Here is the sneaky way that their gonna introduce us to a cashless society 👊🏽👊🏽 their using this crisis to their advantage and it’s just the beginning 🙊🙊 in order for people to get this c-virus Stimulus money they have to accept the new currency system which is Digital Dollar🖕🏾I’m telling yall it’s time we see this shot for what it is 💯💯 one world currency one world banking

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By admin

907 thoughts on “In Order To Get C-Virus Stimulus $$ You Gotta Accept The New Digital Dollor”
  1. Papaduck, when Chase bank first implented to get the bank card with the chip I promise you I ignored it. I didn’t want it but after months of refusing it it came to point I had no choice not to get the bank card with the chip, because that was the new bank card period, and that was back in I would like to say in 2012. So as you said this has already been happening.

  2. You know who hide their money the most?? Them!!! So that’s not gone happen. Some of your stuff on point n some just for views.

  3. Dont need a chip…..ones energy itself going be enough by energy system track each one….a.i…………great content

  4. This is for real the beginning of the NWO, but who is going to receive what you bring to the public attention. Some people are so caught up in this beast system until they are blinded to the truth. A- I Artificial Intelligence robots, genocide, mind control, cashless society, weather modification, monitoring, tracking individuals, the mark of the beast, etc…. What you are saying is true the elites (playing God) have a plan for mankind but God is allowing Satan and his human agents to limit in their power before he intervenes and puts an end to this chaos. The earth is still the Lord, he is still on the throne all this is happening for a reason to prove who really loves the Lord or if mankind is going to be deceived by the lies of the devil. The devil already knows his fate. He wants as many of God’s creation (people)to go to eternal damnation with him.

  5. I literally just got done watching the matrix reloaded before watching this video. How deep and accurate that movie actually is. Now I’m about to watch the 3rd one and I seen that they are making a 4th one in 2021.

  6. There’s a reason it’s called a paper trail cause they monitor the physical dollar too. The digital dollar will bring unity to the Earth through a crypto currency system. Our government will be replaced with a world tribunal system that controls the sun and moon phases.

  7. Listen blk people this nigga really confusing u it dont matter if it’s a digital or paper dollar the real issue is what u do with ur buying power u make other communities rich but keep urs poor and god is real

  8. One lie after another Lord please step in the president and the rest of those Republicans has gotten so far out of hand that’s why I said Father God we need your help right now just like he just said he that lupus Medication get rid of the coronavirus that’s not going to work it’s only going to kill people

  9. The digital dollar has nothing to do with Trump. It was proposed by Dems after they denied trump sending bout physical checks

  10. I’m outside and see everybody coughing, U right but they trying to get rid of the elderly and children and the weak first.

  11. You on some real shit my boy it’s always been about the money to the human eye but it’s neva been about the money because they print it , it’s all about CONTROLL . I tell alot of people all viruses are man made all drugs are man made think about it …. Why you think they oppress us so much financial ly jobs pay crumbs cost of living 3 high ……FACTS

  12. Thank you papa duck peace N much love. Most of these people are to afraid, They too deep in mind control bro.

  13. 🚫Strippers have been putting dollars in their drawers for years and y’all are fine. 🚫

  14. The RFID radio frequency identification device is already used Via A.I , so this virus is being used to implement on (US) , like they’re doing in china already . This was tryed with bitcoin currency it didnt go off , also this will take away federal reserve power and a war is going on amongst the demons with the child trafficking as well , allegedly weinstein gave a list out , 💩has hit missed the toliet & it 🦨. Stay strong in Yall’s 🧠& 💚& SOULS

  15. Listen brother man I think you overreacting a whole lot. the digital dollars mean that they going to have direct deposit to your bank account that’s all it is. Nothing more nothing less

  16. This is the unnecessary bullshit,we have to stop listening to. Just ask yourself, where did this simple ass nigga get suck too secret info about the governments big plan.? This nigga can barely say contagion! Stop listening to dumb niggas that are just as broke you, that believe in fictional movies as prophecies!

  17. This was foretold over 2,000 years ago papa, read Ezekiel 7:19-27 JEHOVAH has put this one thought into their minds, and he who do not look to the Creator for your delivery, them and us will lose your life on HIS day of DESTRUCTION of judgement unpon Humanity

  18. I knew it. I said previously that even it I was to receive it, I’m scared to even cash it. Now I know NOT to cash it!

  19. I stg I had a feeling and told people when Trump send that money don’t except it I he he’s tryna ambush the black community with that Corona virus I believe that cash has that c virus on and around every dollar Trump’s sending

  20. Papa duck they have already announced they are going to force the chip on us and the vaccine if you take the chip you will not be saved if your a christian

  21. Thanks Papa duck for being woke and waking folks up. Keep resisting this new world order they trying to push on us.

  22. Black and brown people have money like they never had before. Black and brown people are doing things they never did before and not asking for permission, that’s the problem. Stick together people.

  23. They tryna put that size of a grain of rice in us so fuck the government our greats thru hip hop spoke or said it thru the music

  24. That paper that we work & even sacrifice our freedom for has no value since 1971 whem Nixon took the gold backing off. We’ve been dealing with DEAD MEN WALKING SINCE THEN!

  25. Bro you woke woke.. I eye u.. peace love and light from Detroit brother. Eye see u💚💚💚💚💚

  26. So I have a question… Do you think people can defeat “satanic” people without God ?? We need to learn the bible and prayer by remembrance. Learn how to fish hunt all of that. The time is NOW not coming

  27. A man can I get a 20 dollar rock I will send u a 20 digital shit crazy they making crack heads go digital

  28. The dollar is already trash though bro




  29. Mother nature to survive is where we have to go back to but this new generation they just don’t get it so I understand and I feel everything you saying bro

  30. New world order plan infect …. They only doing this in order to get you to make you get the chip wit the vaccine

  31. Trying to track, control, subjugation…👹👹👹this is what I have been discerning…what about the homeless?..why do they want to control our lives. .these murderous genocidal MOFOS ..LEARN TO GET BACK TO THE BASICS AND NATURE…STOCK UP AS MUCH AS YU CAN…and the MOST HIGH WILL SUPERNATURALLY PROTECT AND COVER…SMH..

  32. This is nothing new for so called woke folks true followers of christ have know this for ages.. The bible speaks about these times. People denied it as the white man religion untill they see this same book is coming to pass. No wonder they did not want us to read it.

  33. Yes money is gonna be the biggest infecter because money goes everywhere people cough sneeze and touch money then it makes its way to you

  34. You are absolutely right the movie projects the same thing that’s happening now! People wake up, get in the Spirit which means get into the True and Living God Jesus Christ! Love y’all

  35. Don’t trust it DON’T TAKE IT…..YALL ITS SET UP..IN DALLAS ans Houston ppl going almost insane..pray be prepared be protected

  36. People don’t realize a house will crumble without a foundation… We’re the foundation!! That’s why THE PEOPLE gotta come together… stop all the bullshit hating and all that, racism and all that shit’s created by something bigger and fools (racists) follow. Why would anybody give a fuck what color you was without some kind of influence? Where did the influencer get their influence? The 1% gotta be stopped


  38. You miss two things…
    1. The businesses must change over to accepting digital and rejecting curremcy.
    Then consumer have no choice but to go digital currency cause businesses will only accept it no more cash.

