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196 thoughts on “⚠️WARNING….We Are Definitely Helping The Enemy Everytime We Do This….‼️‼️”
  1. Remember how mad we were at Deloris C Tucker saying the music was poison. The message was more on point for today then it was in the early to mid 90s. But its almost like she seen it coming and now its here. Pac even dissed her in a song, I wonder how he would feel about it today, seeing that there are no.choises pretty much in music today.

  2. That Boy was Killed by the Numbers . Check the video by Simple Truth TV . Gematria and the Freemason Sellouts .

  3. king, please don’t stop using the word “NIGGA” , here in Africa it means Royalty/ or to give or a giver.. The word has positive energy. the colonizers mostly targeted “NIGGAS” and community leaders in our tribes for enslavement. Thats why they called black Americans niggas upon arrival in the USA. RED indians are original black natives of America. They used red clayish silt from the soil for sun screen or combat face paint like the Zulu’s and Sotho and other African tribes. The “Red Indians” afro’s were smoothed and straightened with Bison or cow Fat like the native Egyptians did it was a culture thing. Over time their genes changed through mix breeding.

  4. Thank you ,Duck.ya the best..I will share this video to my kin people and, some friends to.!

  5. Papa duck can you please speak out to marfrugal news dollar vigilante and Lisa Haven ice age farmer

  6. Hell if them guys ever got educated and knew that Freddie H the leader of The Blak Panters is from CHICAGO and saw his struggle with poliwitions and kops. It wouldn’t be no ops in the CHI. Uneducated folks are ignorant with no direction. I stayed on the westside of Chicago from 79 to 89 and I never knew or was taught Mr Fred H was from there. Teachers what are they really good for, black history month ain’t sht till you poor in true facts that could change a gangbangers life or give knowledge for possible direction. @43 I learned about that and was thrown. I believe if CHI ever got educated u would be talking Blak Panters times 💯,but there goal is to keep us dumb tho.

  7. Yo Papa Duck and it is sad and we do need to stop thinking that it is black on black crimes stop the gun violences. including we still need to come together. and plus yes in the hip hop culture it is entertainment and a lot cold shady shi# is going on in the music industry for sho.. and yes they are still wanted to keep us down and under the low vibration. and like we are not waking up to what they been doing and putting out there. R.I.P. To Others Who Have Lost SomeOne Who They Had Truly Love. 🧠 🙌🏾

  8. the toxic poop dude on the ads gettin on my nerves for real. just put papa duck on and quit the foolishness youtube

  9. Papa, keep speaking that truth. I was just talking about this same subject with a friend today. We need to stop this mess. They want us to kill ourselves. If they really wanted to end this, they would. They stopped the Black Panthers. They are not a problem to them, so they don’t care. We must start caring about ourselves.

  10. Tell em P.Duck no strays name tags on casings. Wemon and children off limits
    2. Community
    3. Order

  11. They said he had bodies that,s right leave every body else out of it Real talk 💯💯💯❤️

  12. Man a lot of y’all always talk about rap music this and that I been listening to rap all my life never desired to be apart of the streets bruh we need to call it how it really is mf not taking the time to actually raise they damn kids properly this shyt start at the crib regardless of wtf kind of music you listen to mfs use that as a damn excuse

  13. If you are a person of color WE MUST LEARN TO LOVE OUR PEOPLE ON PURPOSE. Because this is the only way for us as people to be healed. RISE UP MIGHTY MEN OF VALUAR!!!!!

  14. We need to really stop supporting rap like that’s where our culture started… we are lost Hebrews that need to find our way back to the Messiah and lose this stupid gangster mentality…. NO MORE SPRRY ASS RAPPERS BEING PRAISED… WE ALREADY HAVE A GOD…

  15. You a whole 💯 hunnit 4 dis 1 PD🦆 #wakeemupduck you just preached brother🗣 #wegottachangeit #stoptheviolence #positivevibesonly ➕💗

  16. Exactly what your saying this I had to tell my Grandsons entertainment is what is I don’t like today’s rap because if don’t have meaning to promote yourself to be lifted up and do positive things for self or others the rap today has you destroying themselves and family and who’s buying thus shit not us the pastels are buying that uneducated music

  17. Very sad.. Yes subconscious mind programs.. The sub never turns off.. Many are running off that low frequency energy daily on 95%


  19. Papa Duck shout out to you my brother you are absolutely right I am tired of the gun violence when is people like us going to wake up and put the gun down I love your message keep thriving keep telling the world the truth because it is the truth salutes to you my brother👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💜💜💜💜💕💕💕💕

