surgery other than that you’re harming yourself


  150. Oh my gosh thank you so much these videos mean a lot to me, to know what’s really going on.

  151. I’m in Louisville ky. Our crazy ass Governor is trying to force every single person to wear a mask in public everywhere. This shit is crazy.

  152. After almost passong out grocery shopping wearing a mask, I now wear my mask only to get into store, once im in, it goes on my chin until i check out.))

  153. It’s very strange all of these white female nurses making these COVID-19 videos targeting black & brown online s-media sites. What’s their real motive? Trust yourself

  154. I agree with her we shouldn’t wear masks all day unless required. Don’t wear mask in car just roll down windows if you have passengers. Outdoors you don’t need a mask. But you should wear masks in shopping stores. Like she said eat more healthy to boost up your immune system , sanitize or wash hands a lot, pray and you won’t have to worry so much about Covid-19.

  155. Truth Matters ❤️-Count on Papa Duck for the Proof and the Truth,even though I have breathing problems if I refuse to use an Oxygen Tank,I didn’t plan on wearing a Mask 😊 2 I didn’t want to be an excuse to get shot (being a robber) remember when stores had signs up no mask allowed😂😂😂😂. Now it’s okay to wear one hmm I’ll pass and Stay Out The Way.😊

  156. I’ve been saying that these masks will eventually cause a health issue in and of itself. U’ll don’t think these devils called scientists knows this? Just, WOW!!!

  157. I’ve been walking around without one the whole time while everybody looks at me like I’m crazy but who cares. Little do they know I’ve been doing my homework for years and we are not on the same level and the only reason i do wear that stupid mask is because i can’t enter a store without one but believe me that thing be hanging off my face. 😂 Once I’m outside it goes back in my pocket – sorry, also good luck breathing in that thing y’all lucky this didn’t happen in the Summer Time 😮

  158. This lady is misleading telling y’all and need licenses taking if she really has one. The hyperventilate part is true. The N95 isn’t just used for TB either.
    When you wearing a mask your actually breathing in your own bacteria so it’s not going to hurt you bc it your own bacteria. Your breathing outward too. The N95 is used to filter 95% of the airborne particles and since the Covid-19 is so small this why they ask ppl to wear the mask. Papa Duck, the last video you played of a nurse speaking out about the virus she was telling the truth. This lady on this video is LYING…

  159. Its true! They got ppl wearing these masks basically breathing in their own germs WITHOUT the exposure to the necessary germs needed to boost the immune system. We all have good and bad germs in our systems, and we NEED to be exposed to the daily germs that help our bodies fight off viruses and increase good germs. Smh its crazy

  160. Those masks are “literally” suffocating people to death. Thank God, I’ve faith in him, not the media.
    I’ve never worn a mask every since the government virus was made. My mom told me “The people who’s wearing mask doesn’t know the truth”.

  161. She’s right boost your immune system on your own, pick up those antioxidant levels, that’s easily done eating fruits,..& in the US it’s tons of fruit in season right now, which means..they are dirt cheap in stores, example strawberries, pineapples, mangos, berries, I currently am eating 4-5 lbs of fruit a day and taking multivitamins.

  162. She telling the truth but if they see this they gone fire her but let’s pray not 🙏🏽

  163. Thankyou !!! I study the human body in school during science 🧬 she is telling the truth!!!!!!

  164. My chest hurts since i been wearing my mask…Now i just don’t put it over my nose anymore they tell to put it over my nose i do when i walk away i pull my mask back down again…I do this all day at work…

  165. exactly the reason they are expecting a 2nd wave – is because your immune system will be so weakened from staying inside all day-wearing a mask for long period’s of times all  day long. I even see people driving with  mask’s on . Also all this social distancing  ect ect – lets put it this way – fear is the best control method  – gives a whole new meaning to the phrase you’ve been  mind fucked .

  166. I do t wear masks on the street ever, looks dumb. Feels dumb…( only to go inside certain businesses or inside train i wear masks in nyc..)i dont go to parks or places the communists cordonned off to demand you wear masks..The funny thing is its the Democrat governors and mayors enforcing all this nazi farchistic dictator rules. THESE BAD STUFF THEY SAID TRUMP WOULD DO BUT NOO , WHILE TRUMP RESISTS BECOMING A DICTATOR. THESES DEMOCRATS FOOT FULL SPEED AHEAD TREATING CITIZENS AS SLAVES TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS…

  167. Like having bronchitis 💔😩 it’s really an issue for me people be thinking I’m lying but I be so serious

  168. Yes when people have the virus 🦠 and close up on you you can pick up the virus 🦠 from other people that has the virus 🦠.

  169. I believe it I barely can breathe with a mask on when there’s a store n it’s packed I have to stand outisde because it is really so hard to breath Yass I hyper vinalte alll the time omg !!!!!!

  170. I been saying this since the beginning I never wear a mask only when I work if I’m working around chemicals

  171. I only wear it when I go in stores that’s it and that’s only because I have to i wouldn’t otherwise

  172. Miriam samuel in the comments , You an idiot!!( Why didnt you question the timing of gov when they started demanding people wear masks??? Fir a whole 2 mths they never asked us to wear masks, when it peaked the highest…but soon as they said thevworst is over and less deaths occuring thats when they demznding us wear masks???( evertday these Democrat mayors and governors keep moving the goal posts..its all about conteolling us tru fear and lies upon lies

  173. I thought they said wearing a mask help prevent you from possibly spreading the flu because it helps keep your mucus from spreading 6ft ?

