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By admin

33 thoughts on “Call Or Text Credit To 754-755-9774 Todays Special 165$”
  1. I was told it’s best to just pay cash for anything you want, and not finance or get a mortgage just save your money up and pay for it cash, so you won’t have bad credit at all, what do you think about it?

    1. Most of us were taught that pay cash you own it and that’s fine for the smaller things you can afford without credit or a loan. They usually base everything we do now on credit that says you are worthy or not of that extension of credit. Paying cash is never a bad thing, but those major cost things like a home or vehicle usually we end up having to get a loan and that’s when they charge more in interest for no credit – bad credit. There are Points they use in percentage to loan figured in terms of cost, PMI – Private Mortgage Insurance to cover defaulting on a loan and that can cost more. It protects the bank-loan from default in payments, but not your loss of losing your home when or if one can no longer pay a mortgage. So the better your credit the better interest rate meaning lower rates because you are a lower risk due to they see your history of payments good, and if bad or none at all you pay more in interest-fee’s cost. Things to think about for each individual circumstance. There’s more to the credit and loans business as you may know, but I hope this little bit is of some use to you. Best of luck to you! Have a great day!

  2. Why does it say Oops! This is awkward…
    You are looking for Something that doesn’t actually exist. That’s what popped up on the link PapaDuck
    Todays Update: I got it. It’s just something I must’ve hit with my keyboard. I found them

  3. They are saying that they are closed. I left a message asking to be included in the special…I called before 9.

  4. Papa duck you real stand up guy an I appreciate everything you say , I call that number an ,I have my appointment thank you 💯💪🏿👊🏿

  5. I got a question… If i dont have the 165 today, but i still want too go thru them, can i still use this number too get ahold of them for future references?

    1. Sorry, thought maybe you were asking if it was time sensitive. It looks like this is their business number where you can reach them in the future.

    2. @Nancy L I know its today until 9.. My question was if i still want too go thru this company in the future, can i use this same number too get ahold of them.

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