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442 thoughts on “I Thought They Was Lieing The Whole Time⚠️⚠️‼️But They Wasn’t …..”
  1. It is leading to the, Trust Score, Predictive Policing & Martial Law. They are using the 5G to connect all these systems. They want to get smart cars too & get rid of gas. Everything will be controlled by one system, the beast system.

  2. Everything the good book the (bible) speak about baby its bout to get real birth pains. These devils been working. And people so ignorant falling right into it. Thinking its cool nothing cool about it these people know everything we doing our privacy gone

  3. This is another form of Artificial Intelligence, presently thisintelligence is used among Amazon employees. Let’s call them Beta testers, when it rolls out to the general public the intelligence will be perfected. The beast will be smartly packaged, disguised so that those who are not informed will accept everything the beast is presenting.

  4. The waste plants also breaks down our waste, all in your digestive system! definitely headed to a A.I., senseless, careless, humanless society!!
    WE got the power… ✊🏿Order out of Chaos!

  5. The letters A, Z, O, F, X , V with an I next to it is the roman numeral number 6. All these represent 6 oh and P and C and obviously S!!! Now go look at all the recalled medicines they gave folks and still giving them has 666 all in there THINK, VISA, FOX, VIOXX, VIACOM, MAN I CAN DO THIS SHIT ALL DAY. YALL STILL SLEEPWALKING THINKINGCYOU WOKE UP. DID YALL KNOW THERE ARE 33continents in all and not 7. Go look that shit up. Its gone blow yo mind!!!

  6. I’m about to pray cause what we’re living in, isn’t real,I been saying it,u can’t just voice out cause people will snap on u,if it’s true NOAH’S ART that’s just an example of people.

  7. Listen,I get government assistance food, housing,but what do I do because I know that it’s all wrong at what’s going on I feel it’s to late look at all the millions that has took the shot,and how do I know papa is 4 us, he’s trying,but like the rest that has tried getting a message across,THERE DEAD

  8. Anyone notice they did 2 satanic hand signals in the animated advertisements!!!! 🤔 WTH !! Telling us again their plan amd who they really work for

  9. Facts… For real weather check out above ground world news / agwn Mike Morales… Most accurate weather out here because he factors in the weather manipulation/weather warfare and while your at marfoogle news is a great news source for newly woke

  10. Amazon , A Mazon . A Mason . Everything is run by those Bitch Ass Freemason motherfuckers . Right Papa Duck ? haha

  11. Don’t forget the giant statues going into 21 major cities
    That’s how they will show the image everyone has to worship

  12. The Bible is a script that they follow that they wrote. Yes, we know that they plan 5-100 years in advance. Why can’t they follow a script written thousands of years in advance? I’m sure that they are working out how they can convince everyone that Jesus is dipping It’s ass out of the sky. Control control control

  13. You are stupid. It’s in the book of revelation! Yet you say use your mind. The beginning of wisdom is the word of God. What does it prophet a man to gain the whole world and lose your soul. You keep saying come together, but you will have no where to hide. You can’t fight an army. Jesus is the only savior and your only true refuge. You need Jesus, not a man.

  14. I been saying this for years now…. Welcome to cashless society…. Coming soon to a hood near you

  15. It’s all about The World Economic Forum, research that: ” You will own nothing, and be happy” Thanks for sharing your insight, you are so on point!

  16. No other book from 2000 years ago predicted that. if you woke u should know Jesus is real. not hating on the industry but im sure you seen how satanic it gets. keep it real bro

  17. Facts, people need to stop financing their own demise and go back to the “mom and pop stores”, because that’s what built our community to run independently, yes it’s more convenient to order online, but it will cost you in drone delivery/surveillance tech, loss of jobs/small businesses, data breaches, inflated prices, etc. Now is the time move before you get crushed.

  18. Papa Duck they don’t get it. They don’t realize that we need to come together and stop all of this.

  19. Bro. I don’t think people are sheeple people are just lazy this is why you cannot get any pushback against all this ideological bullshit….

  20. I’m WOKE!! All the things my grandpa and my great untie use to tell me all coming to pass I’m not SCARED💪


  22. I saw donut nectarines at the store. Shaped like donuts and suppose to be really sweet. Idk how to feel about it…

  23. Papa it’s a more than sincere plea Bro but the people are propagandized and programed by their religous prophesy they use it for an excuse to say we said it. The amazons of the world are saying it’s like taking candy from a baby our way has been paved so easy to control them. Now here is the kicker religous people are so excited and anxious for it too happen just to say there it all is happening not realizing it’s been the plan all along put in a book. Call it the holy book and no one will be any wiser. 2000 years and they still wont see even with the 2020 events perfect time to release everything.

