Some are saying that George Floyd tragedy is a fake…..even when his child hood friend former NBA player Stephen Jackson is speaking out about it….what do you think please put comment below….

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  1. You know something ain’t right we somebody have four funeral s and Mayweather who is a big time in the illuminati could also been one who made the sacrifice because remember he’s coming out of retirement to mason involved.

  2. I still say it looked as if he was injected with something that made him go out and they were police that got out the ambulance

  3. Here is what makes Stephen Jackson gets discredited ..the video of him saying “Trump we coming for you we getting you out the White House etc” why are you not speaking on the Police Dept. Who killed you gone blame his death on Trump??? This is a Democratic Stunt to they want to throw out the Police smh

  4. You bout a week late lol whoever watch young Pharaoh woke woke & get the info faster cuz he dont play n bring all facts… Papa duck go subscribe to pharoah lol

  5. I can’t say that it’s fake because TMH will use good and evil for his will to be done. He is in control of everything. I do wonder why they had a closed casket because that usually happens when there was a brutal trauma to the person’s face. Whether it was fake or not the truth will be revealed.

  6. I watch Dick Gregory at the end of one of his interviews he said one thing about the Rodney King beating “ it was lite up like a movie scene”.

  7. It’s called lying. You can’t believe what is pushed in the’s a distraction from something else.

  8. I can’t believe that you think his killing was real, when you supposed to be awake, real surprising.

  9. Man y’all need to stop these Conspiracy theories stuff man.. This man lost is live with a effing knee on is neck…. Big homie Doc, your giving that Candice Owen chick a I toll you so moment… His family is grieving homie.. Please let them grieve and Big Floyd Sleep In Peace……

  10. The more we talk and spread the conception of survivalist, then that means we manifest it. We dont need to let the people know that the Remnant been prepared. Our silence will dispel. Hence the battle of Jericho

  11. My G, u know already, dont play me, Papa, my G u know what u know do not hesitate. Ya dig. Check this “Industry Plant” that word is ancient they been doing that, then comes the scape goat…

  12. It was a false flag ritual or government psy op but I do believe he was actually killed though

  13. I don’t think George Floyd death is fake but, this was a way for businesses to capitalize and be on the right side of this. Also a way for lawmakers to also push martial law.

  14. It’s a Script from The Simpson’s TV show 🤷🏾‍♂️ Google it… George in angel wings & the cop 👮 in all sorts of hell

  15. Shit was stage dude was a mason that’s what they do to push they agenda using race shit to bombard the country antifa George soros Stephan Jackson’s a mason to the cop isn’t the same cop domore research instead of just using emotion study the shit it’s a rabbit hole but if you say you conscious you’ll do it and you’ll see it for what it s

  16. Damn right. Living off the land isn’t something you want to just learn on the fly, you won’t make it. People NEED to get ready!!

  17. He was fa sho killed but I think it was a sacrifice. If you look at the funereal, and the possibility that it was sacrifice is that when they lifted his casket up over the pallbearers shoulders, and I was informed that, that was a freemasonic gesture

  18. If u dnt remember anything Papa Duck 🦆 said REMEMBER “THE DEVIL IS ALWAYS WORKING”. Peace n Luv to ALL 🙏💕

  19. How much money did his GoFundMe account make who does the black lives matter give their money to just asking questions

  20. Survival of the fittest in dis bytch! I had vision a decade ago about what we see on the tv screen a voice was speaking to me while I was resting and it told me what I see…. is only a figment of the imagination!!!! Get intuned with self eat healthy and yes learn the real life necessity for surviving naturally in life….

  21. It was questionable to me, once I heard they worked together for many years. Dan Calloway has a video on YouTube that shows a lot of inconsistency in the police camera footage. Also, it was said he was murdered on 33rd Street. You should know that # has significance with FreeMasonry. Check It Out! We’re living in the MATRIX!!

  22. That’s right. Youre awoke. Unfortunately this is an evil world. Not saying there’s not a lot of good either. I hope the good overcomes the bad. Everything going on is orchestrated and not for any good reason. 👍

  23. Elizabeth is no longer the Queen of England you need to go to the real king of England or Uk king .org

  24. Papa duck will give you some truths but he still works around these stars aka devils so of course he gonna say it was real he dont want his shows to stop wake up folks dont be lead down the wrong road again

  25. Alchemy and knowledge of the heavens through a Kemetic science and then you could see from a third eye view that THE WORLD IS A STAGE..Covid19,George Floyd,BlackLivesMatter,Government,and Hollywood designed this. Yes George Floyd is dead yes Black Lives does matter yes. Trump is the worst yes covid19 is a real thing but it’s an infection not disease but it’s more than meets 20/20 Vision. Third Eye only means common sense approach with facts.

  26. Hes an influencer duck,hes apart of that 1% were talking about just notice after he died and all these companies coming out of nowhere showing support and donating.They say this george floyd incident is distracting people from THE BUCKINGHAM PALACE story with the fully naked boy trying to escape the compound and died please speak on that duck.

  27. Damn Papa Duck i didnt expect to hear this from u folks…thats shit was staged brah…stephen Jackson of course he gon say childhood friend dont u kno dude was even spotted at his own protest n on top of that dude a mason n George floyd aint his real name at all…So u mean to tell me his lawyer gonna lie the lawyer that played football with him and was by his side when he died and the only person that was posed to come to his funeral was his sis and that was 3 yrs ago and Obama tweeted bout dude i say dude cause idk who he really is but G.F is def not him at all…i must say im shocked u cant see that good brah n i rocks wit u but this one u wrong bro its way to many false flags dat so called cop well guess what his neighbors never seen him wit a patrol car and his badge was crook it and no id number and it had 666 on the trash can the emt was never there only cops with vests n guns n he wasnt even handcuffed brah n the dude that videotaped it just said stuff n done nuffn n his act when they showed it was so fake i couldn’t believe it at all than u have a closed casket n why is that it was no viewing at all…like come on…that was staged point blank to create all this controlled chaos…even the old white dude was a actor that the cop pushed so hard he started bleeding out his ears from pressing a damn button…smh…Papa Duck u good pplz just look more into it and dont u kno Killary i mean Hillary was going to court that week as well for all her sick stuff…ITS A DISTRACTION AND HAPPENED TO CAUSE ALL THAT ITS DOING NOW AS WELL AS A WAY FOR THEM TO BRING MARTIAL LAW AND THE NWO ITS ALL A AGENDA BRAH…BIG FACTZ

  28. You don’t think NBA players pull propaganda stunts? You think the select few who make all the names of dollars get that money because they good at basketball? LOL you don’t think it’s funny how all those high paid athletes the select few are the ones always caught up in the propaganda scandals always the ones pushing the mainstream propaganda on the youth and apparently the Elder ? You don’t think people can lie and pull off devious conspiracy? Come on man need to wake up to the world we live in in and realize that anything is possible. The only thing limiting possibilities is someone’s imagination

  29. I’m not sure if you know about young pharaoh but you really need to check him out he has receipts on EVERYTHING and EVERYONE DEEP STATE etc YES George Floyd was fake . . I’m telling everyone on here go check out young pharaoh my black people time to be enlightened!!

  30. Go check out young pharaoh channel he is the truth.. also thank you papa duck for everything you for the community

  31. How is it too far bro? Your talking about a peoplethat fed babies to alligators! These celebrities are paid really well!

  32. Brother I been on the front lines for a long time and one thing I learned is ( they) don’t make mistakes ( they) just don’t something stinks I’m going to keep my mind powerful we all grew up together in school and to be honest I never seen something that didn’t envolve the making of a so called utopia or money this are spiritually powerful people working from above they might be in a phisical body but there mental reality is one of a society working from ABOVE please understand that God bless brother and sisters

  33. I think it was fake it was something to set new world order in motion look at the video there wasn’t even emt that got out the ambulance it was officers and the officer and George floyd worked together as bouncers at a club. I cant breath its hashtag has set the roof off the nee world order shit the masks first now this people need to pull together!!! Stop fighting pull together the government has a scheme against us all!!!!!!

  34. Thought I told you us black fell for the oakie doke again….it was fake because as soon as the ambulance drove up that officer got up off his neck and the paramedics jump out grabbed him threw him on the stretcher and out they go,,first of all paramedics suppose to save livewhy they didnt usecpr,orshock him to bring him back they have the equipment to save lives only the coroner can come to the scene and pronounce him dead..then the riots with white folks everywhere tearing up the neighborhoods….
    Explain that?

  35. Why would he just flat out kill him, knowing that he’s being recorded live on Facebook. The greatest movie production ever made.

  36. Bruh I may have to stop tuning in to you …you are clearly confused …Islam is our Religion everything else is false flag

  37. Why are we not going after the Rothschilds and Bilderburgs, Rockefellers, etc? Aint no reason to be protesting if we dont even know who the real enemy is. People need to be educated on who they should be going after and stop blindly rioting like a bunch of fools

  38. It was fake and all rituals….Those celebrities are used to dumb as down. Man u supposed be woke not asleep… Wake up, it was all fake and YOUNG PHARAOH did a video that went viral exposing the Deep State and his faked death, his video went 1.7900000 millions of views less than three days..His death was fake and a ritual done by the Cabal but it’s backfiring in the COSMOS..

