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379 thoughts on “A Must See‼️‼️We Are So Detached From Reality…..Please Watch‼️‼️….”
  1. What we gone do about all the lies they’ve been telling we can keep talking we got to come up with a plan 🆗

  2. I hear ya. Also all of history had a reset button implemented by the Most High. The dark ages when we the chosen people had rule of the earth. Even when it was time for the wicked seed of easu to rule. The Most High is already visiting this place and all he has to do is watch the people he put in power shot themselves in the head. Easu is the end of the world, Jacob is the beginning of it that follows. I’m saying when this stage is finished setting, it will be a toll-free war. Because the base and vile of all man is in power now. Think about that. It is setup for the blessed ones that keep the commandments to survive.

  3. Absolutely right, we are the children of Israel, the seeds of Abraham Issac and Jacob our ancestors knew all this and live this but we lost it when our ancestors that disobey the Most High caused us to go into this captivity and we lost our true identity due to the wicked covering up and taking all our books, and tampering with who we are, we must get back to reality and call on our Father and look to Him for guidance we are in a probation state here at this time and it depends on what we do here that will determine our eternal stay of our eternal spirit and soul.

  4. Actually a mechanic would be perfect for helping you in nature. Mechanisms (mechanics) are needed to help us with basic things.

  5. Brother!!! Dang on everything! I have thought nearly exactly the same. It’s not trust in my thoughts but trust in Truth! Nothing like it. Just subscribed. Keep sprinkling out them diamonds my brother!

  6. Ion even be wanting to cut my grass but my distracted ass neighbors get to looking at me side ways with they cohesion ass!!

  7. Please talk about what’s happening in South Africa I am tirelessly telling people we’re being sold out and they think I’m crazy

  8. You 💯%……. and to Think the Mess they’ve brought the World to….. All started with….. PROCESSING FOOD!

  9. I think the goal is to calcified everyone’s pineal glands. When I was younger I used to know what other were thinking without saying a word. They are rue..ning the planet.

  10. This is why they always got that chessboard symbolism.. cause school, work, money and society is a whole game they created and we all born into it forced to play this game

  11. Facts Papa Duck
    The MindFukk has been going on FOR SO LONG, many think that one group are the only capable ones to create and operate any business and should be wealthy. Bump that. You are Spot On

  12. What? That’s is what the matrix movie was all about. Morpheus holds up the battery and tells Neo that humanity has been transformed into a battery. You got to check this movie out if you have never seen it

  13. Here’s A Good Question😏

    Ta Show You What’s Really Important In Life😌👌

    Now, As A Man, [Or Woman On Da Flip Side Of It]] IF You Didn’t Have A Peckerwood, Why Would You Be Here? & What Would Be Your Purpose For Being Here?🤔

    Smh, You’re Practically Useless Without It🤗

    = Genesis 1:28, King James’s Version.

    Real Shit, & Food For Thought😎

  14. Been saying the same thing main ahahahahahah its crazy. I even had a friend tell me I should have never started reading ahahahahahah buuuut you can’t stop once you dive in that rabbit hole. Now they deep in the knowledge trippin out on all the lies….Word of advice stay in the middle…centered, let it all go and dive in the pool of knowledge. Your gonna feel some type of way but remember nobody has all the answers, we’re all here trying to figure it out ahahahahahah. Soooooooo we got to read & communicate. One day at a time.

  15. You can’t get a good vibration anywhere Not even in your own home you stand still some time you hear the Frequency. And I believe the time that shines in bright blue on them modem these companies provide made me loose my 20/20 vision.

  16. You are a messenger my friend. The best show to date.This is it excactly You speaking the truth. By the way that 5G is crazy and everything everywhere else.

  17. No LAUGHing matter
    It’s a matter of eXtreme importance

    ***They wanna eradicate the older wiser generations; the ones that know REAL HISTORY and seen Tuskegee n JimCrow play out for COLORED FOLK

    ***Movie2006-“Children Of Men”……no human baby born in 30yrs

  18. We need to start our own Tribe. Speak on that Duck an start to lead direction on how we can get there……

  19. That video was damn good. Papa Duck, you a good brother. You damn sho ain’t no fool. Lol

  20. I love that you bring the facts 💯 and are woke and your waking me up more and more My brother. God bless you and everyone on here. Peace and love keep up the good work

  21. We are living in a matrix and a lot of us can I think for our self believing in the government and whatever the government said and knowing the government is a big lie and come out The white man’s religion that same religion had you in slaved

  22. Bro I thought I was the only one who thought we can heal ourselves! I have alot of thoughts that some ppl look at me like I’m crazy! Just subscribe. Hope I can help spread the word.