  24. We All Need To Be Preparing For What’s About To Happen…Things Are Not Looking Good At All But We Good Over We Woke


  26. Mr. Duck this was short but very impactful I really liked what you had to say towards the end, we parish for lack of just the dam truth my brother, keep putting the truth out there young brother, you might save some of these woke! But scared azz people! Fear GOT they azzes. They lie about other countries, I’ve been there and seen other cultures and they do very well, if it’s a shit hole of a country then America made them that way. Peace! Brother’s

  27. I see what’s going on. I happen to love shopping at Amazon. 😣. I’m highly aware. Good information 👍🏽

  28. He’s right about all this only thing about Amazon is that what you buy is from someone like you and me selling it on Amazon using proxy. Individual sellers under a business identity

  29. I hear what you saying but I cannot share it because of the way you saying it everybody don’t have to cuss every other word to get their point across clean it up dude

  30. Thank you for speaking the 💯 truth. Look at Apple with the bite in it. The forbidden fruit in the bible…

  31. It’s been happening for a few years now in Wisconsin. It wont be me! They will get enough of trying to be The Creator. Thanks Papa Duck, eyes and ears open.

  32. 😮 WOW you told it Papa Duck The truth can set you free . You have to take action .if you not woke by now .oh well 🤷‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♂️🙍🏼‍♂️wake up people Pleaseeeee🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 these people are saying they are in control,there is only ONE ☝🏿☝️☝🏼☝🏾GOD. ALMIGHTY ELELOHEEM he gives us Freedom do the RIGHT THING And FIGHT the GOOD FIGHT .

  33. So when and where are WE marching, locked and cocked. Not on citizens black or white but on the ones that aint right. You know the WHO the 1% of the few. Control they want of me and you. Together my friend WE can stop them tonight. But that means WE got to stand up and fight.

  34. Just like with the iPhone, you can have a conversation about something while near your phone and then once you use your phone that’s all you’re going to see

  35. Wow 😮 yes you told it papa duck the truth is exposed, if people are not woke by now 🤷‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏼🤷🏿 ohhhh well, wake up everyone PLEASEeeeeeee ,there setting traps 🪤

  36. Well after Covid what do you expect?
    This option will be better if something such as Covid happens again🤷🏿‍♂️

  37. If you aren’t spiritually connected. You will parish. know one makes it out alive . The physical body is only a vessel. Fear of leaving this world is only because the individuals are to attached to this prison planet. Once you give up this rat race a true purpose will emerge. Everything is going according to the divine plan. Fear not. Raise your vibration and the outcome will change . Start with ourselves. …. much appreciated papa duck for the jewels being dropped

  38. It can only be the mark of the beast if it can literally control you literally like a robot otherwise its literally nothing wrong with it but that my opinion. I will say have anybody seen that movie upgrade, it’s more like the mark of the beast and Elon musk has already created a brain chip that is AI technology that could could take over your free will

  39. “What’s happening man, it’s ya boy papa duck. Make you like ,comment, subscribe and don’t sleep on your face because you’ll end up with a nose like mine “

  40. Yall try so hard to fight the good book (truth) but it’s real man and every knee will bow. We have to shift gears in regards to thinking about what’s after this natural world.

  41. I agree with you about 90% of the time but this is bigger than money/power/control, it’s about allegiance.

  42. It’s still religious, biblical, can’t be predicted when it’s prophecy!! They have a purpose to do these things to us! I hate the hand scan idea! It track everything and it is the mark of the beast! We can’t change it! It’s purpose! WE NEED OUR Own community literally! Own land and fence it in!!!!!!!! Protest against taxes! Come one people!!!!!

  43. we have to let them with the controlled minds get exterminated to show others and save who we can it may be too late but even at the last minute we can change everything

  44. Yeah, I live in Seattle. First it was Amazon Go. Just walk in get what you want. Mind you there are no cashiers.
    And you don’t pay you just leave.

  45. Yes Sir!,we can control these hurricanes,its the fear that brings them toward us,we can control them.

  46. First two stores in WASHINGTON has them already… come on now. The capital of the country? Yeah.

  47. Bro……I think this is an awesome idea… means we will rid the world of lowlife drug dealers on our corners in our communities…And idiots won’t be able to just show videos of money and robbery will be almost a thing of the past…U think life is serious…its not….life n death is natural…ur just creating more unnecessary stress to foolish ppl who don’t know the game of life