  39. The fake covid virus is slowly becoming a non factor. Now the government wants this race war to get the publics attention to distract.
    Below is what the government does to the world to distract and cause fear:
    *Mass shootings
    *Race wars/police shooting
    *Virus spread
    *Black celebrity death
    *Black celebrity jailed

  40. How come when I said this same thing I was called a Liar, Crack Smoker😁, Delusional, Asked what Strain of Weed I Smoked, Did I leave my Mask on to long, was I a Conspiracy Theorist, Did I have Coronavirus? Thennn…🗣️BOOM!!💣💥…But I guess you gotta be white in order to be Believable 🙄

  41. We all know about crisis actors…… athletes and entertainers are used as pawns to persuade the masses to participate in certain things

  42. I was on the money. I said G F was Steven Jackson but wasn’t sure if that was the case but I knew something was a lie about this whole scene.

  43. Maybe it’s just me but look at the mug shot of chauvin and then look at him when he’s on Floyd’s neck, it looks like a different person ?

  44. & that was the trick up the devil’s sleeve, Stephen Jackson ain’t even talking bout Floyd no more, his attention on Trump now… all those mfers I’m on it… check the guy in the video chest, he don’t have the same Mason tattoo as Floyd

  45. Papa duck
    Your running late but at least your up to date now.
    The fake cop is Benjamin Bailie from cash cab.

  46. Surprise! It was. This was an attempt to start a race war. He was chosen for this. But it is an attempt for martial law typical united snakes full of poisonous venom. Evil, Lies, mind games & hatred for Black people.

  47. It was more or less a mass sacrifice. This exact same thing is said to have happened in other places around the same time.

  48. Damn brother you put out info advising the ppl to wake up by vetting any and everything, including you yourself..take your own advise on this one, get out your emotions and do the conscious math!..You can’t talk period if your being choked, let alone to cry out for your mother, and never mention the names of, the Man you allegedly Worked, who’s wife turns out to be the sister of the very same Asian fake crisis actor who was keeping the public back..this connects everyone to knowing each other prior to the event,.not to mention the same EXACT seen of an officer killing a black man by fake knee suffocation happen in two other location’s at the same time!!’s No such thing as coincidence Brother..if 911 could be faked and proven BEYOUND doubt to be true this ia a walk in the said it your self..created RIOTS involving Racial Tensions are Classic Weapons & TOOLS OF diversion WARFARE!!…THIS SOCIETY WAS FASHIONED IN BLOOD SACRIFICE TO I GOD THAT ACCEPTS BLOOD OF ANOTHER BEING TO APPEASE HIM/HER or IT!!..IT’S THE OLDEST RUNNING BS in the BOOK…what do you call the FAKE JESUS’S STORY??..or animal’s and eating flesh rituals in evey Christian church?? Why do you say everything good for you is a BLESSING of good when clearly the Word means to Sprinkle BLOOD IN SACRIFICE OVER SOMETHING???…your waking up but you’ve still got a ways to go still!..majority of folks just aren’t attached to a benevolent Agreeable spiritual life energy…there DISAGREEABLE influenced beings…the sooner you come to grips with that Truth the Wiser you’ll become in who’s really ment to come out of this..not only alive but sane enough to lead this inevitable transition back to a positive time period for ORIGINAL PEOPLE..who are MOORS by Nationality first..peace ✌🇲🇦

  49. Just because he died does not mean they didn’t plan for him to die to start the riots so yes fake

  50. A lie is a lie no matter who is involved. We have to question everything and stop being lead so easily.

  51. @PapaDuck some ppl saying it’s fake true enough, but some saying fake as in its planned out and orchestrated ritual sacrifice as you are very aware of. The Stephen Jackson point you made was not a good one, Jackson is a part of the entertainment industry a ex pro athlete and now a media personality. George Floyd was a freemason had the order out chaos double headed eagle tatted on his chest, he played semi pro basketball, rap with DJ screw, did porn so he was definitely trying to be on the entertainment scene not major but the elites have their low level workers out here moving round. He was allegedly killed by chauvis, same cop he worked with at a night club for a while, who ain’t even the same cop they arrested look at the photo is at least a 20 yr age difference. Stephen Jackson all on Instagram with his daddy’s freemason memorabilia showing, Floyd and Jackson both from Houston, they called each other twins Floyd was killed in Minnesota the twin cities during Gemini season. Floyd was killed in may, who payed for his funeral Floyd Mayweather, George Floyd killed in may weather! This is clearly a race war plot, they been trying to get a rise out of us, they got ppl all emotion with kobe death then right after that the coronavirus, then the stay at home order which they thought ppl would heavy protest. Then came the killings of the black female in her home, the black man killed by the 2 white men, then George Floyd. They know what buttons to push to get the ppl in a uproar, but the ppl protested peacefully, the antifa came in with the crises actors and started the looting and burning of businesses to try and get the regular citizens to join in. All of a sudden coronavirus talk was almost over, but they got the ppl hot and out protesting now they say cases have spiked so you know this is also part of the vaccine agenda. You know how many unarmed ppl let alone ppl of color get killed and it dnt make mainstream media outlet news.

  52. The same way u think he’s dead so does his supposed twin brother. Don’t mean anyone really knows if he’s alive but it don’t pass the smell test to me

  53. Bro you tell us about celebrities all the time…you damn right it was a hoax to divide the country even more and cause chaos between police and citizens to then roll out martial law…go watch young pharao he explains it all and got the reciepts

  54. someone said he was a freemason..don’t know if thats true!?!?
    check his video!!

    ohhh wauw..they removed it!!
    the mf-ers!!! maybe i can find out who the guy is…and his channel…maybe you can get it some other way!!

  55. Floyd was a sacrifice just like Kobe Bryant to usher in the devil & Floyds funeral was so the evil folks could cast a spell about the election.. all this shit is planned out… the devil is tryin to take over the world! WAKE UP YALL! 🙏❤🙏

  56. I been said this was a Masonic sacrifice to start chaos order out of chaos. He had a tattoo basically saying order out of chaos . Not fake but part of the plan .

  57. And to think they raised 13 mill dollars. These sheep will always be sleep! From my understanding he was a Mason 😩.


  59. The Rodney King incident was fake. Go watch the video: the wasn’t really hitting him, fake kicks an all.

  60. Dm me if you want to be in a group chat just us woke people bringing awareness to each other 💯 my ig is @jerr.yn

  61. Stephen Jackson is Floyd. Then the same guy who autopsy Jeffery Epstein is the same guy who autopsy Floyd is now saying Floyd had corona . These 2 guys are both still alive. Stephen Jackson is Floyd. Show me one video of them together in public and not some photoshopped pic.

  62. Celebrities control the narrative. I think jackson is apart of the big masonics that pulled it. Watch the videos and fall down that rabbit hole

  63. And his mourh aint no pray book how the hell he was his child hood friend and dont kno any of his brothers and sisters what tje hell make it make sense y the white lady that was his so call girl where she at y she aint been on sceen child this some bullshit

  64. Yo influencers are part in parcel with the media too don’t get caught into what these people say just cause they speak on points you agree on maintain an open mind at all times. I try to and hope y’all do the same.

  65. Understandable bro I hear you, but both him and Stephen Jackson are 33rd degree freemasons Order of Chaos for a reason. Plus the cop who murder him is a crisis actor and they’re former boss dealing with the Sandy Hook shooting.

  66. The Stock Goes up because the particular companies that benefit from adverse Black conditions are white supremacist controlled and own companies with elements of production that insure supremacy in the future.

  67. Not for anything.. the basketball player made a message that immediately attacked trump.. why??.. if he had love for his friend why didn’t he send a message attacking the “policy in forcer”??.. jus a question 🧐

  68. That shit was fake af! 😂 You would have to be an idiot to believe the main stream media. We are under mind control and deception.

  69. Everything you said is correct Papa Duck. As far as George Floyd’s death being fake, its possible. They have clone technology & have had it for decades. I’m not putting nothing past anything that the powers that be will do. I’ve been into conspiracy theories for years so a lot is not far fetched. I think this data drop that happened not long ago is gonna reveal a lot that average people won’t be ready for….

  70. Man all crazy papa duck been sold is soul man….this man know this shit fake aint nobody fucckn stupid….the only rapper i listen to is boosie even he cant say somethings

  71. I was thinkin it was cause it was a closed casket fr an the nba players are paid too mis lead us fr

  72. I believe it was fake cuz of the way they killed him.. quite different from the way they usually kill us poc , as well as the video footage being inconsistent.. you bring up steven jackson, THEYRE BOTH FREEMASONS. They both gon play they role for this beast they in cahoots with.

  73. HIs family is mourning. The last thing his family need to hear is his murder being fake. Come on man we can do better than that!

  74. Been telling folks for years there has been more black on black brown on brown violence in the hood than police brutality/fatalities, how can anyone be mad when they don’t riot or protest the one thing that takes them down the most “yourself/your people.” Drug dealers killing they own just so they can own materialistic values FOH I’ll never respect them, killas shooting over women or lifestyles… and I know the struggle my whole fam from the chi. On both sides. Scriptures said they were a hard headed people, it just hurts me to witness it. Peace

  75. Bro please watch the video when he died an see the police not EMT’S But police put him on a gerny an take him away…

  76. Everyone is playing with blood money. Wicked World. We have to detach ourselves from the BOX!!! It is driving people crazy.

  77. Clue: What is the FIRST thing they do to the African Americans they Kill? DEMONIZE THEIR CHARACTERS! Did NOT happen with him n people were saying he did porn but News did Not! I’m sad cause I thought it was real but saw otherwise! Check out Young Pharaoh channel cause he bring them FACTS!

  78. Planned just like those pallets of bricks! They want us to riot! All part of the plan to push out mom and pops businesses and take advantage of the stock market. How else do you win the lottery and put people in fema camps?