  23. Different frequencies or sound waves is that what you trying to say brother I don’t know I’m just trying to help you to think that’s what we supposed to do look out for one another I don’t know I hope that’s what you was trying to say

  24. You said we have been detached from spirituality, the sun, the universe, reality right ????—-our focus needs to be on God, please focus on God and his word ! He is so real !

  25. We trying to evolve into technology…but nature is perfect, how are we gone evolve from that – boi that’s a golden gem right there!

  26. Is that what happened to the Butterflies!? I used to see them a lot as a child, now they simply just vanish….atleast here in California.

  27. Much love bro Thank you for sharing ❤️💯💯💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  28. I was speaking to sold Wight guy last week who had a garden in his yard, how most of his crop not producing because of the lack of bees, everything these Devils touch, they screw it up, can’t help themselves.

  29. Great minds think a like spit that knowledge all day everyday Glory be to God thanks for your contribution to humanity

  30. The Son of Man is coming soon, Yeshua, Immanuel, Jehovah, The Lord Jesus Christ has watched, The One True and Living God has given patience, His Begotten Son Grace.. The Evil One places the World in Chaos through so many angles.. Ephesians 6:12 is Real.. Read The Book of John and prepare.. The King is Coming!!!😎👏💪🙏☝👍


  32. Preach 🙌🏿 you can definitely heal yourself once you go within. True statement, I just figured this out 5 months ago and I have never been happier and now I value the small things in life that really matters. You have to really change your mindset from everything you were taught

  33. Bra when u said that rapping a song in yo head N a mf right next to u finish it💀💀💀😂😂😂😂

  34. So true what you said about the bees now that you mention it it seems like everytime summertime comes around it looks like there’s less and less bee’s


  36. My goodness .. 2 weeks ago I was given this same powerful message you’re speaking on. I work a 9 to 5 right so 2 weeks ago that “pension” that keeps us slaves for a PAYOUT when we get 60 fukin 7 & then they try & mess up up the closer you get to it .. The Point Go with my “our” 1st mind it’s steering you in the right direction

  37. Reality is the illusion world of dreams … The Hindus call it Maya the world of illusion… U cam create whatever u dream think or believe within the construct of this matrix…
    Once you start seeing color then u will become blind… The Creator is omnivorous….

  38. Love expanding my mind.
    Be careful tho. Too much exposure of the truth will get your channel taken down by these corrupt folks. What other site are you on besides YT?

  39. All the things that were spoken I totally agree being in tuned is kool.. I have experienced some things I’ve seen some things thank you Papa peace love and Paradise…

  40. I’m trying to spread these same messages but they keep deleting my videos Tell me your trick

  41. #1: Why are you on the stairs?
    #2: That guy meets the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia and other cluster B disorders. Follow these people to your folly.

  42. This is the figuring out: The people sold into slavery from were the true Chosen people of the Bible. We are in this situation becaise of our disobedience.
    The key, the ONLY KEY to realsolve this is for us to return to the ways of the Most High. Soon He will return us to our true holy land, Sub-Saharan Africa.
    Please research it. We are Bantu: the people of The Most High.
    And try to avoid obscene language.

  43. The only way out is Jesus Christ if all your life you don’t attain your salvation through that. Then it’s just a short life expectancy or shorter.

  44. Watch the new marvel movie ‘Black Widow’. They spell it out in the movie. All about how they have cracked the basal ganglia and understand mind control. WATCH IT!!!

  45. Papa Duck we need you brother, i know you get frustrated but you are providing a priceless service& I’m sure everyone appreciates it..i know you changed the way i think& probably 90% of people here agree if not more..we’re behind you brother each one teach one‼💯

  46. That’s big facts on the financial part 💯 investing in the stock market and Crypto currency…. save your own money people. Stop blowing it on bullshit and we can do like this man is telling us build our own shit grow our own have our own but Duck ill stay it again I’m willing to invest. Often times you make a lot of good points but you got to get something off of the ground to show the people. Other than that you just talking bro.