  48. DThomas from NC I feel you on that because like the days of Noah so shall the end times be, so now I feel that if you put your faith the MOST HIGHS KIINGDOM seek that first keep all of his commandments, and believe that CHRIST is our lord, and Saviour, and follow his example as close as we can then just like Noah, and his family did THE MOST HIGH will put an end to this system of things, and then I can over stand how you feel on how we need to come together as a people, and start doing our on thing , but didn’t THE MOST HIGH tell us to not lean on our own understanding, and that who so ever believeth in CHRIST, and keep THE MOST HIGHS commandments, shall not perish, and also faith without works is dead, so just like THE MOST HIGH said HE helps those who helps themselves, and it’s on this part that I’m looking to THE MOST HIGH for wisdom, and understanding is this what he means, because for me I have never been one to be with this world, never been one to follow the masses, from a little child, I understood a lot of stuff was lies like their Pagan holidays, and their history, ever since I was about 5 years old , now what 5 year old questions Santa Claus, okay well I was questioning this stuff from that age I knew that we had no chimney, and that how Presents was under the tree before Christmas morning, and how when I woke up that morning how there wasn’t anything more up under that tree, I understood then because I thought to myself that the world is a big place and how their wasn’t any sleigh that would be pulled by no flying reindeer going all over this world to bring all the kids toys in one night, and how was he going to fit toys for all the kids in the world in that sleigh, it’s ridiculous, and why they had a Easter bunny who left eggs all over the place, when they don’t even lay eggs , and I have been questioning things like this, and that all my life, and my youngest son who is 32 years old now was chosen from the womb and I saw his transformation happening the new years eve fro 2016, unto 2017, and he’s been walking with the Lord since as not a preacher, but more like a disciple, so then I hear what you are saying, and I think how many times have our melanin ancestors have proven that they could live amongst each other, and thrive only to have the Caucasians to destroy it, and kill a whole lot of us with doing so, so I ask you this what’s going to be different this time?

  49. most people who are awoke, and don’t do anything,
    just don’t care they love all the electronc business.

  50. So they continue to want us to trust them we have came so far uncovering there lies eye have unplugged eye will not take part in there circus

  51. They want you to believe there bullshit, they won’t you to believe what they say as if they aren’t lying, we all need to wake the fuck up

  52. They are pushing this vaccine real heavy. I work in the medical field and will still work here until they try and make it mandatory then they will just have to fire me because I’m NOT GETTING IT

  53. So Papa Duck what do you suggest we do? I mean I don’t know anyone that will listen to me, when I try to tell my family, that this is going on, except for my children, they think that I’m delusional, and even Though my kids and I won’t take the you know what, but on this I don’t think they are going to listen , and I don’t know how to get them on board…

  54. Hey check out Graphene Oxide nano tubes in regard to Operation Roll Up Your Sleeve. Then search Graphite Oxide in reference to em Are NA delivery………. A researcher tested all the roll up your sleeves in Spain and they’re yanking and blocking info

  55. It’s the mark of the beast just like it was written. We need to pray because this is the book of revelations unfolding before our eyes!!!!

  56. We are starting to make the change here in Colorado. We refuse to wait on the sleep they are holding us back. We do have one common enemy let’s unit people.

  57. We are divided by making us feel “elite” if we have the latest technology… humans will be treated as lesser thans….

  58. We’re all screwed on this economic slave planet. Unless you have the peace of God, the fear will consume you.

  59. the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people that he doesn’t exist, jesus said you are with me or against me spiritual warfare choose your side stop riding fence

  60. these things were written 2000 years ago and have come to pass bible prophecy in revelation the signs of the end times revealed to those who can see if you believe in the devils lies you still sleep

  61. As it is said “One of the hardest things to do in life is letting go of those things which you thought was real.” Now put that in your pipe and smoke it

  62. Knock the media out ands let’s go off the grid with all the people who know how to survive in the wilderness..

  63. Black Widow exposed a BIG percentage of this shit… they even turned people into pigs and controlled them from an ipad and made them stop breathing on command

  64. At the point I pray God comes to rescue us. Speaking of working together, who can build underground bunkers? Australia just announced their new world order and please believe it will come here next. We have to prepare. Get close to God now while you still can.

  65. No they don’t try to ask is this the mark of the beast when they know the vaccine is. The devil know his time is near.

  66. Stop watching television!!!!!!!!!! Uninstall social media platforms that don’t show the truth!! #IFearNothing #FearIsAChoice

  67. “They” want to destroy the “KA” which is the “SOUL.” For those of us that have one.🤔


  68. Duck people will not come together until they have nothing and there back is against the wall, we’ve been divided in so many ways witch makes it easy to control everyone. Most of the youth and some older people are so brainwashed it hurts my head. There are so many people doing what they think is right ( witch is programming) doing things they really won’t do, but because of programming it’s what they know ( trained like thinking dogs) I wish I knew the answer too slow what’s happening, keep spreading the message bro.when the fire gets hot it’ll wake up the brainwashed, but it’ll be to late. That’s the sad thing. Remember the saying if you don’t stand for anything you’ll fall for anything. Wake the Hell up people. You have too set a Date for change. For instance 10/10/2021 where not doing this that or the other from this date forward. Its the only way it’ll happen. I think it takes the people to hit there because a change comes about. By then it’s game over.

  69. I need nothing, that is your power. When it comes down to it. NEED AND DESIRE NOTHING. THAT IS WHERE YOUR POWER LIES. Have it, but give it up in an instant.

  70. Also, palm reading is a real thing. A lot of folks in the spiritual world advice not sharing your palm just randomly.

  71. Until we the people go after these elites we all will sit, look, and talk like this fckn papa cluck bozo hahahaha… real talk..