  79. Along side of he Mason affiliations…the photo’s of Derek Chauvin. are 2 different people, one is older and the orher pic is a younger man…how is that possible?

  80. What do you think of this PD?

    “To vote is for to take the lesser of two evils. Why do we have to take the lesser? Why not take the better? Reparations is our cause. Black America, We must take control of our own destiny. 19:55 “We have to began to change 21:17 “We should form our own P.I.P, (Permanent Interest Party).”

  81. Mr. Duck Stevie Jackson cried crocodile tears if this wasn’t a planned event I’d like to have someone please tell me why is a 15 year old picture of the cop being used? If I may digress if so-called BLCK LIVES MTTR WHY not a word a out 19million and counting black babies being aborted?

  82. Mannn, hurt me some when I started hearing too🤷🏽‍♀️but remember Keneeka Jenkins (sp?)heard the same thang…

  83. Maybe he don’t know about it being fake. Maybe he truly believes his childhood friend is dead

  84. Stephen Jackson probably played the part on the ground and Benjamin Ray Bailey played the part with the knee on him. You always say “THE RABBIT HOLE GOES DEEP” well this one is real deep.

  85. You just said he faking it, he with that shyt. You got the answer but you don’t want to think of him as that, but do some research you never know he could be the Colin kapernick of George Floyd

  86. In my opinion when it comes to celebrities and athletes they’re all part of thr agenda they get pay to Act on situations concerning humanity some believe it some of us dont

  87. It was a REAL human SACRIFICE. The ILLUMINATI have been doing live human sacrifices for a LONG LONG LONG time. April is the month of the fool, May is the month of human sacrifice.

  88. Ain’t nothing is too far like the fact we paying water bill like that shi is normal like bruhh it not like they buying the water from the earth

  89. THIS WAS NOT A FAKE KILLING, y’all need to stop posting shat that ain’t true just like Kobe’s death was fake but that wasn’t the case that man would not leave the ppl or his wife and kids for the elite no matter what.

  90. everyone is title to their own opinion and i respect yours.85 percent of people subscribed to you can see this is fake.i subscribed to you because you are woke but now im questioning your here because im trying to be woke and not sleep.if thats the case ill watch the videos on trending.but i have to unsubscribe from this channel.Stay Woke people.MAG THE BITTER TRUTH is the real deal

  91. Steven Jackson being his “friend” was the first thing that stood out to me! I’m saying dog they know how to do this shit and do it well. When I say its fake that’s not to say George Floyd didn’t die. I mean this shit is pre planned homie

  92. I believe he died because that man lost his bladder and he was foaming at the mouth. This was not a hoax

  93. This world is a big stage never know what’s behind that curtain.. For every level there’s another devil 😈 #StayWoke

  94. It’s more like he was targeted and filmed purposely. Chauvin wasn’t even a cop. The neighbors are filmed saying they never saw him in uniform or the cop car until that day. It was a public ritual. I feel like to fulfill some sort of Jesus sacrifice of the black man. Notice how they beefed up the in your face killings of black men over the last few years. To trigger our emotions. Fear anger and hate are the lowest vibrations and here we are in the middle of a great shift where the whole universe is giving updates our melanin automatically receives. But those low emotions kill the internal systems and stops melanin in its tracks.

  95. Can we say PsyOp?

    If it walk like duck, talk like a duck, quack like a duck, then dammit it’s probably a duck…No pun intended bruh!

  96. Well MR Jackson is a Freemason too just like Treyvon Martin dad was a Freemason the way they pick him up they do it in there temple


  98. Duck Masonry is powerful they control almost everything..the elite don’t want different ethnicities to come together and this is what’s happening so this accusation of a fake is a hard pill for me to swallow.

  99. I’m from where stak5 from Port Arthur Texas we ain’t never seen George Floyd his brother is Donny Jackson. George Floyd is his mason brother

  100. I think the Mr Floyd incident was a tragedy but a planned tragedy….nothing the media or BLM or celebrities pushes has any credibility…I’m sorry but if you pay attention to history and know a lil something the smoke always unveils itself…

  101. Papa duck there is always a blood sacrifice going on year to year they will get you when u least expect it last thing out the blue sj is his child hood friend thing that make u say hmmm

  102. Im from Houston and know alot of People that went to High School with him and they just had a tribiute to him at the High school he went to. Can’t be fake

  103. I been knew all of this was a hoax. They did this in 3 other countries days apart so people can get rowdy so they can be one step closer to their agenda

  104. it was PLANNED simpsons told us this was gonna happen i forgot which episode it was but when i find it ima come back

  105. Steven Jackson down with THEM AND NOT US!!! Don’t get off track bcuz he black…also please study GEMATRIA….this whole thing is broken down

  106. His lawyer said George Floyd died 3 years ago look it up on facebook they are all actors wasn’t it a closed casket?

  107. Fake or not the agenda played out the way they wanted again! To keep people divided. The end game is the vacc/ chip and with the 5 g there is no where to hide! Us humans need to come together.

  108. I saw someone mention that George Floyd’s lawyer came out and said that George Floyd died in 2017

  109. Pushing them sticky rallos but u wont kno cuz the station burned down no need to turn in checkedoutitems

  110. Don’t be deceived its the calm before the storm. If you think they don’t plan everything to the finest micro then you are being foolhardy. The devil is in the detail. Also I highly recommend not going to Buckingham Palace like that you’ll definitely get some attention just not the attention you will like to remember just a small piece of advice.

  111. I follow stack that man a mason and that man wasn’t crying for real 😂 and said he DNT fuck with the man fam he speaks on his mom that passed away

  112. 🕵️‍♂️ Another suspicion is: the cop who killed him… doesn’t look like the face in the mug shot. 👩‍🦲👨‍🦲 The ears 👂🏼 are different in shape and location alongside the head. Something looks… off. Hoodwinked? Bamboozled? Time will tell. Something is strange. The casket was CLOSED. And if someone is pressing on a neck that hard, that intensely… not with hand grip pressure… but body weight pressure…no one can talk, let alone yell…If you choke! someone straight up… they can’t talk… they can hardly moan… uuuuuugh!… Think about that people. heeeem…something’s fishy about all of this mess 🤔 Just saying…🤷🏿🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏾‍♀️ 👉🏾👺 ???🤔

  113. Y’all are sum bots. His death WAS fake. Y’all act like that can’t hire actors to pretend to be his family and friends. Smh

  114. Somebody just woke up! Welcome to the party ppl need to start learning their history … our real history not his story water downed white version

  115. It’s called 💰. For enough money people will do or say anything. And with enough threats, they will keep their mouths shut about it.

  116. In 1898 white supremacy overthrew a democratic government in Wilmington NC we must look at this the same way they throughout history white supremacy have taken what they wanted look it up

  117. The lawyer said Steven Jackson spoke at floyds funeral 3yrs ago… 1 thing 4 sure…YHWH about to show up and show out…

  118. Just because an nba player says something…..that don’t mean anything…the powers that be will use those they know they can use…..those that belong to them. I don’t care if it’s the media, hollywood the music industries, or the sports world…….they use all their puppets. Papa duck, you know this! Do your research people. Something is not right….mr. Floyd’s family went to the UN to have the UN Disarm the police officers. Someone is using this family to further their agenda! Period! They…..None of them care about us the little folk. And they dang on sure don’t care about mr. Floyd! God Bless🌸

  119. I don’t know about death is fake it’s real but the is still on the losses or hiding the cop is not caught his look alike is has been in jail and not the real man yeah they stage crisis actors it’s just get more real now

  120. And we ALL know, when a black person is wrongfully killed by a white person (especially a cop). They do everything they can to justify the murder by demonizing the victim. So y are they not demonizing so-called “George Floyd”?????

  121. Our people need to pay attention to what’s going because you have other looking out for themselves meeting with the president yesterday in private meeting talkin on our behalf.Last i heard we didn’t have anyone talking too the President on our behalf.And wasn’t the brother of Mr Floyd

  122. Come on bro dont do that shit mane…everytime we try to stop this racist shit one of our people always saying could it be fake…was arhumad fake mane hell nal…

  123. YES IT WAS FAKE. It was STAGED. You can’t talk when your choking on something OR while your being choked, PERIOD!!!!!!

  124. As a white man who grew up just north The Muck, I am soooooo happy to see all the truly woke black brothers and sisters here!! They want us shooing at each other in the street! Never to be United against them. I also heard that Floyd was slinging drugs for the MPD. He threatened to expose them and they killed him for it. Who knows? Whether he is dead or not, the damage is done. I don’t know where this goes from here but I think it will be both incredibly painful and yet enlightening for so many. Pray it won’t be too late for all of us. That’s their goal. To kill all of us, color be damned.

  125. People. They don’t understand wants and needs . People want and want. You don’t need a hundred dollar watch. What they need is a hundred dollar gun. You don’t need a 50,0000 car. So in till that happens. They will suffer. Not me .I know my needs 2A.🦆🐰🦌🐮🐿️🦃🦐🦀🐟 ✅

  126. People wanna protest….. Return them corriculum laptops and teach ur owns kids reality …nothin scares the top.. then taking a generation out of the corriculum.. Defund the school by taking the product wich is the kids out of it out

  127. First thing that stood out to me was the stage set up. You cant help but notice the trash dumpster with the big 6 outlined in red. Sorry not buying it haven’t shed not one tear.

  128. This is the United Nations website for the new world order. They literally have a website, hidden in plain site. They recently took the objectives down due to all the traffic, but it can be found on other parts of the website.