  174. I agree with a lot of the comments. But what about Dr’s who wear mask for up to 8hrs or more in an operating room? 🤔

  175. That’s why ignorance is no excuse about biology and the world you live in. Study and learn your stuff and you wouldn’t be walking around like a fool. The body is built for this. We are a walking virus.

  176. This guy does not own a microscope or a telescope. He is out here spreading the word of plandemic XYZ and probably never properly studied the universe. Please , at least in mass gatherings wear your mask. Funny how this is linked to the videos which humans of more pigment ( or humans with ancestors that left Africa more currently/recently ( “African Americans “) than those that left Africa a long time ago ( whites or African -Asian-European-Americans XYZ) ) …just saying. Don’t trust these 5g to whatever people. They usually are not highly educated , believe in flat earth and/or out of prison individuals that never studied the elemental chart, or owned a microscope or telescope. Free the earth. Get rid of every racist and gang bangers on the planet and educate yourself with out pride getting in the way. It’s your best choice instead he say she say. This woman could just be a run-away African -European that wants certain people ( the darker ones ) to be less protected. In New York healthcare workers are supposed to have a low infection rate due to the equipment. Educate yourself and know the entire planet and universe is your home. Regardless what any armed gangbanger with a flag says

  177. People better view that video PLANDEMIC.. Get the history on how this was started with virus/vacines agenda depopulation tactics. We been sleeping, partying, easily destracted with their simon says mess. This is why Michelle Obama was planting a Garden telling everyone to eat healthy and low key telling us what was coming. Eleanor Roosevelt statrted the white House victory garden. Thru her husband presidency he handled the great depression and ww2. Wake up.. It’s not just a slogan we have to read between the lines better as individuals. I started trial and error planting in pots because of space, when Michelle Obama did. I also encouraged others, I’m praying for us all stay safe. Don’t just listen read between the lines.

  178. Crazy how if the masses see all this info Papa been puttin out lately they still gonna believe what they hear on the news

  179. If a fart can come out your ass go through your draws go through your jeans go through your mask and you smell it then what you think coronavirus gone do come on people think outside the box 📦

  180. Halloween 3….. “The Spring has been broken. The Fools of April will obide by the new May-Tricks”.

  181. Papa Duck, I just recently came across your channel and you seem like a good brotha with good information. You actually provide us with a good starting points to do more research and uplift our people. So I wish nothing but more wisdom, health, wealth to you and yours. I just clicked like and subscribe so keep the high-quality content coming.

    Let’s get to it.

    Medical professionals have their perspective based on their experience and training. She made some good points. However, what we need to hear more from our soldiers and their civilian counterparts like your local Hazmat managers who train other soldiers and civilians on how to survive in a contaminated environment. I’m an Army veteran my Military Occupational Skill (M.O.S.) was 54 Bravo Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) specialist which is now called 74 Delta Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) specialist. Damn that’s ridiculously long. Now yall see why the Army uses acronyms as much as possible.
    I was responsible for training soldiers on how to operate in the event of a Chemical Biological Radiological or Nuclear attack.

    There’s level to protection.

    No one can prove or disprove if this was an attack or not. There is no soldier with good sense that would go into a gas chamber (or a room with full of VX nerve agent for all you graduates of the US Army Chemical School) without a mask that had an airtight seal around your eyes, nose, and mouth. No medical professional in their right mind would wear an N95 and face shield in a gas chamber.

    All masks are not created equal.

    The bottom line is if whatever mask you are using does not have a proper filter like the one used to make the N95 maks that medical professionals wear, along with an airtight seal around your eyes, nose and mouth then your mask is BS because it doesn’t even provide the minimum protection needed to protect the wearer or others around the wearer well enough. Like she mentioned in the video, viruses are extremely small. COVID-19 is less than 01. micron in size which means it piggyback on an extremely small spit & snot particles right through surgical masks but not the N95 mask. However, even if you wear the N95 mask with a faceguard it’s still doesn’t provide enough protection because it doesn’t provide an airtight seal around your eyes, nose, and mouth which is why medical professionals are still getting infected and dying.

    Imagine the amount of whining, bitching and complaining I had to hear while training 100’s of soldiers and civilians in a full face mask and chemical suit/mopp gear. Civilians are whining, bitching and complaining about wearing some bullshyt homemade masks that provide little to no protection. Yall are not trained nor do you have the minimum amount of protection needed to survive in a contaminated environment so it’s expected for civilians (including medical professionals) to do stupid shit and die at a higher rate than soldiers.

    She talked about breathing in your own carbon dioxide when wearing mask and all of the problems that come with wearing it all day. She right. It’s nasty and unsafe. To help solve those problems, the Army uses, the M40A1 seen here: https://youtu.be/N6v2OK29zhE

    This mask uses what is called an inlet and outlet valve. Since it provides an airtight filter around your eyes, nose and mouth, the only air coming into your body is through the filter that covers the inlet valve. The carbon dioxide coming out of your body escapes through the outlet valve. A quick solution for the air coming out as you breathe so you won’t infect anyone, is to simply cover the outlet valve with a filter.

    The focus on testing is ridiculously less important than giving everyone equipment that can detect COVID-19 in the air. When I was in the over 2 decades ago, this technology was called the Biological Integrated Detection System (BIDS). It’s 2020 and now there are companies like AirAnswers that know the technology can be adapted to detect COVID-19 in the air: https://airanswers.com/airanswers-detects-viruses-in-the-air/

    In a biological attack or you first become aware you are in a contaminated environment you don’t care about your wallet, the football game, your weapon, or eating. All you care about if getting the next breathe of contamination-free air so you stop your life and GAS! GAS! GAS! put on your damn mask.