  72. The place google or ai cant control .. The space between you and the screen you looking at .. Dont think about what you looking at on the screen ..

  73. White privilege was a setup so white peoples will trust government more. Black lives matter was another setup for black folks to trust society more we all are under attack all colors in different ways wake up folks

  74. The same people that stood in long lines for the Popeyes sandwich. Will be the same ones ready for this to roll out with no push back.

  75. Netflix… How to become a tyrant….shows how a dictator come into power and how they control everything to stay in power……
    Confirmed for me about Germany….
    & yes….War bring peace

  76. I hate to say it, but I think as humans we are doomed. We are not going to come together. Papa Duck is right, we most definitely need to ban together. Else we are done as a species. How do you trust beings that care more about being right, than doing the right thing? As a spiritual being having a human experience, I know that everyone as multidimensional beings will be ok in the end.

  77. This is one of them bible stories my daddy was telling me about as a kid….🤦🏾‍♂️
    Scary place this is

  78. Commit a crime, they are going to track you and read your feelings and thoughts before and afterwards. #dontgetvax #5G-READINGS

  79. Duck it was too late when we got Obama do your research he signed alot of bad legislation

  80. Amazon not first one to do this other companies doing this in Sweden years ago with chip in skin.

  81. How you gonna stop corporations and technology? You usjng a video camera to make money off technology was there someone trying to stop that when it came out?

    What happened to 5G antennas making people sick and no one got sick – no one was in the was media lying to people.

    They been had this set up the time you accepted the smartphone the laptop and all the other techs we already been using.

  82. You take this and you won’t be able to repent. You won’t be able to buy or sell… it’s the truth. The word of the LORD is truth and it’s in the Bible it’s called prophecy. Just like it was prophesied for us to go into slavery over 3000 yrs ago in the bible. Deuteronomy 28:68 the elites know. Wake up so called blacks Hispanics and Native Americans. We have no free will the Most High is running the show and your lot is already set. Keeping the laws statues and commandments of the LORD and having faith in Jesus is the only way to make it out. Qam Yasharahla

  83. I’m an older guy these people don’t realize do you not them with their BS go head DUCK to many sleep MF,s out there

  84. And Walmart has face Recognition, me and my daughter was in check out and she mention the screen had the yellow square on her face, the cashier said it was to recognize for missing children


  86. Business is for from a father bro, GOD is FATHER period… Business is a fake illusion of something weak minds desire, but it can only bring you down a deep hole that leads to hell…

  87. Just Don t know what too say anymore get ready they bout too start knocking on our doors for yall too take a hit above the elbow Thank you Papa…

  88. Control is the key to life. You can control anything. We need to step up as people and CONTROL our on destiny.

  89. Be careful my bruh, u speaking nutin but truth & dey may not like dat…not saying to be scared, but be safe…luv ya bruh, been following since 2006…Lauddy Dauddy till da day I die…✊🏾👏🏽🙏🏽👍🏾

  90. artificial intelligence is gonna download all data know to man and learn to understand emotions, then they are gonna understand the black/ brown ppl on this earth! who’s favor is this really in?🤔….. “who laughs, last laughs longest”🤣

  91. Honestly speaking…dumb desperate move, personal experience speaking. Don’t dump on me please, but don’t download any survey for pay apps with this in mind. Be well.

  92. this is common knowledge. the mark of the beast is white skin. Aramegeddon war. WE ARE THE LAST GENERATION:
    TIME IS OVER. 6000 Years is over

  93. I disagree with you. This has been predicted according to the word of God. The Bible shows us the beginning all way up to the end. Study the word of God and none of the things going on in the world right now will be a surprise. Fear is from the devil, dont let him control you. I study the Bible and live by Gods word, so none of this scares me because I’m ready for the return of Jesus. Remember ,we’re not from this world we’re just here until its time to go back home to our creator in heaven. God Bless you all!

  94. NOW IS THE TIME. YOU MUST DEFINITELY ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH THE LIGHT. The time has come for the people of God to stand up for good. Whatever your religion the fight has started. Are you for the LIGHT or the darkness? Use whatever prayers you know. Whatever positive affirmations and visualizations. I AM. Love can only win if you, we stand up. This is essentially a spiritual battle. We can all feel it.

  95. u R All 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 I Don’t Folliw The Bullsh!t. But They Mot Gonna Detach Because They Lazy. & Crazy . & They Don’t Get It …. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 GOD BLESS US ALL & I HEAR U TY PAPA DUCK

  96. LMFSO, Papa Duck is so right on point. Wake up people. Everything these evil elites are is lending to a much much bigger evil plan. Wake up and live free.

  97. As well the bible can control people through scriptures that’s putting out fear I’ve been studying this for many years yes Revelations End of Time mark of the BEAST yea yea yea it doesn’t scare me anymore.