  129. I think his passing is real but all the outrage is NOT….NFL , and all these other major companies speaking out like NOW they understand the situation GTHOH WITH THAT! They know they are still trying to make that $

  130. see this is why the black conscious community has to be careful who we listen to. How is it that this man can see the conspiracy in everything else but not see the agenda here. I’m not one of those who think GF’s death was fake, but I do know the motive was money, not race. And I do know this was a psyop used to advance the one world agenda.

  131. Man this story is made up, & as usual the masses fell for it! 19 didn’t get them the results they wanted.. So they went with what they knew would work, the race card! On 6/1 a bill passed to another stage on Congress. Stating that they will no longer have to get a warrant, for phone records. They say for terrorists, but come on look how they trying to portray us now! Violent people, whose burning things, damaging things, & etc… If we say something as little as I’m about to blow this bathroom up… Here they gone come full force, as an excuse to run down on us! I always go digging to see what they’re up to when these stories hit. #ItBeACoverUp

  132. Ppl need to understand, dealing with AMERICA, u have alot of GESTAPO police agency ,,and anytime the big news companies have it on 24/7 , C.I.A. ,used to promote the agenda ,,get mf pissed off,!!! knowing what u know ,,gotta question anything ,especially on t.v. TELEVISION, TELL A LIE WITH A VISION

  133. Hey! I just watched a YouTube video displaying the Buckingham Palace without their seal and boarded from inside and without the Royal guards. What’s going on?!!

  134. When have the whole world !!! Mourn a BLACK MAN DEATH I HAVE STATED EVERYTHING THAT YOU SPEAKING ON AND IT WAS FAKE UMMMM SO I BELIEVE STEPHEN JACKSON WAS GEORGE FLOYED PERIOD ! Think 🤔 brother listen please call me so make it make sense to you my email is Takishaj4@gmail. Com then I’ll give you the number gotta make sure it’s you but a lot of people don’t know what is really going on if not I’m still going to spread the truth with or without you ! 💯

  135. I was on this mindset when it happened…. How we go from covid, covid, covid to George Floyd being murdered? Don’t hear to much about covid right now? Covid was planned out now this!!

  136. I just cant get passed michelle O is a man. That shit I just dont believe. Htown folks aint coming out for B.S.

  137. how do you use the word tragedy alongside fake?, if it’s a fake, then he ain’t dead, then it ain’t a tragedy.

  138. I’m disappointed with you on this one. Do your research Duck. It’s is psyop. They are free masons and this was planned. I don’t care what tears he was crying. People really take acting classes- like Obama did. Check out Young Pharaoh channel- he breaks all the way down with proof and not just an opinion. He also shows how the same thing happened in two other country’s two days later the exact same way.

  139. No doubt about it fam. many psyops been showed to us in our communities for decades. the real floyd past 3yrs ago bro.

  140. If you don’t believe these nba players are in on the agenda then you just be running yo nought papa duck. You lost too

  141. Come on papa duck yu too open minded just to believe his death is real, no matter who the powers that be have on tv and speaking whatever, the truth is they all could be in on it.. My hebrew elders sent me a video and it has george floyd in attendance at his wake/candlelight or whereever they were at. Im not saying it is a fake, but i definitely am not saying its real either, notice first corona, then when niggas wasnt looting like they thought, they hit us with the george floyd bullshit n now niggas came together a lil more lawful than expected guess what???? Now its back to corona but now its over 2000 new cases in this state blah blah blah all of it is to stop minorities from exercising the rights we are believed to have.

  142. Aye bro look in worldstar they just took down Columbus statue but notice it’s been white folks mostly goin hamm vandalizing

  143. Why every time we speak on certain issues it always falls towards the women? “You don’t wanna say, oh I broke a nail” We also don’t wanna say “ I’m on the Xbox or I don’t wanna get my kicks dirty!”

  144. I seen the cop chillin with his hand in his pocket posing for the camera. After the Kaneeka incident, I don’t indulge.

  145. Who dont want to believe is so sleep you dont know what hit you its Hollywood wake up..👁👁👁👁👁👁

  146. Somebody explain dis to me and help me figure dis shii out lol I’m new to the satanic shii

  147. Watch ted gunderson ex fbi chief expose the illuminati and their agenda a long time ago. Everything that he is talking about in the video is happening now. I would highly recommend watching it. They want us against each other so they can “save” us from the chaos.

  148. Just a lil side not, the stock market is not booming right now. Promise I just sold a couple of mines. And one of the reasons they think it’s planed was because word been going around that the cop and Floyd where both Free Mason’s.

  149. At first you may think that this theory is just another conspiracy for the ones that wear Tin Foil helmets and think 5g is Covid-19 but
    Moors Law concerning transistor count, Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Argument and Arthur C. Clark’s 3rd law……these concepts ask the question….”What is Real”

  150. Planned or not use their TRICKEY against them that’s what they do to the masses “KEEP US CONFUSE, UNSURE, DIVIDED ” Please people us your COMMON SINCE and sort thru the BS to see the “WHOLE PICTURE” DECEPTION IS THEIR POWER & UNITY at all cost is OUR POWER !!!! STAY WOKE & WAKE OTHERS!!!!!!!KEEP THE MISSION ON TRACK STAY ON TASK

  151. Why did the paramedics had on bullet proof vest and guns when they put George on that stretch … look closely…

  152. I tried telling my girl why is it that you see this stuff the optics they having law making meetings everyday vaccine laws etc the devils in the details

  153. The very top of the Pyramid (above the Royal family) we live under -is ruled by Freemason. They are very powerful. Whites initially never intended for blacks to be a part of the Freemasonic brotherhood history tells us. So it was initially a Racist fraternity. That’s what many fail to realize. That’s why its extremely important to do research, In order to understand the bigger picture as to what’s going on here. This DEEPSTATE wants a New World Order. & they will stop at NOTHING to get it. We as a people were finally coming together as ONE, before the whole George Floyd thing took place. NOW LOOK!! The people divided will never be FREE! There’s a time & place for everything my mom always said. THIS is NOT the time to be DIVIDED in this country.

  154. Thought it was esp after i saw a closed casket and learned about crisis acrors like the people who did immigrant caravan and sandy hook etc

  155. Could be his NBA friend doesn’t know it was Fake or they paid off the NBA Player. I’m not personally saying it was fake but I believe that there’s a possibility that he could be dead but for me, the way his family is coming out, it doesn’t seem to me like their brother and uncle is dead due to the Agendas they’re pushing on behalf of the gun laws and the cops. Perhaps they were ALL paid and it’s a Psyop! People do strange things when it comes down to money. More and more each day new things are coming to the forefront about George and the Cop. Coincidence??? Hmm, such as him having a Twin! If he had a Twin, wouldn’t his childhood friend know about it? Wouldn’t his family know about it? If he did Porn in the past, where are THOSE people that he worked with? Would they not be coming out of the woodworks for a payday too? And finally, the whole fact that Black Lives Matter took over the movement from the beginning and is funded by George Soros, sent up a Red Flag for me immediately!!!

  156. Steven Jackson sold out too lol 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️ Papa duck going backwards, if the NBA is scripted then wouldn’t that make NBA players actors 🤔 Everything is fake staged if u ask me if I don’t see it personally I can’t believe it

  157. Truth let’s get down to the root 💯 right on that about learning survival skills

  158. Staged for outrage to usher in the NWO. He can speak about his friend cause he took one for the team.

  159. His death wasn’t fake but the situation was and planned , and so called Derrick is even a fake

  160. Black,Yellow and White get murdered by police every day just seems they really wanted us all to see this one , was wondering how they would defund police worldwide for the incoming blue cap NWO .

  161. Look at the tattoo on Floyd’s chest, “order out of chaos’s”. Cmon y’all open your eyes…

  162. Look at the tattoo on Floyd’s chest, “order out of chaos’s”. Cmon y’all open your eyes…

  163. Even if his death was “fake” which I doubt because real people showed real pain, but even if it was fake. Real changes are still happening from that moment.

  164. The BLM & ANTIFA Groups are nothing more than George Soros productions. They are set up, & staged (celebrities in on it too). Ever notice, you didn’t hear from any of these celebrities until the George Floyd thing happened. 🤔 Floyd (if he really is dead) was a freemason blood sacrifice. They used it to push the Democratic Agendas. Black people are too emotional, & fall in line with anything, especially when money is involved. We are very easy to sell out (sadly). Very easy to give into MONEY. George Soros even says were one of the easiest races to manipulate and persuade. Black folks better wake up, and be careful of these traps, set up to Destroy America.

  165. Let’s look back two years ago and Trayvon, Castile in a couple of other brothers that the Baltimore brother that s*** was not fake but it wasn’t exaggerated at the same time…………..

  166. Yo i met a freemason dude who stayed literally a 3 min walk from the Masonic lodge. They are nice when they feel like they can use you. But they are very fearful individuals. He comes to pick me up and literally everywhere we turned was a cop posted somewhere. He was acting so paranoid I was just tryna get sum bud to smoke and he kept assuming I was taking him somewhere. Like they arent allowed to be in certain districts and parts of certain cities. He wouldnt go on the East side of Atlanta to save his life. He freaked out on me and as we were headed back to the west he went on a rant. His skin looked so dry and he looked tired. Said its from working but it looked like he was dead the ish was crazy. He kept asking if I knew what to do in the studio. He didnt know me from a can of paint but somehow knew I been in the studio with my cousins dad since i was 13. The shit is crazy y’all. But I played it off like i didn’t know anything wasnt feeling the vibe.