    2. Its not just digital currency in U.S. its all over the world. So its now one world currency.
    Which mean U.S. Dollar is no good and no more good for trading inports and exports so U.S. is no longer number 1 in the world

    Next is one world government! New World Order then its one world religion.

  39. I dont see how so many are blind to all this evidence floating around 🤷🏾

  40. When the so called black race feels threatened as a whole there’s certain DNA inside us that lays dormant that will come online.. but you gotta stop eating GMO & artificial shit & get as much sunlight as possible..

  41. Where did you find that movie Netflix or Amazon people please let me know thank you😳🤔🤔😬

  42. Y’all, we need to link up when shit hits the fan. We can’t survive alone!! We gotta watch each other’s backs.

  43. He’s right. I’m a Trump voter but all he said is correct. I pray for your safety brother. People who speak truth are a threat to the establishment

  44. Check out the guy was in the Illuminati. He said they can’t do anything without letting us know on the low. Like the deal with God & Satan (story of Lot).

  45. That’s the Democrats option Pelosi announced that option, $1200 for u n $1200 to each kid u have but u have to get the Digital option, Pelosi announced that.

  46. Father duck if you want to know what thay do whit the kids. Look on YouTube for McDonald’s secret exposed illuminati

  47. U should talk about the anti encryption bill trump also trying to pass and nobody’s talking about it (because then it would be ILLEGAL to do anything on the internet with an encrypted connection… if this gets passed they will know EVERYTHING

  48. FAMILY…WE MUST ENDURE TO THE END…DROP THE WAYS OF BABYLON (aka the United SNAKES OF America! ) is how WE COME OUT OF HER AND FOLLOW TMH-YAHS COMMANDMENTS…it’s not hard to do for your SALVATION it’s basically common sense you all know right from wrong ..Stop doing wrong crap and live your life by doing the right things and by loving and doing right by our people.. THE APPLE OF YAHS EYE..Woe to those that try to put their hands on us …OUR FATHER WILL HAVE THE FIRST WORD AND THE LAST WORD PERIOD ! And don’t buy or sell anything from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday and STOP EATING PIG AND SHELLFISH, Start here first then you are halfway There! And get the hell outta those WICKED Sunday satanic worship churches AKA THE BLACK CHURCH and all other SO-CALLED RELIGIONS ON EARTH ARE FAKE NEWS to control the masses and to keep the Pale People in charge over everbody and over everthing , our people all over the world have been tricked for the lack of knowledge of one’s self ! COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE !

  49. That’s exactly what a Black man was saying on another vlog…. the Blacks was talkin about buying cars, bitches and bullshit…. the White boys were talking about stocks, politics, and the generations after them….. he called it “nigga thinking”…….

  50. Also, I read Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars over a decade ago. Ppl just have to live their life, accomplish and change. That is how it works.


  52. They bout to burn all money in circulation and track us like dogs… India is already almost cashless

  53. You just made this digital dollar shit up man .That shit is coming within15 to 20 years but no time soon. Stop giving false information to our people to get clicks.

  54. You know for years I’ve been hearing this same line: “we need to wake up”. Wake up and do what exactly? The majority of us don’t even have $10000 in a savings account. “They” run the world. What do we intent to do after “waking up”? Let’s say a group of us eliminate “them”, what would happen next? A next generation of “them” and “they” would arise because we are human and we love power. Conspiracy theories over time if you really think of it becomes redundant. Ofcourse they will go into using cashless currency, technology never stops evolving and advancing. “They” are going to keep track of our money….ITS NOT OUR MONEY!!! All we do is earn it “they” print it. Again what are we going to do??? I should start a channel like this because I’ve been a conspiracy theorists since I was 12 but I realized that it was a waste of time. What I recommend is keep self educating and keeping up with the latest technologies to keep relevant so that you do not become obsolete.

  55. I don’t think even going to nature is smart, make a long story short, they will be absolute rulers of this earth, there wont be a corner of Earth which is not monitored , and ppl like you who will be living indenpendently will be seen from satilte or smth, and killed anyways. There is only 1 way of winning and it is war! For ppl to wake up, all around the world and together to kill theese demon fckers! trust me think loggicaly how ever you want, they own this Earth.Unless we fight there is no escaep.And fight how??? you tell me i dont know either!!!!! WE NEED TO MAKE ORGANISATION TO MEET UP WHO IS FOLLOW THIS GUYS AND ALL MEET UP ; MAKE MEETINGS PLANS ETC

  56. Ion trust the “digital dollar.” Fuck them knowing what i spend my money on, im more scared of a person deleting my account, freezing my account, and overall having control of the money i make

  57. Papa duck. You my man are on point! And that point is razor sharp!. But most people are about to miss out on the LARGEST WEALTH TRANSFER in the history of mankind. And you mentioned kids. This wealth transfer could set up our kids for generations to come. BUT you say its time to buy guns! That time my friend passed months ago. When this thing pop! (digital money) its gonna make me and many many other people very rich.! And then I’ll simply disappear. Thank you for you insight and teaching people what you know. But if my people do there right research they can make millions. Think my people. I’ve been waiting on this event for 13yrs. Remember my people MONEY TALKS! AND BULLSHIT WALKS!. Listen to Papa Duck he a very smart man. ✌👽

  58. IBM is developing the RFID chip. Goodie Mob said: “…tag yo’ skin with a computer-chip, run yo’ hand over the scanner now…no’mo fishin’ fo’yo 🐟!!!!

  59. Say brother have you ever even read the Bible? Precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little there a little??

  60. Better start learning how to live independencly off the land, possible without money if you (WE) don’t plan on being part of the New System.

  61. Bitcoin is gonna be digital currency that’s gonna be what they gonna push as this new currency.. that’s what’s gonna be used to watch our every movement.. why is that dark web can’t be shutdown🤔.. if it holds most of our world that we don’t know about think about dark web as mole people caveman I say that because it’s the side we don’t know much of.

  62. People not gon wanna wake up until it’s too late. Sad to say but these niggas is bots 😂 they never wanna do anything til it’s too late. We need to come together

  63. It’s blockchain crypto y’all just now catching on to it the plans been out for years the information been out on blockchain and distributed ledger technology xrp I can’t wait for you all to be indoctrinated on this new financial reset based on blockchain I will be very wealthy not rich catch up common folks do wake up and do your research!

  64. Papa, you make good points. I been subscribed last week. But, digital currency and digital wallets is far from new.

  65. Be speaking this for 30 years. Didn’t know if I would see it in my lifetime. Those who believe that the bible is just a story book are in for a rude awakening.