  98. Great video Duck but those ppl are capping it’s, they’re plan! They’re creating this shit to keep tabs on the ppl, it’s a test run, it’s what we the ppl let them get away with!!!! they’re going to use cash until they can’t no more!

  99. Everything that is happening was written in the Bible and the Bible is a history book. It’s not religion or a fairytale, it’s written by men and women who were inspired by God. These people removed books from the Bible and with the predictive program lied about the left behind series and the rapture. Get the Apocrypha – King James was black and he allowed for them to collect all the writings and put them in one book and it tells us that Esau is the end of the world and Jacob is the beginning of the world to come. The older will serve the younger. The Lord is the King and the angels are removing the weeds. Revelation 3:10 and Revelation 3:10 and Psalms 87 and Isaiah 19 apply. Believe in Jesus, it’s not might or power but by His Holy Spirit. A lie cannot live forever. If you are not sovereign or chosen, then how are you claiming it? How are you royalty? God chooses. Job 41

    Nobody can tell me nothing about God, he is real. Isaiah 35

    Stop being scared and stand on the truth.

  100. Amazon and Whole Foods already keeps track of your purchases. Biometrics and Digital imprinting are increasing day by day.

  101. Bro, I can’t say they are coming up with, but ratger, they are now putting a social score on us, just like a credit score. China already doing it. This ish is crazy FOR REAL.

  102. Big Gipp said it in Cell Therapy…. “scan your hand over the scanner to buy your biscuits”….

  103. Hello Papa duck, I am glad you brought up Amazon and you raise the question how Jeff got soo rich,? well, let me tell you what The hispanic comunity just finding out and is talking about, afte the Haitian psdnt’s death,…Amazon was one of the ones involved, Jeff got rich for human trafficking Jeff having ties with Epstein, the Clintons, and Mohammad. They robbed the babies and kids from these familieas from many poor countries starting with Haitians, and Amazon ships them throu the subtunnels in the Texas military bases. They killed the psnt cause he had dirt agains them and they hire a mad mafia called G9, and as a matter of fact, the have their channel on youtub and they are the same ones that sensor videos of any one whom trys to talk the truth in yheir videos on YouTube. They know this cause they are also responsible for a cuban you tuber lady calld bellisima #1 and a doctor Frabk from Metabolismo TV, among others just 4 weeks ago and the hispanic community has been verry sad about it. These are powerfull mobsters, armed comand criminials at large. It is all tide in with everything else.

    Jeff because Haiti had cancele past contracts and was mad at this, tried to dustract us with entertaining us with going out to space, i can say it was almost the exact day of execution in Haiti. I would say Jeff tried to scape to space just in case they got cought. But you and I know that even if he tries to run to space he still can’t hide and go too far.

    Also, the second reason why they got reed of the haitian psdnt was because he was the only one left that did not want the vaccine and want nothing to do with bill and bellinda campain specially after finding out about the astea senika not being safe enough. Haiti being one of the most poor countries after Nigeria and Africa, they where constantly harrassed, battered rape and robbed exploited forced to do things the didn’t want to do. They cut their electricity and water supply. This all by foreigners from U.S, Europe, and Argentina. These mobsters would send their men to terrorize their poor neighborhoods till this day. Theyr president was trying to protect them, Moise died a Heroe. Also, one very sad thing, part of his torture they took his eyes out, broke his skull among other type of torture. I am horrified by all this. Any way, I leave it at that.
    Peace Papa duck.

  104. Keep up the amazing work my brother 🙏🏿🙏🏿💓🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿💞💯💖💓💓

  105. Color don’t mean a damn thing ! It’s elite status Which we don’t have ! We gotta stick together no matter color religion or politics

  106. Lets start our own family group with people who think and Belive the way we do. I am with you all in my brother

  107. I work around older cats that tell me if they dont see information on the news…then they dont believe it

  108. I’m not a Christian and I don’t mean to get into religion, but the bible is like a roadmap that tells what the PLANS for this world are. So, we’re now living in a time where we are SCHEDULED to see the “mark of the beat” which I think is the vaccines. I look at the bible as schedule for what is to come. And one doesn’t have to be a Christian to see that the mark of the beast and mass deception is being fulfilled right before our eyes. It’s their plan!

  109. you should start a patreon for the stuff you want to tell us but can’t say on this platform, i’m interested.

  110. “they gon know you better than you know you, cause the world you live in…they created it” FACTS 💯

  111. they also made sure to throw up the devil horns in the ad @1:32 . so many other hand gestures they could have used

  112. Wow 😯… I agree FEAR is a business!!! And I wanna hear more about the things you can’t spk on. Start that committee Duck so we all can have a reason to meet up

  113. … of course all of these predictions will come to pass simply because they wrote it… If I write that I’m going to walk across the street in 30 minutes, and I walk across the street in 30 minutes it was not prophecy… I wrote the script

  114. Have you saw that video of the test dummies they make for the military😳 scary it moves and everything

  115. You need to start posting your videos on Duck Duck Go or somewhere else we can access them.


  117. The scriptures (God’s word) coming to fruition. Read your 1611 King James Bible. Repent. John 3:16. There is nowhere to hide except in Jesus Christ. Get off the grid. Learn to grow your own non GMO food. Learn to filter your own water. It’s a challenge but with God’s help all things are possible. Get ready for whatever with repentance, prayer and fasting. God commands us to put on His whole armor because we are not fighting against flesh and blood – Ephesians 6:11-18. You can’t do that if you are into the occult, sexual sin…..