  167. He either in on it or he not 🤷🏽‍♀️ don’t dismiss it until you know for sure. There’s a video where the ambulance loads his body and the body has no legs

  168. It’s a psyop and those who are following that KNEELING that is “Submission”…it’s all Free Masonic Rituals

  169. Bro y’all need to stop. I’m a brother who also walks the walk.

    At some point you gotta stop this Non-Sense.

    The Trayvon Martin Father is also in my charter.

    Wake up People.

  170. Wake up Duck, you ALWAYS the last 2 know. And claim you don’t Fuck with Humans, yet you ACT like 1.The beat goes on.

  171. Steven Jackson’s response is genuine because he wasn’t in on the alleged plan. He ain’t nobody in the real illuminati.

  172. George Floys was definitely a psyops. The very first thing I noticed from tge video was the personalized police tags (POLICE) Where they do that at???😒🤔

  173. Lmao 😂 yall who believe this is fake is smoking crack peeping out the window till the sun come up .. enough is enough lmao


  175. Check Simple Truth TV or Gematria Effect News . They expose the shit out of these bullshit stories .

  176. Havent seen this with you yet. You put out all this content but now all of a sudden you dont believe the floyd death fake. The death probably real, but the story is bogus. Those guys are in on it all or they sacrificed him.

  177. Duck they plan to spray stuff to kill everything green on your land. By plan.powerful poison.

  178. And be careful who you think who wouldn’t lie to you🤔 bingo that’s the one who are lying to you your body telling you but your mind is thinking otherwise💯☝💪

  179. Read this very carefully this was all plan from jump first they show you Kobe death but at the same time they was talking about the covid-19 right in your face but we ignored it because we was focus on Kobe’s death that was the distraction when covid-19 (hit) us they shut down the whole world by starting from the outside first remember they shut down the world starting from the outside then they shut down the United States now pay attention they only left the grocery stores,gas stations, and gun shop, meat store open that was to make you panic to make you be-lie-ve that it’s real but at the same time Trump never wore a mask on TV now that you in panic mode you’re wearing a mask everyday this is hilarious now do that make any sense P.S now go back in time when 9/11 happen they did the same thing distraction you with Aaliyah’s death right before the world trade centers went down but we don’t remember that because we blind like Paul was before Jesus showed him the truth

  180. Good on you man i was feelin this as well somthin big about to go down and they dont care what color you are

  181. A lot of the protestors are paid actors…If the demographic percentages of the protestors truly matched the demographics of people who really thought black lives matter in this country, then racism towards blacks wouldve been over…As far as George Floyd , his death was real. However, i believe his death is being used as a reason to enact Marshall Law. George Floyd was pretty much a sacrafice for Marshall law.

  182. Yes it’s cold life survival skills I want to live like that anyway I would love to live out in the woods by myself with nature

  183. Uh oh…somebody finally asked the question….they say it was to start a race war but it didnt work…that’s why they was testing the national guard the dinosaurs plan didnt work…let’s see what else dont work

  184. I dont believe it’s real. Come on Papa Duck….you know these athletes and entertainers are free Mason chaos agents. I dont believe it.

  185. How can he speak about it? Because it’s a “Government psyop “ they kinda control the world 🤷🏽‍♂️

  186. So I guess y’all getting beat, Shot at, tased , unfairly treated, thrown in jail for years unfairly, redlining, hated simply for the color of your skin Was fake too??? This movement is bigger than Floyd this has everything to do about equal rights as human beings!!! Some of y’all on this post have lost y’all minds. You care more about a man being a mason than what they are telling you about your own life. Our people need to wake up now!!!! We are tired of being mistreated as a race! We have allies around the world that support us as a people. I guess that’s fake too. Come on! Yes there were many people trying to undermine the protest and folks been catching them on camera left and right. If you guys think old boy is a fake actor let’s call the news station and request them look at the facts!

  187. George Floyd is a Freemason he has the eagle tattoo on his chest “order out of chaos” the policeman with there hands in there pockets is Freemason hidden hand symbol. Even down to the kneeling on George it’s all Freemason. It’s all a hoax to invoke martial law and race wars it’s a Psyop

  188. Stephen Jackson says He’s my Twin , this bullshit happened in Minnesota , where the Twins Play Baseball , and we in the sign of Gemini ,the Twin . This fake death is a Mercury Ritual . Learn Gematria and Astrology . It’s all deception by the Boule pieces of shit .

  189. they dont even have pictures together. its hard to say the same thing happend 1986 the challenger that exploded they (ALL HAVE IDENTICAL TWINS) What are the odds? its real they do fake it and ppl come out talk and cry for them really look into it makes you question EVERTHING.

  190. I’m more than ready … Let’s do this infact it needs to happen the world needs correcting … It needs to get soooooo much worse so then we can start to rebuild … Yes there will be famine yes there will be killing and so much worse … But …yes but in time the good men of this world will make it righteous again … demon’s will run when good men go to war

  191. It’s called systematic planning the media stock market propaganda controls everything always keep you in the blind the footage of George Floyd don’t make sense

  192. Papa Duck, all this is a messed up and you know what’s crazy? The UN website is not working…look at the caption under it! If someone can screenshot it, do it!

  193. Brothers and sisters must understand this was a cop out this was a sacrifice everyone you named belong to a secret fraternal order. Even Floyd he was called Steve brother because one they close to they look like it and three they were masons together. All of this I found online. An this covid didn’t work so they had to come cause ruckus with the black folk because they know we will fight cry and riot they know what the masses of our people would do.

  194. They pay them off and if they don’t except then the treats … I already knew this was a power movement … What makes me think is why now why is this happening now … And not when all the other black people wer murdered … Why now … Well it’s simple the occult families who run this world and your lives deem this to happen they want this they want up roar they want fall out so they can enforce martial law new world order … And also to make trillions of cash … The liquid asset that keeps you on your knees … This all been planed from way back when … And he who does not comply bye bye … Why is George Floyd life more worth protesting about than all the other lives … It don’t make sense … And for the record all lives matter not just black people … Infact you shouldn’t even be saying black lives matter you should be saying all lives matter … It’s much more relevant as George Floyd is not a black man he is a man … A moores man if any of you even know what a moores man is … They will now try to divide us turn us against each other … Like they have been doing from the beginning of time … They pay a group of people to go out and start these protests and riots it’s been proven in other countries why not here … We all need to stick together men and women without any status in front of it like white or black just men and women … Why is it that that everyone has a description example Caucasian , Asian , Chinese , and so on but black man is a black man how the fuck does that even make sense why don’t you have a description … You let them do this to you … It’s not black it’s moores … They took that from you … Let’s take it back … You know what I’m a white guy that seems to know a lot more about your culture and who you truly are than most of you and it saddens me… anyone that protects Thier race and stands up for Thier race is racist … Think about it … If I say something and you get offended your racist to … Why do you feel the need to defend or even get affected by it … This is a fact … When something is said to me I lament them and ask the creator for his forgiveness for them … That’s what you should be doing not standing up and saying things back or getting offended because if you do you are racist to …. Any way people all what you see In the world right now is all been planed we need to stop jumping to Thier scares and turn your dam TV off …. Television Tel lie to thy vision they do not call it that for no reason … do not watch the media do not watch anything apart from researching and things of that nature …

  195. The real George died 3 yrs ago. Factz!!! The police officer was not a real police, look at the video, look at the EMT WHO PICKED GEORGE UP, THEY WERE NOT ENT, SJ IS A PART OF THE GAME, Y YYYYY YOU DONT KBW THAT UR OWN PPL WONT SELL YOU OUT! I LIVE YOU DUCK BUT LOOK A LITTLE DEEPER!

  196. Anyone wearing a mask already accepted the mark of the beast and George Floyd images painted everywhere and it seems like people are worshipping him my people has been deceived

  197. Youtube Young Pharaoh and watch his last 10 videos he has receipts and other documents that shows how everything is being connected!!! Peace unto all!!!!

  198. of course it was everything is fake even our families… georgia guidestones is occurring

  199. Man you ate on it. I actually bought AMD stock last week bc i noticed the market going up in the green last week when it was going down in the red a few days earlier. Floyd died three years ago in Texas per his lawyer.

  200. Why are you doing this video. U know dam well that racist ass white cop killed George while looking straight into the cameras.

  201. The real George Floyd died 3 years ago. The man ‘being murdered’ was a replacement, perhaps a clone. Also, notice the casket CLEARLY was too small to hold a 6ft 6 man; and why didn’t he have the casket open? This man also supposedly had covid19. Most people that ‘died’ of covid19 were cremated, why was this casket paraded all around 3 different states? This man got a bigger send off than most celebrities! People please wake up. Remember, the media allows people to see what THEY want us to see. Yes, we all SAW someone get a knee to their neck, but we didn’t see after the cops (not EMT workers) put him in the ambulance. We SAW planes hit the towers during 911 (inside job), only to find out later they were holograms! I’m telling you, this whole psyop was phase 2 of their PLANdemic. Phase 3 will be worst civil unrest when they let all of the cops involved off; especially the hired Derrick Chauvin by George Soros to do this psyop. Phase 4 will be martial law, gun confiscation, and FEMA camp roundups. Phase 5 will be mandatory vaccines. People stay prayed up. The poop is about to hit the fan. The world as we knew it is OVER. Se’lah.