  20. Thugz Masion get me every time. The part where he say it’s hard to carry on when oneone loves you.
    Deep shit.

  21. We all have bills and need to take care of ourselves and our families but everyone is NOT a slave to the almighty dollar, everybody don’t have a price or is willing to compromise their integrity/morals for the come up so I can blame people for what they do, how low are you willing to stoop for a buck is what people should be asking themselves? Rapping about mayhem & murder is never going to be bright ideas for entertainment it only causes more destruction and they will reap it. What happened to those three individuals here is a reoccurring Macabre theme in Chicago where a mothers entire family can be lost to the streets it’s the most Demonic punishment that these hitmen are sending and I can’t imagine how the women who birthed these son’s husbands or baby daddy’s are coping. When somebody can get murdered right outside the jail and no one is in custody A.S.A.P what do that tell you….There is no fear, no self control and absolutely zero justice!

  22. 👽👽👽👽REAL SHIT👽👽👽👽👽

  23. It’s too much nonsense with everyone especially the youth being programmed to hate each other

  24. Damn Duck thoughts!

    Let run it down on s thing of the Crown of Kings. See genetics is of the most valuable commodity, yet we in the future don’t know the past. Truly a family tree roots go deep and in the truest saying is as that tree from death comes Life… For the branches above is as below without leaves, but is the feeding system to the life above. Now, I want to say, for the father And two sons.. That’s the power of Satan in it’s existing method to know the decendant of the souls. You cannot view this any other way, because most of the families come from the south whom came north. Moreover, remember, the south, because of slavery and why this is important, because taken from a place of tradition and traded for stock is to forget all you once were. Yes, Kings die in the nothingness of never knowing whom they are. Yes, the tribes of the Bible are real life in the future, but only Satan knows the truth. So if you don’t know thy self discipline, then you don’t or never will know until you die.. our society is set by bloodlines, you really need to know this. Claim to the thrones that were taken thousands of years ago. In reality those thrones are adopted by the common enemies whom will allow you to die before you reclaim what is rightfully yours… If you kill your own then the enemies continue to adopt what was never theirs.. smart isn’t it?

    Look at the Haiti issue… It’s something truly sinister about that…

    Just as the past , the present is the future….

    Damn Duck thoughts

  25. I can’t believe ppl subconscious tht easy to manipulate…ppl let rap go to their head?? What abt real hip hop? Health, awareness & love

  26. Both he and his brother were killed by the code of gematria and numerology. Brother was murdered 6/23/2015. This is the 174th day of the year and a day leaving 191 days left in the year. Murder on 07/10/1021 was the 191st day of the year, leaving 174 days remaining in the year and they were brothers both gunned down by drove by shootings. Bond was posted anonymously, supposedly then he gets shot.

  27. It’s all about falsified images being upheld for the wrong reasons and the impressions of people who don’t matter when they should be impressing their children and families first

  28. Papa Duck -We must unite – start by meeting on a Spiritual level- in the cosmos- Heavens – universe and rise together to a higher vibrational level! A place where physical bodies, race, color, age, gender, religion matter not!

  29. Well I’m so sorry to tell yall he was right when he said “rape” its sad but i have most definitely heard artist glorify it BLAC YOUNGSTA for one love him and personality but he has a few lines I can’t agree with and I used to fw those songs to

  30. We can’t fight the war that matters we want to fight each other over bs . Pride needs to be put to the side . We are at war and we taking each other out . And they taking the rest . God Bless everyone that reads this . It time for us to unite. We need each other more then ever right now right now . Peace and love stay safe and get your money and take care of your family’s

  31. These rappers are PAID TO ENTERTAIN. They are NOT bout that life they rap about. Cancel the rap culture. It’s destroying our youth.

  32. The police murdered that man. They just want US to think that our own kind did that crime so THEY can continue to push their agenda. 64 times being shot is overkilled which is what the POLICE did!!

  33. Thank You Papa Duck. This is what makes me wanna say let’s not do things behind emotions and ego. The Enemy loves tantalizing those essences of ours.

  34. People’s think something is cool until it burns them on the ass!! This was all planned to happen exactly how it’s going down. The whole country was turned into Compton or atleast that was the format to turn brother aginst brother.