  118. I feel ya Papa, at this point we have to come to the realization that those who will listen will and we can’t help or save those who wont

  119. Bro, don’t ever show anything from the TCT Network. It’s really fake news. Smh, c’mon Duck

  120. Every palm is unique you heard ,so tell me these palm readers are telling you the pass present and future of your own life think love

  121. So that also means that they can turn your “money” off whenever they choose to, if they don’t like your character, they can turn your access off…I don’t know what we’re going to do🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  122. You are right, And people please stop buying from Amazon like right now for your own good and other’s.

  123. It’s not the end… It’s a beginning!! Light comes out of darkness.. moreover, the Bible is coded.. them Genomes/ nomads are the beast and they trying to mark us…cuz periodt

  124. Why when we ask folks what is in the Jab they took! They just look at me like I’m the dumb one. 😳 none of them can tell me what they took.
    This shit is all scripted. It’s happening fast. So many would rather close their eyes. And not have self discernment. So so sad 😞

  125. I’ve heard that before, but the government all ready know us, and has been “controlling some of of us. Now that some of us are not controllable and then if we don’t get the “you know what” will either have to bow down to them or stand. these are the ones to know how to survival. We need to go back into our history and look at how our ancestors survived so long. Maybe, it will Start opening more etes.You have to have though skin and like you said come together. Some ppl are stuck in their old ways. 2020 gave us time to research and know the truth, and know how the media can twist things around. F.E.A.R (keyeyes.
    This covid didn’t break us, because our survival mode kicked in.. we’ve had our lights off, not enough food, but we still survived. One more thing, I have a whole lot of old 1900 books and some of the things you talk about I found some info on it.. just like you said they mess with weather. Shhhhhttt, look up “cloud seeding” they tamper with the weather.

  126. Video just came out of people lined up to get vc, watching someone on a stretcher being taken from inside… nobody got out of line

  127. Besides the Bible saying it over 2000 years ago, what other book told us about our current situation, even 2 years ago? Why are “they that wrote the bible” telling us about our upcoming one world government, one world currency, one world religion(The Anti-Christ), the”mark”, to “follow God, not man, (as in Jeremiah 17:5 “Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD”). It clearly says “have no idols”, yet we see all our so called “idols”, ie American “idol”, sports “idol”, celebrity “idol” are all saying “take the jab!” Even your lovable preachers and religious “idols” are saying it. Brings to mind another scripture, Romans 3:4 “God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar”. Those who are close to the Lord are well aware of all of this. If you don’t know Jesus Christ, I encourage everyone to find out about Him and ask Him to save you. It’s about salvation, not religion. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.

  128. Brilliant! Fucking game of mental Chess. Get us nervous about germs (Covid) then more will be accepting of touch-less payments. Get your biometrics info, your purchase history and wham- complete domination!

  129. This is a glimpse of the mark of the beast,
    Eventually they will push for the world to obtain this in order to shop and do anything monetary,
    First they will completely do away with the cash system.

  130. They are sneaking putting this shyt in grocery stores. People better wake the hell up! You are so right, people will not wake up until it’s too late.

  131. Yeah it’s been here awhile now big brother ain’t no joke make its so bad people are ok with it

  132. “Its contactless, which we think customers will appreciate, especially in current times”

    OF COURSE 😡, this is one reason why coronavirus had to be implemented

  133. If u study your history, u know that before Jeff Bezos was blackmailed and extorted and before Amazon was infiltrated and forced to hire members of the drug cartel, u would know that Amazon started off when the internet retail market was just starting, and they wanted to create a simple way for people to buy books to educate themselves.

  134. Sorry but its over, A.i, been hit brother. Before we was born it’s was here. When the “www” was created so was A.i…. they can have this realm…. just look forward to leaving this place…

  135. All of this is biblical and the bible gives us the answers we have to learn to decipher parables and that’s where most answers are God in heaven is the most high any and everything below that is under the rule of the most high

  136. 💯 thanks for putting this shit out ! I tell people this and they ask me if I’m ok lol. People are sleeping 💤

  137. Mr. Duck you better read the bible again man this is not amazon it is the devil himself causing these people to create these systems as a means of control so satan can take his seat on his earthly throne keep in mind God is and always has been aware of these partakings and his ruling is final not satans, satan knows that God is going to strip him of his powers soon

  138. SMH they taking over the world man and look like we gone let them cause we give them the power to do it.

  139. I’m gonna make it my business to meet you someday soon. We need to talk!!! I have so many ideas to share with you.

  140. They made billions by selling their souls to the god of this world and this was prophesied more than 2000 years ago.
    Read the Word and you will know who is really in control and it ain’t the Illuminati.
    All of this is well deserved judgment on a wicked society.
    Don’t matter how many people you get together, there are no natural solutions to spiritual problems, you must repent from this wickedness, be born again and fill with His Spirit to escape what’s coming.

