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  1. We need to learn how to grow our own food, make our own clothes and learn how to be peppers while we still can go to the store.

  2. If they learn Gematria. And go back to what slim said ….when he said it. And what his name and albums n shit all equal in Gematria. And it doesn’t change their mind. Its on them. The old sayin goes…… NUMBERS DONT LIE. Unless billy gaytes is telling a camera about some numbers n shit. Stay blessed holmez. U hit the nail on the head.

  3. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️Them kind gonna get EXACTLY what they asking for🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. 1 Peter 4:12
    Dear friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through, as if something strange were happening to you.
    1 Peter 4:13
    Instead, be very glad—for these trials make you partners with Christ in his suffering, so that you will have the wonderful joy of seeing his glory when it is revealed to all the world
    1 Peter 4:14
    If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.
    1 Peter 4:15
    If you suffer, however, it must not be for murder, stealing, making trouble, or prying into other people’s affairs
    1 Peter 4:17
    For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

  5. The Corbett Report have done some excellent work on G…… Bates and the plan for control. People if you haven’t seen it check it out. Although I know if you are on this site then you are likely up tospeed.

  6. Wake up people they are trying to take you to hell with them. This is prophecy being fulfilled in Revelation ch. 13 “He causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forhead and the one who don’t take it won’t be able to buy or sell unless you take the vaccine (MARK OF THE BEAST). Black people we are the chosen people of the Almighty God of ABRAHAM ISAAC and JACOB the same God who delivered our ancestors out of slavery in Egypt and now He’s getting ready to deliver us out of slavery here in America and from the four corners of this world. We are suffering because we turned against our God and now it’s time for God to take us back to our own land and destroy these countries the same way He destroyed Egypt. We have no rights here stop trying to get a piece of this rotten dying country and turn to our God the Almighty God of ABRAHAM ISAAC and JACOB Exodus 3v15 is where He told Moses His name to be remembered forever and all through each generation. Our history is in the Bible the old testament. Moses, Abraham ,Adam and Eve were all black people. Our God is getting ready to take us back to our own land to live forever walking on streets of gold. This vaccine will take your soul(MIND) and you will belong to the devil it’s better to let them kill you than to take this so called vaccine the corona virus is nothing but a cold or flu and there is no pandemic. A pandemic would cause people to drop dead in the streets not going to hospitals where they are killing people. Making you believe it’s a pandemic to cause you to be afraid and take this chip. Covid-19 stands for certificate of vaccination identification-2019 IT’S A CONSPIRACY AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE TO TAKE YOU TO HELL WITH THEM. WHITE PEOPLE HATE US THEY ARE THE SEED OF LUCIFER AND HIS SON CAIN WHO WAS BANISHED FROM THE GARDEN OF EDEN AND WENT INTO THE CAUCUS MOUNTAINS AND MATED WITH MONKEYS THIS IS WHY THEY CALL THEMSELVES CAUCASIANS HE KILLED ABEL A BLACK MAN BECAUSE HE WAS JEALOUS OF HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AND THIS IS WHY THEY HATE US BECAUSE WE ARE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE AND THIS IS WHY THEY HATE US AND KILL US WITH NO PROBLEM AND NO CONCERN OR CARE

  7. Charles Lieber the father of nanotechnology was arrested in January along with two officers in the Chinese army. They were working in America from Wuhan where the virus supposedly came from.

  8. Glad to see you know what it is ! Slim Thug out his rabbit ass mind. A DAMN FOOL HE IS ! BUT we already know these celebrities have already souled out ! I support this message wholeheartedly! Keep spreading the word bro !

  9. Yeah…. he is crazy….it goes to show you he does not do any research. Everyone who has taken the test has died….from just taking the test. He better wake the hell up. Or he is helping with their agenda to convince others to take the vaccine. I don’t see how he would go for that. He is trying help with fooling his own people….sad!!!

  10. You speaking Facts . & They need to decrease world population not because lacc of resources like they been said, it’s because they know they can’t control 8 BILLION people. So the lower the number of the population is, converts over to the higher the percentage of effectiveness their control will be. The higher the population equals the lower the effectiveness of their control will be

  11. How accurate is the research or information that determined blacks or non-whites are more subject to dying from COVID? What if that is a part of a program to set up the stage for getting more blacks and non-whites to buy into taking this experimental so-called vaccine? What is the REAL goal of these vaccines? How can these vaccines be determined SAFE and readily available so blazing fast? Warped speed? Things that make you go Hmmmm??? Why is it that these vaccines can all of a sudden become available, but a policy to deal with the senseless killing of non-white human beings (especially black folks) by these irresponsible individuals posing as public servants with a badge and gun in their hands saying do what we say or we will take your life, and actually does it without being convicted, cannot be agreed upon and implemented as QUICKLY? A lot of lives are being wrongfully taken away from innocent and harmless black folks by these perpetrators and the vaccines for that could have been developed long ago. As simple as redesigning policies to hold the perpetrators accountable for their negligence when wrongfully taking a life. Need to put aWARPED SPEED on this KILLDEMIC. Will these vaccines be designed to target a select group of people and take away their normalcy or their lives even over time? I don’t trust anything about this experimental crap (digital metal chips) going into my blood stream and controlling my mind, body and life. Some crazy MOFO might start hitting the DELETE button when they feel like it for whatever dumb*$$ reason. No thanks…I’m fine the way I am. If COVID should happen to get me in the long run, then I’ll go if I have to go. I’ll take natural alternatives in the meanwhile….NO COMPUTER CHIP. I DON’T WANNA BE A BOT…

  12. The gates foundation done killed or chemically castrated half of Africa😹 people with that kind of money and power don’t never get full…they want to constantly expand…and unfortunately they feel the world becoming overpopulated and black folk waking up is a threat 2 white supremacy…so guess who they gon get rid of 1st?!!!🤔😹 it’s common sense if somebody or somebodies threatening your way of life and your whole history wat u gon do?!!!! U gon get rid of em period❗️

  13. I honestly believe my job will require us to take that vaccine in order to work. It’s been on my mind like crazy. Ima just have to find another job because I refuse. I’m sorry.