    This is crucial before anyone should be allowed to go back to work. Any sane (trained) person knows this. We must decontaminate people, supplies, equipment, businesses, homes, and any building or area people go into before they go into them. This is basic common sense procedures. I’m sure a high majority of people do not have decontamination procedures before they come from the contamination outside and walk into their supposed to be contamination free homes.

     I’m not talking about just wiping shit down with Lysol. There soldiers and civilians already trained to perform decontamination procedures. There should be decon teams everywhere. If you call yourself call leader and you know damn well that professional decontamination should be happening everywhere people are and are doing nothing or not enough to make it happen then you are the reason so many people are dying.

    What kills is that we can obviously afford to give millions of people $1,200 but no expert or leader thought about giving people the ability to work as safely as possible so they can make their own damn money while in a COVID-19 contaminated environment. It’s like our leaders want us to die. I refuse to believe that but the results show it is what it is. Our leaders obviously don’t even give a damn about their own family and friends why would they give and damn about you/us. Sure go back to work in a contaminated environment without a mask, detectors, and decontamination supplies/equipment so more people can die. If you really gave a damn about saving lives every civilian should’ve had these things on hand just like every soldier does/should before COVID-19 even existed.

    Why have Dragon soldiers if a CBRN attack or pandemic weren’t a credible threat?

    Since we received $1,200 but no proper mask that meets the minimum Army standard of protection, no detectors and there is no decontamination taking then it’s inevitable that more people are going to die.

    Yall be safe out there and you might want to increase your arsenal and teach your family how to properly handle a weapon. It only takes a spark so we need to be ready.

    This is a call to all of my Dragon soldiers foreign and domestic do not just sit by and let more of our families and friends struggle and/or die. Go above and beyond. It doesn’t matter what race, religion, political affiliation, or how much money you have or lack. PLEASE take matters into your own hands to train our leaders so they can know at least the standard operating procedures in this COVID-19 contaminated environment to stop the suffering, death and economic turmoil.

    Only love can conquer hate.

     -Your favorite NBC NCO

  182. I’m just a lil CNA and I know this the sad part is people are wearing his mask 🤦🏾‍♂️ and the virus can still can get in your 👁 and in your 👂 ijs

  183. i see what she is talking about my nose get cringed into the mask its annoying to me now i’m starting to not wanna wear one sense i heard a black sister died from not getting any oxygen she passed out in her car in later died so i think its dangerous to you then it is as the virus to me i think the virus is like the flu if you got your own home remedies you should be able to kill it that virus is weak asf to organic immune systems that bitch gonna die inside your body trying to get in cause the organic partials will attack it ask dr fauci he might not right about some things but he was right on that part about organics in the virus some lady asked him at one of the press conference in that’s what he told her about it

  184. wow this is crazy i need help spreading the truth, i work in the healthcare field and its crazy what we are going through any suggestions

  185. We only have to ware the mask in department stores to train facial recognition cameras to read the eyes cause it knows our facial structures already. That’s why they don’t care if you ware it in the streets.

  186. If you have any vaccine of any kind in the last 20yrs you will test positive a false positive for covid 19 they will pick and choose who they want to take away….the president wears no mask. Is he superman???

  187. Just Wondering 🤔 If China Said The Mask Has Been Beneficial For Them Then Why Would It Not Be For Us.I Do Know That We Are Definitely At A Place & Time Were You Can’t Believe Nothing You Hear & Only Some Of What You See.

  188. I believe her. Never made sense to me. I wear a mask in big crowds only not every time I go out. Nature is a part of us why we’d block away natural fresh air🤔🤔 just sayin’

  189. So riddle me this??
    What should we use for
    Chem Trail protection? The have been straying rain and shinny weather.

  190. Watch Hobbs and Shaw on Amazon Prime Video. Pay close attention to Idris Elba’s character, its about the mark of the beast. He even talks to satan!!!

  191. “The natural healing force withing each of us is the greatest force in healing” Hippocrates

  192. It feels like I’m suffocating. So i don’t wear them. I going to so i had this virus back in December I got that brush test right before she did it i ask what happened to the q-tip she said this the new way that SHIT hurt but flu was negative but i had a temp of 102 she said i don’t know what’s wrong but your contagious she gave me antibiotics and a inhaler and in 13 days i felt better.

  193. These stupid, stankin’ devils time is almost up. Then it’s in the lake of fire they go!

  194. Dr. Sebi “there is only one disease ” mucus” acid in the body turns to mucus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. Notice how Donald trump our own president doesnt even where one and he’s 70👀 wake up

  196. To me the Mask seems like a sign of submission…
    If you don’t want to wear it, don’t… The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) can be sited… if you have a medical condition you don’t wear one… It is a $75,000 violation for them to ask you to disclose your Medical condition…

    That being said, a business can ask you to wear a mask to patronize their store… They have that right…

    We all have to learn our rights and stand up for them…

  197. The most important part of the video was when she said prolonged wearing of the mask. Meaning all day f****** long. Not just in and out of Walmart in 30 min.

  198. Boy does fear have a hold on far Too many people. A little research goes a long way, that’s if it’s not too much to ask for. Otherwise, may the dead Stay buried in their Ignorence.

  199. Please Tag this to ALL the MAJOR BIG BOX Retailers who are MAKING all employees and all in store vendors to wear these devilish MASK contraptions MANDATORILY!!! WE SHOULD SUE IF THEY CONTINUE !!!! WE MUST SUE !!

