FB is yet back in court with a lawsuit for spying on people through their camara phone…wow the link to the post is below…

here is the link to the post

170 thoughts on “FB Is Back In Court For Spying On Us Through The Instagram Camera 😳😳”
  1. Yea I was talkn to a friend about my childhood ….personal stuff an then I got a text out of no where sayn something about what I said an I call the number back an the person didn’t even know me are what I was talking about so I screen shoted it to them an they said they neve texted it an it’s not in they text messages in they phone.

  2. Social dilemma is conforming what they are doing what they are capable of the effects etc etc. They know way more than what we know of this tech they got can seek out frequency i believe. Keep it up papa this is truth ill keep on supporting. Stay bless

  3. Had my social dilemma about 6 years ago when i deleted my Facebook i don’t know if I’m a prophet or what but i was with my babymom at the made both ya delete both now i left that bitch still no fb GANGSHITNOLAMESHIT

  4. My wife and try sharing with others but everyone saying conspiracy just dumb and blind. They think its coincidence when they see the car they’ve been looking just popping everywhere 🤔

  5. Then they know “WE THE PEOPLE “🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾☝🏾🤗

  6. Facts because I was talking to my mom in person and talking about creating a vegan perfume and as I scrolling Thur Instagram and popped up and vegan perfume company smh and I never heard of the company or seen ads

  7. Thanks for saying this big bro. People just don’t know how tied into the matrix they (we) are. All them face scans, eye scans, fingerprint swipes n all is being collected n used in ways we’re not aware of…. 😌🤔😥

  8. FAMILY PAPA,It’s out Corona Virus False Alarm Book written by Sucharit Bhadi MD and Karina Reiss PHD search in private browser not google use DuckDuckGo pass it on these are German doctors , Berlin Protest 10/10

  9. Thank you Papa Duck for opening my eyes on how social media works all the information that was given to me was shocking I really did not know how much social media plays a role in everyone’s life and including what these people do with everyone’s information

  10. I can be talking about tightening up my stomach and all the sudden emails, text messages everything be popping up on my phone. Trying to sale me stuff to take and go to sleep wake up lost weight over night. Lmao I just block delete and keep it moving 🙃 🤣

  11. Every app u instal mic permission camera permisions and contacts man they watch all u do go to google and look up wht u was talkin bout

  12. Good looking out on the social dilemma duck. I watched it when you first recommended it…it’s too trippy. Make me not want none of this technology tbh

  13. Social dilemma is a game changer, but if you pay close attention. In that documentary the guy went almost 24 hours without his phone. When he broke and got back on to social media, each application was like it’s own individual projector screen. He could sit back and watch everything that was taking place at one time(subconscious programming). I also think netflix released “cuties” around the same time to keep you distracted from tuning into Social dilemma” which is also takes on a very important subject.

  14. The government has contract with all the big tech companies. Google, Facebook etc. They listen to our conversations. My mother and I know that they’re listening to us every call! Why?

  15. They can read our minds now literally. What u think about will show up while scrolling. Be careful what u say especially around your phone

  16. Fb knows what I look like I’ve seen times where fb would automatically tag me on other ppl pictures that I’m in I can just talk about something not even look it up and it will pop up as an ad they definitely tapping in

  17. Bro our people ain’t gone to believe u they need to go see the movie causits real u doing a great job putting it out there u the truth bro keep doing wat u do

  18. Straight facts brother. It’s a spell on the black community. But my people don’t want to listen. Blessings from the Most High.

  19. Facebook are finished. They were also done for using our profile pictures and creating new profiles without our consent. It was also selling our data to third party companies.


  21. COVER YOUR WEB CAMS!!!!!! Mark Zuckerberg has his covered. Cover your mics, too. Smart appliances are SPYING ON YOU!!!! It’s so gross.

  22. Gold and silver which is an ASSET is the only true money every thing else is debt in 1971 president Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard since then your dollar which is an fake asset now real cause y’all was tricked to believe it has value has lost 95% of its purchasing power and is backed by nothing and is currently being debased like never before the federal reserve which is privately own institution was created in 1913 along with the IRS its a finesse the feds are putting pressure on the people collaping the economy cause they know when the fed coin aka digital dollar come out y’all gone run to it because they understand human psychology and how the mass are sheep and want to be governed and saved if you don’t know the game you lose this is an Keynesian economy, debt based they use credit as leverage to create business and have y’all work for them and y’all pay them taxes not them wake the hell up and learn history people and start businesses you can’t win against the fed so play the game and know the rules

  23. Watch the movie. Read a book and stop relying on Social Media for everything. We need to get back to the basics. Real Knowledge is power. Blessings 🙏🏼

  24. I made a purchase at Walmart and it popped up in my purchase history on my online account because I used the same card that’s connected to the online account. I was completely thrown off by that

  25. They don’t have any land. What is the submission email for the channel? The Heirs of Henry Turner 1848. Carolina Treaty of 1663 and 1665. Penhallow v Doanes Administrators. Dred Scott v Sanford 1848. Summa v California 1983. Herrera v Wyoming 2019. A Treaty can’t be amended by a State . Indigenous Rights are not extinguished. Complaint in Administrative Admiralty injunction pending a writ of Quo Warranto. We’re going to do it now

  26. Social dilemma open my head up more from more than wat i been expressin. It’s breakin families apart when u go to family functions u don’t even have good conversations cause people attendin to dey phone. I been tellin my girl she on her phone too much. She told me she paid for it and gone get her worth from it.