  66. I just want to say that, remember empire Nero. He killed and tortured Christians. I think the ends times will be similar too that. Their is a reason why only 144,000 people are taken in the rapture. By that time Christianity will be a dead religion, materialism is already slowly chocking it too death. a lot of people will not be calling on Yeshua!!!! Right now their is 8 billion people on the planet, and everybody claims to be Christian. I feel that in the true end times no one will claim to be Christian it will be like a taboo topic !!! In the true end of times !!!!!!

  67. It’s called problem, reaction, solution. They create the problem, we react and look for help, and then the government comes up with a solution. Yes, the digital dollar is real. Look at China with their Social Credit Score. Want to know what your score is? Go to www (dot)mylife (dot)com. I’m in trouble because my score sucks!! 😂

  68. The Gov is talking about borrowing “TRILLIONS” To send out some stimulus money to people but why can’t they just send back some of the money they steal in taxes?🤔 Oh yeah cuz that wouldn’t cause a economic crash, that’s WHY

  69. I felt something happening behind the curtain. We all need to become individuals. Never fear. Love will set us free.

  70. School yo’ youngins’ ’cause Play Station ain’t gonna help ’em! Don’t let that TV raise ’em. Y’all know it all bout control! Ya gotta know ’cause it’s ALL around you! One world currency! Advancements in technology! New phones EVERY year before the paint dry on the old ones! They pushin’ 5G everywhere! Gotta have the latest! Naw, ya don’t! Get them priorities straight….just sayin’. Your future may depend on it!

  71. The question we must ask is how much is enough. Most things we have we don’t need and too much is harmful just like anything else in life.

  72. For everyone quoting the bible, don’t you think the people who are doing all of this read the bible and the prophecies too and still decided to do it even though they are supposed to lose? They probably wrote the bible long ago as a plan and got people fooled into accepting it because they read it in there and were told not to do anything because jesus was coming back to save them.

  73. Papa Duck I’m worried about you man, all these conspiracies theories👀 have you running a buc!…🤥🤒😷🤔

  74. No disrespect but it’s true you can catch corona on any surface and if you pass the money to the next man in the man that’s passing the money to you has corona and you don’t wash your hands behind that you are subject to catch It

  75. You need to go live duck with this Sam topic frfr this shit do to get real for everybody man an all these community’s gone he to come together man fast cause they plan in motion already it might be to late time is steady ticking even the while that ain’t racist gone have to be on our side cause the government got tanks an shit going all cross the world they might even bombs why we sleep with this curfew shit frfr

  76. The digital dollar was introduced by house Democrats. The same people who tried to throw in a bunch of extra bulshit by leveraging the urgency of the crisis. Highly doubt that it will go through just like the rest of the bullshit they put in the bill. It will require a restructure of how I hold system works and that is not going to camping as quickly as we need the cash flow.

  77. But if it’s a crisis going on ppl really need this package . What they go do when job laying they ass and bills due ?

  78. True. Your 1 World theory comes from the Bible though. Your outlook on Christianity is very Westernized. Most Christians in other countries walk around with K’s my boy. No cheek turning. Peter had a knife better know that

    1. Man bruh always down playing the Bible but you can tell he’s never really sat down and took time to read it. I mean he say things that are prophecies quite a bit.. I just don’t get it

  79. Also you should look at China. China has a system in place where are you are socially graded off of your daily habits. And they grade your habits by having hundreds of cameras on the Street Watching your every move and they use facial recognition to identify every citizen. In China they have what is called a social credit score. Look it up it’s crazy.

  80. Much respect 😓❤️🙏🏽💪🏽FACTS!This so true! Everyone please start helping out the other people that’s in disbelief and do not understand!This is REAL! WAKE UP EVERYONE!! Thx Duck💯

  81. U right bro this virus stuff going just like that 2011 movie contagion smdh on dis one its fuck up out here fr like u sed some of these movies we watch be telling the dame truth. salute bro im a new subscriber to ur channel keep us updated everytime fr salute out💯

  82. I respect what u saying and but there will be no kids kids kids because this is must happen for this system to end. I think god wants us to fight back

  83. I hope ppl paying attention….. shit is like a video game 🎮 they press the buttons and the followers go . Knowing your every move when it’s forced on you is inhuman. I feel sorry for anyone who is not strong minded to get through what’s to come

  84. Nigah , THE CHIP IS WHERE ????



  85. Nigah , THE CHIP IS WHERE ????



  86. There’s a black owned one already called *guapcoin* Look into it. If all this is really going down and we have to turn to crytpocurrency ^^^remember that one

  87. On point Papaduck once again. When you get a chance check out a man named George Orwell. He died in 1950 and was only 46 when he died, which I think might be suspect when you check out his book and/or movie: 1984, Big brother is watching you! That shit was way before it’s time. I’m 62 and everything you’re saying now this man was saying then before I was born.

    What is also suspect to me is that he wrote several books before that one but died at a fairly young age after this book (published in 1949).

  88. Like I said at first I thought it was all about racist peoples against us and richest against the poors but now I see its all about taking all our ass out. Sad but true 😢 right now all us need to stick together

    1. Facts It’s always been the righteous against the and wicked ones not skin color and the wicked don’t care about color

  89. A black woman named Sophia Stewart wrote the matrix. The story was stolen from her from guess who? But after her law suit, she has since won a billion dollar settlement. Fyi

  90. Or the Matrix a set up to makw u think we’re in an actual matrix like in the movie’s to steer away from Christ. Isis and Horus and other false God’s have no common trait as Jesus and the recent traits u heard are made up. The new ones took from Jesus

  91. I here you papa duck I’m considering taking action what should I do in my city so we can link up in each state

  92. As soon as I saw this video, I shared it with a couple of friends on Facebook, and RIGHT after I shared this video with a couple of friends, BOOM a Forbes magazine talking about the digital dollar being pushed through congress showed up on my page and that article was written TODAY!!!

  93. Let me show y’all how papa duck is right for the religions people GENESIS 1:26 let us make man in our image and give them DOMINION (control) over the foul of the air (weather control) fish of the sea (ecosystem) and everything trust crawls on earth (US) it’s in the Bible how we control earth nobody coming to save us at all we have to do it ourselfn

  94. All this is written in the Bible. Ain’t nothing we can do about it. Get right with the most High for your Salvation. Stop worrying about the material world and work on getting into the Eternal world. Your soul depends on it. Does that endure to the end will have enternal life

  95. This has been an idea for a long time. What a perfect time to implement it. Stay calm, keep a paycheck while you can, put food back/vitamins, and be conscious of the crime waves on the way . Good video. Glad I found. I’ve heard you cant catch a virus from eating an animal. It has to be, man made , possibly a sample from an animal and injected into humans. I might not be 100% accurate on this.Shit I don’t even eat meat… They inject animals with all kinds of bullshit… sustainable development has been an agenda for awhile. I’ve been aware of shit from a young age as well. I’m from TX and have known how to gut and prep an animal/fish since 13 or even younger. All these kids that haven’t worked a day in their life. They are in for a rude awakening. If you’re lazy what’s ahead might not be for you. Keep that faith! Stay calm.

  96. Digital currency has been used 10-1 for decades already. Plus if you use a bank all money deposited is report by the bank to the feds.