  200. An I dont like wearing them damn things cuz I cant breath in it at all but now iam goin 2 have 2 wear it at work 4 a complete 8hrs shift that shit ain’t going work I couldn’t even breath or the damn machine when i was giving birth I kept taking that oxygen mask off my face while everyone was telling me to wear I told them it feels like sucking the oxygen out of me

  201. I thought they were trying to correct the facial recognition dilemma with the computers when you are on camera.

  202. If y’all need to get more C02 in you then try doing a breathing technique like Whim Hof and buteyko

  203. Idk what’s going on, but YouTube keeps unsubscribing me from this channel. I must have subscribed 5x over the last 2 months 🤦🏾‍♀️🤔

  204. I agree but what we supposed to do about it ? Most places don’t let us in without mask

  205. Some People wear the same dirty mask day after day filled with their own bacteria. Nasty! The body wasn’t born with a facial mask so what makes people think it’s ok to cover your face all day while in public? Dumb leading the dumber use your common sense people something wrong with this picture just take the time to do some research both pros and cons before rendering a decision that may create bigger health problems.

  206. If what she says is true then why don’t surgeons keel over during long 10+ hour surgeries? The masks are proven not to stop you getting the virus but it holds back coughs and sneezes of those who are carrying the virus from spreading it to others.

  207. It’s the great Corona hoax Charlie Brown! Got y’all looking like ninja turtles roun’here

  208. I’m a RN n she is correct. I DNT wear a mask when I go to the store. Unfortunately I have to wear it at work. But there not really enforcing it where I live to wear at a store. I wash my hands. N my diet is clean 90%. I enjoy junk food every now n again n I take my vitamins. Workout. People please wake up. Take care of ur body now! Do it right now! Drink more water n eat more fruits n veggies. Try to get ur fruits n veggies from a local fruit stand tht grow there own food. Learn to grow a garden. I’m telling I see how we are killing our selves with food n drinks. Please take care of urself. U only got one body. There is no do over. My grandma is a breast cancer survivor. She changed her diet n she is still alive. She did not do chemo. Foods is healing. Do ur research.

  209. I’m never ever wearing a mask fuck them Illuminati New world order 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

  210. Do the opposite of what the government tells everyone. Everything is damn near a scam now days.

  211. I high risk to covid 19, you listen to this woman. my partner is a nurse of 17 years she told me wear a N95 N99 3M mask, some nurses dont know what they talking about, Covid 19 is airborne also, IT CAN GET ON YOUR CLOTHES SHOES DROPLETS, when you get the SARS COV 2 AND DIE REMEMBER THIS WOMAN STUPID VIDEO FFS LOL. the blind leading the blind in the USA LOL. dont wear a mask and gloves thats what they want more people to die for a percentage yeah they making money from deaths, Lucifer illuminati, satan is going round collecting souls right now who made a pact with him. as JIMI HENDRIX said you cant believe everything you hear and see can you, well you AMERICAN PEOPLE believe any shit they tell you on youtube. LOL.

  212. When God put tha soul in a frame trust me he knew what he was doing but we listened to people that treat they body like a old 2dr duece and a quater behind close doors …..she right body can fight off viruses just give it tha right treatment

  213. before all this coronovirus broke out people all around the world wore face mask to protect others and themselves why are people looking for every reason not to use it now I wonder why is that ….

  214. These masks are a symbol of the truth about america. Silencing all of us. Therfore Controlling us, our freedom, so called freedom of speech, and our personal individuality which has been stripped away since our grade school days.

  215. These masks are a symbol of the truth about america. Silencing all of us. Therfore Controlling us, our freedom, and individuality which has been stripped since grade school days.

  216. i’m proud of the people that are standing up and speaking truth. wake up america we the people gotta take back america 💯

  217. A wise man said if you do wear a mask get a scarf and damp it a lil with some peppermint essential oil but have it where you mouth can breathe out freely

  218. they making us look like idiots…..i ain’t wearing no masks lol the fabric is going into your lungs

  219. Long story short the government is NOT HUMAN the people of power are not HUMAN … They want to kill all the fuckin human beings. So sick of everything.

  220. Dude that own this channel is a straight up bitch. If it was me I would sue your black ass for spreading false information especially when lives can be affected. You are the media brah

  221. Fuck y’all I’m still wearing my shit. I’m still testing negative. This white woman that he showing is the last person I would listen too especially When it’s her people trying to kill us.

  222. I have been saying this since this startes but 4 some reson ppl like 2 listen to then other ppl….. Build up your immune sytems for starts

  223. Its because people are afraid of death dieing even tho We’re all going to die one day anyway
    mindness will go out and enjoy life while you can f*** the masks they Can’t save you your mind body and soul
    is the only thing that can save you stop being afraid fear make us weak goi within and you will have nothing to fear
    Cause you will already have the answer from the universe stay safe and stay strong. Peace out

  224. I said it before & I’ll say it again
    The Elite may be able to fool a million
    But they wouldn’t be able to fool two million. This just proves more & more how wicked our government really is , this it what will actually break down our natural god given immune system .& in comes Bill Gates & the wicked powers that be saying take these vaccines to make you all better and that’s very far from the case . Once again ALL PEOPLE please let us all stay awoke and awaken & informed in an INFORMATIVE era.
    Brooklyn is watching listening and praying 🙏🏽

  225. Incompetent people should not be “leading, running” anything. Fauci sits in a very influential position in the Gates Foundation, conflict of interest. The feds are saying one thing, governors are setting mandates and threatening incarceration for not abiding by those mandates, paranoia, chaos and sheer stupidity has erupted.