  47. Yes Sir!,Mr.Papa Duck,FACTS!,theyve used things a fluoride to calcify our Pineal glands,poison us with medicine to keep us sick to profit from big Pharma and Doctors are right there in line with them.We are made in the image of the Lord and are just as powerful as he is,we can heal ourselves.I would love to speak with you,I think we could exchange information and I’d definitely learn alot more from your great knowledge,I watch all your videos and from what I know you’ve been right there with what I’ve heard before,and you do speak of things I havent heard of yet also.Thank you and God bless you Sir.

  48. You’re absolutely correct!!! This system came up with intellect ( a made-up word ) in order to negate from true knowledge and wisdom and to promote their school system in order to control the masses.

  49. In our dependence on unknown sources we deny the validity of our own abilities. Goes to show ya that the most destructive way to destroy a person’s potential is to make them discard knowledge that was innate.

  50. Big #facts homie…#Nature is where it’s @..frfr I tell ppl this all the time..💪🏿💯

  51. Facts an I watched your other video’s straight on FACTS I have been saying the samething

  52. Same team here Papa, I don’t care what your background is either. Good vs. Evil. Let’s crack the code fam. Shalom

  53. It scares to think that I living the movie of “The Truman Show” and the “Matrix”. This technology is destroying our world. I don’t like this new technology. Thanks for message.

  54. Just subscribe 💯 real spill knew you from the gangster rap big turn around my brother keep us woke thanks 🙏

  55. This is the absolute truth!! He’s 100 percent correct!!
    The most realistic video you’ve put out.
    We are a part of the universe. The universe (god) lives within us…
    Earth (the mother) provides all,
    The father (the sun ) is the giver and sustainer of life…

  56. I lost my mega snapchat account by team snapchat deleted it, and everybody else will lose their account also, when the new world order come snapchat going to be deleted facebook is going to be deleted instagram is going to be deleted twitter is going be deleted To be deleted and ticktok will be deleted just telling the truth 🤷🏾‍♂️

  57. Dang that’s deep 😪😪😪🙏🏿🙌🏿 all we can do is pray 👑Yahuah Elohim🕊❤🌹 is all we have

  58. They are about to censor your personal texts papa duck is 100 percent straight up !!!! Blessing and peace to you !!! When you get hungry reality is gonna sink in fast !!!

  59. One reality today is that gentrification and integration will never work in the favor of black folk.

  60. Mother Nature so perfect……we are all apart of this ecosystem.
    Also, Im not religious but the bible did say “man” will destroy themselves!!!! I guess the plan being carried out💁🏾

  61. People still don’t get it they talk about what’s going on. But they really don’t talk about the solution. The solution is Jesus Christ this is spiritual things that’s happening manifesting into the physical. Right now I’m living without money and all my faith is in Christ and I’ve been doing good I’ve been without a job since July of last year and I’m doing fine. Jesus Christ will provide. This is what people got to understand but you have to fully put all of your faith in him and study the Bible. Satan which is the spirit of disobedience is in the Earth. This is why so many people don’t turn to Christ because they have the spirit of disobedience.

  62. Right the government, church’s, schools they do not show people how to love themselves. But just appreciating the world and finding ourselves is the way..

    You talk to someone and ask them what there purpose is they won’t be able to tell you. Yea it’s so messed up that the Government keeps us so far from ourselves so many of us are trying to find who we are. But who we are is within us..💜💜💜

  63. Just like the wise John Trudell said in the video: “What happens to the Earth happens to us.” WE ALL better wake up and stop being wicked followers and come out of the MATRIX!!!
    Oh no, go out and celebrate EVERY pagan holiday regardless of the knowledge published about these celebrations. Just spend your money on pure nonsense and eat like a pig so that you become unhealthy and do whatever you want to do to harm a fellow human and watch how you will find yourself locked up somewhere in a “BOX and turned into a modern day slave.