  97. If you can put an item on your ASS, it is NOT an ASSET! I will repeat it for the niggas in the back! If you can’t EAT it you don’t NEED it! WAKE UP! 🗣🗣🗣🤦🏾‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦🏾‍♀️ cars and clothes DEPRECIATE!! Get your mind body and spirit ready to fight! Wake UP my sleeping brothers and sisters PLEASE. The proverbial shit has hit the fan! Don’t let the government rub your face in it. Excuse my language Duck. We got to wake up! They trying to starve us out and most spent their tax dollars on dumb shit. Get your loved ones TOGETHER NOW and make a plan!!

  98. God gave us authority so we as believers need to step up walk as the King and Queens we are and stop allowing this

    1. Always have been. Father will bring his children back home and this filth of a world will be destroyed. Keep your faith, no matter what, you cannot surrender .

  99. We don’t even know who or what the hell these folks look like all we see is their puppets on TV. I done shared knowledge and wealth with ppl around me yet I was met with ridicule. For now on I look out for me myself and mom duke that’s it. And yes we do need to reduce the population because too much of anything is no good sorry to say but it’s true. But we need to get rid of all the greedy selfish harmful ppl in the world and keep the righteous ppl in the world.

  100. Duck my pops put me on game around 13,14 years old…. still learning everyday. Love yo vids and you keep it true! Thank you! 🙏

  101. Let’s not forget the us/Canadian border is no longer accepting cash. I’m pretty sure all toll roads are not either.

  102. Think about the ass cracks dope and bullshit on physical dollars…same typeshit, u can always withdraw physical cash same thing direct deposit, u can get cash if necessary

  103. I already have the digital dollar, its right on Coin Base. Y’all need to be worried abt the mark on the hand or the forehead.

  104. Shit I am right with you bruh shits about to get wild yet most people don’t want to wake up no matter if they see it it’s a damn shame

  105. Jeremiah “Ben Israel” 23:20 *The anger of the Most High shall not return, until he have executed, and till he have performed the thoughts of his heart: in the latter days ye shall consider it* perfectly.

  106. This is my lost brother .. this is the universal wink I need . “I am” God’s within not some idol. In the sky

  107. Exactly!! Fuck the materialistic. Currently learning gematria. Things folks speak through letters, words and numbers.

  108. The first step of taking the mark of the beast the Bible talks about it 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  109. Remember God is always in Control,the bible prophesied all of this, the rapture of the church is quickly approaching, seek jesus while he can be found, this is real

  110. The real Armageddon will come and we people will kill each other that’s the future a new war order is going to happen and we people need to come together and destroy killed

  111. Conspiracy theorist been saying this since 2008 (when I first studied) I can’t believe it’s finally happening

  112. Also stop believing all these stage video they put out there everything you see and hear is not what it’s meant to be didn’t you learn that from the movie the matrix.

  113. It’s called CRISIS, CHAOS , SOLUTIONS…They create a CRISIS which causes CHAOS and then those hoes are the ones to give you the SOLUTIONS to the chaos that was created by their EVIL WICKED ASSES ! Bruh you spitting real FACTS !

  114. America is to scared to speak up, all this going on and no still is Believing in what’s Happening

  115. That’s the mark of the devil the Bible was telling us about. 99% of people will take it trust me on that. It’s not the end yet though. The worst is yet to come. I rather die believing in God than die and find our the man is real.

  116. Listen everybody that money the US is “giving out” its borrowed read on it everywhere . I feel like the Vatican is gonna bail us out in exchange for the Sunday blue laws ect .

  117. God doing it!!!

    Amos 3:6


    “Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?”

  118. There is also a Dean Coonz novel from 1981 that is highly detailed and accurate about this virus I don’t know the name thing they are fitin’ to get ulgy

  119. I said this about the dollar this shit was to collapse the old system to bring in a new one and most of all you signsture creates credit for the banks and economic we are the debt slaves of this system.

  120. What did I say last video😂😂🙏🏾💯stay woke y’all don’t be deceived it’s more coming stay cautious bout every step and plan this like a book the shii gots to end anyway they lose anyway this is a playground for them don’t be fooled

  121. This Dude Papa Duck Isn’t really a Black Dude with Gold Teeth from the South.

    He’s Too Smart, and Intelligent, and Wise to be labeled that.

  122. That just one of thing’s they trying to confuse us with. How about 5g internet service? New towers are going up and they can locate you thru cellphone and satellite.

  123. Playing God is exactly what they doing but the time has come when God is going to show them how ALMIGHTY He is. Vaccination is one way that they have played God in my life, shooting autism into my first born over 20 years ago and that’s what caused me to wake up. A Revolution is much needed!!!! Thank you for your knowledge!!!!


    1. FACTS! I hate Past Darby life was taken a few years ago! That man of God told me who I really am, and that God was speaking about US/Hebrews in the Bible! That man videos have truly woke me TOTALLY UP! I try to tell my friends and family but they’re not open to truth yet. I just continue praying for them! Its great to know someone that believes in the BIBLE and Gods word! Lots of Love and stay prayed up! ❤❤❤🥰

    2. I’m so happy I found his channel a month ago. But so sad he’s gone. Wish I could hear his views on this

  125. Had to straighten you on something you said,They definitely did take the story of Isis and Osirus and wrapped it onto white Jesus,but that ain’t biblical because The Messiah had an earthly father. They took our book and wrapped it in Egypt.

  126. Duck we knew this 20 years ago black people was just too stupid to do anything about it they been planning to stop cash nothing new Under the Sun


  128. Actually only 3% of physical money is in circulation. Just helping you out duck! Love ya vids!

  129. All this talk from this sheep. You say they ain’t smart. You are dumb. Why??? Because you will be part if the system and not separate from it. Betcha you ain’t rejecting digital dollars. They ain’t smart ??? They are genius. You are in the ghetto . Now who is smart? You living from day to day or them in control.

  130. Brothers and Sisters. One i
    i will say is, Fear controls you. Use the information and plan ahead. We have been brainwashed in believing certain things in life. You can believe in the Bible or not. It’s your choice. As for me, I have studied for over 20 something years, it’s real. Don’t live your life in Fear. Search and find out the truth while it’s out there. I will keep everyone in my pray and you pray for me. Shalom!

  131. Those Evil Democrats are pushing that shit and they are pushing planned Parenthood/Green New deal and other B.S in that stimulus package not Trump.🤦🏽‍♂️ What abortion have to dol with a virus stimulus package?
    Google it!

  132. Papa!!! Watch the movie “1984” …. same stuff different day! I read the book in college back in 2007, when you see the movie, it was made in the 50’s.

  133. Man they kno that da 400 yrs is up ..they gotta bow dwn to da tru people of the earth JUDA”…it’s sad that a lot of our people dnt kno who they r..we god chosen” shalom

  134. You better get out that new testament; its a fraud. They made our people read in the back of the book, because they know the front is about our past, present and future. Shalom Shalom !!!