  226. Good thing I haven’t been wearing it I get some mean mug looks from people . Nice ❤ happy someone explain it

  227. I’m soooo glad somebody finally is trying to tell the truth these mask are not useless to us especially to someone who is not sick they are for a surgeon now does everybody see wear a mask is a bunch of bull crap wear it at your own risk we must appeal to are local governs no more mask
    M meaningless
    A asssignment
    S set to
    K ill

  228. If you’re wearing a mask you’re showing compliance to the deep state next will be the vaccine that kills you

  229. Thank you, told my family members this when they look at me weird because I’m not into the whole mask wearing bs.

  230. i only wear a mask if the stores requires it but before I even step out side its off my face so I can breathe again!

  231. Dr. Judy Mikovits had been saying this. She says the face masks are going to help bring on the covid in your system. People are testing positive Because the covid was put into vaccines that everybody has been taking. Especially the FLU VACCINE. Watch her videos. PD has posted a few of them, look in the comments people have posted links to her vids. Staying inside, wearing the masks is to MAKE THE COVID wake up, screw up your immune system. And staying in doors is to mess with your head to cause depression (big pharma), anxiety (big pharma), sleep issues ( big pharma). Empty shelves in the supermarket is A MENTAL GAME to cause stress and anxiety so you will survey says….TAKE SOME DRUGS A DOCTOR PRESCRIBES….ITS A GAME CALLED $$$$$$. and if we can get them scared enough they will take this vaccine which contains rfid chips, a 3rd DNA strand and other genetic material.
    Peace and love

  232. The body is a beautiful self healer, if it’s given a chance …outside of GMOs, Chem Trails, hormones and other freaky chemicals in the food, Flouride in the water, baby parts in the vaccines, etc., etc., etc. Quiet frankly, I’m SURPRISED we’re not all dead with the way our government agencies take such good care of us “For your own Protection,””For the protection of citizens”… OH, WHAT B.S. THEY SPREAD, MY DEAR!!!
    If the body wasn’t constantly on a covert attack by our governments Agencies…. (Fraud and Death as one of them…)…. I think our bodies would be far more youthful, and able to to project a far higher level of energy and vitality!!! But that’s NOT what our government wants for us…

  233. My brother brought me some mask from the hospital he works at for me and my children, they have a chemical smell to it make me nauseous and breaks out my face. I made my own to use not because i believe they work just to be able to enter the store and for them to go to daycare and for myself to be allowed to work when i go back. I know one thing I WILL NOT BE WALKING AROUND WITH FACE MASK TAN LINES ON MY FACE IN THE SUMMER.

  234. That’s why I feel so sick wearing these mask at my job 24/7 . When I take it off I feel so much better

  235. I’m in South Africa and I will never buy that mask and it’s sad to see my strong African people falling for trap

  236. It’s becoming mandatory for people to wear masks because since they started lifting stay at home restrictions and opening businesses, COVID 19 Cases have risen 64%! Folks people are still dying from this and we got others frolicking on beaches, getting haircuts and in bars, etc. This will continue to spread if we don’t exibit some self-control and wear masks and take other precautions.

  237. I was on the bus without my mask and this lady had the nerve to look at me like I’m crazy. People won’t realize until it’s too late.

  238. I aint buying her story. Drs and nurses use masks on a daily basis off and on way before Corona and none of them have dropped dead from using masks. Nobody should be wearing their masks 24 hrs a day. People out here tryna survive and this virus man-made or not is still killing thousands daily. I’d rather temporarily wear a mask when I go out in public than take a chance with none at all. Lots of people aren’t even wearing masks correctly having mouths covered and their noses out half the time. You have to protect yourself, your family, and your neighbors. Better to not get the virus then to risk getting it and then die being neglected, overlooked and mismanaged at the hospital! Pass me a mask! I’m wearing it.

  239. People here need to file a class action lawsuit against every state, commonwealth that mandated masks be worn in public. This is a clear cut case of intentional infliction of emotional distress. This nurse should be one of many medical professionals willing to testify in court.

    #fuctheAgen9a #fucCoV!9 #CashMeoutsideNoMask

  241. It common sense if you can still get it with wearing face mask and the other don’t make sense everyone wearing it still can get it think think

  242. *fuciT MASK OFF MASK OFF MASK OFF!!!!!!* 🤨😷💀
    *fuciT MASK OFF MASK OFF MASK OFF!!!!!!* 🤨🤕
    *fuciT MASK OFF MASK OFF MASK OFF!!!!!!* 😠

  243. She’s absolutely right I don’t wear my mask like that I ain’t thinking about the government and this whole pandemic mess REAL TALK💯👍

  244. D town gotta wear a mask everywhere or you can’t go anywhere.Gotta question absolutely EVERYTHING!

  245. I work for a grocery store and they told us we’re wearing them to make people believe there being protected

  246. Why doesn’t Trump and All his Crew ever was a mask? Even the Governor, Mayor they don’t was those Mask.

  247. Thanks brother.. Another slick way to try to knock us off…Thanks to whoever that lady was breaking it down for us.. She’s probably gon’ get scolded/threatened for that .. Damned Shame .