  64. 💯🇯🇲🇭🇹🇧🇧🇹🇹🇬🇾🇻🇨🇱🇨🇬🇩🇨🇺🇧🇴🇹🇿🇸🇱🇳🇬🇧🇷🇵🇦🇰🇳

  65. SO SHWEEEETTT…much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}
    us help us all always and expose evil always .

  66. That was like true poetry of life n beauty n spirit he got it and that helped me to clearly see it we are one with mother earth like a dog if u miss use it and keep beating it it will turn on your great topic man eye contact on point speak speak until we all peak thank u bless u n family stay true to self one

  67. I’ve noticed since 5g I can’t be on my phone at night seem like my head hurting since dat shit I dig u frfr I’ve been studying and learning all this along time. Papa I hear they messed up the fraction of the earth now they wanna build there so im saying there messing with the mother earth its sad 😥

  68. I been left the matrix.. living with nature.. visit the matrix when I wanna partake in a dream.. then I leave again..

  69. You still lost Duck. B.IB.L.E = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. All the answers are in that book. Not the way your $ for Pastor taught it. “Negroes” are Hebrews, it’s our book! History! Law! Not a fake sky daddy. You need to understand what that book is…

  70. The bag is more important to you. Hebrew Israelites have been cursed but its. time for the most high GOD to punish those who has killed jailed lied enslaved and preached false religion..he will punish all our oppressors of all nations caccations even those in black face that do there deeds. Keep his Laws and FEAR THE MOST HIGH GOD

  71. They Secured Control of the Human Mind with fake Currency(MONEY) and Put Gold in the Vaults🎯

  72. All this is true I don’t even see half the insects I used to see we I was little I got one question for anyone when was the last time you seen a firefly or a lighting bug I’ll wait I used to see them all the time when I was younger

  73. U know what’s sad. I can sit here and preach to everyone around me but nobody wanna listen unless they hear it from the news or other social media outlets. I’m tired of these damn sheep can’t even think for themselves..

  74. Even tho I’m not with you 💯 cuz I seen some funny things about you I hear the message… Just wish u wasn’t stuck in between to forces praying for you brother take your own advice sometimes I do it myself

  75. Reality is knowing that we do not fight against flesh and blood…we fight against principalities and powers of darkness.ephesians 6:12.who is they?satan worshippers. The reality is humanity is in s fallen state.the reality is we are under a curse.this is why jesus shed blood on the cross to spoil the powers of you must repent of your sins then god will bless you.repent then you,ll receive your blessings.god will remove the scales from your eyes.god will send you the holy spirit….some of us are free.bro people are being attacked by unseen demonic curses from the unseen world.

  76. Real Shiit Papa’Duck excellent excellent content 👍 keep up the great work Soldier, Super’Salute. 💯

  77. How can relationships thrive in a fake reality and environment?! It’s almost impossible is so true!! 💯

  78. Why do you think the show The Price Is Right has been around for so long? To keep us infatuated with a whole bunch of useless material things. All we need is good wholesome healthy food from the earth (medicine), alkaline water, shelter, and a few cheap clothing. Life is so simple. And money is not needed. Tell me: “What other species on this planet do you see using money to live?” Don’t worry I’ll wait.

  79. Grow what you eat and eat what u grow…rn I grow what I smoke and smoke what I grow . Stop living in dependence pre a self sufficient life style. The Earth is the fullness there of

  80. BIG FACTS!! Come on duck!!!! Tell em bro. All by design mans legalities are NOT LAWFUL. We are LAW. NATURAL LAWS ARE IMMUTABLE Molecular structure that’s complete- EVOLUTION. MATRIX for real 😳 Do not conform to this world 🌎 but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 🧠 UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. We need our own communities and municipalities. I MIND MY BUSINESS!! I’m a chosen one ☝🏾 King 🤴 never a debt slave. Since birth our life has been one big fucking HEAD GAME! 7 Hermetic Principals laws of the universe. Gate keepers- OCCULTISM!! It’s all LOVE which is LAW! Peace ✌🏾 God.