  135. I been on this years ago and ppl laughed at me and called me a conspiracy theorist you, crazy, told me I didn’t believe in God but if you deprogram yourself and start paying attention to patterns and stop believing in a system that has been against us since the beginning of time you’ll see the Truth!! Ppl are too comfortable with the system ! Do you’re research! It goes deep! We our living a lie! Our reality is an illusion! The American dream is a distraction and a lie to keep you in this rat race! Chasing something that ain’t there! WAKE UP and STAY WOKE!! WE NEED YOU! #OFFTHEGRID

  136. go check out another 1977 MOVIE called RABID…the movie was about a woman contracting a virus from doctors. and passing the virus to other people. turning them into zombies. it’s a Hollywood movie filmed in Montreal. in the movie, Montreal was put under martial law. so the power that be. can contain the virus… were they trying to tell us the plan back then???

  137. 📢With the AID# they already know what how & where you spend. Check your receipt’s AID# when you use your bank card, connect the dots.

  138. My friend it been a cashless society a lot of us have never spent or received money. A federal reserve note is not a dollar or money look up Coinage act of 1792 it’ll tell you what a dollar is. The federal reserve note is a debt note. The chip is already in Virginia and some other countries. Look up money and dollar in the law dictionary and it will also tell you what money is. The federal reserve is a virus all by itself. Nobody has money and nobody owns any of there cars and houses the state does and your just a trustee period. Every federal reserve note is owned by the bank so when you trade it for whatever you think you own it belongs to them unless you put it in a trust. It been over for a long time. King Alfred Plan code name Rex 84 google it.

  139. I’m 15 and I see what’s really going on but I live with my parents and can’t really do much because they don’t see it

  140. I just talked about this in my video. The New Testament and all that was tampering with new generation of ya know about Fictional Paul. Christianity is so similar to Egypt you got Horus, Osiris and Isis, Christianity got Jesus, Mary and God.

  141. People are cattle for real a bunch of scary fucks. There is no Coronavirus only the fucking flu.

  142. Def getting back to the,basics. I’ve been watching your videos 4 awhile now and not one video is untrue thanks for waking up alot of people

  143. Lucifer is a man or men who want to be like the Most High. Isaiah chp 14. Be strong Yisrael, your deliverance is near. Shalom Shalom !!!

  144. ..god and God are 2 different things. ..god refers to idols but God with a capitol G refers to the Creator. If you do not believe in a creator then it is ok to write god.

    SATANIC= SUPER FACTS! But ppl still can’t wake up
    from celebrating their Paganism Holidays i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc…

  146. You can’t hide your money now with a simple debit card. They know where you spending how much you spending and what your spending it on. Money being digital is not new its been digital.

  147. Papa duck is right we need to get it all together right now 2030 is gonna be the end of everything If we dont

  148. Jesus said in john 8:32 you shall know truth and the truth shall make you free Amen appreciate you family I love you big dawg and I’m praying for you

  149. @Duck. Fam. You gotta understand all of these things that’s happening right now has already been proficized by the Bible . Read Revelations and Numbers… I’m praying EVERYDAY ! For YOUR salvation hermano. This life is just a test. . God Bless

  150. We the devil there’s no devil there are devils we are the falling Angel. Human are the ones the Bible talking about we feel we better than god himself we recreate everything like what’s giving isn’t enough


  152. I had a white guy tell me this was gonna happen 20 yrs ago, he made me promise him I wouldn’t except the digital mark…. How was he my age and he knew that, that long ago?

  153. They going to a cryptocurrency called xrp!! You guys heard it first!! Executive order 13772!! Xrp ripple!!

  154. Big homie! If you haven’t seen the movie IN TIME PLEASE WATCH IT. Staring Justin Timberlake.

  155. I was in disbelief at how similar the movie was to what our reality is right now. This is crazy. Thank you for trying to wake the masses.

  156. Check out “Containment” on Netflix, it’s an absolute blueprint of what’s going on this current day. It was mad exactly “4” years ago. Number of New World order nothing is coincidental.

  157. We all needa go back to Mother Nature I mean leave da phones the games all dat alone be in a peace for mind spend time alone 💯

  158. I been speaking on this for years people n sum of my fam thought I was talking crazy but look now …check out the Movie-EAGLE EYE

  159. N far as that wiping the planet out shit look at the show 100 on Netflix they been planning all this shit for years now

  160. No more corner weed man. No more side hustle no more under the table money. Prostitution gonna skyrocket. Rip society. Dont worry little lonely boys and girls. You have GTA on line and peloton so who cares if we practice social distancing and lose all sense of humanity as we fall into a stuper

  161. The new smart people of the world might be the government having control of schools so they can teach them whatever or those 5g towers to control

  162. It’s coke on every dollar but we don’t have cocaine in our systems. Fuck them niggas ima take this shit far,as I gotta take it cause elites playing fake war games so we gonna play em then.

  163. We out here in the Caribbean enjoying God gifts at its best. They’re fresh air, sun light, fruits and vegetables and we always praise him who in the highest.. For the wicked have such a short time, God is about to judge them the bible is reality and reality is the truth.. one love to my brothers and sisters

    1. What you said is awesome and true brother.. Wow wish I cld live on the islands like u🙏🙏🌟🌟

  164. I blame the people for this. We are the ones creating our own hell. God didn’t invited a monetary system, Mankind did. I barely use cash anyways. Businesses always checking your large Bill’s like it’s fake anyways. Like a blk person can’t have hundreds or fifty dollar Bills.
    All kingdoms fall, America’s time is near. It will implode soon. I won’t feel sad either. I’m actually enjoying watching the people who thought they have privilege because of their skin color freak out. I don’t hear anyone talking about gun control now.

  165. I done had alot of $1 bills that look like they should of atleastttt had a cold on it…im fine people believe anything smh

  166. If it’s so contagious, then why are they not putting more emphasis on the infected person’s waste/ trash that they touch?

  167. Papa Duck check out this book called the eyes of darkness bro it was published in 1981 it talks about this outbreak nbs check it out bro

  168. @papaduck I get what your saying but one thing that confuse me is…the term come together what does that look like other then riots in history…. I think we need to be discussing that aspect more ….who have what skills if we do come together …where are we going as a community to take over esc….not just warnings of this but talk of how now… we all know this been brewing…days time places skills esc is what I think coming together should equate too not warnings or riots as community we’ve done that already.

  169. Ohh We gonna go back to MOTHER NATURE regardless….we should have been back connected to SOURCE the mother..SO now WE are Made to go back to her unless you still wanna be connected to the Matrix!!!!

  170. AND they also want to keep the ENTREPRENEURS, you know the GOOD FOLKS who don’t pay taxes into this WICKED SYSTEMATIC SYSTEM CONTROLLED……..