  35. Im from Chicago i dont feel like that was us 🤞🏽💯 they shot the elder that was with him too

  36. Duck man…. I love your videos but you’re losing your vibration… take some time off, we’ll still be here 😉

  37. Number 1 I applaud you for at least attempting to stop saying the word nigger to other brothers.. it’s contradictory to your perceived message. Second I agree the rap culture and overall gang culture has gotten out of hand to the point there is no conscious when it comes to killing others. I blame the drugs and the thevgeneration before them who perpetuate this nonsense. Which now brings me to you!! Have you ever listened to some of your own words and videos you did and promoted? You perpetuated this just as much but now want to fall back after you made the money off of the backs if this bullshit culture you helped develop? Cmon man that’s my biggest problem with you and why I say your a scammer.. Third you live in Florida have you ever applied pressure to Zimmerman yourself? Marched outside his house etc? No but you calling out people who didn’t? Again you all talk there is nothing you do beyond these videos and your credit scam other than talk about the enemy and say we need a people’s commitee.. your overall message is ignorant and detrimental to our true culture brother.. we are kings and queens not savages and don’t and shouldn’t take degrading artists like you and put them on a pedestal. I’m a truth teller let’s get with the live debate Duck!! This is my 100th time asking remember it’s easy to say yeah I made that music then but I’m changed now.. problem is your music did damage and was part of the catalyst for all this shit now. And it’s like a drug dealer coming back tho te community he destroyed and saying I’m sorry I’m changed y’all should pay me to tell you about it.. bull man ain’t nothing wrong with elevating but elevating while making money off of the back of the shit you helped us foul.. that’s what’s wrong with our community.. we listen to and believe anybody .. again let’s debate duck!! Let’s get it

  38. What record company or manager sacrificed all 3 of them. Whomever it is will rise to top until it’s their time all stupid!!!!

  39. I don’t give damn about a rapper because they are our enemies if you promote violence why should we care? Their family accept that stuff so let them bury their ass they need life in prison hide their ass. Never cry for a man that say he’s a gangsta

  40. Stop supporting your lame music industry who pushes the envelope for these trends and slang Got suburban folk talking all this slang who was created by the hip hop police! That new music is trash million dollar studios and videos and production and this is the best mainstream has to offer and show the rest of the music that’s the best we can offer trash artists and songs

  41. This need to end that why i be upcoming counison artist soon to save my people in love frequency

  42. The evil of the world uses music to control the sleepy people of a culture which are young brainwash

  43. Thank you for this video brother!! It’s sad how the unconscious blacks keep helping out the white supremacists here in North America and I just don’t understand!! It would be nice if all of us negative black Americans would wake up and figure out some kind of solution to wake up a lot of these unconscious blacks that make us look bad and fight each other and help out the white Supremus the enemy with their agenda. All they have to do is just sit back and smoke a cigar and just watch us kill each other!! Well thank you for this video brother

  44. I hope this message get out….because the people who need to hear your message is not looking at your videos…Yes .. ,!!!! you right .. to many children is getting murdered ..innocent people as well….🤔👿

  45. Well better pay attention we are about to go to war with China . Hope you can speak Chinese.

  46. Dying over blocks they momma stay in and don’t own sad cycle the government/police sitting back and letting them kill each other off

  47. Difference is I can listen to Hip Hop watch movies and not take it to heart…yes I started smoking weed at 16 cuz I heard Snoop rap about it since I was 11 but that was my choice.. I see what it can do but it’s a difference between a man and a weak individual

  48. On your Words😡 The Truth from Uncle Charles in the Cut😡 Only a few see to be that Dawn 😡I AM WITH YOU 😡

  49. Bunch of bitches nowadays what happened to the days we would throw hands and squash the shit

  50. I find it hard to believe it’s not the police. Outside the station with cameras no suspects and the women weren’t killed.

  51. Nubian’s of color don’t know our divinity or history… so, we don’t value ourselves. We have been programed to hate and kill each other. Also, I suspect WS are doing drive bys and killing us for our body parts. We must love each other.

  52. Papa Duck I see you taking Milk Thistle in one of your videos….. keep it up, bro, it’s good stuff 🙂

  53. Was discussing this yesterday. It needs to end. At 1 point in time, We weren’t like this, let’s get back to that and be on code & don’t give the enemy anything to use against us for their benefit.