  81. I am on my post. I bind that filthy tongue cursing demon and I cast it out in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach. Ephesians 4:29

  82. My brother You speaking nothing but TRUTH,I’M With You My old man always told me Mine over matter,I live by that,💯💯💯💯🕶️✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽😎



  85. Everybody cant go papaduck unfortunately at this time we have to save the children , Adults can no longer save adults

  86. They will control all our minds/emotions sooner than later… bluetooth is getting an update…
    cellphones,alexa,ring,siri,security systems, refrigerators anything in your house with wifi is all connected… all those things have bluetooth too…and it doesnt need wifi…

  87. It’s like the earth has been around for millions of years humans and all …..but the ppl who run the world now is trying to destroy it all in these acouple generations like it’s weird

  88. I Salute! Thanks for the knowledge and wisdom! Big Dawg Status yes sir and yes ma’am #ExtraExtraGrindMode #SelfBossLifestyle

  89. They have violently organized the world into their impulse against their fear of death. The violently control research, manufacturing and retail, forcing people to accept products they didn’t ask for

  90. Just like Monopoly money matters while you’re playing monopoly but outside of monopoly it’s valueless. The same thing goes for money, it’s useless outside of the matrix, what really matters??? This society creates a superficial duality that says either you’re an idolizing mortal or an idolized god, fan or the celebrity/ nobody or v.i.p./ broke or rich/ church member or pastor/ it’s hard not to play the game however I’m wit you Duck we gotta figure it out ~Peace & Love~

  91. Me and my best friend in high school knew what one was think about to say. We would look at each other and the conversation would go while we laughing . People thought we dated and more no he’s just my best friend. It’s just vibing on different levels then everyone else. Soon more friends became connected. Two and three boys.

  92. “Converting human spirits into energy so that they can feed the need for their technology”🔥🔥🔥 Say no more. Humans will be to blame for their own selfish ways instead of seeing the bigger picture. Humans being can only send out the signs for the few who are willing to listened.

  93. Our body is a antenna which create frequency vibrations which connects us to god..they tap into that frequency & destroy it &break us down

  94. I can’t hold back the fact that the Nazi’s alone aren’t the ones that won, so much, as it was a collaboration of the Nazi’s, and the Ashkenazi, combined that won!

  95. Shid just look at a lifer in prison, they don’t have really nothing technology, but dem dudes learn how to do tattoos, make knives and such out of nothing, just resources they make or create, just a simple example of adapting

  96. The creator made a world where everything works in perfect harmony…. then in walked man and fucked it all up. The more man tries to control his environment, the more fucked up it gets.will we ever realize that man can Not improve perfection !

  97. Remember when our ancestors had to live off the land. They used roots and plants to heal people. They knew the time of day and night. They have been killing the insects and replacing them with man made inventions and it’s making people sick. The wealthy people have been buying up land and taking over the food system.

  98. Yep, right on ~ the bee’s are disappearing ~ that affects our food.. farmers have been bought off, it’s all bad ~ hang on, it’s only just begun .
    God bless y’all 🙏❤️🙏

  99. Man doesn’t rule this world malevolent beings do we have to wake up since fiction is science faction hid the truth in plain sight evil reigns here until we rise

  100. The more people don’t have a believe in god the more the earth suffers period it’s all about your action and spirited beliefs to connect with your self and the earth 🌍 in order to keep you whole and spirited so your life is full filled god blesses you as long as you keep the faith in god you life will be happy always god bless you all and study your astrology allot he right about that if you don’t study astrology you won’t know who to be around that is compatible with your life if you don’t know these things this is one of the major things people don’t know that is why there is so much jealousy envy ness when it come to people hanging with one another because of their signs not matching as a match for one another and on another note marriage is a scam in the modern day society so be careful who you are always around including family as well they say if their turmoil leave them and never look back when it comes to envy and jealousy god bless you and stay safe my friends I love you all stay blessed

  101. U said u do things for a reason,is it the reason u on hear to sell ur product,u still dressing expensive make it makes sense bro,I’m young so I got questions

  102. Our ancestors communicated with 2fingers we are together-peace and 2fingers apart just that we are apart or at war

  103. So why u still in the music industry and why u not living in the wilderness? U telling us but why not show us the example by doing it. U talk heavy but we need actions show us

  104. Just like when the pale face landed on the shores of America when the natives here was trying to teach them to live off the land and live with mother nature they was against that they’ve been destroying ever since they’ve been here over 80% of the lakes are polluted the rivers are polluted it’s sad mega droughts heavy rains in the east and South and Midwest

  105. On Love King, love all your content keep it up, but just an FYI universal hand sign for peace is two fingers together, two fingers apart is for war..another communication tool THEY switched around, basic logic, think about it and research. That would be a great video.. love, peace and hair grease

  106. Much LOVE & RESPECT to you BROTHER and to the rest of our Brothers and Sisters… Thank you!!!

  107. They always keep us distracted with this social media and all this BS on TV where people don’t realize what they really doing I do!