  14. Stop going in their stores,stop shopping online. Only buy necessities, and work on coming out of this system!


  16. Look burn all their stuff down lets see what they do next .let them burn to the ground . just like they did to BLACK WALL STREET REMEMBER !



  19. They’re trying to get celebrities to say that so we get inspired to get that shit too
    Fck the new world order

  20. We will bro because the lie is dead bruv they won’t make no more money.boycott all of their businesses

  21. 2Chronicles5:13, If My People who are called by My Name. Will humble themselves an seek my Face, Turn from thier Wicked Ways, Then will I hear them, And I will heal their land.. Humble your selves, before The Lord, Seek him., Then will we see Change, Our Country needs Prayer..

  22. He said he’s taking it 😂 his choice won’t affect you. As long as you and the ppl you care about are safe 🤦🏾‍♂ nobody on here even cares about Slim before this and won’t care after 😂…for the love of gossip

  23. he got the covid-19…
    we dont…
    only GOD can judge him…
    to each they own…
    hes taking it…
    you dont haft too…
    too each they own…
    he has covid…
    we dont…
    iii have no clue what that mans going through…
    who am iii too judge…
    he has too live with that choice…
    at the present time…
    we dont…
    but they are going to wait on everybody too get iiittt…

  24. So you telling me if we take the vaccine we gonna be controlled like some damn avatar lmfao. For months people complained about there isn’t any vaccine for the covid baaam the vaccine is made and now you got those who don’t want it.. when y’all get sick you take meds right..

  25. This coming from the same person that was on the first plane to Vegas when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. He left his people and his City. More celebs will be pushing this agenda for vaccinations. MJ told us “They don’t give a dam about us.” You can’t serve 2 God’s. You can’t use discernment following wickedness.

  26. Dude he a software human…bought from apple store. Programmed to do what he do. And dont want to know the truth. It will make them short circuit

  27. Bro i made another video i put this in the video hope you see it i support your channel im very familiar with the research study all the education concerning this topic thank you for sharing

  28. Never trust or worry about offending a kneegro, who would participate in white supremacy, didn’t young thug wear a dress?he’s for sale

    Education is key for black folks stop falling for these tricks

  29. I’m From Houston me and that fool around the same age hearing that I’ve lost all respect for that fool straight clown ish damn puppet

  30. Remember these rich folks have made a pact with satan. Therefore Satan is ready to come and people like bill and his evil wife must create the chaos. Because Satan can only come and show his ugly face when chaos is on this globe called the Earth

  31. And wearing the face covering was just to see if everyone would conform. And majority of US wear face mask faithfully. If this virus is so bad, how is this little cloth protects you from it?

  32. Most people are completely clueless of what’s going on right now and how they are being targeted. 99% of people are completely sleep.

  33. I agree with this commentator 100 percent. This vaccine is for a global pandemic that the elite created so this vaccine and 5G are all plans to implement the new world order and to get the population. GOD 🙏 is returning soon.

  34. “Nanobots’, small atom size chips will be placed in the vaccine. Do not take it, we are being chipped. Check Bill Gates 8 years ago on Ted Talk talking about Covid Quarantines and a mask. Was he smart or part of the planning for Covid in order to provide a vaccine.

  35. yea man he must be workin for em! we should know better by now ! Don’t Take The Vaccination PERIOD!! look up “gene extinction technology”

  36. “He required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. AND NO ONE COULD BUY OR SELL ANYTHING without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name.” Revelation 13:16-17

  37. Ets what they bout to do get these silly rabbits hyped up by using celebrities to push for the vaccine to be taken.

  38. That why I stopped listening to advice from the mainstream artists or anything from the mainstream cus most of them sounds dumb asf and don’t make sense. They are all about money over integrity.

  39. These uneducated people shoving these vaccines in they babies at birth …and every 2 months after ..ALL VACCINES ARE DANGEROUS..AND JESUS RETURN IS NEAR

  40. Bill gates is responsible for polio ..which paralyzed a lot of kids in africa ..bill gates said out his own mouth that he made the vaccines for blacks to take it first ..why u think they give u medicaid .and wic…and food stamps..and housing ..

  41. This dude slim thug ….he gone be the goat to convince everybody to take it ..and they gone fall for it. Lord bless the lost souls

  42. These motherfuckers that take it gonna turn to zombies like in the movie’s. We are living in strange times. Common sense is uncommon these days.

  43. PapaDuck you a true soldier! This shit is real and we need to push back period! If we don’t it’s over.


  45. Get used to it brother you are about to see a lot of the (puppets) come out to support the evil doers


  47. We all knew that there would be celebrities from actors entertainers politicians paid to advertise this evil message to take this vaccine 🙏🙏 Lord help us

  48. Slim ignorant as hell! Do he know anything about his genetics? They trying to stop you from accessing the rest of you dna black man women and child

  49. You can’t and won’t control anything now or ever. Laws will be put in place to control everything you do including forcing you to a vaccine.

  50. When I was in prison, I had a phone that we was passing around with a video on it about all this shit and the former cia agent that recorded the video. But they killed him years ago. I’m trying to find the shit.

  51. Bill Gates already ordered his $644 million dollar yacht, in anticipation of making BILLIONS off of this CV Vaccine. What should get the people’s minds wondering is, WHY is there a clause inserted into vaccination law that protects the pharmaceutical companies from civil lawsuits brought against them should their vaccines maim or kill someone who is given the particular vaccines?

  52. Don’t get bummed out thinking you’re not reaching ppl. For everyone of those “bought & paid for” like Slim Thug … you HAVE reached SO many more of us. One voice can affect change, keep talking Papa, keep talking cz WE are listening !!!

  53. A fat azz dude calling himself slim thug, was clue #1 that he is a clown. The vaccine statement is clue 2 3 & 4.

  54. Never ever heard of the dude- hut definitely a puppet and another way they’ll use to convince people to take this RNA demonic nano technology syringe to connect folks to the internet of things. The Great Reset. Agenda 2030. World Economic Forum. Check it out.