    1. Wait I have a question really quick I’m not trying to be a sheep, I’m trying to get educated. But what if I meet someone who’s family member died in 9/11? Something still went through the building and killed people right? I’ve seen many videos on how strangely and unrealistically the buildings fell once the “planes” hit them and I’ve known for a while it was an Inside planned job. But what about the people who died, there are people who died right? I’d appreciate any response

    2. What’s this about the real George dying 3 years ago? I’m interested to learn more about that if you can please

  202. Notice how not even weeks after the protests/riots they started talking about a second wave of covid. I bet you Bill Gates is happy too all the heat off of him. We all know how well he’s taken care of Black Lives in Africa…

  203. I believe that the elites have found another world and have kept in contact with an alien race. I believe that they believe that they’ve destroyed our world with toxic radiation. I believe that they’ve been broadcasting shows for decades now to prepare us on how to survive primitive style like “naked and afraid” “the walking dead” and so on and so forth. I believe that the elites are going to put those satellites in the sky to watch over us and study us on how we survive after they leave with all of the real vaccines and medicines. I believe that they’re going to go to another planet, one that they’ve been building on for decades and are going to leave us behind like the movie Elysium and they they’re going to watch over us and study us to see how we keep moving forward. That’s why they’ve kept us in the dark about aliens and stuff like that.

    1. They know that our infrastructure is deteriorating and will cost us a fortune to rebuild and to redo water and gas lines. So instead of fixing it, why not pick up and start from scratch! They’ve been lying to us forever, I guarantee that we can breathe on Mars and other planets. They have to have atmospheres in order to be a planet! Or else it would be all meteors. They’ve kept the truth from us and have taught us false teachings and teachings that dumb us down like common core math. So that we will all be stuck here and will never figure out how to get off this rock.

  204. It’s Fake He’s a Free Mason Go to Obama tweeter page 2017 of May and his Lawyer confirmed it He died 3 years ago Frfr

  205. Better ask the ppl in Texas including the lawyer- the ones who went to school with him said he died 3 years ago

  206. Back to the basic me personally i never left survival is my least worry. i can only hope the people wanting to be flashy and worried about how they look know that will not benefit them in a survival situation.n yes one has to realize the media is a powerful has to wonder how is it they keep switching up what’s the hot topic of the day to keep people focused on the right hand while the left is doing whatever.why do you think they’re called the leftist n rightist……

  207. It is Fake Papa man go to Young Pharoah page and it’s fake he died 3 years ago May of 2017 Obama tweeted it 3 years ago

  208. Dang I’m glad there’s hella people already woke on it Pappa Duck got some catching up to do lol we in this together 💯

  209. Steven Jackson a mason he a fraud the numbers to don’t lie bruh gematria shoes it’s all fake shit looked like a movie scene you can’t even see real emt come out and put him in the ambulance it was 2 sheriff’s look into it you know they feed of our energy I don’t believe that video was real Obama foundation got caught posting rip George Floyd a week before it happened 🥴

  210. Don’t believe it was fake but it was definitely planned and now where pushing there agenda again what the f*ck is defunding police gone do if they still got immunity 🤔 just look up who really started and funded “Black lives matter” and u would know it’s all b.s!

  211. And the real royal family Is fighting for us believe it or not they are trying to take back the throne back cuz it’s madness

  212. Been called it they play both sides. Stop wasting your energy and falling for the games. Divide and conquer been working for hundreds of years. They all lie its part of the script to make us react. We need to learn how do to deal with our own people and others because we all being played.

  213. Not to sound slow but what is a free Mason? What does that mean? What do they do? Sorry I’m just not up to date with all this kind of stuff im currently learning & growing more spiritually but have a lot to learn… But I’m curious as to what this free Mason thing is cause I see a lot of people saying it in the comments can someone please explain it to me, thank you in advance.

  214. Thats the dumbest excuse I heard for why its fake….come on dude put your emotions aside….its fake plain and simple

  215. This has got the government and the 1% written all over it. I’m not sure whether his death was fake or not, but its part of their agenda. Divide and rule they wanted a reaction from us so they could enforce Marshall law..

  216. It was a Hollyweird production for the dumb people to start a race war. There is an interview with a guy who look exactly like George from the other day.

  217. George Floyd is really alive, the media thinks we are stupid! They’ll do anything to deceive and keep black people sleep and angry! Don’t be afraid to say the obvious truth ✊🏾💯👁

  218. George Floyd was a clone now they have a new clone of the same dna Stephen something look at his fake cartoonish looking features, The chosen ones can see but you have to repent and study the Torah kjv and the apocrypha true living word Selah .


  220. As far as the market, I told u 2 invest a few vids back…..their gonna usher n this nwo regardless sooooo get paid from the stock of the 5g towers, AI, fake meat etc. Let’s Go❤️

  221. Very fake not even JFK got a golden casket. But people are not aware and brainwashed by the media

  222. Check out young pharoah on yt…lota info about it…lawyer said real floyd died 3 years ago…?

  223. What a coincidence that Stephan Jackson got thrown in to spotlight about leaving his girl for not signing prenup right before this all happens… a story that seems to have happened years ago….

  224. This just crossed my mind about the 20 dollar bill with Harriet tubman supposed to come out in 2020 instead a counterfeit 20 in this situation. Just sayin

  225. Maybe you need to spend a good two weeks on mainstream media scenes try to find anything you can not going to be easy

  226. There is alot inconsistencies, from cops , to dudes back ground , then we already know they , powers that be trying start race war ,

  227. I know you said his friends wouldn’t cry that was going too far honestly I don’t think his friends even knew. Ruthless People know all my friends going to cry for a few days but then they going to get over it. They could never let their friends in on it cause somebody would spill the beans eventually.

  228. Fake as fake can be, what dude outside a foaming at the mouth racist, someone really stupid, or a first day rookie cop takes an extended knee on the back of a non- resisting guys neck?

    And the guy even screams “mama” on the ground, gtfo here with that 😂

    Hey listen guys theres at least 1 or 2 more fake news disaster stories coming in 2020, wonder whats next?

  229. Papa Duck I love your videos they are very informative. But I would like for you to view a channel I watch for a more in-depth understanding. Once you view this channel I believe you will be suprisingly shocked. Everything is on time release. I would like to know where you would like for me to send them. BTW I’m from the 561! But seriously I believe these videos will not only add knowledge but will be considered truth and disclosure. I’m not sure if the people is ready for the truth as they claim.

  230. first cried a lot for him couldn’t sleep at night but then I kept thinking why now when everybody is starting to wake up about this covid-19 thing. why was he behind the car in a position where we couldn’t see his chest Rising(breathing) but only to see his head. why was this.’death’made more dramatic than anybody else’s who died by police brutality. The other deaths did not take that long. almost like it was deliberately done to create a scene like a show. I think this was done to keep our Eye Off the Ball when that took our freedoms away. All this Big mess we went through and people started waking tge sheep people up. So now they’re all focused on floyd. What we need to do now catch mainstream of Guard. Find all the videos they day deleted in our archives. About all the doctors and nurses crying out and blast social media with that in mass they wouldn’t even know what hit them. Everyday they still reporting deaths on Corona everyday we need to counteract to this. We got a Fight Fire With Fire. This is more a war about passing on knowledge and anything else. I want Bill Gates and whoever had something to do with this in handcuffs for crimes against humanity.

  231. If they can get one to believe something is fake, it allows them to continue killing. It’s real people protesting a real problem… Great video brother ✊🏿🔥

  232. This a Mason planned event Sad to say we been infiltrated with these fake virus faked on the world with his death Knee on his neck for 9 minutes and 11 letters in George Floyd if y’all are at least half woke u see -911)and Stephen Jackson faked it Real Evvon show proved that

  233. The planes ✈️ that went into the twin towers the money was taking out a week before and they planet bombs between the floors there was never a plane ✈️

  234. Duck I been saying that all along big homie his family got paid and did too he counting money in a bunker somewhere and he was a freemason

  235. George Floyd is the only black man that has been killed by the 🚔 and had 4 funerals. What about the other Black innocent men died by the ✋s of an corrupt officer? HUH PPL

  236. Think about Rodney King y’all. After he was so called beat on live television. This man lived in luxury after that. And I mean nothing but luxury. Kinda suspicious to me. But ima tell u the craziest thing i heard. That George floyd is Jackson’s clone. Smh i have heard it all. It’s a one world government coming. So no matter where u go Marshall law will be everywhere. And like he said u better get ya survival skills up. Cus when they chip become official. That’s gonna be your key to getting anything from food to tech. And if u ain’t got it u ain’t getting jack. Except for jail time and death.

  237. I don’t think it’s fake , it’s easy to make porn , or be a bouncer and a hater hating on you

  238. I thought you were smarter. Too many people are woke now. You’re already in martial law. So if what your image of martial law doesn’t happen than what. No need for people to be in fear so stop spreading fear. This is only a reconstruction period and as a people we just need to be creative and create our own. George Floyd been dead 3 years ago and if you gonna stick with what the beast presents proof it was him. People are being activated and can see right through the bullshit.

  239. Good brother i hope you wake up to whats really going on its more then you kno just think about the sex trafficking shit everybody that was on the plane and island is going down please research more good brother your on it you just need to dig a little more #pizzagate

  240. I feel it’s a hoax famous ppl r informed on things th@ r fake but all th@ has 2 happen I jus hear bout a bad situation u feel it’s real then respond as a real thing then later find out wat really happen the cop on the neck workd 2gether out of all shootns Floyd made change hope it’s a real situation but I can’t c th@

  241. People don’t want to believe this cause it make them look stupid cause they
    First ones to get upset about this situation without doing real research on the situation like papa duck #George Floyd # hoax

  242. Hell naw it’s not fake. Yet all this change we’re getting. Now thats fake. Black Lives Matter (THE ORGANIZATION) Fake AF. We have to learn to take advantage, like our white counterparts

  243. This my honest opinion I don’t know just a crazy guess. Thinking back to that old movie think it was called rosewood u had the black Mason that was good and the white Mason’s were bad so it’s like a game I guess but they have to help one another it was just the black person’s move and of course that move was supposed to bring every one together as one and it somewhat has done that. But of course there first move before the blacks could make there’s was the corona virus . It’s all one big game we playing in

  244. Remember Steven Jackson said your family is gonna get a lot of money…and if that’s your brother why he supposedly trying to pass a fake 20..