  248. The masks have a purpose against droplets which are dispersed when u cough or sneeze…its better than nothing but not designed to be worn for hours..stay home if ya sick, cover ya mouth when ya cough or sneez or yaughn..simple stuff nobody does anymore which is why these things spread sf o fast

  249. I see people getting into fights and arguments for not wearing a mask in public. It’s ridiculous

  250. You may a well get in your car, turn it on, close your garage and wait! Fuck that shit!😨
    The Land’s opinion 🎯

  251. It amazes me that Walmart and Amazon get to stay open and make all the money. But meat processing plants shut down.

  252. I don’t wear one nobody dose anymore around here it’s time for people to wake up

  253. Now Why Is This Important YP Young Pharoah And Salute 2
    Papa Duck 4 Always Dropping Them Gems

  254. Haven’t worn a mask not once. I’m just not a sheep I don’t know all this medical stuff.

  255. I only wear it in order to get in the store as soon as I leave out that threshold it comes off

  256. I heard its causes you to breath in more carbon dioxide than oxygen causing damage to the lungs. I’m asthmatic I notice everytime I put a mask on my breathing gets more rapid I think I feel anxiety. 😨😵 I rarely wear a mask .I may sound crazy but I take deep breaths and it feels good😁. Recommend everybody do Wim Hof breathing it makes the blood into a alkaline system and strengthens the immune system.

  257. It’s just crazy to me how many people let the media tell them what’s best for their health. Nobody wore mask until we were ordered to do so fuck these mask I need to breathe 😂

  258. Masks are being worn to prevent the spread of Covid- 19, like to keep someone from sneezing or coughing in your face. If you wear NO mask, and someone sneezes or coughs in your face, then YOU most likely will become infected.


  260. She’s right! I don’t support wearing a mask and don’t abide by these bullshit rules they have set in place. People need to wake up better yet have some balls and stop listening and doing everything they’re telling us to do. This is not normal and its okay for us to say no we’re not going to wear a mask when out in public. I understand to walk into a business you have to have a mask but for everything else fuck that. You don’t need a mask to do laundry, you don’t have to wear a mask to exercise, or to walk your dog, you don’t need a mask to drive etc…. If we don’t stand our ground now it’s gonna always be mandatory that we need to have one.

  261. I take these messages to mind and consider them without jumping to react. However, I’m honestly very skeptical of the timing of these “revelations” about the masks. Now it’s true, you can’t necessarily argue with science, but when I question the very nature of this so called “virus” for what it truly is(I actually believe something is being actively sprayed/released in the air) it makes me wonder. When I consider how relatively successful countries such as Taiwan and South Korea were with containing the spread by its citizens using masks and other social distancing measures (and they are countries where it’s common to see people in facemask even BEFORE the whole Covid thing) you’ll perhaps forgive me for being skeptical of these people who suddenly say wearing a mask is essentially worthless. When it was reported several weeks ago that 25% of Detroit’s police force had contracted the virus, I totally dropped the “virus” idea. There’s no way that I believe that that many members of the same group just happen to be slipping up and not washing their hands and contaminating themselves. They are/were breathing something in. Sorry for the long post. But I’ll take my chances WITH my mask on EVERYTIME I leave my house. Devils can be very crafty with their disinformation. Beware and take care.

  262. What if they are tryna blind us by using not just the coronavirus as a scare but the plan is really behind the mask , we can be focusing on one thing when it can really be another. I question everything!!!

  263. It’s a scam…now it’s mask, dental picks, and lottery tickets littering that’s most common.
    It’s unsanitary to wear these mask they are preventing oxygen from entering the body.

  264. How y’all know these people aren’t getting paid to tell a half true and a whole lie from the government. Themselves.. just saying. Be wise. Be smart. Be alert. Be vigilant. But more importantly. Be awake.

  265. I’m done trying to help these fools they just gone have to learn the hard way omm 🤣🤣

  266. If u sick it helps stop spreading it but also u just breathing back in all the sickness 2 she 10000% right…

  267. I Agree O Israel:When your wearing a mask,your breathing in your own carbon dioxides by inhaling,which is just as equivalent to one sufficating themselves in holding their breath!

  268. This is to everybody STOP listening to these ppl telling you to wear a mask. For one thing they will not stop a virus. Secondly it’s all about control. That’s their objective. Don’t let them have it. Stand up for yourself and tell them you do not consent to their bullshit. Period. It’s time to stand up and know who you are. Who in the fuck gives them the right to control us. Don’t let them. Don’t consent !!!

  269. Yes the mask supress the immune system..it mask you more .prone to any viral disease ….in the operating room the doctors and nurses wear mask to protect the patient..then after that they take it off..its getting hot, people are going to be passing out

  270. Yeah one of my nurse friends Ted wearing a mask actually slows down your breathing and lungs and make it hard restricting plus I noticed every time I wore a mask in a store walking around I started getting dizzy short of breath and everything now I don’t wear any at all I feel a whole lot better

  271. The mask is more about prevention of an infected person spreading the virus. We all know certain people that act like they dont know how to cover their mouth when they sneeze and cough vs no mask. The mask helps with that if people would wear it temporarily in public say like in the store.

  272. I said that but niggad tell me I dnt what I’m talking about so that’s why I dnt talk to niggas

  273. Man stop the bull doctors wear them for long lengths of time for years.they seem good.scarface had covid.fred the godson died from it.do as you will but soon we will all know someone with it.dont know who that lady is either

  274. It’s common sense really. Breathing in those masks are hot. And it’s going back into your body hot…creating an environment for bacteria and fungus to grow. 🤮🤮🤮

  275. I been saying those face masks were a joke from the beginning. People in China were wearing face masks DAILY from all the smog and pollution.