  55. My best friend loves Slim Thug
    But you cant convince him that the government has evil planned for Americans. The Good News? If you have Jesuse Christ you only answering for what you did. *Not for what Bill Gates did or didnt do*

  56. It’s all over the world 🌍 these people are not human , it’s plan they just want people to follow , you ask me these people are talking cause they want to het back to working . But look what corner they pushing people to do, like forcing vaccines 💉 food lines homeless up business getting shut down and these companies and traveling and jobs on how we move will be our new reset , you don’t take the shot then u against them you starve , North Korean just hack into vaccine maker trying to see what’s in vaccine 💉 The battle

  57. I fuxck wit slim thugga..he from my city but .i knew he sold out when he came out and said he had corona around the same time other celebrity puppets were saying it ….hes on his own with that one!

  58. Crazy asf…so 😥…he tried his vaccine months ago in African…children have already died…wow…slim thug…read brother or sit down and let someone explain it…✌🏾

  59. He had to be paid to say that otherwise, I don’t understand! Just listen to the experts and Attorneys..

  60. Slim Thug, is all “Souled Out”! He’s sold his soul. Gates got to him and urged him to get all your followers to fall in line.

  61. Now is the time, and thank you Duck for your time and effort and hard work brother, some of us are listening to you brother

  62. Black people are to distracted, we love to Bs, and hurt each other, and you mentioned money, money is not going to save us, when money turns electronic, it is easier to control you, a press of a button, funds deleted, it’s pretty much a wrap because Black people are just going to complain

  63. The side effects alone are deadly, I hope a lot of these coons in the way take it, I will give it to them, leading our people wrongly

  64. DAMN

  65. He down with them folks! Bill Gates said himself his kids won’t be taking it!! Wolf In sheep clothing leading sherp to the slaughter ‼

  66. Reject the Mark of the beast!! This is more than a global reset! This is the end of days. We all need to be right with God! God bless us all. Dark days are coming. Prepare!

  67. Bill Gates cannot cure a virus on Windows but we aspect him to have the a vaccination to cure covid-19 you got to be kidding me

  68. Hey they got us lined up like ducks. Stay home so they could put there hands on ya fight for ur rights people. This is not a Law it’s really against our constitution rights the mask 😷 is too. Think 🤔 about.

  69. they expect millions to not accept the chip/vaccine… that’s what the concentration camps are for. First, they will require the ‘welfare queens’ get vaccinated first to keep food benefits ..its a trap!! ..explains the easily obtainable generous gov benefits minorities have magically qualified for all these decades. Population control. First vaccine was made waaay to fast!! will kill millions of poor & old people people who will be required to get it first. population control.


  71. for real papa, slow and very painful suicide at that. I chose death over Satan, no VAXX for me. 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿

  72. Vaccines are so dangerous there is a govt agency called the Vaccine Injury Board .. they pay people off for being injured by the shit! Fetus cells, mutated virus/ cancer genes and mouse dna are in the vaccines along with mercury and lead ! Vaccines are the reason for autism !! Don’t vaccinate yourself or ur kids .. get extra food and water as they will try to keep us out of the stores and public places 💯

  73. It’s a few rappers who have been led astray.. Scarface said he had corona .. listen to him on the willie d show.. sound like he’s lying ! Couldn’t answer shit.. they already sold their souls so don’t listen to them

  74. Hey papa duck.
    They too caught up in this Rap game promoting death music.
    Some of them too washed up to dring them back.
    Love your videos 👍

  75. he apart of their agenda.. look at the record label he siged too bro ! all artist thats signed to these satanic record labels is apart of the agenda ….

  76. Some of our people can’t be help those who know about the vaccine and how it’s not good for us will not take it

  77. Besides all this, just look at the past and how they have used “us” as Guinea pigs! Evil was and is still present and will only get worse again to where wicked people will do wicked unto to US cause they hate US. ⚠️

  78. How many people know the exact ingredients and compounds as well as the short term and long term effects in a vaccine before giving consent to be put in your system or your children’s system?

  79. @Papa Duck Peace. Good post. Most celebrities are useful idiots who’ll be used to bring the average man and woman into complete and total enslavement. Also, thanks for commenting on the consent aspect of things because we do have all the power. The battle between good and evil is about to reach it’s Alex in the coming years.

  80. Just like the flu shot have never taken it. Don’t know what in it, vaccinations no to no no, what was the name of them shot taken as a kid your upper back be hurting and could not move.

  81. U said those” Holy people should be the first to stand together”…News flash the pickings are slim to none.This is transferring into a One Religion World.Whatever Washington say thats what goes !!! A chain hv links use the links to sustain. Remove the weakest link….slavery last so long till they taught it was normal, the Israelite roam around for 40 years🤔🤔🤔. Only the strong survive.

  82. When I talk to white folk about why I don’t do vaccines they be like “yeeeeeaaaah that kinda makes sense”. When talk to black folk they make every excuse they can to trust the system. It’s a mental illness going on with us

  83. They always gotta include being broke like that’s going to make the next black person get the shots. Why are they steady trying to influence black people to take it but not trying to influence other races to take it? 🤔

  84. there are lots of people who share his view. worldwide people have no idea of what’s going on in the real world,

  85. You’re absolutely right bro. I just don’t understand why would anyone take the vaccine if it’s a 99% survival rate if you catch the virus 🤔

  86. What is the point of the vaccine? What is the point of Covid-19? It’s all made up and there is a very huge agenda behind it!!!

  87. People are to scared these days to boycott anything, they put to much fear in people already, you put fear in someone you control them,

  88. People are just ignorant specially black Americans wake up it’s not far to me or people who think like me because we’re putting up the fight

  89. “HUMAN DEPOPULATION” is their “PLANS” for the whole “GLOBE🌎”! #Agenda21

    Bill Gates… Joe Biden and Donald Trump said that they will 1st give the “VACCINE💉” to “BLACK & BROWN PEOPLE”(high risk people)!

    They only want “500 MILLION WHITE PEOPLE🧓👩🏼👵🏻👨” on this earth! #Racism

    This “😈EVIL PLAN📑” is written on the “GEORGIA GUIDESTONES”!