  171. I thought they was gonna make you take the vaccine to receive the money
    You right on the Money 🧐
    My King 👑
    Much Love 🌹
    Namaste 🙏🏽❤️🕯🦋🧚🏾


  173. I was just telling this about our currency will be a credit card we trust in technology way to much and it will cost us in the end

  174. If we look at things in another perspective, cashless is better. This cashless transitions will mainly affect the corrupt like dealers, pimps and cartels, human traffickers, etc. We’re talking about street corruption. The corruption within the pharmaceutical, wall street and food industry will be dealt with in a different way and it will require a higher force and I believe it’s coming soon. It will discourage the corrupt from engaging in criminal businesses and it will improve the system’s ability to track these individuals down. In a way they are trying to make society better, but obviously we’re not seeing it that way because we’re so used to live a certain type of way. By all means not all these changes will benefit us all, but for the most part I think we’ll benefit from some of it. Thieves won’t rob you because they’ll know you don’t have cash and every digital money is tracked to their proper ID owner so they won’t even be able to still that. Digital money should be the least of the worries. The main concerns here are child kidnappings, pharmaceutical corruption and political corruption. That’s where most darkness starts and it affects us all. The old system of ways of doing things isn’t working anymore. Everything and everyone is out of control. The little things need to start changing. We’re actually overdue. The big things will change very soon as well and when they do, society will be better.

  175. So you believe in the big bang theory
    You was probably on point about everything except they gave us perception of God. It’s clear they are Satanic and remind us about Satan everyday and you can’t stay prayed up without believing in the most high

  176. I think you’re wrong. Of course it makes sense. But they ain’t pushing the digital dollar. We already got debit cards….

  177. Well everyone on here giving them power by talking about on u tube so they know who you we are
    And what to do with you.

  178. I really believe a large portion of the world is full of cowards! Look how much fear they put in the mass pop. They start panicking and get scared!

  179. My mom had a dream a few years ago about dollar bill’s just laying on the street flying through the air and nobody gave a care, its definitely about to be a cashless society.

  180. its the mark of the beast.. if the bible aint real,.. why is every tactic they use mentioned in it?? i been watching you for a while, but when people discredit the bible its like i have no more faith in anything else they speak of.. people can believe in wind and air which they cant see, but have no faith in Jesus or God which they cant see either.. im saddened for people.. dont only see whats in the world.. look a little deeper.. if you want to know what a seed is that has no label.. you plant it to get your answer, look deeper bruh.. Jesus is real, and so is the Devil.. root!! take the D off of devil and you got your answer on the world.. wake up people!! the devil is doing his job, regardless.. little trivia.. if you were a spirit and you wanted to control the world how would you do it beside take over what controls the world to begin with, and then ask yourself again why are they so Evil


  182. Now that’s the what’s up the mark of the beast not that 666 people talk about. Money in the streets !!!!!! Hummmm cashless society

  183. NWO being rolled out minute by minute. Headcount with the Census, tracking our Every move, the BS is heavy.

  184. black men will literally do ANYTHING but get in these raggedy communities and care for the women and children and build. tons of them online flappin’ gums about conspiracies smdh



  187. It’s all rhetoric… distraction. Everyone always tellin, but action is being taken. Words don’t equate to action. The most high is in control. Understand the timelines we are in. Every empire does what? No one owns anything. You might temporarily possess something, you can’t take anything with you so what do you own? What you owns owns you…Use this time to repent and connect with the one and only. What man does is all a game. Dick Gregory’s greatest line” it’s all a game”

  188. I’m about to watch it in a few!!!! That movie came 2011 so many similarities, they knew exactly what they were doing.

  189. Yep…that’s the chip.. the mark of the beast…you can’t buy or sale without this chip…………its amazing to see how this unfolding.. when I been hearing about this since I was a little girl..and its here now!!

    USA don’t have the value of money so they creating this to keep the control and power))))))

  190. Wouldn’t it make much more sense to try to cure the 400,000 infected people rather than try to vaccinate 8 billion healthy people?

  191. I see you have a lot of followers can you piz share my album with your followers for me LA Will Will – Do better 🌬

  192. I don’t understand the merging of philosophies- I keep hearing people criticize the origin of the God concept, but then turn around & say “Satanic” system etc.?? So, how can one be fake, & the other real? There is just too much jumbled up information that bleeds into supposed differing models of what’s going to happen. It just starts to sound like a monotonous, confusing drone, & it gives me a headache…..

  193. Papa Duck, you are one of the most inspired YouTuber, whose depth of wisdom about reality still makes me wonder. Because what you see, mega prophets out there have not. And here is a fact that will shock you. Your interpretations are consistent with the book of Revelation, but the thing is that you can’t make the connection. I understand everything you say, because much to my amazement, that’s exactly what I had understood after my study of Revelation. I’m baffled by your wisdom without any Bible knowledge. You just directed a question to the religious people. Well I’m not religious because because most religious groups out there are sects and cults for demons. I like to consider myself as someone who is thirsty for the Truth. That said, here is the answer to your question: no one can stop it because prophecy must be fulfilled. So how can you be safe???? It’s high time you consider getting out of the broken system bc it will not be fixed, even if black folks come together. Get you to an African country where technology has little influence. Bro, that’s the only way to run away, and increase your chances of survival. Sooner the pressure will go worldwide and target countries that currently use credit cards. But the earlier you get to a country where you can be independent of technology, the better. There would come a time when you would not be able to either buy or sell, unless you get something implanted in your arm, or have a world identity. Once you get that identity, … I’m afraid that would be the end. You would thrive materially with that identity, but you will not survive the very last mass destruction, which our generation, you and I, will certainly witness. It will be a horrific scene the whole world will ever see. Do you need more info???? You are right that it goes way deeper. If you want more, let me know. I challenge you to go pick up a KJV Bible, and read only the Book of REVELATIONS. It’s the very last chapter. With you indepth knowledge of reality, which other humans don’t perceive, I strongly believe that you will link some dots. And yes, it’s time to first repent, and then keep your life straight with God. Because whether you understand it or not, all this is about the moves being made by God, to select only 144000 Israelites who are currently scattered round the world, and we know for a fact that African Americans are one of those tribes. You see that the competition is steep. God promised he was going to bring the Israelites back together, but not without purging. The Israelites will be tormented by these one world global changes. Those who already stand in the holy place will be tormented by the system. If they endure (at a huge cost which would involve death) then they have made it. If they quickly give up their Holy place to survive by accepting the mark, then they will thrive on earth. But sooner than they expect, the mother of all tribulations, the final one implemented by God himself, will arrive, and billions of people will die. When all is over, a new age starts, which will last for 1000 years. Only those who will be killed for JESUS, and the 144000 hidden somewhere by God, will restart this age in Jerusalem. This age, is only a few years from now.

  194. For people who are faith believers, WWJD, because Jesus just didn’t pray to Father GOD, he went out and made it happen. You can’t just sit down turn the other cheek and pray, you gotta do something whether it starts off as educating yourself or whatever, just start and make it happen. If you died today, went to Heaven and ask Father GOD what happened. It just like the man on the roof in a flood analogy. He sent a raft, a man on a boat and the national guard and his punk@$$ was praying to Father GOD ending up dying in the flood, when Father GOD was answering his prayers from the beginning.