  27. Thats right to everything you said. You are WOKE. They use everything to spy on us. Especially our phones. Cash is definitely on its way out. I never trusted Facebook from the beginning. Something very eery about it. The new smart TV’s are equipped with a camera looking right at you while youre looking at it. Every single thing you said is absolutely true. 👍

  28. I watched Social Dilemma either last week or the week before. It was kinda surprising bc Ima 18 years old & I didn’t realize that I’m so hook to my phone until I saw that documentary.

  29. Yeah Social Dilemma is a great movie.. you are trapped in the Matrix.. i ironically deleted my Social media years ago.. but most definitely go check the move out “The Social Dilemma “

  30. Papa Duck go watch the New movie by Jamie Foxx called PROJECT POWER🤔 so many Subliminal messages in there & JEWELS 💎💎! Henrietta Lacks the X gene 🧬 maine they know us but our DNA is DIVINE👊🏾 they experimented on this woman for decades why? Jamie Foxx said in the movie they are looking for the Power but we already have the POWER because we are the CHOSEN PEOPLE 👊🏾🙏🏾✌🏾

  31. They are watching you and your house AND listening to you on your cell phones. Your cell phone has a mic and 2 cameras. When you think you’re getting away with your illegal activities.. you are virtually self snitching by carrying your cell phones. There are no anonymous tips or witnesses calling the police… they are simply using your own cell phone or someone’s close to you.

  32. I watched social dilemmas and it opened up my eyes a whole lot and it’s a shame how the world is changing thank you Papa Duck Be Blessed and stay Blessed my king👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  33. What you said was true. When I was pregnant with my son I kept getting ads for baby items and one time I was talking to my dog like “Baby you need a new collar” & ads for pet stuff kept coming on my fb and YouTube

  34. It’s deeper than we think. Please check out Tamara Magdelene the Lioness of Yesuah channel…..your eyes and ears will be opened even wider.

  35. Not surprised that is why they want trump out of office don’t like him either but he is the only one that is getting with these pedophiles wicked companies.

  36. I watched that movie today bro shit crazy man


  38. Cell phone is always recording and listening I was sitting at my house my phone and my tablet started communicating with my TV that hasn’t been on in over 6 months and I noticed it as soon as I noticed it I said something about it and it everything clicked off. We are constantly being monitored you can have a conversation with somebody about something and next thing you know you’re getting ads on your cell phone about it that’s not a coincidence.

  39. They’re spying on us everywhere.. they’re probably spying on us in our private restrooms at home. They’re definitely spying on the school kids in their classrooms/ restrooms

  40. All I get on my YouTube is a wheel turning and all that I use to listen is Christian songs and the news.. I’m so disappointed with YouTube.

  41. That just happened to me
    Was looking on how to find a deceased person online and jumped on Facebook then Everything I Looked up on the Internet Popped up of Facebook yea how crazy ANYWAY I GOT NO SECRETS I LOVE JESUS SO IM GOOD MY LIFE AINT THIS LIFE TILL JESUS CALLS ME HOME 🙏🙌🕊❤

  42. Ever wonder why people keep there cell with them 24/7 this addiction is ridiculous my regular old flip been working fine for almost 15 year’s now.if they would push the button n exploded all cell phone’s,laptops,pc ect ect with a kill range of 5 to 6 feet radius imagine how quickly the world would be depopulated

  43. Papa Duck you show right about that advertising because when I did a goggle search on some Vogue tires now everytime I go on you tube are any site those ad for tires pop up,💯💪

  44. I think you always speak real and from the heart don’t stop with the information you got a good thing going . Thanks for keeping it real real talk👆🏾

  45. I seen that yesterday they don’t want that smoke truth 💯💯this is another reason our women are being sold all over the internet😤😤 showing they body if I go somewhere for now on I might as well leave my phone I been knew this since last year they track you everywhere I will be watching that movie 💯⭐💪🏾💪🏾

  46. Social Dilemma was Good it’s on Netflix, they went against the company they worked for cause they knew it was getting out of control, they ain’t even let there kids go on social media channels

  47. crazy how the people who engineered those apps don’t even let their kids use those apps or social media and if they do. They limit their kids spending time on the app.

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