    Prepare for “WAR🔥”!!

    ➡️Matthew 24:21⬅️ because it will be a time of great trouble. There will be more trouble than has ever happened since the beginning of the world. And nothing as bad as that will ever happen again.







  90. I will admit, there’s alot of 🐑 out here. But also a big majority that ain’t for this shit! Including me

  91. He wears dresses so no, he don’t know shit! Did he know Bill Gates is dead as. Door knob for the EXACT SAME SHIT🤬 let him get it! He is a puppet

  92. If they really cared about the well being of black people why i didnt hear or see the vaccination pushers speak out on the injustice in the courtrooms, police killings, water contamination etc. among black people (STAY WOKE FAMILY)

  93. Rite his paid to say that and lead our ppl wrong . I think the ppl that say this are paid to say that and also so they won’t have to take it. They selling us out

  94. Matthew 7:19 broad the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. The only future left is choosing where you’re going to spend eternity. Long live the KING!

  95. All I got to say for everybody bumping their gums: Y’all better be ready to die because war is imminent — you either gonna die from taking the vaccine, or you gonna die fighting against it — Puffy said it best: No Way Out — die, or fight til death.

  96. Smh it’s interesting he said Bill gates not worried about his broke ass 🤔 (who slim think they’re targeting)

  97. They always coming up with something to inject in us. They use our fears against us. People fall for it all too often for fear that they will die without it. They act like they don’t see that keeping us in fear is how they control us. Bottom line whether you’re vaccinated or not, you can’t get out of life alive. These rich ass God, Jrs can kiss my ass with all their TEMPORARY man-made solutions. If that’s the case, why haven’t they developed the answer for cancer yet?? Tuh-hee😑

  98. I’ve been saying boycott this boycott that I wonder what everyone thinks when papa duck says it maybe you start listening.

  99. Kill Bill……
    Please stay healthy family…. these devils are out to kill us….
    And those who vote for those clown will pay….

  100. These rich people is up to something if they say that we Can’t buy sell or trade which that’s in revelations or we can go to our jobs without taking the shot everybody get ready to fight

  101. ” Slim – Slave” is not to be trusted. His MASSA is now feeding him butter biscuits for attempting to deliver that msg to the black community…FOH

  102. bill gates also knows what black people have and doesn’t want us to know so why would i trust him with a needle 💯

  103. Really sad he won’t allow his mind to think outside the box….The goal isn’t recovery, the goal is poverty and complete dependence on government.

  104. You have to ask yourself children whose bodies that are fully developed their immune system isn’t fully developed and yet this virus only attacks older people who is the immune systems have been working for years and only because of an underlying condition there’s a slight compromise that these people are vulnerable to the virus it seems that the virus has instructions gnome, on what it supposed to do RNA carries instructions so when it reads your genome it knows exactly what to do besides sickle cell you don’t see white folks for sickle cell now!

  105. 75% brings the population down to 500 million 🤔. Listen to what he says the tone of his voice expression of his face that right there should tell you what he’s talking about “next time they’ll pay attention with a smirk!

  106. It is strange that Bill Gates has investments in all 3 dope companies that has the vaccines. Why is Bill Gates so concerned with vaccines?Because the people that really run shit make them spend the money so that people will not know who is really controlling the Agenda.Bill Gates is a front man facade for the higher up elites who keep their names out of the public.

  107. Yo duck i understand about 5 G SO WHERE was a this with 4G im confuse I’m not taking g the vaccine but explain why nobody was speaking about 4 G

  108. So we supposed to not get the vaccine even if its proved to be effective🤔? So people should believe a microchip will be injected to control us🤔🤦? Did we forget Measles, Small Pox, Influenza, Yellow Fever, Spanish Flu & many other virus killed & was treated after a vaccine was created🤔? So why is the Covid-19 vaccine any different🤔? People without any medical background trying to claim the vaccine will control you mentally & you supposed to believe it🤷🤦? The same way 5G was supposed to get everyone ill when actually is was Coronavirus!!! So If it saves me & my family I’m not hesitating to get the vaccine.

  109. Slim Thug even sounded stupid saying that shit.Seems like Slim Thug is being paid to promote the vaccine.

  110. I been woke cus of you but when I Tel my family they think I am crazy but they ass crazy cus me and my kids ain’t taking shit

  111. You are correct concerning nano technology.. they are the smallest machines in the world 🌎 that can change DNA and among other things.. You do not want this Technology inside your body.. they’re going to make it sound really good but trust me, the damage and downside that it will do is not worth it.. it will completely change the human being, which means the person will no longer be a human being.. This technology is over 6000 years old, it is from the fallen Angels.. This is the main reason why GOD sent the Deluge (flood) because it had Corrupted the DNA of all the inhabitants of earth, Except for 8️⃣ people; and it’s going to be repeat it again before Jesus comes.. these people are wicked, they could have easily cured cancer, aids, Alzheimer’s, and all the other diseases.. but their playing a wicked, sinister, and nefarious game with the lives of the people on this earth.

  112. Cant lie black people talk to much we speak on things we know nothing about we need to shut up pick up a book and stop showing our moves and our ignorance some black people 10 to 14 years back mentally.

  113. just like voting..they are going to use the hip hop culture and rap music to get the black youth and others to just take that vaccine!!!

  114. My codex aint direct..less lip mo Rypt….44 and some mo out tha doe…rest doe…happy eating fa sho…PAPA dough. Dat way..slo is mo…gucci

  115. If our people ( so-called blacks, native Americans, and Mexicans) take that vaccine it will change our DNA. Y’all please do your research.

  116. Let’s stick together foreal we are in this together …!!! Stand strong my people .. stop following these people they mean you no good stop being influenced by negative energy in society keep your eyes open

  117. Obviously he got paid to lie & sellout. He wont get the vax but he’ll dam sure promote the dam thing

  118. Question, how do we stop giving the power to them. How are we to stop the plan that they have for us?. I’m hear to listen and learn. And to research for myself.