  195. @papaduck…..I noticed when the corona first started NETFLIX had an entire category of OUTBREAK MOVIES! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️

  196. Alot of ppl BEEN knew this information.. what can be dont about it THATS the information that’s needed

  197. Divide and conquer. They are going to want everyone to get vaccinated. The mark of the beast is coming….. JESUS said IAM the way the truth and the life no one goes to the FATHER except through me.

  198. I pray that this is not the case,I still have a lot to accomplish and live for! I put all my faith in God! ✨

  199. It’s ALOT of truth in this and also a little misinformation but great video 🙏🏾✅ 🗣 2016 I got my crypto currency debit card..I’ve been using it since.. 🚨 don’t just listen do your own research 🚨 #silentwars

  200. The Banking Bubble was bout to pop so the Kabul unleashed so called virus or is it 5G Amplified to break down DNA to catch viruses that been around, oil fail so oil companies competing for sales, that’s why gas is so cheap , Russia & Saudi Arabia struggling for oil sales ,

    This is only the beginning

  201. Soylent Green, another movie to check out. We grew up on Sci-Fy/Horror movies that prepped us for ‘Reality TV’. Selective Amnesia is in play! Stay woke, I know it’s tiring, but Jason (Friday 13) is woke!

  202. Amazon already worked on this, having brick and mortar stores, when you make a purchase, no cards or paper $$$, just by exiting the store.

  203. Here in Dallas and fort worth texas the police already said they won’t respond to any thefts shit is getting crazy

  204. Yo duck remember when jay was talking shit to the artists about the money phone pics during that time his protege bleek said having money isn’t real money to me hinting at the cashless society

  205. Talks crap about cashapp but at the end of the video he uses cashapp. 😂 y’all so stupid listening to some guy that talks to water 🙀😸🙊

  206. Brah david icke been said the government’s trying to take the cash out of the society to take the money away from us and the only way to survive is through them solely

  207. If you can find any organic vegetable seeds, can goods, dry goods: beans, pasta, crackers, jar veggies, spices, nuts, peanut butter, jelly, pancake mix, syrup, snacks water, etc stock up. I been preaching this for about two years now wake up family time out for the BULL>>>

  208. You not going to be able to speak out on anything after this. They can turn your money off if you don’t agree with the one world. We need to fight this. Go back to nature, y’all. That’s the only way you can escape this new smart world

  209. I said it before I’ll say it again….if this doesnt come to pass , nothing you say has any credibility. Then we gonna be forced to call you lame duck.

  210. I been tryna share your videos to my FB family and friends thru messenger but it won’t let me it’s can’t no reply to this message with an exclamation mark but let me send one with Trump SMH

  211. Bro we know all that too now what what you going to do now I’m good I ain’t got no kids no family I’m good I can take care of me but tell these folks what they going to do now since you think they don’t know what you talkin about they just don’t know what to do

  212. And it’s sad because people know this is happening and they literally don’t care I’m dumbfounded how people are so narrow minded as to not care that our kids and kids kids may not have a world to even enjoy.

  213. I saw that movie yesterday..Elite show you what they going to do in movies…Purge next

  214. people feel as if there is nothing we can do I have told people for years and the right me off as a conspiracy theorist by design just as you say QUIT SERVING WHAT DOSENT SE SERVE YOU #moderndayslavery only the smart and prepared will survive

  215. Listen yall stop looking at those dam movies!!!!!! Mane those movies be playing with your self consciousness!!! See movies get in your soul and change your mind aka mind control see movies aint just made to confuse the mind its good to learn certain things in the movies but the movies are here to control the mind see in the movies they cause chaos and then they bring the solution and then the ppl fall for it yall wake up on everything and there’s a Heavenly Father not a GOD!!!!!!💯💯💯💪🏿✊🏾

  216. A lot of stores right now are not letting people in, cuz of fear of the virus. So what they doing is making you buy a product online (cashless) and when you get there they bring it to the door and give it to you. The plan is in full effect!

  217. New world order…new currency martial law next …chip..also you are going to close all banks and your account close for the new currency…I researched all of this 15 years ago and try to wake family and friends..even the fema camps and the fema coffins

  218. I kno this ain’t a joke people trust me I understand that part but one must wonder what exactly is the strip clubs gonna be like?

  219. The UNIVERSE dnt work this way! We will come out on Top!!! The planet is resetting herself!!!! #itwontwork

  220. Mind body soul. Tranquility, Peace of Mind and Heart And Soul Mother Nature need I say more. How times y’all thought about these things and some more.

  221. The need for 24/7 surveillance and monitoring is bc they know they have been screwing the ppl and feeding a lie through programming/hypnosis forever and want to be ahead of the curve when a unifying uprising develops. What we do day to day is not living

  222. Because they shut your money’s off… mark of the beast. The world got to brown for them. So I should be sick every year I touch the dollars.

  223. Containment movie also is a movie about it. Made in Atlanta in about touching and catching shit. Boy you be on yo shit good looking bro.

  224. Mr Duck how do I convince my love ones against this . It kills me to see them not taking me seriously about this reality .

  225. I know it’s real I been saying this for a minute. Especially when I 1st saw the chips on the debt card. I knew it was a matter of time. But where did your boy find out the news? So I can look into as well.

  226. I actually knew about all this over 10 yrs ago from my brother who did all this research on the government & secret societies. Glad to see others are finally taking an interest. Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper good read

    1. Rhonda Uribe-Lands 💯🙌🏼ppl blind by internet n Hollywood lewdness…. going against GOD doing the moSt in front the lil impressionable children.

    2. You’re right about William Cooper what are you gonna do stay in the city or go to the wilderness???

  227. I keep telling my friends it’s time to move to the jungle , they think I’m playing 👏🏾👏🏾

    1. @PMacs Mccullum if u black, latino, and natives, rejoice and repent. If u of the other nations, enjoy your heaven now. Because We got next.

    2. @Tommy Israel it’s funny cause a lot of what we were taught was thrown the to waste side. Kindness to self and others, payer, fasting, good intentions and deeds, charity, no backbiting…Jesus is coming, and when he comes, what will he do good brother?

  228. I’m good.Jesus will provide. Pray that you may escape all the things that are going to take place

    SONG OF SOLOMON 1:6 Look not apon me, because I am BLACK, because the sun hath looked upon me: they made me: my mother’s children were angry with me: the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.

  230. With digital money they can easily glitch your earnings and make you destitute with a touch of a few buttons!!!! Awe Hale naw!!!!
    Give me my hammer, time to make holes in the walls again!

  231. The only card I have with a chip is my bank card but if I can’t pay cash I ain’t rocking wit it ya dig

  232. All control. These evil ppl want to know everything you spend on which ensures you can’t empower yourselves. They’ll give you enough just to feed yourself to remain productive for them.

    I knew if any money was coming it would be some bullshit attached.

    Their time is coming to an end and they know it.

    Look at all the CEOs who’ve stepped down all of a sudden. All these reports of these “elite” ppl buying bunkers trying to escape what they’ve caused through their evil.