  141. Keep discrediting the bible you ain’t gonna know how to save your soul when it all really hit the fan cuz these people are trying to turn us into zombies just like on the movies the movies conditioned us to think it’s all fairytales by casting spells with the images having us disbelieve that these things can happen and if you really use common sense what they’re doing is evil but there has to be a divine order to define evil and good a much higher power than man we gone have to find something to believe in cuz if you comply to their bs it’s a wrap the line is being drawn in the sand

  142. It’s not about color, Popa let em know it’s about classes and bloodlines🩸 if you not a popular last name, you ain’t shhhhh.

  143. Show me 10 people who has the chip… Or its just language to get the story told…. Sorry but if you pulling out the Matrix… You already know what to do…

  144. Ai🔥Ai🔥Ai🔥Ai🔥…word,I agree Duck if we keep waiting for them to tell the Truth.We gonna be in some good Twouble.

  145. We as people better wake up and take heed to everything that you are saying because it’s definitely the truth to what you are speaking.

  146. When you said “war brings peace” it reminded me of how history repeats itself and that the more you look at back history the more you will see where the world is headed aka dictatorship (the lawless one)

  147. the government studying based off statistics and they’re making actions based off statistics.

  148. I’m not giving up hope yet but it’s probably already too late bro, they already know every step we make. You think they’re not tapped into our credit card already, best believe they are.

  149. Everybody worried about the mark of the beast but don’t even know who the beast is…..most people are following the beast and don’t even realize it. God ain’t worried about no chip in your hand he is worried about what is in your heart and where your allegiance is. Remember we ought to obey God rather than man. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Keep the commandments because it is a sign that u love God. Remember Jesus said if you LOVE me KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS EXODUS 20 it’s all there

  150. FACTS.
    Excellent information.
    I posted this link In your comment area .
    Glad you are speaking on it.
    Yes all of this is in the bible verbatim
    BLESSINGS and love to you and your family…
    Let’s do gofundme/= gofundus for our own I’m in.

  151. Bro you can’t say it isn’t about color. They are trying to exterminate black folks first. Then and only then they will try to purify the rest. Everything else I’m at an agreement with.

  152. Everything a lie july 4th was just to get Americans to believe there independent. Britain to this day own the U.s and collects all taxes!! Rockefeller funded Martin Luther King!! What else you wonna know?

  153. Ok they know what we like. They know what to sell us. WTF?????? DUCK????? YOU THINK THEY DONT KNOW EVERY GOT DAMN THANG ABOUT US NOW BRUH???? Tell me something. WTF we gone do if we come together? Man we in the best country on the face of the earth!! We all gone die at the time we suppose too old age. Shit just going digital my G!!!! If you ain’t got shit to hide wtf do you care if the know what you buy if you ain’t buying shit wrong?? Them damn farmers been looking down on us making billions for yrs!!!!! THEY KILL THEMSELVES FROM DEPARTURE OF THEIR RICHES!! DAMN BRUH I LUV YOU BUT HOLD YOUR DAMN SELF TOGETHER WE GONE KEEP SUPPORTING YOU BUT ITS GONNA BE OK MY DOG

  154. You are exactly right. It’s directly in our face every where, if only we looked. Let us all pay attention, consistently.

  155. Of course it starts in Seattle, WA…..the home of Bill Gates….can’t make this shit up….lol

  156. Heck no … I deleted my Amazon account… Now I find it cheaper going to the store…🤦🏾‍♀️

  157. Get chipped or u cant eat. Robot 👮. Who u gunna blame 4 people death WHEN ITS A ROBOT

  158. 🙏💕👍Positive energy we Love 💕 you brother keep up the great work .On whit you all the way no matter what. I don’t really do to much comment but I make sure I give my thumbs up 👍 on ever massage you gave us we appreciate you

    That’s what we need to do! Take the air waves over
    SHOW Hillary’s, The Vatican’s, Windsor Castle’s tapes of their deaths and thefts from we the people TO THE MASSES‼️ PLAN A DATE AND RISE‼️‼️‼️‼️

  160. Of course they had to show the hand sign of the beast 🤟as well smfh is it not blatant??

  161. This technology has been around for decades I worked for a biometrics several years ago
    It has been available to government and military We use to scan our hands to get into the building. They can also can your eye. Had that done to. None really worried about it. One thing I know it is not the mark of the beast.

