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By admin

52 thoughts on “COVID-19 epidemic situation, cherish life, and stay away from Falun Gong.”
  1. I’m about to watch it but as soon. As I heard the name I was like oh shit. I used to see them all the time in the City, im from New York. They would have these very disgusting posters and very sad because they said their people were being murdered by their Government. And they also would try and hand you a card..if you took it, they would follow you, grab hold of your arm fall to their knees shit was crazy and weird af! I felt bad for them, with bleeding heart empathic ass smh. But it was scary too. They also had these temples they would try to take you too. Crazy ish!. I def need to watch this vod. I was just thinking about them the other day because you don’t see them out there at all anymore.

  2. They got a notsee symbol in the middle of their logo 😳 yeah I’ll pass on that. You do you ❤️🔑 that’s all I got

  3. You do realise Falun gong has nothing to do with anything. The group was infiltrated by the CCP decades ago, same as Buddhism. The current Dalai Lama is a fake

  4. They are similar to tai chi and it was a peaceful group. Do y’all research. They did the same thing to our tradition and history

  5. You all do your research on the history of this group. They demonize everyone and their practice so do your research to make sure its legit news.

  6. With everything that’s going on,this reminds me of a mix of that movie demolition man and outbreak.

  7. I thought COVID-19 was a bunch of bullshit because i still didn’t see any proof of death certificate ok f people dying of the Coronavirus.🤮

  8. Different subject. Are u guys having problems with your phone. They doing something to the Towers. I can call a few people. Lot’s of people are experiencing it in Chicago and Wisconsin

  9. Let’s not forget that the covid-19 is a biological weapon made in the lab, but it backfired on them, just like in the movie outbreak

  10. All religions are a cult.
    And the cure for Covid is protesting & burning shit. Or going to trans lives matter protests.

  11. At first it was Coronavirus, but people seen that on the back of the Lysol can it said it kills Coronavirus. They know people got hip to it, so they change it to novel covid-19..novel means fiction. covid convert

  12. Why all them thousands of protesters are not sick and dying ??? Bull shit 100% bullshit.. People probably sick from getting vaccines a long time ago. Or the flu shot. Or they already sick. The hospital’s was killing these people.
    We are done…! People IQ is too low.

  13. *Candace Owens first female president of the United States 2024!!!!!!!!!!* 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  14. Ask yourselves one question about Floyd’s video why didn’t anyone have a mask on not one person why is that

  15. NOtice:Especially to Black PEople according to the SPA: EMERGENCY THE EIDL PORTAL is open again for all gig workers and independent workers that did not apply before. As long as you tried to start your own gig a year before the pandemic. Something like that. up to $10,000 And everyone that helped you gets paid. If you tried to bake, and 3 people helped you, you apply for 4 people. Baking barber beautician painting helping someone organize their home, just almost anything. Have you name and all your info and your bank account and routing number for the advance grant. You self certify. No paper work needed. Please hurry and fill it out. Easy application. And the Advance Grant is yours to keep for yourself as one employee and and for each person that ever worked for you up to ten people. $1000 per person. Free. Only about 10 minutes to fill up. Your word is your bond. No paperwork to send in for the Advanced Grant. There is also a loan, but I was not interested in debt, so you have to figure that out. God Bless you and make sure that you receive the free Pandemic grant from the EIDL. Here is the link:

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