  119. In a 2003 interview with PBS’ Bill Moyers, Bill Gates admitted that his father used to be the head of Planned Parenthood, which was founded on the concept that most human beings are just “reckless breeders” and “human weeds” in need of culling.

  120. Slim thug? Won’t be listening to that bs no more, if that’s what he believes in. What happened to FAITH IN GOD

  121. You can tell he doesn’t read because they already have articles on that vaccine doesn’t cure the virus and that it has a lot of side effects wow

  122. Bill Gates Foundation kicked out of several countries due to their tainted vaccines against BLACKS. In Africa 500k African Queen unable to reproduce

  123. Their puppets even the ones you may think are not. They said in the End times the one’s you thought we’re good are wicked. Bill gates doesn’t allow his children to get Vaccines look it up. Their not organic you are.
    It’s always been a war against good and evil. What your seeing is everyone pick a side people sold out along time ago. You or them and the famous are gonna say sacrifice you the masses. Trump is the last Trumpet 🎺

  124. I work in the medical field. People, people, people please understand doctors treat signs and symptoms 99.9% of the time. Doctors write prescription based on signs and symptoms. So if doctors are doing this. What makes you think these vaccines are based on a root cause? Tramadol has morphine added in that little pill. So if you take a drug test morphine will show up. Please take your health seriously.

    Like say for instance your blood plasma. You go out to eat right before you go get your blood drawn. You decide to eat a hamburger and you have a milk shake. You go to the doctor right after and get your blood drawn. Your blood plasma that sits on top of your blood in the tube. Now, your blood plasma supposed to be kinda clear but since you decided to eat that hamburger and drink that milk shake your blood plasma is yellow. That yellow stuff is from the food you ate. So your blood plasma travels through your body and that yellow stuff which in turn will build up over time and eventually clog your arteries. Your arteries lead to your heart..

    Now tell me, if society as in commercials on tv advertisers this same hamburger and milk shake you just ate knowing your dieing a slow death advertise for you to come eat at their restaurants.These people that your paying to off you. What makes you think these same people that make vaccines and the like have your best interest at heart?

    Just fyi morphine is used for patients that are dying. And if you give morphine in a high dose you will die , not because of your health issues but because of that high dose of morphine. 💡

  125. We the people have more power than we know we just don’t know how to use it.. if we stand up against the corporate Cup and the math and the government and the system we will win easy to have to bow down to us.. what were too distracted without nice cars are famous people in famous Hollywood stars so people distracted to have fun all day and don’t care what’s going on that’s okay you’ll soon find out when you lose your freedom..

  126. We need 2 come together as earthlings, all one ppl. To fight against subjugation from dat vaccine/s. This situation not about who’s better den who we all da same, different in some aspects. We have murderers literally in control of our lives & now they trynna manipulate our genome. Our freewill of thought, privacy, control if u have children. In addition alter every bio part of u Wake Up PPL listen Papa Duck oooooon sum real shiiii. Salute

  127. That day is coming put the chip in people’s am it won’t happen in my lifetime but people are doing it right now in Switzerland and they voluntarily doing it.. it’s just a matter of time before they force everybody else to do it hopefully won’t happen in my lifetime because I’m from the eighties thank God for that..

  128. Yep me 2…..correct me if I’m wrong using Africa and other countries using them as test cases.. God bless you.

  129. You have to overstand up that the 2/3 will always outnumber the 1/3 only a small remnant of us is going to make it and that was written it’s prophecy being unfolded

  130. I got a cuzzin that graduated from medical school that talk dude thug was talking to.. if it wasn’t in a book that don’t believe it

  131. Keep it real bro Slim Thug got 2 be out his black azz mind 2 each it’s own it’s sad azz hell I know 1 person who wont take it and that’s Dre which is me I rebuke Bill Hates and Slim Dubbed them in the name of Jesus Amen 💝🔥💪🏿🙏🏾💯

  132. What don’t make any sense how u walking paranoid smh understand u know the truth but when something happen to u nobody gone care just being honest especially black folks. Just move n silence and peep shit u been peeping on your own like me and if got a family worry bout em other then proving to this ppl

  133. Wow smh .,,, How can these people trust bill gates , dude hasn’t even finished college nor is he a dr …. I keep my trust in GOD over man made science ….. let the lost stay in confusion… because not everyone will make it into heaven …

  134. I think the “powers that SHOULDN’T be” are controlled by demons….
    Totally evil and our enemies.

  135. A person with 10$ in his pockets will kill you just as fast as one with 10 billion in his. It’s what’s in your HEART not your POCKET that makes you a killer

  136. They have to use the virus to make the vaccine and you have to be a fool to get it especially if you dont have a strong immune system. I feel like they just see us as test subjects that they can do whatever they want with cuz we as da ppl allow it 😔

  137. Thanks bro for always keeping us hip to THE REAL AGENDA, my brother this is Y THE NFAC IS Necessary I think it’s equally important we understand why we need to come together as a people and either start a likeminded Organization like the NFAC or look into team ppl the time is now. Again thanks brother for always keeping it real

  138. It’s gonna be a war good vrs evil it’s in the bible so it’s gonna happen but it’s up to people to realize that it is facts most people won’t though and will fall in line to receive the mark of the beast vaccine

  139. Slim thug is the same one that was used to say he had COVID don’t anybody remember this. He appeared to be just fine in that video.

  140. RIGHT! The whole Gates family is on B.S. They name stand for the gates of hell,which they are trying to open. And slim thugs goofy ass wanna go walking right thru those gates to burn! Good riddance! I AINT TAKING YO DAMN VACCINE MR.GATES!

  141. C’mon Duck now! It has nothing to do with “religious”, Man, it’s we as a people, all of us should come together. Period. A day will come when neighbor will look after neighbor again💯

  142. Protect yourself. Those vaccines are patented. Will you be owned once you take vaccine? Will they kill off a group of people because they are chipped? YouTube Dr. Carrie Madej on vaccine. She raises very important issues.