    What do you know it’s been 400yrs since these bastards enslaved us. It’ll be 400yrs since the Mayflower came here come September 6th 2020. Now all of a sudden real shit that effects your life is happening fr.

    Lord willing these evil ppls reign on earth is coming to an end sooner than later

    1. So you depend on them if u live or die. And worship them as your g o d. Breaking the first commandment.

  233. Once we go into a cashless society Idont think many ppl realize how this is another way for the poor to get poorer. Sad.

    1. The only real people that’s going to be affected are melanated Folk peoples of color

  234. ⚠️⚠️ it’s us against them, with that being said start thinking of a plan now. It’s always a way around the system. U just gotta tune in with yourself and escape the matrix

    1. yep their “social credit system” with all seeing surveillance. Its probably the ones with a bad score that they gave the virus to.

  235. Thx bro for the info. I got hipped about 10 yrs ago. I’m stuck at wtf we gonna do.
    Now I understand why they legalizing marijuana….CONTROL……

  236. This shit is scary , thinking about what’s next after death and what we’re living in now is just a shortened time

  237. And these bastards are trying to force people to do census. So they can keep tabs on the different races. So they can target the one’s they want first. Look what they did to the people in Flint Michigan. Black people.

  238. Brother if that dollar was handled by a person with the virus on their hands or if they breathed or coughed on it that bill, the bill is contaminated. If you handle that bill the virus is now on your hands. If you touch your mouth, eyes or nose the virus now enters your body. This is called cross contamination.

  239. Damn papa duck you looking like me right now. Bags under your eyes. I’ve been up all night and morning for the last couple weeks looking into everything that’s going on and trying to figure out their next moves. I already know I’ll be dead soon cus i ain’t going for that. It’s war time! Hopefully when it hits here they’ll be a start of a revolution that i can be a part of together. I feel you duck! You are not alone. Looking at my two year old son sleep right now i brought him into the world and i will protect him with everything I got.

  240. The digital dollar confused debit atm cards snap benefits all use ssi number is this really new do u use any of these mr papa duck sir debit credit its digital luv all ur work though

    1. K E Timmons my friend that’s why it’s important for you to read your bible so that the Holy Spirit can teach you.
      God is all knowing yes. And God knows it’s either heaven or hell when we die no other place to spend eternity. He knows this because he created both the places and know mans free will will either place them forever In One or the other. We still have free will to choose who we will serve. The true and living God or the world which is Satan.

    2. unique jordan we using credit cards, cashapp, debit cards, ezpass, Apple Pay, all online sights, direct deposit. We already doing it, so we late if we talking about stopping it. I’m for sure he using a lot of these now. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    3. Tam johnson Hey I wanted to ask you a question I believe in God but are we born to go to heaven and hell when God is all knowing from past, present & future events??

    4. @Eyesare Gatewaystothesoul yes and I noticed alot of folks in Sweden has gotten the chip years ago

    5. Me papa. Is Lost. I’m still waiting for him to respond to my question about how any of his videos are going to matter when he stand before the true and living God. None of this stuff will matter. Practice getting right with God and living Holy.

  241. Look at what companies are creating the digital dollar. 2 giant IT companies and a vaccine company. Think about where that storyline is.
    I’ll give you a hint; Revelation 13. It’s a story, folks. The end is good. Don’t fear. Keep watching and heed the warnings.

    1. @nova Marketing No idea when. I just see the story playing out. The Bible says it will all happen quickly. The triple 6 homie still hasn’t shown up on the world stage. I’d say when that happens, the truth will be revealed. The best piece of advise I can give you and anyone reading is “You make your own reality.” I’m repeating it because it is important. Keep watching, the story line is speeding up. 🙂 If you are not working, that just gives you more time to look at the current events and try to put all the pieces together. Not everyone is lying, not everything is a conspiracy. Everything is part of the story.

    2. I’m an IT major in my senior year… I’m ashamed of where the industry is headed. Fuck this degree.

    3. @Josh Myers I am definitely not friends with evil. When do you think the 1000 years will come? in general this is amazing news for humanity if what you say is true. I’m speaking as someone that doesn’t want people dying from a man made virus aka someone who’s not friends with the devil fyi…

    4. @nova Marketing you make your own reality. If you think it’s going to get worse, it will. If you read the story, it ends with 1000 years without the devil. If you’ve met the devil, you probably think that is a good thing. If you’re friends with the devil, you might think it’s a bad thing.
      Remember, you make your own reality.

  242. Papa duck BLACK people need to know their nationality….. they need to know who they are …. unite and understand blacks have no rights or anything claiming this status still makes you a slave ……in the history of the world there is no such thing as BLACK PEOPLE … we have been stripped of our birthrights…….

  243. Our public servants became “Sovereign Citizens” 2nd Amendment “A well regulated Militia” regulated by the states. ENEMY Of The STATE “We The People” USA, Inc. 1871.

  244. We’re frontliners like it or not. Time to see what the men are made of because I know I have a strong back

  245. Just so y’all are aware banks like chase have already limited withdrawals to $2000… and this was last week…

  246. Money has always been dirty. We all would have died a long time ago if money was that dirty. It’s a hell of a distraction. Wake up. The money in the mattress or shoe box gangsta style is being targeted.

    1. They going after it because ppl put to much information put to get paid on you tube. When U give your enemy your ammo u will get shot.

  247. They just leaked yhat O+ blood is resistive to the virus…not immine, but more likely to recover…guess who has O+ blood

    1. @Maya D’Amato American blacks..the carribbean blacks.. mexican some native americans..some whites..south africans..the rest if blacks in Africa are different.

  248. Yeah all these years telling people wtf gon happen because the elites have been planning this for a while and All of this to destroy and build for the NEW WORLD ORDER .!

  249. U must don’t kno them brother’s who teach the truth that bible is not a religion book it’s a book of laws statue and commandments for the children of Israel brother’s from gms hebrews Israelites been teaching this information from the bible the book of revelation facts

  250. Plus the u.s in debt 22 trillion dollars 💵 makes cents lol to create new currency for debt issues plenty of bullshit on the way

  251. Anybody with SKILLS/TALENT will be okay if they practice the BARTER SYSTEM (One works in EXCHANGE for products from another withOUT exchanging CASH…JUST TRADE!…WE ARE THE STOCK!

    1. @Cre’Che Shaw LOL…You don’t need to read or have MONEY. Just HAVE SKILLS & PAY ATTENTION! THAT’S THE MESSAGE.

    2. @Sabrina XX yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!! I say that same shid all the time. It’s hard to get any of our men to think like that, let alone our women. What you just said ensures survival to a nation. Speak that shid and I Thank u

    3. @Cre’Che Shaw Yep…Me too..Don’t care about credit/debt or even more imaginary money but pay back triple… Lol. You got the right idea!

    4. @Sabrina XX I already knew this SHIT WAS COMING..THEY JUST HAVE BEEN INTRODUCING THINGS TO USE DESPACITO😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔😱😱👹👹👹👹🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎮🎮🎮🎮🎭🎭🎭🎭😳😳😳😳😳👊