    How did that work out for them 🤔

    Learn to think and stop being told what to think……

  276. I don’t like the mask period… I can’t breathe so I just cover my mouth and breathe through my nose. Most of the time I just put it around my chin because I don’t feel like wearing it like that. It’s all stupid AF.

  277. Another great video.. Judy Milkovits has discussed this with Dr. Rashid Buttar, for this very reason I stopped wearing a mask. 🚫😷

  278. I am not surprised to hear this. Our body is designed to breath in and breath out. Humans are so easily deceived. I never wear any mask, and see people looking at me am like am crazy like am. Then some me, if am not afraid? And I say nope. I had an annoying incidence last week Friday. I went to the airport, by the cargo area to pick up my company’s flowers, and this young girl who’s probably about 21 told me, I needed to have my mask or I wouldn’t get my flowers. So I lost it, started to curse her out and told her to go to hell, and call the police. Her boss saw, that I was in a rage and had to quickly take over, and apologize. To think I go there every week to pick up my company’s flowers. I told them its bad enough I have to do this social distancing bullshit, now I can’t come in and pick up my flowers, unless I wear a mask.. So I told them, they better replace her, or somebody is going to do something crazy.

  279. Well the point for the mask is to keep you from sneezing or coughing on someone else’s….@ my job it was mandatory to be fit tested for a N95 mask while working @ a screening station and a surgical mask while on property. Yes it’s hot and breathing can be uncomfortable! It’s also effective and necessary because we have had cases.

  280. Bro i swear im turning into a doctor with all this bs. Research is Key my friends. We’ve been lied too for 80+ yrs smh…

  281. I think this will become a fashion trend. This is the kind of ignorance we are dealing with

  282. Quack, quack, you right Papa Duck, masks are unhealthy. Breathing in your own waste CO2.

  283. Bruh peep this…China released the Corona virus right?? All the mask and equipment is made in China right???
    If China wanted to engage America in Bio warfare all they gotta do is put some chemicals in all the damn masks they shipping over here

  284. I feel sorry for you slow niggas who actually are feeding in to this. “The human body is a miracle, why work against it”; She’s just doing her role as part of the agenda. The problem with black people is they don’t believe nothing until it happens to them or someone they know drops dead.

  285. Not only all that, but when you wear a mask, what are you doing more? Touching your face, and the mask. What did they constantly tell us in the beginning? NOT TO TOUCH OUR FACE 🙄🤷‍♀️

  286. I have been trying tell this to others, but to no avail!! I get attack! I have not ever worn these tools of these deceivers!!! God bless this woman for her truth!!!

  287. I’m not scared if you believe in God then let it be in his hands he no what’s gonna happen tomorrow so why worry. God has us if you HAVE HIM

  288. All these Doctors in the world and just a handful speaks on it, what’s going on,and if Doctors no about this why aren’t more of them speaking out

  289. Thank you Papa Duck, I’m a retired RN and I have told people this but “the boss said I have to” or “we’re listening to the experts on TV”. Some people will never see this bcuz they think all YouTubers are conspiracy theorists. Great for her, I’m glad a few nurses are honest.

  290. They never said putting on a mask will protect you its to protect others! YouTube will get many people killed listening to people who have not license to speak on certain topics. I’m not a follower I use logic. Using my own brain computer it’s telling me to take precautions. Black people playing with this huh….I’ll come back to this comment in December and see how people stop being foolish. Y’all say anything on the net….”it’s 5g”…..”it’s godzilla” smh

  291. I have asthma and the dang mask pisses me off I’m cussing underneath it , sweating fogging up my glasses can’t breathe I’m sick of the whole mess.

  292. Yes it is harming us I almost passed out trying to breath with that on. The masks are also a muzzle.

  293. Yes wearing a mask is pretty much harmful can’t even breathe in that shit especially in the summertime.

  294. You know what, imma just shut the hell up, been trying to tell people the exact same thing for the last 2 wks & being looked at like I got five heads or something, SMDH , thanks Papaduck for this info & keep waking up the masses 💯✌❤

  295. I wore that mask while I was out for about 6 hours I got dizzy and almost passed the fuck out never again lol

  296. Interesting. At the veteran’s hospital where I work, those type of masks are mandatory for all employees to wear & when I wear it, it is hot, uncomfortable & promotes a feeling of hyperventilation & queasiness in me…Bless u for posting & sharing!

  297. But she’s wearing one cause she has to because she’s a nurse! 🤔 that’s saying a lot! I don’t wear one but what I’m saying she hurting her self!

  298. If people just stop an think for a second maybe people a peep the play because it’s obvious that this is some crazy shit.💯💯✌🏿

  299. People don’t understand there is entities with lots of money “billionaires” that really don’t care about the people health all they want to do is depopulate the world and stay with the world for themselves there is entities that run this world and control all our money

  300. Grab a body armor drink ,drink hella water ,stay in nature n take care of ya self lol some y’all folks sound worried as hell,I can assure you that the devil,the elites,and the government are all pussy asf who worried bout dem lol 🤷🏽‍♂️💯everything a choice ,if ya don’t wanna wear a mask don’t ,if ya don’t wanna accept the vaccines/the mark then don’t lol ,the mark is definitely optional as it said in the Bible .they gon murk you for declining it most likely but so what.. when it’s time then it’s time ,whether us humans like it or not ,there is no taking a stand there is no fighting ,just praise the most high cuz he perfect n call it a day🙇🏽💎

  301. People need to wake up. Some nurses were on the news asked why they werent social distancing or wearing mask at white house. Their answer was they had already been tested and they tested negative so they didnt have to wear a mask or social distance. All this is bullcrap to make us submit and control us.