  143. I think they gonna turn into zombies when they take it…to many zombie movies out there (hint).man I’m not laying down to die freely for no man .I’m a soldier..it’s gonna be a bloody bath on these streets..

  144. That fool was sleeping with his own cousin so who is he leading? Boy bye ..Ashes to ashes .. dust to dust

  145. #Duck bc you a Forty Year Rapper! And you Still Rapping even after you know the Real.. And You Don’t Squat where you Piss!! Bro Stand Up.. Not say Slim Thug is Confirming But You on the other End Eazy this Blow not coming Against Rap Industry/ & Certain Rappers when they Do and Publish this Foolishness 💯 bc you still trying to be a Rapper!! And NOT Ruffle Feathers. STAND ONE WAY NOR ANOTHER!! Time out for Luke Warm & Straddling The Fence ppl👎

  146. Christian is a false religion we’re ISRAELITES followers of YAHUAH and YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH come to the real truth the letter J was not used before the 1600s

  147. You say no vaccine don’t take the vaccine my question to all those who say don’t take the vaccine with all that information you have what do you do what happens if you don’t take the vaccine will they be killed will they be in prison you can’t just go out here and tell people don’t do this and don’t do that when we already caught up and especially if you’re black so why you telling people don’t take the vaccine you need to tell them what to do in place of it

  148. Tha boss lol he fool he self with that puppet talk slim that ain’t boss talk I’m done with you & your music

  149. Bill and Melinda Gates: AKA Boris Betennoff and Natasha of Rocky & Bullwinkle. Why would a man who said it’s too many people on the planet want to save them with a vaccine or anything else?

  150. Get the book Covid-19 the great reset it’s all planned out by the world leaders joe Biden had front row seat to the meeting in Davos Switzerland home of the big 🏦

  151. For those who make efforts to wake up those who are sleep, you first have to make certain efforts to make sure they’re not braindead.

  152. He sold his soul already & got no way out. Now he wants to push the black community for more money. His career is washout and no one listen to his music. Also he is going broke and want to gain money from bill gate. No vaccine brothers and sisters. Stay safe keep your body healthy GOD Bless.

  153. I hate tha way our people sell out for bread crumbs when we have tha ingredients to bake a loaf.. slim thug ah legend in tha lone star state but cuh a sell out for that remark

  154. Rex84 plan coming up for blacks and Latinos to get rounded up on fema trains to go to fema camps and get forced vaccinated . Walmart will be fema camps in martial law and vaccinations. They got cargo ships 🚢 to dump bodies in the ocean in shipping containers on east and west coast . Shit bout to get spooky.

  155. Idk what to do after I tell them I’m not taking the vaccine. I feel like the ones who don’t take it can’t even go grocery shopping or leave the house until you do..

  156. Sad that live in his Hood right now, Acres Home in Houston, Tx, trust me the black people over here really thinking like Slim Thug running from each other and wearing masks.

  157. SMFH! They got us! The flu and colds just magically disappeared and radiation is a conspiracy theory 😤 how we believe the same mufer lied about everything in last 100 years

  158. DAM #slimthug !! You from my block, Homestead H-town. Please do your research before you say anything like that, DAM!!!!

  159. If people are not ready to abandon the ways of this world & live off the land It’s a waste of time and energy trying to teach them

  160. the problem is we dojt come together and work together as a people. people should stop shopping for 1 day in these stores I bet you alot of things will change.

  161. Boy The Lord need to hurry and remove these demons it’s fixing to get real chaotic for real for real my people need to stand up and together and pray hard fam (THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD) BRO U NEED A BIGGER PLATFORM AND MIC 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  162. Just had a heated conversation with my sister in law about this vaccine. I refuse to take and she said she can’t wait to take it SMH.

  163. Every since Slim Thug caught Coronavius he been used as a celebrity to public to advertise how real the vius is and to wear mask and now this sht. He talk like these politicians.

  164. Thanks for the information. Be mindful that they’re watching, listening, and have a history of silencing anyone who enlightens other. Peace and blessings

  165. Let him take it, we’ll just see what type of side effects he has. If his tongue or toe nails swell up!😁😆

  166. After hearing that lost my respect for slim thug. Go ahead take it (dead bug) my homie that boy duck keep it up

  167. Some of our Black People r a disappointment . SAD.!!!! It’s not that we don’t get it we don’t want to get it.

  168. Papa Duck you sho right I was watching TV and on the ABC news they showed an airplane company was saying that if you didn’t take the vaccine you were not going to be allowed on the plane so it’s coming sooner than people think I agree with you Papa D

  169. My brother papa you have some good videos and then theyre the ones like this video…boycot.boycot what are you saying its too late to boycot…we…sol ppl need to wake the hell up and come out of this wicked ass racist diabolical system we are not them and they damn sure aint us but they damn sure wish they could be us so again come out now

  170. Hey fam blessing to you and your family! I believe that vaccine is the same experiment theyve been given for years peroxide mixed with some other experimental drug! Control always start from the top but if we dont allow them to abuse that authority then they wont be able to control anything!! Pharmaceutical companies are evil and they taken out folks by the dozen! Constitutional right been violated the right to assemble but everyone on lockdown how that work!!! Wake up good people! Mind control and fear will destroy this world whole!! Appreciate you fam keep kicking that knowledge we listening!! Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Stay up! Stay woke! God BLESS ❤🤗🙏😇

  171. Bro that’s because these mfrs these days so phoney, they think they no everything and quick to down a person that’s broke and no knowledge to what’s going on but will pay close attention to someone with a degree and really they don’t know squat. They have to learn from the real people like you and me that actually been through it, yet instill they’ll be quick to try to make you feel like you don’t know nothing when really it’s your info that’s stamped!!!

  172. At one point to Jews could not buy or sell. And they were put out of their businesses. And their businesses were marked

  173. Hay popa Duck I really dig your videos, what I dont understand is how most of the world sided with the Devil,aka Evil all our freedoms is just about gone u speak facts brother I appreciate your honesty , I live Holy is possible trying to keep my mind on God, if your liveing right he. Will see u threw ,all the. Celebrity’s have been Chip all ready they hide it ,thanks for the real!