  108. But you got other websites for woke folk let go we are gods and goddesses you not lying truth hurt people

  109. How do you going able booking you for a Live Stream Duck??? I have my own video podcast here in Washington DC I’ll love you bring you on as a guest

  110. Yeah the bee population dwindling now even more since they introduce 5G it’s throwing off the natural balance even with the birds

  111. We should be living the law of the land like back in the day of our elders the technology is killing the natural way I remember when I had mumps the old heads use sardine juice iam old school big time if we had our own land we would not depend on them

  112. Heres more wisdom…from a BOSS! Thank you Papa for your videos.. Stay safe and blessed brother !!

  113. Papa duck you sound like my twin I’ve been preaching this for 20 something years and nobody seem to believe me now they starting to but it’s too late I’ve been trying to tell them to get this stuff together even family members they just won’t listen and they let this stupid Christianity block their mind. I hope the people that are listening to this that are lost will start studying and find out for themselves that what you’re saying is nothing but the truth.

  114. Deep damn he said when you singing ah song and somebody else beside you finish the song off when you think about it it is crazy

  115. Man I love u. I would have never knew, I’d be following your intelligence, from when I seen u in concert in Mobile Al, 2009. You have totally evolved..

  116. You are so right papa duck. I wish I knew you. You got it going on. Thank you for your message.

  117. Frequency and vibration is imperative to the human body 💯🙏🏿 we are original man and woman ❤️

  118. All those words are so true…I agree with everything you said..🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  119. I know what ur trying to say PAPA-DUCK BIG BRO… it’s CALLED actuality.. Not reality💯 reality is how WE see it.!!! Actuality is how it is REGARDLESS to how WE see it. #BIGFACTS

  120. God is man & exist in us & we in him the creative power in man is the human imagination creator!!!!! @papaduck name 1 thing in this world that was created or made that wasn’t imagined 1st??? The 1% know this that’s why they create your(people’s) reality while your stuck in religion or saying y are people going for it $imple they know who the creator is ( human imagination they believe & have faith in it while you think God is dead so they teach you to fear it (human imagination) & force-feed you there desires to accomplish with your slavery!!! Once you awaken you will not fulfill there desires but your own walk in tune with your own imagination (god) & turn your back on your earthly senses (doubters) & what reason dictate the 👿 the Satan’s evil of the world there’s only 1 god in this world 🌎 & it’s the human imagination & it’s in all 7 or 8 billion of us

  121. The reason people care more about the Xbox than a strawberries because Evolution has taught us that we’re not shit. We’re just goo from the ocean. We are not created beings we’re just random shit that happened that’s why people don’t feel special about themselves or nothing. So since we believe there is no creator we decide to worship creation like the Pagan Native Americans do believing the nonsensical narrative that we have no purpose when that’s a lie.
    Jeremiah 16:19
    Oh Lord my strength and my Fortress, my refuge in the day of distress, the Nations will come to you from the ends of the Earth, and they will say, our fathers inherited nothing but lies, worthless Idols of no benefit at all.

  122. This is why I have no friends. The way I think is way different than others. My family call me crazy and rebellious because I stand for something and not falling for the banana in the tail pipe.

  123. The realizations is being so damn tired of this system but have no way of actually getting out of this fake system. This system has been designed against us since day 1!

  124. “Stop letting these people do everything!”
    Yeah! Remember the Texas April 2021 Ice Storm killed over 30 people. 100 years ago everybody had a wood or coal burning stove and could have survived.