  302. Only people who are sick are supposed to wear masks!!! Be careful with this new bill contact trace 6666 Wearing masks out and about driving and riding ur bike could be license for these mf (National guard) to run up on you suspecting that you got this fake virus!! I feel as though this is some kind of set up! Also viruses can enter through ALL MUCOUS MEMBRANES!!! Your eyes aren’t covered! So wearing these dumb shits 👎🏻

  303. I swear my co worker and I said something wasn’t right with the mask wearing situation due to how it made me feel I felt like I couldn’t breathe even more and I can’t digress on this one we need to WAKE UP!!!!!! SHE IS RIGHT 🙏🙏

  304. Excellent video!!!!💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿😷😷😷😷😷😷😷🙏🏿🤑🤑🤑I JUST LEARNED SOMETHING NEW THAT I NEVER KNEW ABOUT!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  305. Wear them to protect other people if u are sick. Is why am wearing them out of respect for others If I did get sick!

  306. Lmao we watched a man get his a whipped for trying to emotionally get another man to wear a mask lmao we walked away

  307. I knew it, I’m so worried for my husband he got another job and he has to wear a mask 😷 all day… he’s now having problems with his throat and nose. They’re trying to kill us. I’m a hairstylist and there’s no way I can function with that damn Mask on…..

  308. I been said this those mask makes it hard for you to breath, plus you are breathing in nothing but germs

  309. It I harming us. Where preventing our immune systems from getting stronger.


  310. If I’m not mistaken the same science class I had to pass to graduate told me that we need oxygen from the trees to help with our respiratory system. So I’m not sure y ppl r wearing mask and blocking there airways. Correct me if I’m wrong

  311. You noticed Trump don’t wear one! I knew it was a joke!!! I don’t wear a mask hell I got to breath


    Death just might be one of the most misunderstood subjects today. For many, death is shrouded in mystery and evokes dread, uncertainty, and hopelessness. Others believe that their deceased loved ones are not dead at all, but instead live with them or in other realms. Millions are confused about the relationship between the body, spirit, and soul. But does it really matter what you believe? Yes—absolutely! What you believe about the dead will have a profound impact on what happens to you in the near future.

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    10. What happens to the righteous dead at the second coming of Christ?
    “Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work” (Revelation 22:12).
    “The Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout. … And the dead in Christ will rise. … And thus we shall always be with the Lord” (1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17).
    “We shall all be changed—in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye … and the dead will be raised incorruptible. … For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality” (1 Corinthians 15:51–53).

    Answer: They will be rewarded. They will be raised, given immortal bodies, and caught up to meet the Lord in the air. There would be no purpose in a resurrection if people were taken to heaven at death.

    11. What was the devil’s first lie on Earth?
    “The serpent said to the woman, ‘You will not surely die’ ” (Genesis 3:4).
    “That serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan” (Revelation 12:9).

    Answer: You will not die.

    12. Why did the devil lie to Eve about death? Could this subject be more important than we think?
    Answer: The devil’s lie that we will not die is one of the pillars of his teachings. For thousands of years, he has worked powerful, deceptive miracles to trick people into thinking they are receiving messages from the spirits of the dead. (Examples: Magicians of Egypt—Exodus 7:11; Woman of Endor—1 Samuel 28:3–25; Sorcerers—Daniel 2:2; A slave girl—Acts 16:16–18.)

    A Solemn Warning
    In the near future, Satan will again use sorcery—as he did in the prophet Daniel’s day—to deceive the world (Revelation 18:23). Sorcery is a supernatural agency that claims to receive its power and wisdom from the spirits of the dead.

    Posing as Jesus’ Disciples
    Posing as godly loved ones who have died, saintly clergymen who are now dead, Bible prophets, or even the apostles of Christ (2 Corinthians 11:13), Satan and his angels will deceive billions. Those who believe the dead are alive, in any form, will likely be deceived.

    14. Why will God’s people not be deceived?
    “They received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so” (Acts 17:11).
    “If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them” (Isaiah 8:20).

    Answer: God’s people will know from their study of His book that the dead are dead, not alive. They will know that a “spirit” claiming to be a deceased loved one is really a devil! God’s people will reject all teachers and miracle workers who claim to receive special “light” or work miracles by contacting the spirits of the dead. And God’s people will likewise reject as dangerous and false all teachings that claim the dead are alive in any form, anywhere.

    15. Back in Moses’ day, what did God command should be done to people who taught that the dead were alive?
    “A man or a woman who is a medium, or who has familiar spirits, shall surely be put to death; they shall stone them with stones” (Leviticus 20:27).

    Answer: God insisted that mediums and others with “familiar spirits” (who claimed to be able to contact the dead) should be stoned to death. This shows how God regards the false teaching that the dead are alive.

    16. Will the righteous people who are raised in the resurrection ever die again?
    “Those who are counted worthy to attain that age, and the resurrection from the dead … nor can they die anymore” (Luke 20:35, 36).

    “God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away” (Revelation 21:4).

    Answer: No! Death, sorrow, crying, and tragedy will never enter into God’s new kingdom. “When this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: ‘Death is swallowed up in victory’ ” (1 Corinthians 15:54).

  313. Real Reality i been said this and gloves too even the Lady Fauci got fired and almost got killed said wearing a mask can kill you

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