  174. It isnt about killing you it’s about turning you into a hybrid.
    Quantum dot hydrogel in the vaccine.
    Self-assembling polymer.
    You won’t be human anymore.
    See, ‘old world’ animals- and we are part of the animal kingdom- cannot be patented.
    Hybrids can.
    You will be absorbed by the quantom dot.
    This is NOW.
    There is only one way to defeat this and that is by HAVING EACH OTHER’S BACKS.
    If one person says I do not consent it means Nothing.
    If EVERYONE does for gods sake we have POWER.
    The chem trails, the cv test, the vaccine and 5g All Work Together.
    Don’t even wear a mask- quantum dot has also been aerosolized and could be put in masks.

  175. Real S#!+ Papa Duck 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ This why it’s gone be millions just like him taking it !

  176. They ACT “COMATOSED” because they’re still alive yet sleep and the “machine” (satanist system) is keeping them alive just to run up the BILL Gaytes of NO RIGHTS….. yeah I said it.

  177. In my mind and many others know COMMON SENSE is GOD and having none is Satanism basically in this nonthinking society. Do REsearch. Then search AGAIN as the word defines itself.

  178. Po thing he don’t know! He don’t understand! He spent more time towards the material things on this planet. They keep us busy just so we are distracted from what is really going on and/or they have gotten to him and he has been distracted away from what he needs to know. It is more deeper than we even know. We have to do our research. He may be being used as a distraction himself.

  179. People wakeup its its all about the beast system!” the mark of the Beast. Turn to the most high God and Jesus Christ our only salvation! Jesus Christ is the only way. We are in the last days! Ephesians 6:11-12 KJV for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness, of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. There’s power in the name of Jesus. 2Chronicles 7:14 KJV IF my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sins and heal their lands. God BLESS! Jesus Christ SAVES!

  180. U gotta know Satan pays them they soul already gone.they helping them push their aagenda against the blacks

  181. Just look at them bro 2 puppets everything is changing the narrative now is to trick the people into taking the vaccine 💉. Stay woke

  182. Let see him go Live and take that Vaccine.
    Let watch him for 2 months. Let’s see How his body & mind going to change. Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Bill G. All connected

  183. He’s on their side it all makes sense now when he said he had got the cove at 19 and he said he got the results in like two days or something like that and they ask how do you get it so fast he says something about money can work miracles not in those exact words sounds like he’s on their side and I’m talking about the government side and Bill Gates we gotta open up our eyes and stop being robots💯💯💯💪🏾

  184. Papa skin don’t make us kin, our people are the dumbest, most emotional beings on this planet! Bring the heat papa!!!

  185. Im talking about his dumbass POP you know it just became illegal 🚫 to buy Christmas 🎄 in Britain Columbus in Canada 🇨🇦 cuz these ppl are nuts

  186. A lot of our folks have that mindset, bill gates might not want to kill you but he will control you if you take his vaccine.

  187. One way or another they are going to give every human on this planet a shot with nanoparticles in it cause if you refuse the shot your not going to be able to live life. The shot is going to replace the mask. Instead of signs saying no mask no service it’s going to change to you have to prove you had your shot to enter this building, get on a plane, buy a car. Trust in the end everybody’s ass is going to get vaccinated

  188. Bill Gates has not given away any of his fortune, on the great reset, the fourth industrial revolution, the NWO check out James Corbett. Papa Duck right. Rappers cannot necessarily be the people who we seek out to fight the Hegellian dialect which the elite with the help from their minions are in the progress of introducing.

  189. Most folks financially stable don’t understand or care, they stuck in the matrix 🤦🏿‍♂️… Think outside the box do research on your own family 🙏🏿👑

  190. Sad, and my sister just said, that she is going to take it. I have tried to wake my family and they say I am crazy.

  191. Pathetic!! I knew he wasn’t shit when he called Russel Wilson “corny” for marrying Ciara. But this is a whole new low! He knows he’s a strong influence in Houston, he’s selling out his own damn people! These celebrities make me sick!!😡🤬

  192. at this point its too late to wake people up… the vaccine is a few weeks away and niggas still asleep.let them find out

  193. Much love to slim thug, Papa duck man, keep doing whats righteous Papa.That’s all I can say. ✌️🙏👍

  194. This just like Trump paying black folk’s to be “Trump supporter’s.” Everybody has a price, especially when u don’t have fund’s.

  195. Some people are sleeping sheep and scared to know the truth…Cmon Thug you gotta be smarter than that…Although, you may have a substantial income money cant buy common sense. Do your research before you sign your life away!! THINK

  196. That’s the dumbest shit I ever heard smh thug always got advice for folks. He need to sit this one out

  197. Go on utube family look up big Judah he’ll say he’s out of California. 2nd one nation one power 2 real prophets real truth.

  198. Are they Go Put That Mess In Wealthy People,,Are they just Go Kill,,people In General,,That’s not Rich Are Just Fithyrich,,,,I been woke,,that’s No Good Lord Knows

  199. We have the Power to shut all this stuff down. We have lived without technology. All it takes is 24 hours to make a impact.

  200. i new he was on sum bullshit when he said he had cover 19 in march the nigga with bill gates, he has to be all these fuckin videos out here and he a rapper

  201. “I ain’t gone talk about him but he out his rabbit a** mind.” 😂😂fa real.

    I wish I would get that vaccine. You done found a vaccine that fast and it’s been 30 plus years and they still ain’t found a vaccine for HIV. Bruh, they think we stupid.

  202. Yes I am boycotting anyone wanting to hurt My Fellow Patriots! Hurt Americans and no more American money for your Traitor tail!

  203. He might want to look the girl that took it in the trial. She is young with small children and now has the sores described in Revelations! And her medical expenses and suffering is her problem to them! I shared her go fund me to get the word out! And a mother in Greenville buried her soldier daughter because of Nanogel! I researched them too Papa Duck and that is a-MAJOR WICKED AGENDA! Nope! Not us! I am so glad Trump did win and they are being exposed and are going down!