  162. Life is guna be like the movie demolition man they already have the tech of that movie out right now

  163. 2.Tim.3:16- all scriptures were given by the inspirational of God period not any man. From Genesis 1:- Rev.22:18-19 last verse. Therefore this is for the believers not the non believers ppl the scriptures has to fulfill itself. I BELIEVE IN ALL THE APOSTLE AND PROPHET SAID.

  164. If you have stuff you can’t say here, pick any other platform. Bitchute seems to pretty decent.

  165. That’s why I tell people from everything you just said about them messing with the seeds etc… They can’t believe in the same God that they’ve given to my people if it were so they would and couldn’t do the shit they do

  166. But you’re missing the fact that they can also “prevent” you from being able to buy things. That’s the next step. The devil is real.

  167. Sale=cell Imprisonment is imprisonment no matter how you slice it! Control is they order of business! 💯💎🦹🏾‍♀️💃🏾

  168. A.I will be the destruction of earth think about the nukes that they have being ran by computers. we all need to put a stop to this before the mushroom clouds take over ☣☣

  169. It’s happening because the WROTE the bible, the original bible is in Hebrew, y’all reading this white man slave bible. They been planning this shit for centuries, so y’all telling me y’all believe everything in the bible???? If you don’t then that’s not the bible you should be reading because nothing is supposed to be questioned on it’s belief’s, everything should be accurate, we need start using COMMON SENSE, we are still slave minded till this day!!! Smh

  170. Might Sound Crazy But I Just Watched A Video About This Guy Who Ended Up In The Hospital But When He Woke Up The Years Was 2027, There Were No People, Animals Etc. But The Electricity Still Worked… He Had His Phone And While Being On Tic Tok He Had People Asking Him To Go To Certain Places And There Was Nobody In Sight Anywhere And This Was Around 5pm, He Left Pieces Of Paper And Told People To Find Them And When They Did He Held His Camera Up While Standing In The Same Location Where It Populated Today In 2021 And When They Found The Paper It Looked Like He Was The ONLY Person Living In The World Of 2027… Its Crazy, Can’t Believe Everything You See But Don’t Cancel Out The “What If”… Like You Said, When They Move All The Animals Out The Zoo, Well He Walked Into The Zoo As Well… NOTHING THERE, No Birds NOTHING… The Name Of The Video Is HUMAN RACE IS GONE

  171. Data is the new super weapon. Im trying to stay as analog as I can using the oldest devices I can. I might even get a flip phone like My mama ex got.

  172. A man must have purpose. Must be willing to stand up and die for a cause .. otherwise your just mindless sheep.
    It won’t happen though .. because most of y’all panic when your internet goes down. Sad.

  173. Duck I felt your energy through this device. I don’t know what note or frequency you let loose, but dang! I felt as if I was war ready. Just didn’t know where to attack….division.

  174. I saw this video with a man walking on the mall and he just stuck like he was turn off is medical people come for him

  175. Sorry but…Thot Juice 1 of my favorites I’m still listening to other songs appreciate you for everything your doing for us

  176. Happy Monday to you king bless you and your family and friends have a great day 🙏💯👍 smh wow people don’t want to hear the truth about what go on the people want to hear the f keep up the good work and the truth 👍💯💯👍👍💯💖💙💜🌻🌞🌎the world is crazy people

  177. I didn’t even know that hurricane Elsa was hitting us lol they acted like this was the mother of all storms

  178. I love make your own weather team who can say it better don’t like your government make your own government couldn’t have said it better

  179. August 1.. .leaving america…. for good.
    Moving to where food is grown and nobody is modifying food. Thank god for covid because it made me be able to generate US money, abroad. And the vaccine….🤣🤣🤣🤣

  180. I been on this for years bro our people lack of knowledge and actually standing together is how they keep the upper hand

  181. I’M WITH’CHA PapaDuck I Totally Agree With You Bro and I’m In Seattle Wa. And I LOove Your Show Channel Also I’m A Professional Bass Player I am Aaliyah’s Ex BassPlayer Man I’d Love to do Some Music With You ,✊🏾😉🎶 Come’on Papaduck Get at me Bruh My Email is Brotha Let’s Talk.


  183. A lot of people are going to be like sheep’s without a sense of direction going to the slaughter house ,going to go and get the chip

  184. They are coming door to door to confront invaded , confiscate Bibles and guns ! It’s starting

  185. If you read the Bible, none of this should be surprising. Read the word, pray and live with no fear.

  186. Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    ⚠️The mark of the beast ⚠️The name of the beast ⚠️The number of the beasts name

  187. I seen this a few years back.. Welcome to the nwo its here crypto currency already been use blockchain technology records everything and almost everyone in world been vaccinated 60% they get 10% more its over.. People already scared afraid to talk real because they scare to lose that YouTube check anyone talk about cov your YouTube channel gone and thats the most important thing to talk about then anything else because it will effect everyone life don’t take it you can’t buy or sell in 2030 and if you take it you might die or be handicap and for sure you will be mind control and track once the system turn on so choose wisely im not anti vax either..

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