  245. First and foremost R.I.P George, Breonna, and Ahmaud. I think that all their unfortunate deaths are real. But, I do encourage ppl to stop following and trusting so many celebrities.

  246. Everything the media push is planned hand people get kill everyday nobody protest roby king was fake too

  247. In the Uk we were told that George Floyd did NOT die and that it was a “Secret Society ” trick ,never trust anyone is the motto ,Stay safe

  248. PAPA DUCK. Mask media are responsible for the death of America. They murder the lives of the masses of sheeple everyday with their mind control witchcraft lies. I wonder why? They are paid by the reptiles , that are trying to chip every one with the vaccine, which is the mark of the beast. Don’t feel sorry for brotherhood Floyd. YAH coming

  249. Trump asked for troops be called from Germany. Rona on the rise. The looting brought on loss of property what gonna happen with rising unemployment

  250. He was sacrificed or it was fake.. the “paramedic” that picked him up was a cop with kevlar.

  251. When someone dies, you call it staged??????????????? ON CAMERA??????????? WITH BLAAD OOZING OUT OF HIS NOSTRILS??????????



    THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    DUMB TRIBE OF JUDAH!!!!!!!!!!

  252. You ever think what if Stephen Jackson the NBA Player sacrificed him to keep the Platform and money rolling in they say you have to sacrifice the ones you really Love and close to you… I’m not sure about what I’m saying just take a second look open at 3rd eye👁 Like Really!!!

  253. Kirk heinrick came out of my hometown I met him right before he got drafted He went to the bulls number 12 my birthday is May 12 does that mean I’m supposed to trust him or anybody for that matter

  254. The puppets master’s sit the stage for something like this to happen. It’s prodacall for tham. My heart hurts for his children and everyone who loves this man RIP

  255. I was wondering why are giving this man so many funerals and all his family made millions off his death. All of sudden you got celebrities offer to pay for his daughter college and paid for his funeral. They also broadcast his funeral Nationwide. Ask yourself why are they doing so much for this man but what about the others

  256. This is a smoke to the people’s eyes the media is distracting you from the biggest human trafficking ring going dawn in Halle wood right naw with sum of the biggest / A list celebrity’s that are involved in this.! Look into it. 👉(PIZZA GATE )

  257. I seen the video on Worldstar filmed on a citizens phone. Was it planned? Well thats what the riots is about, but it aint fake.

  258. This whole thing was set up by democrats to distract the public and destroy the country…many of them are facing real charges in court for their crimes against humanity

  259. Pop!!!! They got us…. everybody draped!!! It’s fake or sacrificial lamb! Either way! My peoples distracted and too invested.


  261. Civil war is around the corner,get all the guns and ammo you can. Lets stick together because here in the next few months they are gonna try to divide us even more!!!!

  262. This whole agenda I’m not buying never was it’s to obvious what’s going on. It’s all a set up to distract to put us against and to make us stop thinking about the coronavirus

  263. Young pharoah breaks it all the way down. Also check out the Alice Downwn the Rabbit Hole channel. Truth.

  264. It’s not a fake, it’s just that people (us all) are hypocrites. And it will be used to bring in outside military in the “2nd wave” of the “pandemic”. It’s just we get so easily played and coopted. They want riots and chaos. They gone use this as excuse for spread of death, economic fail of recovery, to stir up more resent and divide. It’s crazy how they play us and we don’t even see it. Where is the platforms exposing the high-level crime that is systematic at the high level. Low level race soldiers are just an appendage of the beast. The beast regenerates. You must kill the head. The head even rules over the 1%. The head of the beast is DEATH.

    1 Corinthians 15:26 (KJV)
    The last enemy [that] shall be destroyed [is] death.

  265. More white protesting than blacks. Had a different brother every day in front of camera come please stop with this foolishness

  266. What grown man crying for his mom when she already dead? Come on…nothing but a distraction just like the virus… I bet you they hit him with some narcan to revive him

  267. satan never sleeps. The powers that SHOULDNT be are plotting, planning & corrupting while we sleep. Satan is a liar!
    .And he fooled one big world.🙈👹🙈

  268. Bro I thought you was woke to this staging death thing you can’t believe celebrity and main stream news come on now don’t fall for that shit if you didn’t see a dead body at funerals and not only that signs was all over point at it was stage death.. You can’t be a star without selling your soul and I mean all them yes all celebrity star all your rapper are free mason..

  269. Celebrities including athletes are in on it. This was their way of get a reaction out of people and enforce martial law. The police dont let anybody get that close to record them especially if it was a real death.

  270. How are you even awake Duck?!
    Who do you work for?
    You keep saying martial law,but the powers that be,have to have something going on to even bring martial law to America streets + citizens.Cone on now,Duck,are you well walking ,working for them ppl, Or just here for the cash.Either way ,wake up ,son.Smh at you ,but SmH lol

  271. I dont believe that death was Fake! Probably set up or Stage! But I dont believe George was Aware of it!!

  272. If Steven Jackson was a childhood friend of George Floyd I guarantee he ain’t seen or talked to him since childhood


  274. Mr. Jackson is a free mason. and he’ll play “the game” EXACTLY as they tell him 2 play the game .Stay blessed. Shalom

  275. No stock market did NOT go through the ROOF when George Floyd was murdered! I tell you when it DID go up more than 2,000 points: It went up on a Monday right after the LOCKDOWN first started in March!! I SHOULD know! I watch the market DOW every single day!


    1. I have a question regarding the mandatory vaccine…how do we avoid it if it’s mandatory 🤔 cuz I know damn well I’m not taking it without a fight

  277. Hey Papa… I think WE all that ARE awake NEED to come together and take down these criminals. Once WE ALL stand up… THEIR game is over!

  278. Do a Google search and look up George Soros and how he owns Target, AutoZone and some of those stores that were looted. Well, George Soros is a foreign billionare from Hungaria that funds the Black Lives Matter movement. And Soros ranks up there with Rockefellers, the Rothchilds, etc.

  279. Steph Jackson my fav b ball player of all time. But homey didnt cry no tears came out. Also on him all his jersey numbers add up to 33. He was drafted by the Phoenix suns. But something I came up with, Rodney king was around the time with George Bush speech New World order. George Floyd around the time they are bringing in the New World order. Both 4 cops. George floyd neck. Neck in gematria equals 33. Chauvin the cop name equals 33. Even the story, he uses a counterfeit 20 n wait on the cops. Come on now

  280. Hell Yeahhhhh Duck it was!!! Are We gonna be Halfway Awakening or Fully Awakened… Dude you should know this. It was a Spiritual Ritual Sacrifice. Fake or Not isn’t starting Marshell Law. Tha was coming anyways.

  281. More like Planned #Duck not Fake, peep all that Purple the Family had on along with a bunch of other Shit. I didn’t have any Emotions for them at all i knew what time it was. I stay away from All celebrities i can’t stand those Bitches every last one of them #Duck. Fake or Not we still lost a bunch our People for no reasons Whatsoever, at least the Lights are on now and you can clearly See straight through whites and others like a hole in a Donut.
    They want to #Hide so badly, i find it kind of funny that they all look so Embarrassed and Stupid -silence is a Killer good or bad. Yo, It’s almost like we Switched places with them, now they’ll get those Dirty looks and whatever comes with it like entering buildings or just simply shopping for some Eats. I’ve always held my head High around them anyways even though it cost me Jobs and other things i still stayed Grounded. Stay off this #Channel if you’re going to Bad mouth someone that’s trying to Educate your ass, nobody’s perfect smh. Fat -Skinny man Sharpton would never Speak or be anywhere near my Family, speaking in codes and shit. Red Flag right there #Duck -him Jesse and others. Same script different Cast…..

  282. I live in port Arthur know steve jackson personally he didnt grow up with George floyd steve Jackson grew up in port arthur tx and graduated from Lincoln high school george floyd grew up in houston tx and graduated from jack Yates high school that’s how I know it’s fake steve is full of shit they didn’t grow up together

  283. I put this on everything Last night I dreamed this man was trapped underground trying to get free and they wouldn’t let him go…. Every dream i had ever since the years before Katrina came true….. You just neva know is what im saying

    1. I was jus saying that he would have to go underground now, because his face is known everywhere smh

  284. It wouldn’t surprise me. Remember, they got away with 9ll through lies and deception. This is small fish.

  285. Pop you know this was staged. Not saying he ain’t dead but it’s obviously something behind this. Also why Stephen Jackson bringing Donald trump into this with his statement about trump not being in office next term? Somethn fishy my guy.

  286. It’s was a Hollywood scene 🤭🤣 then they put theman they “killed” back on TV…..y’all don’t see this??????????????????