  54. It is time for the awaken to fall back. Those that will listen would have woken.
    Now it’s too late. It’s coming focus on your family

  55. These young are lost. 2/3 are condemned for lake of fire. Satan got many followers going with it

  56. That’s one of the curses in Deuteronomy 28 verse 54 I keep trying to tell you we are Israelites and these curses was put on use for not following our God’s laws status and commandments all you have to do is read it these curses was put on use so the So called Negro will know our true identity in these last days

  57. Ohhhh there’s some og chinese crips in LA. Rap has men on a very destructive path, save your kids.

  58. We From The Same house

    Its ok

    Cleaning house
    Remember judgment is in the land
    Let them feel the 🔥 and brimstone

  59. Its a lot more pple out here that hate these Mfs jus as much as u do…An how I work is problem…plan…ACTION!!!!!!!! Thats all home ion want u to think that I’m trolling u or disrespecting u..

  60. They programmed us to be this way through music, movies, Cartoons, Games shit The Whole damn 9!!

  61. The People,,

    May have done it… They want them guns
    They Want Violence
    Who said they were as they say Black???? 🤔

  62. Listen @papduck its clear u read the comments…im not against or hating on u ..all I’m saying is that it gets depressing everything u make a video .it strike a nerve to the point that I don’t think you understand how many soldiers u got that u not or don’t know how to use.. Its time for action is all im saying brother

  63. Fam, look at Dr. Wesley Muhammad’s videos about The Pot Plot. This helps to explain why so many of our men are doing this gun violence. In a short, chemically tainted weed (hasn’t been pure in YEARS) has been deliberately formulated to mentally weaken and effeminize our men, thus leading to being more emotional,, as well as other factors affect them.

  64. 💯 right, it is def sad this type of energy is only directed towards each other. I jus hope they listening Papa Duck becus eliminating each other is not the way we will overcome. 💜👑

  65. Another great video of the day!
    Niggah”s got an identity crises!
    Them rappers don’t live the life they rap about.

  66. Another video just talking about what we need to do…lol…when are we gonna start doing and stop talking???????Anybody?????????Thought so…..Shut the fuck up then…..smh…

  67. Well dayum! 64 times? What kinda of psycho, hate consumed heart, over kill madness is going the phuck on in Chicago?

  68. So I guess everyone forgot about the KKK letter thanking US for doing their job😡 Love, Peace, & B-RIGHT Be safe and well💕💫🌞

  69. I just recently purchased my first legal registered gun . While I was in the store , I came across a young man that was there to buy magazines for his ak 47 . I asked him if he was going to the range to practice shooting and he said no , he doesn’t need to know how to shoot because the ak 47 will mow a crowd down and send a message for people not to fu!k with him. I got mad as hell. Even the store owner heard him and started cursing. My kids was standing there when he said what he said . I left that store thinking how screwed up a lot of brothers are because that wasn’t the first time I heard that. You live by that garbage can thinking, you will die by it .

  70. Brotha Duck, Peace Wisdom & Love G! I would like for you to listen to Sabir Bey and The House of Re- Awaking Minds and can get an over standing. Read propaganda by Edward Bernays & The Art of Deception. Love Moor

  71. This the plan to get rid of us by any means necessary even in everything to get rid of us just open your eyes

  72. If you think that some1 is stupid enough 2 let off 64+ shots in front of a jail with all of those cameras ALL OVER the FUCKING place they’re insane. That was an authorized hit. LET THEM THAT HAVE EYES 👀 CLEARLY.

  73. Papa Duck you are about as ignorant as the people you supposedly attempt to wake up- real men like myself will never come together with any white folk and those of you who wanna join white folk. For you to say come together and join white folk to fight the enemy, crazy man whites folks are the enemy- and I know about that tier called the Illuminati, but you need to understand that those white folk you wanna join carried out the missions of Illuminati- so once again Papa Duck , intellectual blacks are going to separate from white and ignorant blacks who wanna be with whites, period- Stop being ignorant Papa Duck 🦆

  74. That’s Real how you are choosing to choose your words & correct.On Jesus sandals 🤦🙋👏👍💪🙌

  75. Overkill is right….🙏🏾for his family 🧕🏾👸🏾🙏🏿

  76. To be honest, we have a rap culture that needs to be cancelled…… Start there first and foremost!

  77. You dropped this video 8 minutes ago, it would have took you 2 minutes to cut your nails bro. Love your stupid ass

  78. 👮🏾‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏾‍♂️👮🏿‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️

  79. I’ve been asking “Who benefits for a from a brother killing a brother”. The be killing one another over some bs. But won’t die for a grand reason.

  80. Duck with Another Informative video much Respect ✊🏿 keep us inform we appreciate you brother

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