  204. Papa Duck yo money ain’t gonna mean shit either- that’s why I don’t listen to that money talk bc they control money. Say Papa Duck, you can’t serve God and money at the same time

  205. When people have money blacks assume those are the ones that has the most sense- actually those people are the most absent minded of us all….

  206. He and many other worship n praise money n people with money so let em all who think like this go line up like cattle going to slaughter

  207. Awwww Slim 🤦🏽‍♀️ This ain’t how we all get down in Htown! He called himself broke, that alone says more about his intelligence level, or the lack there of. No shade, js 🤷🏽‍♀️ RT💯

  208. Slim always been one my fav rappers but he fool for wanting take that vaccine. Bill Gates comes from eugenics programs. He already said he wanted lower the population through vaccines

  209. Naw we playing 6D chess and fuck that vaccine. Money is out, digital is whats now. All them bag of money chasers are being fazed out.

  210. Thos is where #Lack#Of#Knowledge gets you!!!!
    The God’s have spoke it “For the lack of knowledge, my people parish.”

  211. If this world was a Comic Book Bill Gates and his wife would be, Thanos from the Avengers and Dark Vader !

  212. His computer catch viruses now he want to give everybody his computer viruses 🤣🤣🤣 NOPE NOT ME BILL GATES!!!

  213. You telling the whole truth, taking the vaccines will get their 500,000 body count that they’re looking for. All planned yelp.

  214. True its about control but it’s deeper than that.who do the elites serve or pray to?satan so there making ppl serve Satan!!

  215. How bout we boycott our own compliant behavior. Just because he’s wagging his tail You wont truly know the dog until you poke the dog. Untouchables! Sean Connery. What are you prepared to do?

  216. Yea my daughter 8 she gonna b living a totally different life than what I lived through…guys we have to be aware…and pray

  217. They plan on implementing the vaccines in the urban community first. STAY WOKE….QUESTION EVERYTHING. Peace and Love💜

  218. I squat when I piss, I ain’t no sheep. Slimthug is mislead and misleading others. Thanks for your video!!! Idk Bill Gates’ daddy was the head of planned parenthood. Thank you again….been doing that with the chips

  219. Papa duck I have much respect for you so if it’s mandatory what are you gonna do when it comes I happen to take the vaccine where are you going to go who’s going to protect you. I mean because owning your own business all that it’s great for us entrepreneurs but we still can’t forget who’s ruling we’re under. Everything we want drink food everything they control so help me out here if you would please

  220. All slaves don’t want to be free we should know that by now!! We have to learn from the past we know the only way they can get us is through us!! So let’s plan accordingly.

  221. Yall remember that we all have not and will not wake up all at once. We were him at one point. I’m not insulting anyone. If you notice I said WE. I only learned the TRUTH a few years ago. They are gonna use ppl like him to try to persuade the rest of us…. We just gotta keep doing what we’re doing. Those who don’t heed the warning will just be left behind.

  222. Well I don’t want it ether, but push come to shove God said don’t take the mark of beast, truth be told they have already mutated our dna with the flu shots so we already to late don’t take the mark of the beast and u are fine and u if can help okay no shot I’m down but if they start taking away jobs because of this shot I’m sorry I’m n

  223. Them people got slim thug too I been telling yall government K , celebrities K … we all we got tighten up !!

  224. Duck they no they just don’t want to no they don’t care people just jump in front of moving trains just to say I’m down. We’ll why hasn’t signed up to be a volunteer he’s looking for his 5minutes with a killer gates vaccine he’s only going be around for 2minutes out that 5 stop working for the Democrats we no there the virus

  225. From the looks of it, he will be one of the first black celebrity to be used to push the agenda 💯💯 smh

  226. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 NO MORE DEATH DEFECT INJECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  227. I’m willing to lose everything to protect my family. You have to ask yourself what are you willing to lose.

  228. Hey papa duck I know it’s off topic but what do you think about Nipsey Hussle u think his still alive? Like did he fake his death?

  229. Real talk. They are sending out emails offering to PAY YOU$$ to take the vaccine. Sad that so many will fall for it just to get a few $$.

  230. And, the sad part is that dude has followers. When he walks off the cliff, they will too. SMH
    Some folks will be left behind.

  231. He might be saying that because he’s getting paid to say that. To try to get black people to take the vaccine never underestimate the devil no matter what color he comes in.

  232. If you go on the internet everyday they already have your data and if you got a Alexa they know everything that goes on under your roof.

  233. I am woke I’ll be trying to talk to my family they think I’m crazy I say you going to see at the end

  234. Listen man papa bird someone in your family gonna take it feel me you can’t save the world ducky

  235. Slim thug probably in they pockets playing the puppet role to get the people to feel safe and go ahead and accept an take it ….other celebrities gonna be saying they gonna take it too playing the devils game

  236. Let his ass take it🤷🏽‍♀ Oh well!! He won’t be the first and he definitely won’t be the last.Trust and believe some of our own love ones will comply as well.

  237. Whoever want to take it let them because they don’t have a clue
    That was slim thug🥶 he dumber than a box of hammers
    I use to listen to him WOW! No common sense at all

  238. They coming for us they don’t like us never have!!!! Not taking Nathan!!!!! Unite ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 shut ish down!!!!!

  239. He probably thinking a check is coming for advacting for the vaccine. He’s lost and ignorant to the reason why they want everyone to get vaccines.

  240. He don’t have a clue. It’s sad. When all of this started there was an article about how Gates was donating $10 million towards a vaccine and 98% of people were praising Bill and MANlinda.🤦😥

  241. Whaddup playboy. Im in bk and u be doing your thing on ur channel . Been following u for years .u truly reppin the south . Keep up the good work 👏

  242. The Gates have been trying to off niggas for centuries!! Daddy didn’t reach his numbers so jr is taking over.

  243. For everbody who is listen 🗣🗣 dont giv up we in this together🤜🏾🤛🏾 i pray if yall wanna be Youtubers like or Great dont give up 💛

  244. 🤷‍♀️ let him take it. Bill said they need about 75% of the pop to be vaccinated.. less of a chance for me to have to take it.

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