  287. There was another man with a similar name that died about 3 yrs ago, he was a civil rights lawyer.

  288. The fight is not black vs white or Democrats vs Republicans..those are simply divide and conquer tactics! The fight is free people vs a tyrannical government..pray up folks, plant them gardens, and join your local militia! God bless from va mts

  289. Still haven’t figured it out? Enter- tain- U(Entertain you); what drives you spiritually only allow you to be ENTER-TAINED. INTERNALLY TAINED( TAINED=CORRUPTED OR POLLUTED) WAKE UP SIBLINGS

  290. My man,from the gematria Effect chanel said it was planned and some of other black ppl killings was planned too, i beleive it was orchestrated, dey know we gonna beleive anything dey say, we need to wake Up and take some ACTIONS

    1. Is he a time traveler? I know there’s a book or something dealing with time travel and that name. OAN: Barron is TALL as ish!!

  291. I could go off on a lot of points, but I will give you this one; Obama Foundation tweet on May 17 a picture of George Floyd, “R.I.P.”, but allegedly his death was on May 25 (525, check it out in Strong’s Concordance- Hebrew). George is a Freemason!!

  292. Still Support You Tho…You Getting There. UnLearn All That You Were Taught & You Good..Read, ReSearch..Cross-ReF, Learn & Share Truth PaPa….No DiSReSPecT.

  293. I believe people are saying the actual murder was set into motion. Meaning it was being performed in ritual setting.. for the world to see.. there are no coincidences. 💯💯💯

  294. No one can say ANYTHING if they can’t breathe. Try it !!! He said “I can’t breathe” 10+ times ?? 🤔 PSYOP !!! Plain As Day !!! Now I realize Eric Garner was a psyop too since “I can’t breathe” started their. Its a script they are running. I knew they were coming with the “cops killing black people” script right after Corona.

    1. Im worried a mass shooting will happen to take away 2nd amendment to be honest surprised it hasnt happened

    2. No sir, your can feel your air supply leaving your body and still talk until you can’t talk anymore.

    3. @Johnares Turner wow for you to know, you’ve been around for a while. I’m glad you’ve been safe on the knowledge path also !!!

  295. Dont matter duck they all freemasons fam..kobe had a Tshirt 5 years go are a movement that said i cant breathe they all in this duck this is all a number system

    1. @Cat Tor bro that what was refering to with kobe but if so were on the same page apparentley duck doesnt know this already happen thats is what need to be the concern

    2. Thats reaching do you remember the first “I cant breathe ” incident that happened in 2014 Eric Garner ? Not the first time these shirts were worn .

    3. Exactly. People have to wake up, do the research to see the whole picture. They wont get it by watching the Fake News. & that’s all they do. Hollywood in on it too. These black celebrities pushing for this NWO too. they down with it.

  296. Can you answer the question of how hilter was considered the most hateful man in history but he didn’t hate blacks?????

  297. Stephen Jackson!!!…You Not From Boeotia..Neither Are You Boeotian..I Think.? All NBA Players Are FreeMasons Maaannn
    Whether They Knows It Or Not.. Truss NoN

  298. Too many things don’t add up. Like one of your subscribers said, it is a hoax. Most woke people know how the system works. They create chaos, to further their new world order agender. My, God, many people are still asleep. But that’s okay. Everything is gonna be alright, watch.

  299. A shop owner spoke to media said that the cop an george worked together for 1 year as security guards agess ago. Also the cop doesnt look like the mug shot. Also…….
    When there is a crime scene you are NOT ALLOWED TO REMOVE THE DEAD BODY FROM SCENE. They did not do cpr on him they did not tape crime scene… yes to me its all staged, another plan from the elites to bring down marshel law

  300. Tha palace ben boarded up for a lil ova 2 weekz now nd theres a king .. Now yet they sain thats a clone they musta killed tge real person

  301. These are the games they play please.real talk it’s just to get your mind off of covid .an Bill Gates an his wife won’t to vaccinate blacks first that’s what we need to get ready an stay ready real talk

  302. No matter if it were staged or not; they are killling our kings and queens. Their plan backfired, and they have awakened a giant! Psyop or not they are killing our people! Let’s review: Atatiana Jefferson, Botham Jean, Sandra Bland, Eric Gardner, Freddie Gray, Ahmad Aurbury, Jason Champion, Nuwnah LaRoche,
    Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Michael Brown, Bettie Jones, Kevin Matthews, India Karger, and so many many more unarmed brothers and sisters have been killed! Now I am going to share something that may sound crazy, but these evil MotherF#!@ers want a race war with the Children of Israel because there is a blast of gamma rays heading to earth that will destory all the people who are not melanated! The vaccine was created to destory the absorbers of this pure light that is headed to earth. If you don’t believe me research gamma rays and melanin. These evil people know that we are super beings. The Most High is releasing his light energy to His Children and we will be empowered to destory our enemies!!! Here is a list of our people killed by the police, and it is still growing!

    Gamma Rays:

    The gamma rays are why the sky is pinker than usual. It is the reason they are going under ground. The gamma rays are the reason for the Chemtrails and the blocking of light. The Most High is allowing nature to turn on them!

    Read Obadiah for the destruction of our enemies!


    2. Race card disproves your rhetoric…. Because I’m white… I’m not loved by God? Until you came with the race card ideology I was thinking… Ok dude might be onto something. Now… I can’t look at your replies the same… SMGDH

    3. @ informedRev13 and these other nations WILL pay for what they’ve done to the children of Israel us hebrews

    4. @OG Whitfield SIKE!!!!!! I don’t see any white ppl or white latinos or white hispanics getting gunned down in mass…..

  303. This was a ritualistic sacrificial death/murder nothing fake but it definitely is a psy-OP premeditated and pre-planned to enforce the deep state agenda/marshal law psychological/spiritual-biological/chemical warfare depopulation agenda

  304. I’ve been thinking about why three funerals and setting his daughter up with college funds but no one else is getting that kind of help. I dont know this is kinda crazy and all the protest. And at first that lady who owns the club said that they didn’t know each other but now his friend who worked with him said he did know the policeman and they always bumped heads so now I don’t know what or who to believe.

  305. NO…it wasn’t fake, but a planned execution. Just wait and see how it pans out.

    It was a stage for a much bigger plan, as we see exactly how it’s playing out.

  306. Come on now George Ford was a high-ranking mason if y’all notice that order out of chaos tattoo on his chest its Explains It All.

  307. Papa Duck I have e always respected you and your platform. Learned a lot and respect your point of view and continuous attempt to wake our people up. But if you don’t think every actor, musician, model,politician,athlete ect, ect. Haven’t been coached to convince us to play out towards there agenda. We have to take a step back evaluate discuss then reevaluate . Every media, mass media outlet is maximising this story just as hard as they were the PLANDEMIC fam. Master manipulators they are and anyone can fake cry over a false childhood or up bringing if the price is right my G 🤷🏾‍♂💯💪🏾🙏🏾

  308. I been waiting for someone to say something about this…. haven’t finish the video yet but I question everything I see on the media

  309. It was he was 33degree Mason who was sacrificed he was neighbors with the guy who killed him theirs a whole video on it

  310. Only the scriptures speak the truth, concerning the elite who control everything in the world …. the wicked E’s

    Ecclesiasticus 12:10 Never trust thine enemy: for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness.
    Ecclesiasticus 12:11 Though he humble himself, and go crouching, yet take good heed and beware of him, and thou shalt be unto him as if thou hadst wiped a lookingglass, and thou shalt know that his rust hath not been altogether wiped away.

    Psalms 58:3 The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.
    Psalms 58:4 Their poison is like the poison of a serpent: they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear;

    Job 9:24 The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he?
    Job 9:25 Now my days are swifter than a post: they flee away, they see no good.


  312. Well, the only photo I saw of Stephen Jackson with George Floyd looked as if he was close friends with the other guy and it was more of a photo opportunity for George. I would at least have put out a photo of just me and him chillin to show how personal it was and not on some celebrity shit! 🤔

  313. Don’t do this papa Duck I fuck with your Channel but Floyd was a friend of mine it wasn’t fake he really dead man but they using it to make money

    1. @The best asked a question that you couldn’t answer TF on brother hope yo kids gain the Proper knowledge

    2. @Dj Swagga Ok i see you are lost, sad to say ….now you go find Jesus before it’s too late ….I’ll pay for your kid’s so called College education after i graduate next year …..But we all have our Religious beliefs….I’ll leave it at that no need of going back and forth about it…it will be ok

    3. @Gemini Love Hebrew Is the Orginal and only text TF you even talkn about…. Who the Masonic Person was that made the book dn…… Body asked you who u believe in

    4. @Dj Swagga Hebrew? You mean Judaism? That’s a man made Masonic religion too. Stop trying to act like you know it all….cause obviously you dont!

  314. It was definitely staged. Politicans on Capitol hill kneeling for a career criminal? Nah, this was a opportunity for them to spread the virus. The mask open you up more to Covid. Your breathing in the carbon dioxide you exhale

  315. If you don’t believe his death was fake… Looks up the 3 different black men (including Floyd) who died the exact same way within a week

  316. According to the media thousands of people haven’t been able to have funeral service due to coronavirus.. And here GF have four fully loaded funerals.. Now either his shit was fake or the coronavirus is some bullshit!!!

  317. Hes speaking on it to help push thr agenda. Its IS an act, I’m sorry. George Floyd has a twin. That’s a obvious sign something has been faked. The “policeman’s” neighbors didnt know he was a cop. He and George both worked security at the same nightclub for 17 years. This doesnt mean that systematic racism doesnt exist, it does and black folks have been abused and killed for a long time. But yet, it does look like they faked this w George Floyd. Just look more into it and see what you find

  318. He is a mason and look who owns BLM y’all need to learn who is the boule cause you need to look at everything question everything

  319. It’s all a ritual for them. It’s all planned. I believe he was setup and used him as a sacrifice for them. They air the ritual on tv for all to see.