  125. I feel your frustrations. Please stay strong Duck. It’s a movie that comes to mind “Equilibrium” Love, Peace, & B-RIGHT Be safe and well 💞💫🌞

  126. I’m old school i have no friends because i keep it real and yes i can go outside and know if its 11:00 or 4:00 i feel so sorry for people who are locked in that box.Thank you for this video 🖤

  127. “Converting the human spirit to create their on technology.”

    I always knew that internet artificial intelligence is a REAL spiritual being imprisoned inside the web!

  128. You speaking the shit I been telling people in the hood for so long . I won’t stop and you shouldn’t either Salute Papa Duck Love Ya Louisiana checking out

  129. It is coming fast… here in Toronto its getting bad…already a vax passport to do local things and majority of things coming September…too many sheep and naive ppl got us here

  130. I was one of the people to join the military but was able to break free. My mind is my very own. I am not following any orders given to harm my people idc what the constitution says

  131. Tell the people about frequency how they change the frequency to 440 hertz to change how we feel different frequencys give different results healing opening your mind feeling better healing all off frequency look up John Todd

  132. Tthe circle of life ! This circle has been messed by Esau.! Just like the devil he came to steal, kill and destroy !

  133. just like whitney houston said children are our future we need to do a better job with them lets just teach them to be better then us

  134. Bredren you should watch his documentary. The FBI killed his wife and children because he burned a US flag on the steps of some government building. They (him and other Native Americans) also took over Alcatraz back in the 60’s.

  135. Thank you brother for every message you put out! Things you say I apply it to my mind and things I do so thank you

  136. That man is right, the Nazis low-key had a win in the war, because their tactics were and are still being implemented, Nazis even worked with the CIA to control minds.

  137. Your shadow tells the time.
    When you’re standing exactly on your shadow it’s 12:00 . I learn from my grandparents how to do a lot of stuff find natural water plants collect in the jungle make a fire find food . It’s something I hated back then but looking where the world is right now I can survive from what they taught me

  138. Reminds me of the Adam and Eve story. They are playing god and keeping you away from knowledge. If you knew what they know you would be a God also so they keep you blind and control you.

  139. Interesting facts, The Nazis usedeth during the war, which practically turned them into superhumans

    Another interesting fact, carrots original color is purple.

  140. The best time in my life was when i gave everything i owned away , kicked my painkiller addiction and lived in the forest for 8 months. Water , Food & Shelter was my only concern and i would still be there if i didn’t have to care for my mom. I didn’t have a penny to my name but nature provided everything i needed. It still amazes me just how much was provided once i surrender & lived in the moment.

  141. Damn Duck drop your website I’m ready for the next level shit. My eyes wide open, my mind craves knowledge keep doin what u do my brother speaking nothing but facts… Ashe

  142. the majority of the population is so dependent, they could pull the plug on us at anytime and they planned it all along

  143. Make a video on the movie the tomorrow’s war . To me it’s about cancer . People think it’s about aliens but it’s about how cancer takes over the human body. Do a video on it

  144. Idk. I’m a country girl. Not controlled bullshit. We hunt, eat from the earth. Go fishing. Etc… but I do understand what you say. I didn’t grow up religious either. So, you can just imagine. But, I’m more than willing to help do whatever. 😁

  145. Being aware is hard in this world.
    But answers are in our face .
    Research Lutheranism, theology made by Martin Luther.
    Marrin Luther is Freemason from 16th century.

    Fast forward to the 19th century. We have Martin Luther king jr.
    lol guess what he wasn’t born Martin Luther king wasn’t born Martin Luther king . He was born Michael king
    . Marting Luther kings father was Freemason from a lodge in Atlanta. Be careful what soak shit deeper than you think .

  146. Yesssssssss!! What happens to the EARTH, happens to US!! Gotta get back connected with NATURE & the UNIVERSE!! 💚🌍

  147. There is one solution…SUBMISSION TO GOD MOST HIGH…obey THE CREATOR AND STOP DESTROYING THE PLANET AND STOP WITH ALL THESE EVIL MANKIND!!! that is the solution..all that A.I. will never do anything good for humanity…THE ANTI-CHRIST’S ERA IS UPON US….wake up people! they have been brainwashing us for decades…they have been planning this virus thing and they will keep killing many just for their wicked agenda!

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